First Day of 2ww, anyone else?? 11/2

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  1. On a positive note- my beta more than doubled- it is 399, and my progesterone is okay at 30.8- just have to take it one day at a time.


  2. Congrats Jen!

    I am 8dp3dt today. I tested late this afternoon, and it was negative, of course! I know everyone is going to say it's too early, but I was really hoping to see a light positive! I had some cramping 2 days ago, but nothing really since.

  3. heather- i didn't get my positive until day 10- and it was very faint- i was looking at it going- **** negative again can't believe it, and then slowly it came up positive. Hang in there!!!!

  4. Heather don't let it stress you as it is really too soon. Try your next test with first morning pee. That helps a lot.

    Jen your betas sound really great. I know you are going to be worried for a long time yet and I do understand. I posted back about it but took it down once the dog thing happened because I felt funny as I had mentioned hoping that if I was not going to make it through the entire pregnancy that I not make it to my beta as it is so painful later. It sort of felt like I was courting disaster to say it but believe me I do get how you feel with the constant worrying.

    AFM I am fine. I don't have a lot to say this morning because I am still shook up about the dog thing and nervous about the beta so as I have said it once elsewhere I won't subject y'all to it a second time. I know I am just being hysterical because it is my 2ww and everything gets blown all out of proportion.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I tested again this morning (9dp3dt) and it was negative again. I'm really in shock and just so dang sad that this is it for us. I don't think we will ever have a child. We can't afford to do this again, and I don't think I can go through it again.

  6. Heather

    It is harder for you because your beta test comes later than ours and that means you have to go through the part that won't allow you to test when the rest of us are getting results but go easy on yourself. I went and checked the charts and you shouldn't get a positive for 2 more days at the very soonest unless you have multiples and even then it would be just blind good luck. Don't let yourself get too depressed this early in the process. I know that doesn't do a thing to change how worried you are but please give it a little more time before you start to give up on this cycle.


    Well I feel too cruddy to not be pregnant so maybe my stupidity really didn't do any harm. Its 1AM and I am up throwing up again. Gotta be the only woman on the planet who is glad to wake up to puke. There is something really messed up about that. Beta in the morning but I am really going on my gut more than anything else as if I have knocked them loose it would take until the second beta to be sure but I have never heard of anyone getting more morning sick after a mc so I will assume preggers. Anyway I will post the beta as soon as I get the numbers

  7. Just a quick FYI but Heather you do know that not all sticks are created equal don't you? Go to and find out how sensitive the ones you are using are because last cycle I used a good one and got a bfp then used a bad one and thought the first one was wrong because I am a negative kind of person and always assume the worst Some of them test with only 25 units of hcg and others require 4 times as much to have the bfp show. Anyway it might make a difference.

  8. Sitting in the office now. Guess they are going to keep me here until they know. I kind of lost it and sobbed in front of all of them. Pretty embarrassing but I don't really care right now.

    Pickles, thanks for the info. The one I took this morning detects 50.

  9. Heather ~ Im here praying and hoping with you... I'm wishing you the best.

  10. Heather are you still there? What's going on?

  11. Heather are you ok? Don't feel bad about crying in the doctor's office. I made it to the car after mine this morning but the tension is just so much it got to me too. I think it happens to almost everyone. I hope you can get an answer today because this waiting is too much for anyone. I won't get my results until tomorrow but I think circumstances make it easier on me than it is on you. Take care honey and let us know how you are doing. It may seem like it is just a thread on a website but we are all in the same boat and we REALLY do care about you and what you are going through.

  12. Well, beta was negative. I think it's time for DH and I to face the reality that we may have to live childfree. We would look into adoption, but there's no money left for adoption or another cycle or food : ) We're tapped out.

    Good luck to everyone else and thank you all for your kind words. I will definitely be checking on all of you! Was planning to go back to work, but I just can't. On the bright side, looks like I'll be getting drunk tonight!

  13. I'm so sorry heather.. Take the time you need to heal.


  14. Heather I am so sorry. I don't know what to say.

  15. I think I may in for a bad end to this cycle too. I have been cramping heavily and there is bright red blood with smallish clots. The cramps are different than period cramps and hurt all the way into my vagina. I am going to stay in bed and drink a lot of fluids because I can't think of anything else to do. The ER can't do anything and I know it. All they do is give you a fluids IV and tell you to rest. So going would be useless. Maybe I am just losing one of them. Either way whatever the doctor says tomorrow about the beta I took today won't matter much. If the stupid dog was not already dead I would go and shoot it for causing this. It was a good cycle.

  16. Pickles, I sure hope all is ok. I'll pray for you and your little baby(s).

    Thank you all for the kind words. I'm ok. It's hard. Really hard. But I am so thankful for my wonderful husband. He is the absolute best.

  17. Pickles- these things can happen and turn out just fine- just rest hon.

    heather- very sorry- i know you are in a tough place right now. I do know of a great adoption network- that i know of 3 people who have adopted from very quickly- the one girl just got her baby today- and she was matched probably 4 months ago. They are great- i talked to them and all the employees have adopted themselves- they match very quickly all over the united states. It really is an awesome program.


  18. Jen,
    What is the name of the agency?

  19. Heather- here is the link. They really are wonderful- they network all over the united states- they get referralls very quickly- you choose which moms you are presented to- you can choose when you want to be presented, what states you want to be presented to etc. b/c of how they do it- they are better represented to birth moms vs traditional adoption agencies. The waiting is much less- most seem to have a baby within 6 months.


  20. I am just up for a few minutes and will be going back to bed. The doctor agreed it was best to stay home and just do the fluids and bed rest deal. The bleeding is better than before but still has not stopped or turned brown so it is new blood. All the clots are small so I am trying to be hopeful as with all other m/cs I've had huge clots. I am sore but not cramping in the same way.

    When they did the blood draw yesterday my arm bled forever and I soaked all kinds of gauze pads and a number of bandaids too so maybe it is all a function of the aspirin making my blood thin and what would have been light bleeding is being blown all out of proportion. I don't know.

    The doctor promised to call back again today to check on me and give me the beta results. I think he will want to test again tomorrow and see if they go up. Then we will have a better idea of where we stand.

  21. pickles- i really think you will be fine- you may just have a sch- or maybe just 1 baby mis-implanting. I think since it is fresh blood and no significant cramping that it isn't m/c. I read that 20% of pregnancies have bleeding like this in the first trimester. Praying foryou- let us know about the beta.


  22. Heather- I am so sorry about ur results and I feel ur pain. I fear I to will get a negative tomorrow I've tested on d8,d9 and now d10 all with BFN. I'm feeling the same thoughts no more funds right now and the feeling of failure but we have to have faith that if one door closes another will open and with great things on the other side don't give up hope.

    Picles u better stay put let others do 4 u! Everything will work out I'm praying for u and ur baby(s)

    Jenga congrats on the beta #'s

    AFM- was at a huge family function the last few days and have not been able to read ur posts till this morning and well tomorrow is my beta pray for me


  23. Jenei- praying for you- this is sooo tough waiting.

    Hugs to you.

  24. Pickles ~ I had the same exact bleeding with large clots (sorry if tmi) for about 5 days (bright red) scary as hell I thought it was over. It wasnt.. hang in there honey.. post as soon as you find anything out.

  25. Pickles, thinking of you! I bet it is going to work out just fine. And don't worry, I don't think it had anything to do with the dog incident. Please don't blame yourself if you lose one.

    Jenei, just said a prayer for you!

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