FET question - no period, & baseline E2

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  1. Hope someone can shed some light...

    Getting ready for a FET. Last bcp was last Sunday. Calendar said to expect period on Wed or Thurs. No period still.

    I was scheduled for baseline E2 Friday. Asked my clinic if I should still have it with no period, did not get an answer before I left for lab, so I did have it. Do not know the results of the E2 but still no period. I feel like she is coming... have for days...

    On Mar 13 had a fluid u/s. All is clear and lining was 7.

    Has anyone ever experienced this?

    And does anyone know what they are looking for in a baseline E2 for a FET?
    Does my period not having started mess that up?

    Thanks for any experiences you have!


  2. Found out my E2 was 83 on Friday.

    Still no period.

    Any ideas how to make her show so I can continue with the cycle?

    I\'m cycling out of town, and will have to find a local RE to do a u/s and lining check if my period does not come. The one I've been using for out of town monitoring is out of town all this week. ugh.

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Hi Betania, no advise on how to get your period to start. You may want to call your RE's office to ask them how to get things started.


  4. Thanks WB! It showed up!
    And I was talking with the office - just a little long distance.
    Now the stress is gone!
    Thanks again.

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