Finding out the sexes?

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  1. Will you find out the sexes of your babies?

  2. i didn't find out and the surprise was sooo worth it!

  3. I kinda wanted to go with a surprise (will be our first kids)...but a triplet-mom friend of mine convinced me to go ahead and find out. She said I would end up with so much green and yellow items (gift givers trying to be neutral)...and I would end up exchanging so much. Exchanging is a lot just for one kid...but two is even more. Several singleton parents said they went with a surprise and encouraged it.

    It was not a huge deal - so we found out @ 20 weeks...although we could have found out @ 17ish - 2 girls! We haven't even picked out names yet (I'm 29wks), so I can just imagine trying to come up with names for 2 girls and 2 boys \"just in case\".

  4. We found out with these twins (one at 15w and the other at 19w). We also found out with DD#1. I just want to be able to plan stuff and didn't want to go with gender neutral things. I cannot imagine waiting to find out. Maybe if I was on my 4th or 5th kid of something and already had everything boy and girl. But not on my second pregnancy.

  5. We are going to wait and be surprised..

    We waited for DS and it was one of the most amazing feelings at that moment when the doc said.. \"you have a beautiful baby boy!\"..

    Can't even imagine how exciting it will be with 2 babies!

  6. We tried with first, 3 u/s's and she always had her legs clothes. Based on the family history of 19 boys and 1 girl in the previous generation, we assumed we were having a BOY. We bought ALL BLUE. Had a boy name picked out. When the OB pulled her out (csec) and said it was a GIRL, I asked \"Are you sure?\" We had to exchange EVERYTHING. We even had to repaint the nursery.

    With son, I found out.
    With daughter, I found out. It is SOOO worth it to know. Actually give a name and identity to the baby/ies.

    With the twins, we will find out yesterday, we want to know so badly.

  7. I voted definitely. Not because of planning with multiples, but for planning in general. I don't like yelllow/green clothes and accessories, so I'd prefer to know whether to get blue or pink (or both!)

  8. I found out. DH and I are soooo impatient, we started asking at the 8w u/s. It was a very emotional moment and I still cried @ 16w when the peri told us Baby B was a girl, and again at 17w when I found out Baby A was also a girl! I love it because we can plan everything in advance. Plus I love knowing what I'm carrying, we've already picked out names, and it makes me feel closer to them

  9. I voted to find out I am currently 18w5d with id g/g twins it is very helpful to pick out names and have everything set up for when they arrive


  10. We chose to wait. It is totally a personal decision. For us we desperately wanted to hear those words when the babies were born \"It's a boy or it’s a girl\". The anticipation and excitement in the operating room was one of the best parts of the pregnancy for us. I will never forget it, it still makes me cry.

  11. I never found out with any of my kids. I love the waiting and the big surprise at the end. I also could ahve cared less if they were boys or girls. I KNEW my first would be a boy - just a feeling. Then I thought twins were boys, then maybe thought A was a girl and B was a boy - was shocked when they were both girls. And I was shocked to find out my last baby was a boy, so now I have 2 of each

    I also think it helps with the pushing

    Twin DDs-4y

  12. It was a draw in our house. After 1st beta DH said I want to wait and I said I wanted to find out. (Like I could keep that big a secret!! Yea right!)

    So when we had our 1st u/s and he saw 2 sacs the first thing he said when we got to the car was \"I guess I'll have to find out the sexes now.\"

    Good Luck!


  13. was anyone scared of having all boys?

    I know it sounds awful, but my visceral reaction to the thought of 3 boys is \"how terrifying\". Was talking to DH last night and we discussed how boys are more challenging in the early years (energy, craziness, etc) but that at adolescence it flips and girls have more issues (attitude, social issues).

    My DH does not want to find out the sexes. If I find out I cannot tell a soul that I even know. I've thought about asking to know only if its all boys just so I can prepare myself for my (irrational?) fear. But I'm not sure if I should. We had cvs, so all I have to go is call the genetic counselor and the info is available.

    I could also ask her to tell me if its a mix or only one sex. Then if its all one, I could decide whether or not to ask which one.

    I dont need to know for the sake of picking names or colors. I'm not concerned about that stuff.

    any thoughts about my gender bias and how to decide what to do?

  14. If you're not concerned with clothes, decor, etc. If you're not going to do a reduction b/c of sex obviously then what's the difference of finding out now or the day of their birth? It's just a matter of waiting and it depends what your patience level is. What's done is done at this stage of the game

    I know what you mean though, I have a ds from first IVF and expecting twins in July. We are waiting to find out but the thought of three boys 2 and! What will be will be at this point though Congratulations!

  15. Fotis, I think everyone has fears. Mine have been to have a girl. I have all boys now and love it. When I see my cousins and friends with their girls I am terrified. I agree boys have a lot of energy and are rambuctious, but I have seen plenty of little girls be worse. So I guess you never know. It probably has a lot more to do with parenting - don't know. Good luck.


  16. I wanted to find out, but not primarily for planning and organization purposes as you state in your poll. It made me feel even closer to them before they were born, because I could talk to them by name and imagine them even better before I held them in my arms.


  17. I voted no. I have one DD who is 9 and this will be my final pregnancy and less a miracle happens without IVF. SO because it will be my last pregnancy I want to be suprised at delivery. It has taken me 4 years to get these 2 to grow in my uterus. I don't want the excitement to end.


  18. From dealing w/IVF to then getting pregnant! I felt i had the surprise of my life when I found out I was having TRIPLETS.. I was so anxious to find out what I was having!..

  19. I found out because I am a planner and I was dying to know if there was a little girl in there. I am having boy/girl twins.


  20. I am sitting dying to know what my twins are and hopefully tomorrow the tech will tell me what they are. I had an ultrsound when i was in the er and i swear baby B is boy because i saw what looked like a pee pee. I really don't care what i have but it would be nice to get one of each !

  21. My DH really wants to find out but I don't so we won\'t.

    I just want something to be old fashioned w/this PG!

  22. I really wanted to find out ASAP! Being that I have gone through so much, and several losses (including a late one), I wanted to somehow make the pg a bit more real-I was feeling really disconnected. I found out at 14 weeks, via sono. For baby A, when they went over the genitilia I saw the labias, and pointed it out, the sono tech was impressed.... Baby B, it wasn't clear for me, so the tech told me. Both girls

  23. I did not vote because I did not want to find out...bu we had sooo many u/s that we started to see all of the boys part. They were unavoidable! So now we know. And actually now I am glad to know but still would have liked a surprise...but I do find myself picking up a few more cute outfits than I was before. It really helped me accept that we \"really\" will be having two little ones (boys) joining our family. Before I knew the sex I was still in denial that this miracle had happened.

    28w b/b

  24. I originally wanted to be surprised, but changed my mind when we found out we were having twins. I did CVS at 12w and wanted to know then. I'm so glad that we know b/c it gives DH and I time to agree on names, fix the nursery with the theme we want that's appropriate, and get baby stuff without limiting ourselves to the neutral colors.

    25w2d b/g

  25. Totally going to find out as soon as possible... but not for planning puposes really. The nursery is going to be green no matter what :-) I'm just impatient. I feel like it's just as much of a surprise if I get to find out the sexes at a sonogram as it is if I find out when the kids are born :-) It's just.. delaying the surprise a bit more if we wait.. and I'm not into that at all.

    Lol.. I also want to know because it'll make a good conversation topic. I'd like to shift the focus to the sex of the kids instead of just my weight/eating/bathroom habits! It's going to be a miracle if I don't slap anyone while I'm pregnant (am I allowed to slap people while pregnant?.. it seems like I should be if I end up not being able to control it ;-))

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