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  1. I just wanted to say that after 6 weeks of non-stop crying and a spiraling depression, since deciding to go ahead and have a 2-1 reduction, I am feeling so much better. I still have moments of questioning, of thinking that I could manage twins and should just go for it. But I do believe the people here who have said this should not be a decision you make with your heart. My head knows that my sanity and stability, my marriage, my 3 yo, and my future child etc. will all be much better off in so many ways.

    I have to say I do not think I could have come to this realization without these boards and hearing from others who have been in a similar situation. There are several things that were said to me here that I think about on a daily basis and that really reassured me that I could survive this and even begin to enjoy my pregnancy and start connecting with our future child.

    My OB was also very supportive. I was so worried about telling her this was something I was thinking about. I made my husband come with me to the appointment and I basically cried the entire time while he talked about our situation and his concerns for my mental health. The doctor could not have been better. I realized that if I were to continue with the twin pregnancy I would have to go on anti-depressant medication and I absolutely hate the idea of doing that. I really believe that I will be okay in this regard after the reduction. I hope this is correct. I have also gone back to therapy which has been immensely helpful.

    I know these days leading up to the procedure are going to be very difficult and I am absolutely dreading the s/r itself. I just hope and pray that I will begin to feel hopeful and connected after it is over.

    Thank you again to you here who have been such great support!

  2. Glad you were able to find some peace over this situation, and good luck with the remainder of your pg.

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