First Day of 2ww, anyone else?? 11/2

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  1. pickles- i understand you on the transferring 3 embryo's- i did it to- of course they weren't blasts- and they were my 34 year old eggs- but they were still good embryo's- my thought was this too- none of them will survive outside of me- so their best chance is in me- they are ALL my potential babies- and I would rather end up with 3 than zero. I still may end up with zero- but i gave it my everything

    Well- a little dissappointed this morning- BFn on the HPT. Siggghhh- i know i am only 8dp3dt- but now i am feeling a little less optimistic- i still FEEL like it worked- my uterus FEELS tired- it doesn't feel like it did with my completely dismal bfn cycle this summer where i literally had nothing happening until af cramps right near beta time. BUT the hpt says not so. THIS IS MY PLAN_ if negative HPT until monday- will wait until wednesday for beta -wednesday will be 12dp3dt, if i happen to get a positive b/w tomorrow and monday morning i will do beta on monday. REGUARDLESS-i know i did everything i could to make this cycle work- and maybe it just isn;t in the cards.

    At least if it is BFN- i know i will be starting my donor egg cycle within a month or 2.


  2. Jen an embryo doesn't implant until 6-10 days after conception and then it has to grow enough of a placenta to make hcg in quantities high enough to be detected in the blood and then that hcg has to make its way into your urine. You are just on day 11 post conception so you really are asking a lot of the little beans as they might have just implanted yesterday. Give yourself a break and say that you just tested too soon.

    And that isn't even taking into account other variables that can give a false negative. With my twin pregnancy I was getting positives one day and negatives the next. I don't know if it was bad strips or just something to do with my hydration levels condensing the hcg in the urine but it drove me nuts.

    Go easy on yourself and don't let it get you down

  3. pickles- i know- but i have always tested on day 9 post transfer and gotten bfp that day- so only 1 more day to go- and feel if negative tomorrow night probably going to be negative no matter what- still trying to keep some hope- but trying to prepared myself as well. Based on what i have read they should have started implanted b/w tuesday and wednesday- and should be start secreting hcg by end of the weekend.

    But i am going to enjoy my day with my son- and go out to dinner with hubby- and what ever is to be will be right- that's all i can do

  4. Hello Heather, welcome to the group. The more the merrier. : )

    Jen: Remember that every pregnancy is different, so what happened last time, might not be the case this time. I have a friend who has 5 children and she said each pregnancy was totally different. It could very well be too early still.
    I POAS for s*#ts and giggles and got a negative, I know its too early for me but for some psycho reason I want to do it.

    pickles: Feeling better today? Hope you are back to normal. Is that ever possible, ha!

    test_user: congrats! I am so very happy for you and that is a beautiful beta number.

    Im sure we will all be following....

    AFM- been laying low, went out a couple times with a friend and ended up cutting it short cause I got soo tired. Been feeling a lot more twinging and cramps. Lower back could use a massage too, but that could totally be from laying around so damn much. I've noticed I am not as thirsty as I was and my hunger levels fluctuate, one day im just hungry, then the next I cant stop eating....

    i am looking forward to Monday so my POAS might actually start to count. I have a good feeling but I am being protective of myself.
    6 more days til Beta!!! God I hope this week goes by a lot faster than last.

    Have a good rest of the weekend girlz, take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

  5. Morning y'all (and it is EARLY morning... 3AM)

    Don\'t know what is with that except pregnancy. I know it was jet lag at first but now I keep waking up in the middle of the night having to pee, burping and feeling like I just ate Thanksgiving Dinner and am having trouble keeping it down. (yep evapap I think normal might not be hanging around for a few months I might as well get used to it... hopefully ) I would also say I am tired all day but I think I might have an excuse for that.

    BTW your symptoms are sounding good too.

    I fell in love with this my last time in the 2ww and thought I would toss it in for those who hadn't seen it before

    This is what happens with a 5 day blastocyst

    -1dpt ..embryo is growing and developing
    0dpt... Embryo is now a blastocyst
    1dpt....Blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day
    2dpt.. Blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining
    3dpt.. Implantation begins,as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining
    4dpt.. Implantation process continues and morula buries deeper in the lining
    5dpt.. Morula is completely implanted in the lining and has placenta cells & fetal cells *this is me today supposedly*
    6dpt...Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood
    7dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    8dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    9dpt...HCG levels are now high enough to be immediately detected on HPT

    this is what happens in a 3dt :

    1dpt ..embryo is growing and developing
    2dpt... Embryo is now a blastocyst
    3dpt....Blastocyst hatches out of shell on this day
    4dpt.. Blastocyst attaches to a site on the uterine lining
    5dpt.. Implantation begins as the blastocyst begins to bury in the lining
    6dpt.. Implantation process continues and morula buries deeper in the lining
    7dpt.. Morula is completely implanted in the lining and has placenta cells & fetal cells
    8dpt...Placenta cells begin to secret HCG in the blood
    9dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    10dpt...More HCG is produced as fetus develops
    11dpt...HCG levels are now high enough to be immediately detected on HPT

    I think if I understand it correctly things can happen later than this but not sooner so that means I should be able to get a positive ept test on Thursday.

  6. bfn again this morning- sigggh- disappointed- and scared i will never be pg again. Worried about doing the donor egg cycle and getting a bfn too.


  7. I'm sorry Jen. I would try to make you feel better by telling you not to give up yet but I know that won't do any good because when you have that feeling it won't go away.

    What I can do is make you (hopefully) feel a little better about the donor cycle. They are very different and you stand a far better chance of success with them. You don't stim which is much easier on your body and that will give you a better lining than with stimming usually. The eggs usually make it to the blastocyst stage which means they will stick even with a very iffy lining. When I first started to think about donor eggs I was not so sure about it because of the genetic angle but so many women who had done de told me they wished they had done it earlier it started to make sense. Your chances just sky rocket. If I could make an egg and use it, my odds would be less than half what they are with donor eggs so that should give you some idea how much higher your chances are with the donor eggs.

    So please don't be afraid of not having the next cycle work. However don't give up on this one until your blood test because there have been others who were shocked on the big day to find out they were pregnant. I know about half my ept tests read negative even after the one that read positive so I just don't trust them.

    hope that helps a little

  8. Just wanted you ladies to know I have heard from my soldier today and I will not be so nuts. TY for being there.

  9. Pickles,

    I am so glad you heard from him. I know that was driving you crazy.

    Jen, so sorry! You will be in my thoughts.

    AFM, I go back and forth between being sure it worked, and preparing myself for the big disappointment. I have done 3 ivfs and never gotten a +, so I guess I just can't imagine it. I'm trying to stay positive, but I hate the wait!!!!

  10. Hi ladies, I just wanted to let you know that you guys are in my prayers. this isn't an easy road and it's so nice to talk with those who understand.
    I go back in tomorrow for my second beta and I hope it's where it suppose to be. have a great night all are so strong.

  11. I am praying for you test_user. Its not just the 2ww that is hard. Every victory is just followed with another test or milestone to worry about. Just keep reminding yourself of how far you have come and know that even though each milestone is maddening it is also proof of success.

    Heather, 3 cycles would make anyone afraid to hope but remember they learn from each cycle and just because prior cycles didn't work doesn't mean this one won't. Still it is maddening because you want to protect yourself from a broken heart yet it would feel so good just to believe and put the worries aside for a while.

    There is really just so little to tell with, after all in a non IVF situation we would not even have started to think we were pregnant yet. I found a link to put in the egg harvest date and get the gestational age of this pregnancy and if I am pregnant today marks 3 weeks and 4 days which in the grand scheme of things is nothing. So I know I am asking a lot of something that right now would be dwarfed by a sesame seed if I expect a lot of symptoms but somehow I feel like I have failed if I don't have all kinds of symptoms every day. I'm sure the kids is in there thinking "Mom give me a break already, I'm a little busy in here."

    AFM Well today it was 1AM when I woke up for potty patrol so it is going to be another long day. I do try to take naps but I'm not dozing off so I don't know what the deal is with that because in Czech I could not stay awake due to the progesterone pills.

    Well today I call the doctor to make my appt for the ept test. That will be a week from Tuesday which seems like forever. I really want to get a beta number to see what is going on in there. I am still sure I am pregnant and keep suspecting multiple but I want cold hard numbers so I have a better idea what is going on in there. I even have my husband convinced this time around. Last cycle he kept telling me not to get my hopes up. This time he keeps saying "You know your body better than I do" (Thank you very much dear... glad you now realise that LOL ) Seriously I think he is afraid to speak words of doubt as I am truely emotional this time around. If I didn't know it was the hormones I would think I was a candidate for a psych ward. I am the emotional equivalant of a F4 tornado. I figure I will hate myself when I get to be normal again.

    Today I have to make myself get back to work. I work from home so it is easy to slack off and I have been useless since we returned. All I do is google things IVF related. I mean how many times can you recalculate your odds. Get over it already. Geesh! Yet that is all I have done. So I am sitting here drinking my huge glass of egg nog and trying to figure out where to start because it has been piling up for 2 weeks now and I am not sure if there is an actual bottom to the pile. At least it will keep my mind off the HOM thing for a bit.

  12. i think i am going to vomit. Just did a HPT 10p3dt- and well- within a minute it was + BFP- it isnt' super dark but it's there- so it's either going to be a chemical or MAYBE just MAYBe it will stick.

    OF COURSE_ i had a regular cup of JOe this morning and lifted my son several times yest- b/c i knew it was negative. I will beta tomorrow. Now the next hurdle- beta numbers.


  13. Oh Jen!!!!!!

    I am so happy for you!!!

    Don\'t worry about the coffee and picking up your son. Once they are in this stage (IMPLANTED!!!!) is pretty safe from the lifting fears (unless your son is a linebacker ) and a single cup of coffee is not that bad of an indulgence the doctor said up to three is ok but online it says just one but either way you are safely within the limits.

  14. i'm just happy it is +, even if it's a chemical it means my uterus is still receptive to implantation and that is a HUGE thing, so no matter what happens i know i will find success down the road!!!!!!!

    Thanks pickles

  15. Jen,

    I am so excited for you!!!!! Congrats! Can't wait to hear your beta number.

  16. When did yall have sex again after the tx? My DH thinks it's fine to now, and I think I would rather wait until the baby is born! Just to be safe! : )

  17. Heather, last cycle we had sex once and I started to bleed so this cycle we are abstaining. My doctor OKed us after the 12th week but it costs so much and a m/c is so stressful that we just don't want to risk it. I lost the last cycle anyway so it may have made no difference.

  18. I agree! Not worth risking! My dr. told me that we could have sex 3 days after tx. That seems too soon to me.

  19. I want to test so badly right now...

    I am like some drug addict craving a fix. It is too soon. I know it is too soon. I promised myself I wouldn\'t.


  20. pickles- hold out- it is disappointing to get a negative- and THEN get a positive. Wait a couple more days.

    My re said no sex until after heartbeat detected. He will just have to wait.

  21. Jen -- I had to come over here to see if there was an update. I am still holding out hope that you will get to the next step.

    I also read the rest of the page and have to wish pickles, heather, test_user, and evapap the best as well.

    Pickles, I agree with Jen that it is so disappointing to get a negative HPT and then have to wait for the beta. I usually test the night before or the morning of my beta just so DH and I can be prepared together.

    Good luck to you all -- it is such a hard stage.

  22. Pickels- thank you for the prayers..I needed them. Well I went in for my second beta today and it was 350!!! I'm so exited DH was in tears, I just can't belive it. We have been trying for so long. About 7 cycles/2 years to be exact. Thank you again for allowing me to be in your group and talk with you guys it is sooo helpful. Thank you ladies, I never thought this journey would end.

  23. You are all right about the testing and I was doing fine until this week but the symptoms are so obvious right now that I keep thinking the hcg levels must be high enough. I keep telling myself that I am really just looking for confirmation of twins or more (because with multiples more hcg is present sooner due to multiple placentas producing it) and that if I got a negative it would be a good thing because it would just mean I had only one baby in there but you are right. What would really happen is I would start doubting myself and then instead of worrying about one thing (high order multiples) I would be worrying about 2 things (not being pregnant AND being pregnant with 3 or more)

    Is there anyone who comes through this process sane?

    Estrogen makes me witchy.

    Progesterone acts on me like alcohol or truth serum and I start sleeping / being so groggy I spill all the details of my life.

    And to top it all of I have this masochistic urge to obcess about thing I know will be revealed in their own good time.

    On the bright side I did sleep 'til 4AM today so I am almost on a normal sleep schedule.

    A TMI ?... is anyone else backed up due to all the iron and if so what works without hurting the baby. The OB's nurse suggested prunce juice and said to talk to the dr about it on my first visit. If I wait that long I will explode and prune juice doesn't work with morning sickness because it is not staying down.

  24. Jenga ~ Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m so sorry about the negative hpt. It so heartbreaking not to see the positive sign. It’s like having someone reach right into your chest and ripping your heart out. However…. CONGRATULATIONS on seeing the + hpt. I’m so very happy for you. You must be over the moon. When is your beta day?

    test_user ~ Congratulations on your positive beta you’ve waited so long for this day… I’m so happy for you

    Heather ~ How are you feeling? This week is almost over and before you know it the 16th will be here. Don’t you just love this stage wondering what the heck is going on.. I also busted out laughing about the sex. We have not had any action since retrieval and because I’ve been bleeding I’m just not interested. Poor guy . I asked my nurse that question and she said that as long as I’m not bleeding to go ahead and fulfill my wifely duties

    Pickles ~ Boy do I know how you feel regarding triplets . We transferred 3 and at our last ultra sound they said we might have 2 but it was too soon to tell. So we just found out yesterday that it’s a singleton and are so relieved. What motivated us to transfer 3 was my age and not wanting to cycle again. We wanted this to cycle to be IT for us.
    One more thing.. Colace is my best friend . I LOVE my colace get it at your pharmacy. It’s perfectly safe.

    Ladies ~ I’m sorry I have not posted. I don’t usually get on line on the weekends as I’m busy running around with a million things to do. I worked ½ day yesterday so I didn’t have time to get on here. We had another ultrasound yesterday and we got to see the heart beat. We also go confirmation that it’s just a singleton. We are so relieved. My husband got all chocked up when we saw the little heart beat it was def. a priceless moment.

    I have another question for you ladies… are ya’ll going to try and get vaccinated (H1N1)? I called my OB and they have the shot but I would have to drop my RE and start going to them which I’m just not ready to do. I called my primary but they don’t have the preservative free one and just got my name on the waiting list. Sigh…

  25. Miracle- that is wonderful news- so happy for u

    My beta was 86 today at 11dp3dt.

    I will check back later- at work and can't do personals.

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