Fertility Grants??

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  1. I was searching Financial IVF/ Egg donor stuff on the web and came across Fertility Grants and wondering if these are legit and if anyone has ever used them? Thanks!!

  2. Not sure about those that you mentioned.

    But, if you are a NYS resident and meet certain other criteria you may qualify for the NYS IVF grant (it doesn't pay for the entire cycle, but rather you pay according to your income/sliding scale fee, meds are included).

  3. Thank you KALLIOPI good info! Im in Georgia so I'll look around here and see if there are any Clinics that offer the samething.. Thanks so much!

  4. I've got a few links to legit financing help. A couple of grants/scholarships, a free cycle contest, and then some other financing options (loans, etc)

    Sorry the info isn't all in one place - I'm working on reorganizing it.

    CORM is giving away a free cycle on February 9th (Houston)

    Grants and scholarships

    Short list of "Financial Assistance, Loans and Grants for IVF" - about 3/4 down on this page

    Free IVF cycle if you sign a health contract (in the UK, not sure if the program is full)

    IVF Florida loan program

  5. WOW THANKS Demek!!! That is a great place to start.......

  6. No problem! That's why I do what I do.

    I try to only link to things that seem legit. There are just so many scams online in every industry that I have tried to research my links as much as possible.

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