First Day of 2WW.....Anyone else??

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  1. Hello, ladies! I had my transfer this AM....on to the dreaded 2WW! Here's my brief history:

    IVF #1 (fresh cycle) 11/08 Transferred two 'perfect' blasts, BFN

    IVF #2 (frozen cycle) 7/09 Transferred one 'perfect' blast, BFP, chemical

    IVF #3 (frozen cycle) 9/25/09 Transferred two early blasts

    Beta 10/7

    Anyone else in the 2WW?

  2. Hi Hopeful -

    I'm in the dreaded 2ww with you! I had a transfer on Tuesday but it was a day 3/4 transfer so we're around the same timing. My beta is scheduled for 10/5. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to POAS - are you?? My history is depressing....4.5 yrs, septum removal surgery, hysteroscopy, 3 natural pg's all m/c, 2 fresh IVF - BFN, 2 FET - BFN, 9 IUI - 1 BFP (m/c) and 8 BFN. I'm trying to be hopeful for this last tx but my lining was only a 6 But at least will try to be optimistic. I have zero symptoms (no cramping, nothing out of the ordinary) so far so again I'm not being optimistic. Let's keep each other sane through the next 9 days!

  3. Hey, Smarty! Glad someone else is in the wait with me.

    I am NOT going to POAS.....I won't get on my POAS soapbox (if you search for my posts, you will find PLENTY!) but suffice it to say, if the doctor doesn't think he can tell with a blood test til 10/7, I am not going to spend $ or emotions on evil pee sticks before that!

    Hope the wait goes quickly for us!!!

  4. I had my transfer yesterday morning too, mine was a day 3. We transferred 2 perfect 8 cell embies and have another 8 and 6 cell embies that are still growing till Monday to see if they are eligible for freezing. This is our 1st IVF cycle for severe MFI and I have polysystic ovaries but not PCOS. I will also NOT be POAS so I'm waiting it out till my beta on 10/7. I just keep pointing at my stomach and saying "stick damn it!"

  5. Welcome, hasanakca! It's great to have a beta buddy!

  6. Had my transfer today. We transferred 3 embies and my first beta is 10/12.

    my history
    4 failed IVF
    1 failed FET
    2 cycle with gestational carrier first m/c second BFN.
    Moved on to a new RE and after a surgery to remove scar tissue in my uterus this is our first cycle.
    Good luck!

  7. Good luck, Billysgirl! 10/12 will be here before you know it! Prayers for your BFP!!!

  8. Hi Ladies,
    Can I join? I had my IUI this morning and I am having the 2nd one tomorrow morning. So I am officially in the 2ww. Beta is on 10/13/09.


  9. Welcome, Gina! Best wishes for a QUICK 2WW...

    I am now 4dp5dt.....I've had some minor cramping, but nothing 'big,' so I'd say overall I have no syptoms. I am just trying and trying to remind myself that it doesn't mean I am not PG, but it sucks! I wish I'd vomit or have some other big 'pregnancy symptom' moment, but so far, no dice!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  10. Hi everyone. Having some cramping today, actually most of the day yesterday also. I hope this is not a bad sign. So many dissapointments....time for some good news! How is everyone else feeling?

  11. Hi girls - well, I'm now 8dp3dt and feel absolutely nothing and haven't since transfer so I'm pretty much counting myself out. I'm so sad, angry and every other emotion. It's been 4 looooong years of trying and having such disapointment after disappointment. Do we just keep going on??? Sorry to be such a downer this morning, I'm just feeling so sad and not knowing what to do next. Anyway, like Hopeful says I wish I could feel something, anything but no dice here either. Beta is scheduled for Monday but I am going to go on Saturday. I don't want to have to take these meds any longer than I have to.

    OK, thanks so much for letting me vent - you ladies are the only ones that truly understand this he*l that we're going through....

  12. smarty - I can relate to how you're feeling right now. I just have this sinking feeling that this round didn't work. None of my great looking embies at day 3 made it to freezing which makes me feel like the two I transferred won't do much either. I'm 5dp3dt today and feel absolutely nothing, in fact I feel like I've almost returned to my normal pre-IVF self. It's difficult to stay positive when you've had so many let downs before. All I can say is that I hope we are both wrong and to hang in there!

    Hopeful - I hear you about wishing for SOME sort of significant pregnancy symptom. I think that would make everyone's 2ww easier even if it meant we were all throwing up! How have you been feeling today beta buddy? Any new feelings/symptoms? I'm going stir crazy waiting but I refuse to become consumed by it. It helped being able to watch 3 straight hours of The Office re-runs last night. I needed a good laugh!

    Gina - How did you 2nd IUI go yesterday?

    Billysgirl - I'm cheering on your 3 embies!!!

  13. Hey Ladies,
    My 2nd IUI today went well- she said that the sperm counts were double what they were yesterday- so I am hoping thats a bonus!!
    Heres a chart for us to track Beta

    mubark- Beta 10/5
    EU- Beta 10/7
    hasanakca- Beta 10/7
    henryt- Beta 10/12
    sevgigultekin5- Beta 10/13

  14. Hi, ladies! Well, I 'think' I am starting to have some minor syptoms During the 2WW for my chemical, I felt pretty 'normal' except for this 'pulling' feeling in my stomach, like I'd done too many situps when lord knows I hadn't done any in months. I had that feeling a little bit last night and again today at work. I also have felt a litle nauseous at times, but not sure I'm not imagining it.

    Anyway, I am now 5dp5dt (I think it was more like a 4dt, but who knows) and am just trying and trying to keep a positive attitude! Less than a week and I'll know!!!

  15. Good Morning!

    How is everyone doing today?

    Im hangin tough Are any of you using suppositories? I am using them 3X a day. This am I am noticing ALOT of moisture down there. Sorry TMI but I have been on these things since Sat and now all of a sudden this is happening. Any ideas whats going on?

  16. Sorry to ask but really new to all of this. What do the codes of 8dp3dt mean, (after reading some posts). I used an ED and transferred 2 grade one blasts on 9/22, I have my first blood test on Tuesday what numbers should I be looking for?



  17. newbaby - welcome!! Good luck with your 2ww.

    8dp3dt is 8 days past a three day transfer. so you would be considered "9dp5dt" right now. How are you feeling?? I hope you're feeling lots of symptoms (or even if you're not that is fine too!) Is "ED" a donor egg? If so, good luck - we're all pulling for you!

  18. have any of you ever gotten AF through the progesterone? I'm having brown spotting and think my period is on her way but have never gotten it until I was off progesterone - maybe my PIO isn't working?!

  19. Hi Ladies,
    mubark- I have never gotten AF while on progesterone.
    Is anyone going to POAS? I can never NOT poas- I am obsessed with it

    mubark- Beta 10/5
    EU- Beta 10/7
    hasanakca- Beta 10/7
    henryt- Beta 10/12
    sevgigultekin5- Beta 10/13

  20. Hey, ladies!

    Smarty, on my fresh cycle AF arrived---through PIO and 3x a day suppositories---the night before my beta (which was, of course, a BFN). In hindsight, having it arrive the night before was a blessing in disguise b/c even though the nurses tried to tell me it might not have been AF and I might still get a positive, I was less suicidal when the negative came. That said, it's apparently VERY RARE to get AF through all the progesterone, so just b/c you're bleeding a little doensn't mean you're out of the game!

    I had a really crappy day at work today and plan to spend the weekend bumming as much as possible. I've been having a little nauesea/pulling in my stomach, but nothing major. I guess I'll know for sure on Wednesday!

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  21. Hi Girls!

    Can u help me. If my Egg retrieval was Friday and Transfer was Monday what am I? I dont know how to figure it out
    Oh ya, I know this is TMI but are any of u on the suppositories and noticing alot of moisture down there? I cant tell if it is from the suppository or if there is other things going on.
    I keep feeling some pulling/cramping not bad but I do feel it.

  22. Billysgirl - You would be 4dp3dt as of Friday. I'm not on the suppositories but from what I've heard from others, they definately cause some leakage down there. I think that's pretty normal with the suppositories. You're right around the implantation window though, so if you notice any brown or pink mixed in it might mean you are experiencing implantation bleeding, although it's not very common. I belive the statistic is somewhere around 1/3 of women actually experience implantation bleeding.

    Hopeful- Sorry about your crappy work day today. Good thing it happened on a Friday though and now you have the rest of the weekend to relax. Too bad we can't have a drink! Have you been experiencing any cramping lately? I normally don't cramp before AF, but for the last 2 days I've been having some mild cramps on and off again. I'm hoping that's a good sign and not just a side effect from the PIO shots.

    smarty- I am really hoping what you saw was something good and not the dreaded AF. I think since it was brown and not red though you are still in this game. Let us know how you are doing.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  23. Other people's p/g mentioned

    Hey everyone. I am feeling kind of down today. I have been having some VERY minor cramping (I NEVER get cramps with AF) but otherwise feel pretty good. I keep tellling myself that it's still early and that many women don't experience any symptoms during the 2WW and go on to have BFPs, but I am just scared. We pay 100% out of pocket (I'll have a little over $4000 put in my flexible spending account effective January 1, so at least that's good) and I am petrified that we will have to do a fresh cycle that we really can't afford

    Plus, my best friend is in labor as we speak. When she told me she was PG back in Feb, it just devastated me. I was so jealous I just wanted to spit in her face. I know that sounds awful, but it's just how I felt. Anyway, it never in my wildest nightmares occurred to me that her baby would be born before I even got PG! And when I was pregnant (before I learned it was a chemical) I was so excited b/c I knew I'd be able to just be happy for her when the baby came and instead I am feeling so low, like one more reminder that the years are passing and I don't have a baby. Topping it off, my OTHER best friend is also PG and due about a month from now. When we put up our Christmas tree last year we really thought we'd have our little one by now, and instead I'm staring down the holiday season not even PG

    Sorry to bring these 'depressing' thoughts here. It's just hard sometimes.

  24. Hi everyone! How are ya doing?

    Im kinda feeling normal. I hope thats not a bad sign. I am getting nervous.

  25. I'm the same way, Billysgirl. For the most part, I've been feeling totally normal, which is making me think my beta will be a BFN. Only a few more days!

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