Feeling emotional before scheduled C-Section

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  1. Is it normal to feel emotional before a scheduled c section?
    I cried at the Doctors today while going through the paper work for my C-Section on Friday. I felt a sudden sense of sadness because I won't have and feel my babies in my belly anymore. I started feeling this way about two weeks ago but today it hits me really hard. This is my first and last pregnancy and it has been very healthy. Three months ago I couldn't wait to meet them but now I'm so emotional. Is this normal?

  2. I felt that way to a certain extent before delivering our trio. I assumed it would be our last pg, so that made it even more bittersweet. Don't worry---once you see them, the feeling should calm quite a bit.

  3. Sounds like a sign of a really good pregnancy to me. I felt a little emotional when I told my DH of the date because I was so excited to see them, but since my pregnancy has been such a nightmare, I'm certain I won't miss it!

    I'm sure the feeling will pass thodorisl and you'll be really happy to hold them.

  4. The feelings, I believe, are completely normal. I was a complete wreck the morning of my c-section for my twin daughters. Even though my pregnancy was not a pleasant one, I new it would be the only time I would be pregnant and that made me sad. So did the fact of having to share them with everyone else. I know that sounds selfish, but after 5 miscarriages over 10 years of trying I enjoyed my pregnant belly so much.
    Good luck and enjoy these last few days with your babies.

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