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  1. Chris - I'm so thrilled for you honey!!! GREAT NEWS!!!! Now I will pray that it is only one.

    Lidija - Sleeping Beauty is blond silly. LOL Snow White has black hair. Sleeping Beauty wears a pink dress too. I'll send you a link from the Disney website? LOL have a fantastic trip!! I'm so happy for you. It sounds so wonderful.
    Lucy LOVES bathing suits. So any bathing suit would be wonderful. She has swim class four times a week so I need lots of bathing suits. What can I send Mr Juilian in return?

    I guess that Jen has had her baby by now.

    China - YAHOOOO...I'm so happy for you. Girl, I hope you are sleeping cause there won't be any for you for a while honey. LOL

    I will talk to you gals later.


  2. Hey guys... tested again today... slightly more positive... so feeling better today. Thanks again everyone. This couple of years and multiple IVF's have been tough (as you all know), but it was easier with your support. So many heartfelt Thanks to everyone. If all goes well, due date will be on Feb! We will see what the official numbers will be on Tuesday. But, for whatever reason, I have a sense of calm this time around. I am just gonna take it easy and see what each day will bring and take it from there.
    China~ I am praying for a smooth delivery for you tomorrow sweetie. It has been so wonderful sharing this pregnancy with you, and you are amazing. I am sure the babies are great weights (you never did tell us the growth scan results!!), and you held up to the very end really enjoying every minute of this pregnancy.. I remember you even being happy about M/S!! I know everything is going to be wonderful and you are soon going to be holding your little angels! I figure you will be in the hospital for 2-3 days... keep yourself hydrated and drink a lot... you need to be hydrated for the breastfeeding ahead! Please post as soon as you are up to it...
    Well, ladies, yesterday I went to 6 flags with my friend to help her chaperone her daughter's 14th birthday party. 6 hormonal girls and my 2 boys... need I say more? Well,luckily for me those lines were 2 hours long so great excuse not to go on rides. Anyway, at the end of the day, 1 of the girls wandered ahead and we could not find her... Can you imagine 3 adults there and we all lost track of 1 teenage girl. Never mind it was 10p!! Well, as you can imagine we were so scared and finally my friend's sister went to the car thinking she might be there, and she was. Let me tell you, security there is USELESS. My friend was ready to call state troopers (yep, it was that ugly) when we got the call she was by the car. So, I got home at 1a. Unbelievable. I was upset because I took my progesterone late, but doc said it was ok. You know I took a little extra... because I am a nut.
    Anyway, have a great weekend everybody.. will post again Tuesday.
    and Congratulations China!!!

  3. fly-by post,
    babies are here!!
    baby girl weighed 6lbs6ozs and baby boy weighed 6lbs4ozs. i went into labor yesterday and got the section done, it went very well, the babies are gorgeous. Ikenna had to be monitored for a day in nicu for breathing. he is doing great now.
    both babies have opposite temparements and dont look much alike. i will post pics soon.
    gotta go for now, Adanna is sucha diva and whines ALL the time....lol!!!


  4. OMG! Congratulations!!!!! Can't wait to see the pics ya mom of 3!

  5. China - what fantastic news! Congratulations! I can't wait to see pics.


  6. Congratulations CHINA!!!!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WONDEFUL WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Chris, come and update us when you can. We can't wait to hear your beta number!!!!

    Lidija - How is the weather over there in Greece? You lucky girl!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS CHINA! Welcome Ikenna and Adanna ! What wonderful birth weights! I am so happy for you and glad that the babies are safe and sound. Please update us when you can... would love to hear about the birth, how big bro is doing and how yo are coping. It is so great that your mom is there to help you... rest as much as you can.
    ASFM, beta today was 88 (1 day early) clinic wants greater than 60, so looks like we are in the ball game. I am a bit nervous because I am used to over 100 (mikey was over 100 , although it was at exactly 2 weeks and my last pregnancy was 120\"s (although it was multiples), so i am just hoping that this will be ok. On top of that I saw pink tinge when I wiped (sorry if TMI), so naturally I am cautiously optimistic at this point. Next beta is Friday, so I will feel better if doubling times are ok...I wish I could be totally excited, but I am scared to be at this point, kwim?
    Lidija.. Lucky girl in Greece... hope you are having fun.
    Candi, Staci, yiannoz, and Ellen~ hope you are all well.
    Jen~ if you are lurking, please post thinking of you... hope you are ok.. Chris

  10. Chris - You're fine. YOu tested early. I'm praying for one healthy baby!!


  11. Chris- You are pregnant! Don't make yourself nutty cuckoo (that looks really weird- sp?) over it. Little embies grow sometimes, big ones don't, etc. God is large and in charge- and evidently into black sayings from the 90s. Anyway-

    Saw Mario Lopez and some other gal filming whatever the hell show he is on at the Grove. In person, the dimples look like steroid dimples, grand canyon creases. Just odd, plastic, overdone. He is the 2nd person (matt damon) where in person, a face with masculine structure just looks like a ****** up potato carving up close. Handsome becomes freaky!

  12. Back- Stacy did you hear that song \"combination pizza hut and taco bell\" on Perez? Its all kinds of awesome. What did you think?

  13. Hi ladies!

    China - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you are feeling well. Can't wait to see the pic's. How long are you out on leave for?? Or are you going to be a SAHM? How is CJ doing in the new big brother role?

    Chris - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So happy for you! Will be thinking of you and waiting to see that big beta # on Fri!

    Lidija - Onto Austria? When do you go? or did I miss read? I am trying to get caught up, but didn't go through all the posts.

    Ellen - your stories are too funny. How is Miss Paige?

    Candi - Congratulations on your award! Sorry that work has been so stressful. I hope that you get to enjoy the trip. How is Miss Lucy?

    Stacy - Hope that you and the boys are well. What are you all up to for the summer?

    AFM - Things are good. I am HUGE!!! I have gained 40 lbs - better than the 75 bI gained with Miss Ashleigh, but I am just as big and I had 25 to lose before getting pg. I will be 34 weeks on Fri. Had a growth scan at 32 wks and the baby was 4.5lbs, so they are thinking I will have an 8.5 lb baby by the time I deliver. I feel great and have been able to do just about everything I have wanted. I can't wait to meet this little one - it's been a long wait.

    I'm sorry I haven't posted in quite some time. I don't get on the comp at home that often anymore as by the time Ashleigh gets to bed, I am usually right behind her. I think of you all often and hope that eveyone is well.

    Does anyone hear from Suz? If so, please send her my regards.

    Best to all,


  14. Jen~ So happy to hear from you.. it was so long I was starting to get worried!!! I am so glad that you and baby are doing well. You are ready to go at any minute... I delivered mikey just shy of 35 weeks... the second ones come quicker (delivery is faster too).
    Will write again after I get my beta....

  15. recovery is evil! i am in such pain/near tears! i would have gone mad if not for Dh and my mum!

    hope this link works...



  16. Oh China~ I hope you will the on the mend soon!!! I tried opening up the link... not working will try later. ASFM, beta up to 368 doubling time 35 hours...I know its multiples... u/s will be on 6/23. I'm happy pregnancy is progressing, and actually still feeling ok... but a little stunned I guess. we will see... gotta take it one day at a time!

  17. China~ Got to see pics... the babies are beautiful and daddy and big bro look so proud!!! Congrtaulations again and Thank you for sharing your joy with us....

  18. China- I really loved those pictures. Your kids (all 3) are so cute! You guys make some cutie patootie babies. LOVED the baseball onesie. Sooo cute. Is Adanna's (sp?) now Nnenna? Did you change your mind? What is nnenna about? Ikenna is totally going to pull off the Ick thing. He's going to be supercute. CJ looks sooo happy holding the baby. I'm sounding like a play by play. So annoying. Shutting up...Went to the Joie sample sale today- no baby stuff- starts in 5. Small Paul in July!!!!! Is it the Csection or just twin stuff/severe body changes? I hope it gets better soon. If you heat up some shea butter a little try that. Chamomile tea, too.

    Chris- Multiples??? Holy guacamole you must have eaten sponge bob house level of pineapple (why am I sounding like English is not my 1st language today?). Hey, at least you're not worried about numbers now and are officially pregnant! Woot! Or, woot. Must be a confusing yet exhilarating thing all at once.

    Feeling excited but like an idiot at once. A shirt I bought this season retail 200 something I got today at the sample sale, diff colors, SAME SHIRT for 40. No more retail. No more. Its cool here- high 60s! What are you all doing for father's day (except for China, who should be having new daddy wash your feet or something).

  19. China, they are so beautiful!! AWWW....they look so tiny in their car seats.

    Chris - WOW...big number!!

    Ellen- Cool sale! Do they have those kind of sales on shoes? or purses?

    okay, gotta go paint Lucy's fingernails. We have another b-day party today.

    Jen - great to hear from you!


  20. Candi- Yes, they do. The next high end one that comes up, I'll let you know in advance.

    Had a HORRIBLE experience today at Disneyland. We're in line for the bumper cars and there is a 8 or 9 year old girl directly in front of us with her mom. Paige is doing a hand thing on the wall, screwing around moving her hand, and the girl whacks her hand on the wall too and just looks at her. Paige doesn't drop her hand but moves it elsewhere and keeps playing.

    So, I don't know if that is even related, but then the girl looks at Paige and starts laughing and almost turns total red with her mouth over her face, points at Paige and goes \"look at her- she has weird eyes\". \"Ha ha ha- look at her eyes. Mommy! Loook! Look at the girl and her weird eyes!\". She was pointing all close to her face and did not stop laughing the whole time.

    Her mom turns around mortified and says \"there is nothing wrong with her eyes. Why did you say that?\". The girl is still laughing and pointing and Paige freezes up.

    I drop down to her level and start saying \"don't listen to that girl. She is mean. She's a mean girl. She must be very unhappy in her life. She is being mean. Your eyes are beautiful\". That was a potential *** kicking, but had to do it. The girl is still at it so the mom grabs her hand off her mouth and tells her to stop laughing and if she doesn't apologize they are leaving the line (we are close at this point). The girl says \"why? No!\" and the mom is getting more embarrassed. I just glare at them both waiting to see how its going to play out. Paige is just standing there shell shocked.

    So the mom yanks the girl away and then the girl starts crying and screaming, angrily to Paige \"I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry\". Total scene. The whole line is transfixed. The mom could not take the aggression of her kid and the attention too, takes her away anyway despite the apology, and yells to me \"I am truly sorry\". I believe her and don't blame her.

    Now I'm doing damage control and Paige is soooo sad. Not crying but standing there kind of frozen. I tell her she is beautiful and her eyes are beautiful etc. and she is saying \"I don't want to talk about it. Stop!\". So I let it go for a while, bring it up later, and after what feels like the 50 thousandth time, about 1 hour later, she finally she agrees that she is beautiful. Score. HOWEVER, when I then ask her if her eyes are beautiful she says \"no\" and got all sad again. So sad I actually started praying inside for guidance.

    Thank God (I am going to sound like a total assholio now but its true) that she gets stopped on the street every couple of days being told by strangers how pretty she is, so I use that tactic and it worked. \"Do you want to believe all those people who stop and tell you how pretty you are on the street or one stupid girl\"? Then I'm like goddammit, I keep saying stupid girl like girl is an insult but couldn't think of an out. I mean, I felt like this argument was making some headway.

    Anyway, some workers at the store when we were leaving THANK GOD did the whole look how pretty you are thing when she walked in and I practically fell to my knees in gratefulness inside bc it solved the problem and she was happy again.

    Issues that came up- 1. This whole emphasis on prettiness. I don't really tell her that a lot because she hears it from others, and prefer to emphasize brains bc they last. Maybe she won't always be this pretty and all this public praise will blow up into self-hatred as a middle schooler if she becomes average or even homely. How much of the frozen reaction was the actual girl's behavior and how much of it was hearing something negative about her appearance??? Like, which part of the ratio was more of a blow?

    2. Maybe this girl is special needs or something and I should not have reflected such anger in repeatedly calling her a stupid girl/and giving the that message \"girl\" is an insult. This did not seem like a popular type kid and maybe she was reflecting her own self-hatred, but that all seemed to obscure of a topic to delve into with a 4 year old kid.

    3. I did ask her if she wanted to learn about what to say when kids are mean like that (she said no) but now I've got to worry about her being at a school with older kids, having NO IDEA they were this vicious. This NEVER crossed my mind that an older kid would bully a pre-K student. ****.

    4. I remember when Paige was a toddler and older kids around 3 or 4 would yell \"my turn\" or \"my toy\" angrily at her at the playground and how ****** I would be. Then P at 3 did the exact same thing to little kids and when the shoe was on the other foot, looking at the ****** parents, I was mortified. Does this mean she has the potential to act this way too later, like all young girls now are this mean? Could this girl and her behavior be the norm???

    This was weird for me, a middle school level attack on my kid. I was in no way prepared for it and it was all very random.

  21. Am I under a curse??? Today the sharp part of a mirror fell on my head. No concussion, though. Ouch!

  22. Hi everyone~
    China... I hope that you are on the road to recovery... how are your little ones? Are you breastfeeding or bottle? I have a friend who had twins and breastfed only for a few weeks, it was just too much. I hope you are taking it easy and letting your family pamper you... you deserve it!!
    Lidija~ Hope you are enjoying your holiday!!
    Candi, Jen, Kat, and Staci~ Hope all is well with you guys... please come back and join us!!!
    Ellen~ I am so sorry that Paige had that experience. My oldest son was once embarrased by a boy scout leader (a female) at an event... yelled at him in front of everyone and told him that if he could not still he had to leave (they had a visiting ambulance, this was in front of an audience). Now, my son has Asperger's /ADHD and was just trying to make kids around him laugh. I calmly took him by the hand and left. I was sooo angry, but knew that if I reacted in front of him it would bring more attention to a bad situation. That was the last time he was in the Boy Scouts.He was in the first grade then. People (not just kids) are cruel.. it is so hard to not react when you see your baby being hurt like that. You handled it beautifully.
    AFM, beta is 2316. Safe to say something is definitely moving in the right direction. Ultrasound is next Tuesday.. we will see what that has to hold for us. I still feel pretty good. I am hoping the lovenox was the trick...
    Gotta go eat... am hungry... see you all later.. Chris

  23. Chris, GREAT NEWS!!! We will know for sure on Tuesday then. I hope it is only one so you don't have to face the reduction but we will take it one day at a time.

    Ellen - that is just a weird story. LOL I don't know how I would have reacted. I really don't. Part of me thinks I would have just been so shocked myself that I would have just stood there for a minute...before I started telling the lady to get her little biitch under control. I mean really...good GAWD. Maybe it just hasn't happened to me yet, but Lucy has never said that someone is fat, ugly, black, white, brown, etc. Maybe she is just naive or clueless. I don't know but I'm glad. But I think it has to do with the fact that she goes to daycare with all kinds of people. Big, small, black, brown, and all colors, shapes and sizes in between. To her, people come in all shapes and sizes and colors and she doesn't make a distinction yet and for that, I am happy. And we don't do in our house either so I guess that helps. Plus, the shows she watches are all different as well. I woudl just be mortified if she made fun of another kid! Seriously, I would just be mortified. We had a talk the other day about how it is our job to help others who need help like those that are in wheelchairs because their legs don't work.

    it sounds to me like that little girl needs to learn that people are all different no matter what their eyes look like. She make think Paige's eyes are funny because Paige's are blue and her's are brown. Who knows? kwim? You never know what a kid is thinking? It could be that simple. But nevertheless, she needs some manners. But you know how I am about manners. ha ha.

    Oh well, I'm on my way to a meeting at the hospital. I will talk to you gals later.

    I saw that Lidija is back home!


  24. yes, I am back. Only when not working I keep myself busy arguing about bilingualism. I can not help myself, I just have to do it :-).
    congratulation, they are beautiful

    I also hope that there is only one, but, seems like you are defiantly pregnant, congratulation

    when is your due day? I am still in Austria, I only did one week vacation in Greece

    gash, I was really confused with sleeping beauty and snow white . I thought this is the some person I mean character. One which sleeps long and get woken by nice prince kiss. For my defense they have different names in Croatian and in German. So, I google them and get difference. But, isn't sleeping beauty one with dwarfs, bad stepmother and apple - and dark hair. somehow I remember short black hair lady marching around with dwarfs. HM,s end me a disney link pleas. Anyway, I develop much more understanding for you thinking that Berty the bus is a locomotive engine last year :-).

    relax a bit. I mean it is not so nice experience for Paige but as it not kill her it would her make stronger. Maybe it would help bit with her dealing with some kind of thing which would happen once later in life. About being beautiful. I was just thinking about my Greece experience. Julian has kind of oversize head, big blue eyes and now kind of blond curly hair. You saw the pictures, he looks cute, but so the other kids do. In Greece, like in Croatia year before, we were followed with Italians kind of in delirium yelling \"che bello bambino, bellisimo\" after him, Greeks also looked kind of strange, he didn't have to pay for drinks, they wanted to take photos with him. I get bit confused, it never ever happen in Austria. I mean, we were told from time to time how cute he is but nobody make big show of it. Yes, and one Greek told him: Julian, Cesare :-)). Any only thing our beautiful angel care about are his small cars.

    Other then that, seems like Paige and he do have some similar kind of reacting. Only she is much more verbally advanced then he is.

    I remember being told different things from unknown people all my life. Whenever I was told something bad I was upset, otherwise I was either embarrass or didn't really believe it. When I think now in sum it would have been the best if I was just ignoring it. It is only not easy.

    So, I did survive plane although should admit I was never before so afraid like when we get in one high wind area during flight. I should admit I am generally more concerned when Julian is with me. Last year when boat with me almost drown I somehow believed that I am a very good swimmer, so I'll save myself, thanks god Julian is not with me.

    Greece was sunny and nice. It was not long before planed holiday, I was just going to last minutes best offers internet page and chose hotels with children, all inclusive and exact days Hans was free, start search and then chose between few offers. I was more after Portugal - Algrave or Madiera originally but I was never in Greece and Santorin was beautiful. Hans was very happy because he is not so much in swimming and Greece offer better sightseeing then Spain. Well, this particular places. I still plan to go to Madiera and Algrave once. Seems that there are good offers in children hotels in before school holidays period so we would probably do it again next June. I guess Greece or Portugal from here is like Mexico for you, nice but not so something really special.

    Will post picture on facebook during today. MY boss was after my neck whole day yesterday, today he went to 3 day business trip, so I decide to finished all side jobs today and do work 2 other days. I badly, even start to consider to make print out album with greece picture online during job hours. It is that i never get time for it at home, so I still do not have printed Australia album.
    It is not like I can lose my job any more :-)

    once in future, when you maybe come to Europe with something like Titanic, I mean with some boat instead of plane we can take together boat trip from Croatia to Greece. It does take I think one day and one night and I always wanted to do it.

    Should go not working now, till later

  25. Candi,

    I forget to ask - who is the fourth princess? There are Cinderella, Snow white and Sleeping Beauty and ??? I was trying to google it but couldn't get an answer in reasonable time. I had a look in C&A on 4 princess decorated cap but there was some brunette I didn't recognize so I thought I could ask you :-))

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