Feeling a bit sad today...

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  1. Hi, I just visited my old cycle thread and read the news on all the BFPs, betas etc. While I am happy for everyones' successes, I can't help feeling sad that I'm not one of the lucky ones posting about seeing H/B's, increasing betas etc... You'd think I'd just stay away... I guess I'm a bit like a moth attracted to a light. I keep flying into that darn light, even though I know it means I'll get burned!!!

    Sigh, WB

  2. I UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL! I am feeling so bleak. And I am tired of having to put on a happy face when everyone I know is getting pregnant. I work in a TINY office and 3 girls are currently pregnant (and one is 42 an got pregnant au naturel). I am tired of always having to do the right think and pretend I am ecstatic for the mall and hate the fact that I am becoming so bitter.

  3. Hang in there Stasinos... I don't want to mislead you though, I should have mentioned that I do have a 2 year old DS via DE... On the one hand, I was not lucky enough to have success w/my own eggs (after 5 tries). On the other hand, I do have my son... I thought though that trying for number 2 via DE would be easier, but it's not.

    I hope that your dream comes true SOON.

    xo, WB

  4. Hi ladies --

    maria_tsa -- you and I were on the same thread for a while and I, like you, am a glutton for punishment! I truly am happy for other people, I just feel like when is our turn??? My DH and I went to a m/c support group meeting last night. I just feel so sad sometimes : ( We won't have results back on the biopsy from m/c for another 2 wks or so. Anyway that's my sob story for the day. Need to pick my butt up and go do something happy

    Stasinos -- I get you on the bitterness. I used to be such a sweet person, I swear lol! There's something about years of infertility that will do that to you though.

    Hope you two have a good night!


  5. Kirsten, thanks for joining the pity party, although sweetie, it is heavy stuff indeed to deal with a m/c. I was so saddened to hear this happen... Please post when the results of the biopsy come back... Have you thought about next steps? I know it may be soon for this, but for me, a part of the healing process was in figuring out/knowing what was coming next... I hope you totally pamper yourself and allow DH to pamper you too! xox, WB

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