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  1. Ellen - ha ha ha. Love the snarky! My middle name is Ellen - yiannoz backwards.


  2. Where is everybody? I hate when our thread fall so much down that I can not find it. Or to second side. Brrr.

    So, I signed contract last week, Should start working on July 1st. First two pages of contract were more or less about the fact that I should in no way talk about things I see there and how very secure data I will be working on are. So, seems like you wouldn't find from me more about how not to get cancer or what is currently the best treatman. Or, I will have to take care. I could understand them however, I guess somebody who is using not the best drug for testing purpose could be not to happy about it. I was also told I have to stop experiment immediately if group under medicine is considerably worse then control group. Sound like really interesting future work, nothing like cow performance data I am now working with.

    babies not there yet or ? How are you doing? Are you huge :-))?

    where are you? Everything OK?

    scary story. I guess Julian is more like Paige, he is very afraid, then he froze and does not move. I would like to work more on his independent behavior but it somehow does not work so easy.

    yes, I forget totally about mothers day, I had mother day (ok female day, but for complain reason it would work) on 8 march, bu all of you forget and nobody did think about my hurt ex communist feeling. Did I ever told you that being communist is not consider like something bad here. You can not really use it like schimp word. Otherwise, we should send Julian and Paige together in survival camp once. Last experience I had with him with sledges was that he went somewhere away and I lost him. It was snowing, getting bit dark, and I see really bad, I get really I mean I have contact lenses with -7 and sometimes in this kind of foggy condition I am partly blind. So I get in total panic attack, running in direction he went with his bob, only to see him deep down standing between sledges running around him and waiting for me. In snow. Then we discuss how wrong this was, but in a way I am not sure how to deal with it. Next winter he is taking ski curse with Hans. I do not ski so I would not be able to help.

    Hans get back after 3 weeks Ethiopia yesterday. Should say that Julian is really kind of difficult when Hans is away, he kind of glue on me and cries even if I am on toilet when he wake up. I do not know, I kind of make that immigrant story and not other relatives around responsible for it. But maybe it is only his character.

    One other scary story from last week was that Julian's kindergarten was making trip with tramway, tramway did emergency brake, and 5 on kids finished in hospital. Julian was not one of the. Nothing serious but scary. Although they so on small trips from time to time it never occure to me that they go with tramway.

    My new problem is that after changing job I am not entitled for vacation first 6 months, so I really don't know what would happen this summer. I hate it myself, but I still want this job, but for Julian, I still look for some solution – I don't want him to spend summer in Vienna when he can go to my Island. Will see.

    Should go to work now. Will probably go to Zagreb tomorrow or day after tomorrow for my 25 year matura party- high school reunion? As I went to very best school with very rich kids only I am bit afraid would it be something like who succeed mostly competition but as it is my only chance this year to go somewhere on 4 days without Julian I do not want to miss it.


  3. Lidija,
    have fun at your reunion...tell us all about it. the 'losing Jui in snow story' was really scary!!!
    babies are not here yet. my due date with twins is june 8th (37wks). we will see what happens!! had an appt last week, baby girl weighed 4lbs14ozs and baby boy weighed 4lbs12ozs.

    OMG...scary story!! i have to work on a plan with CJ as well. the most time i have lost him is maybe 12-15seconds and i was a wreck! it has never been in a crowded place, just grocery aisles. a few weeks ago though, i lost him in church (it was jam-packed) when he ran after DH to use the bathroom... i was too late to react and follow (big belly in the way) and by the time i got up, he was completely out of my sight! instinct made me head for the bathrooms and there he was standing with DH, i was not sure who to slap...DH or CJ
    anyway, we need to discuss this now i am not working and he's not going to daycare FT anymore.

    oh no...the car-wash story!!! LMAO!!! what on earth possessed you to open a window??? what??? i would have totally hurled if i had been Paige!!! it probably was water recycled from other washes.....eeeewwwweffingeeW!!

    thanks for the mothers' day greetings...hope you had a blast as well. spa day was fantastic....my feet needed help BIG-TIME!!! how are you and the kiddies?? i loved your easter pics on FB and you brothers are so handsome. Chase, Christopher and Kimora are adorable...Chase looks so mature these days!!

    i am assuming you are in the 2WW....are you? please give us details when you can. i pray for a successful cycle for you.

    so, i'm on leave now, waiting for the babies! washed their clothes/ sheets etc, stocked up on diapers/wipes, formula and other necessaries. we bought the toyota sienna on saturday...cannot believe i am driving a mini-van ...but that is the only way to comfortably fit 3 kids, a double stroller etc! it drives pretty cool though and i do not feel like i am pushing a big bus or something...all in all, i'm impressed with it! very roomy with the fold down trays etc and CJ loves it too.

    Candi- yeah- where are you??

    Delilah too??


  4. Lidija- I am really curious. You would have to stop writing statistical results about the experiment if the cancer drug made people worse off than the control group, OR the experimental drug would be immediately ceased? (Project shut down). The reason I'm asking is FIL does some really shady stuff for the government here, and they keep things going but just bury the research.

    God you're so lucky. What an interesting job. I can't believe you don't know how to ski! You live in Austria! Isn't that basically criminal? Learn how to ski!!! It is the bestest thing in the world, like flying. You'll be banging your head in the snow wondering why you didn't do it sooner.

    So when you wrote that thing about J I swear it could have been about Paige. She'd totally stand there in snow too while sleds whiz all around her head. Same same same mentality. She'll also have her barnacle moments which drive me nuts, esp. since for the most part she's really independent. Isn't it funny how parenting changes? You're like, its a reunion, but more importantly its 4 days OFF, so I can't miss it! Ha! Ist gut Hans? You likey? Does he still read this?

    One more thing. This is nutty logic, but...Paige didn't speak until 2 and was diagnosed up the yin yang as having something wrong with her. J is under 3 languages, not 1, so if he is so similar in behavior to Paige then he will be a total motormouth at age 6.

    yiannoz- I remembered that (your middle name). Re snark: We went to this function tonight and one of the speakers was totally a fat white Erik Estrada clone-boy. I was ready to go to town, but husband is not as into this behavior. However, he's getting slowly converted bc when we got home he went google crazy on people we had met, dishing the dirt. I love it and it was unprompted! Issues...

    China- Nutty thing coming up- If you can reschedule that appointment to June 7, it is far more auspicious. People with the 8 birthday (or adds to 8) have heavier life tests. I had an emergency c-section and was so ****** that her day adds up to 8. Stupid, I know. Where's CJ when he's not in daycare? Saw babygap a few days ago- BIG sale. Extra 25 off sale prices. Gotta give props to the minivan- its your own boat and you're captain china. How the hell else can you balance 2 infants and a kid? You need that star-treky door to open up and help. Plus the tvs. Do you have tvs?

    Went to new parent dinner/orientation at Paige's school (private) and lo and behold, out of all the schools in LA, in Paige's class will be=

    1. billionaire's kid 2. baby sexual 3. high functioning autistic boy whose mom pulled him out and canceled the playdate (Paige laughed with the other girls/her bf was a bully). ****. Guess there's no moving on!

  5. Hi Everyone~
    Lidija~ scary story about the tramway. I am glad that jui is ok. Our kids here go on trips on school buses, and every once in a while you hear about an accident on a bus. Gratefully, this is rare. It does scare me, but the only thing that I can do is to try to go on as many trips as a chaperone as I can. Still is scary though, you are right. Congratulations on the new job, it certainly does sound interesting. Hope you enjoyed your reunion!
    China~ Great sizes on the kids! You are the most organized person I know... can't believe that everything is washed and ready. You are amazing. I can't wait for these babes to be here!!!
    ellen~ Funny about the kids in Paige's class. you just can't seem to get away from the insanity.
    AFM~ Still on lupron and estrogen. actually doing very well with shots this time around. Donor has been stimming for a few days. I go on Friday for lining check. Hopefully I will know more then. Retrieval will probably be sometime next week... so excited.
    Hope everyone else is ok... have a great Memorial day weekend!!! ~Chris

  6. Chris- I'm having trouble getting past this. School is supposed to be a fresh start. Now there's like a decade plus of baggage, its weird. The other new parents seem cool except this total ******* from England. Can't stand the guy. The lady from England (they're not married to each other, both with Americans) is super nice, go figure. I'm trying to make conversation with him and go \"does your daughter have an accent too\"? He glares at me, pauses for what feels like a zillion seconds, and says \"yes, she does. An American one\". That's kind of tip of the iceberg. Its more his comportment than anything else. I'm praying Paige and his kid don't get to friendly. SO WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE LINING??????

    Question- How do you guys handle that when you dislike the parent? A Lot???

    Lidija- I feel like an idiot. Forgot to mention the tramway thing. That is terrifying. Are the other kids ok? Have you figured out your summer yet? I'm getting pressure from the apartment guy (we're renting in Paris) to give the other half of the deposit, but haven't...Still going, just slacking. Any surprises at the reunion????

    China- Minivan update. Did you get one? Does it have a dvd? I saw some commercial where there were dvd sets in each seat back like a plane. Pretty cool.

    yiannoz and Kat- ciao. Candy- Got the pics but wth happened since with no posts. PM if there's some private reason. There's this southern couple at the new school and they practically peed when they met husband- what is that with southerners? The three of them were then like glue.

  7. Ellen

    I like \"yes, she does. An American one\". When we were invited in Australia for Christmas dinner, everybody was so kind of relief that I do not have American accent in English. East European didn't matter. Although China said I had totally different English accent then she expected :-). My guess is she expected kind of Russian and I had German :-) (this is from skype).

    About tram story, yes scary. I was discussing story while in Croatia and there is kind of impossible to take 15 kids between 3 and 6 to trip with public transport. I am aware they should learn to use public transport etc, but still? Tomorrow they go for full day trip with bus, kindergarten rented bus. Hope nothing would happened. At the other hand I can not really lock him in our flat trying to avoid anything to happen to him, although I sometimes would like to. I was scared this 4 days because Hans was driving him to Steiermark (Styria) and I know how Julian like to discuss things while driving and how Hans sometimes turn to him in discussion while driving. Normally I yell on him then, but I was not in car. But thy survived without me just fine. About kids in this tramp, worst accident was a child cutting his tounge (not totally) with his teeth, all others injuries were minor.

    About statistic and situation that drug made people worse then control group worse this is only one of possible outcome which is asking for immediate stop of experiment. I mean, you are doing experiment because you want to know if drug is helping or not. Sometime it is even the opposite. There is no special conspiracy theory involved. Statistic I am working with and most of protocols are develop in US. It is not like somebody would try to hide it there or here or something like that, there are human lives in question. Problem is only that you can not really know if it is helping and not without testing and there could be question about test being ethical. At moment more or less experiments involved humans are (of course) forbidden, but you can hear scientist that like that things can never be proven. Welcome wt naci Germany. I remember from time I was in Croatia doing some statistic for doctors lots of studies was showing that eating colored (orange) fruit and vegetables decrees your cancer chances. Like eating apricots. Common things in this fruit was beta carotene so pharma industry respond fast with anticancer pills with beta carotene. I was taking then also then because I was getting ten on sun faster when taking them, I am usually very pale and get color slow. Then there was big experiment sponsored by pharma which showed increased number of cancer cases in group taking beta carotene pills then in control group. Experiment was stopped immediate. It was published in scientific american, so it was not really hidden result. Only pharma industry didn't put it around in advertisement like they did for drug itself so some people didn't notice it because not everybody read scientific american. I do not know was it published in any woman magazines, they also publish things like this mostly for sponsor money. Also it was not really proven that beta carotene in pills cause cancer, experiment was stopped before any conclusion was to be made. So, you can still get beta carotene pills in pharmacy and I had an argument with my mother and sister few years ago when I found that they were still taking them. I mean, it is not total conspiracy but it is also kind of difficult to get whole picture sometimes and to decide how to behave responsible. This is what I am writing about sometimes when I complain about bio/alternative etc. In my case I was kind of surprised that they put this big responsibility of stopping experiment in my unexperienced hands, not about practice itself.

    For me is statistic/mathematics kind of science about making conclusion (this is also real definition of math, only nobody knows it). Like, here there is a try at moment to make smoking in restaurant and so on forbidden (I know we are ages after US in this one) and almost everybody I know knows somebody or somebodies grandmother/aunt etc who happily smoked 40 cigarettes a day till age of 95 and stayed ever super healthy. Actually my grand-grandmother is one example of this. With statistic I could tell, yes, maybe there are cases but 25% of people are not so lucky or it is statistically proven that people who smoke live shorter and not only by chance. Is something to be defined by chances only or number it to big to be attribute to chance only is only thing which statistic is doing. So, then I can kind of happily show smoking person out and so on. With hope will implement some of your laws in this area soon. This is also why I like statistic, it helps me to generalize gossips or prejudices correctly in a way :-).

    I wrote your due day on my calendar at job big, so will not asking it about it again. But I am waiting :-). Mini van sound good :-), you can not really drive sport car with 3 small kids. Minivan is more secure for yourself anyway

    About my reunion, it was not bad or it was better then I expected. As I wrote I was going in one of the best, or the very best one, Zagreb school so everybody was expected to be very successful after. This was kind of tone on 10 and 15 years reunion, who did most, 20 year I was not on. But this 25 year was much more relax, people were making fun of themselves and their professional career. I drunk to much dark beer but had a very good time all together. Only, at beginning I had restaurant address written, so I get at the place asking about reunion, and was send in attic. When I come there I sow group of some middle age bald males and slightly overweight female so I thought no this is not it, I am wrong. At the second look I realized this is my class, we are this middle aged people now :-). Shock, ha :-)). I remember my grandfather going on his 75 year reunion. There were only 3 of them then. Good over 80 years then. One already girl died of cancer in our case also. I posted pictures and and one small video on facebook, you can see what I am taking about. Class 4G

    wish you lots of luck, keep us informed please.

    where are you?. Did we (I) make or write something wrong? I am sorry if I did. Please come back. I miss you here.

    I again wrote to much. Did tell that I am living job yesterday, will have one week vacation still from this job at June, I do not have a clue about July/August, this I have to discuss with future company. I have only to write now mail/letter to Hans university telling them that I would not accept their job offer. Did I tell you that I get this one also, funny really, So, should go.

    Have a nice Tuesday everybody,

  8. Hey y'all. Sorry I've just been so busy. Crazy asss busy. ONe of the doctors has been making me work my arse off and I'm just very unhappy here at work. I don't mind working hard but I mind being personally attacked. He is a complete arse. He tried to ruin my vacation but I wouldn't let hiim. He texted me on vacation at Disney and wrote \"call me asap\" but I wouldn't call! LOL

    Anyway, sorry!!! If you all every made me mad, I'd tell ya! LMAO!

    Chris - best wishes to you dear!!

    Lidija - CONGRATS to you! I'm so happy for you. Everybody is making new breast and colon drugs. Doing any work on for Genentech?

    China - I can't wait to meet those babies!!

    yiannoz - I would have freaked too. I\"ve told Lucy to find someone if she gets lost from us too especially at Disney and Sea World and stuff.

    Ellen - You are SO WEIRD! LOL Maybe we are weird and you'll be the prepared one. LMAO. I will check out that website girls2games.. Have you done the bibbity bobbity boutique at Disney? Lucy loved it. I have pics up on my Facebook. It was a lot of fun. Se loves Roller Coasters too.

    Well, I go to Miami on June 1st to accept an award from McKesson for outstanding customer inspiration. I'll be staying at the Fountain Bleu. Anyone want to come and visit?

    I'm in a real funk about this job stuff so y'all will have to forgive me. :-)

  9. Hi Everyone~
    Candi... nice to hear from you. Congrats on your award. I wish I was free to go visit, bet its a nice place . Don't let work stress you too much.. I have learned to see it as a means to get what I need in life, not let it BE my life. Hard to do sometimes, I know... but when it gets really bad, that thought helps me to keep it in perspective KWIM?
    Lidija... so interesting about the research world. It really is easy to see how important the accurate collection of data to draw statistically significant conclusions is necessary, yet difficult when conducting studies on Humans (for obvious ethical reasons. Just makes sense, start to see bad things, ethically you need to stop.Very interesting about beta carotene.... Glad you had fun at your reunion, so funny to hear about discovering \"middle age\" is waht others may think you are (I for one, will NEVER admit that)!
    China~ Are you ready??? It will be soon now. Can't wait to see those baby pics.and hear about your first days with twins. God, I would be scared sh..less., but excited at the same time. Do you plan to breast feed? I have a Honda minivan Touring Edition. LOVE IT. takes a while to get used to the concept of \"I drive a minivan\", but you can't beat the comfort and convenience. We have a dog and she loves it as much as the kids. I found though, that I had to set limits on movie watching for kids... highway only... otherwise you will lose your mind going on short trips and turning it on and off, etc. CJ will be able to use headphones, so that will help your brain from being dizzy from the repetitive movies. We drove to Florida in that thing, and it really wasn't bad...
    Ellen~ You are so funny... but I have to admit, the guys response (even though he may be a jerk), to your question was funny. You are so crazy... just because parents have an accent doesn't mean kids have an accent! Although, personally, I think an accent in men is quite sexy... Don't worry too much about the school thing. It will work itself out.
    ASFM~ lining was great at around 11 with a triple stripe (they want greater than 7). I have 7 fertilized embies and will be going for transfer on Monday. Am praying for 1 really high grade embie to transfer, although RE is really pushing for 2. You get so torn between wanting to get preg, and the possibilities (what if I put in 1 and it doesn't stick and the frosties don't make it, etc..) IF is such a headtrip. But I am so afraid of what happened last time with my health... DH and decided to wait till Monday and base our decision on how many are left and the quality. So, will update you all then!
    Jenn~ If you are out there, thinking of you and hope all is well.Please update us and let us know how you are doing??
    Hi to everyone I have missed. Hope you all have a great weekend ~Chris

  10. Chris- I forgot that you are the one who will be pregnant! My fear would lead to 2, BUT as a research freak I found all this stuff in journal articles about the chemical properties of pineapple. Start downing the stuff now, TONS, AND if you can pony up the bucks, get an acupuncturist to come to the thingy (I never paid attention to IVF, when they put them in) bc my RE said he has seen time and time again that it really works. It worked for me even when I had massive food poisoning the day of the transfer (! Thats the word!) and ended up dry heaving etc. Worth it.

    As for Mr. England, you guys don't understand. If he was a Hugh Grant type, it would have been charming, off the cuff, sexy. This is not Hugh Grant. He is this hostile burning stone and when he said it, it basically translated to \"I would slice off your head right now in the woods\". Meeaaan. I know I was a dumbass with the accent thing, but my god this guy is an overall prick. What is odd is that his wife, who I met later, is totally normal and friendly and nice. Plus, she is the one with the money!!! She could have married someone else, anyone else, as in flag down a car at the intersection and procreate, and it would have been better than him.

    So I've spent waaay to much time wondering why him? My guess is that she must have been running out of time and didn't want a sperm donor or something. He is unappealing in every way. You know when you meet someone and you don't like them, you can always find something? Like, he has nice eyes, or he seems sweet to animals, or he likes sushi too! I mean, anything. Even he has nice fingers, or I like how his nails are clean or I like his shoes. ANYTHING. This guy- I got nothing. Nada. He is just the pittty pittty pits. I believe the proper word is a yob, but China would know best about British slang.

    Anyway, sorry, back to the pregnancy! Go for one and pray like hell. There are all these online prayer groups etc. I used to do about 2 hours a day of requests when Paige was in the hospital. Believe in that ****.

    Ok, this must be ranty day, bc my ******* car trunk started to not work automatically, then the seats, then moving the steering wheel, then the interior lights. I got verrry nervous about not being able to steer etc. and took it in to the dealer. They were so swamped they were out of loaners and gave me a voucher for Enterprise where I would have been given a Ford Taurus. Lost my damn mind and started mini-yelling (not full tilt) \"I do not want to die in a Taurus. I did not buy a luxury car to drive a Taurus. I refuse to be given a Taurus....etc.\". Like NO shutting up no matter how they tried to interact. So they broke down and suddenly a loaner appears. Bastards.

    Candi- Those ******* ************ boss types. I had one like that once. He liked to say in private about those \"below\" (yeah, lovely, right?) \"we gotta bird-dog 'em\". Like he genuinely thought anyone under him in rank was less of a person or had less right to their time and dignity. It was horrible. Then, if you stand up to him, he is shocked and indignant and tries to act cool but it just makes him worse in his further strained relations with you. I've been there, lordy yes. *******!!! I'm sorry you're going through that.

    I saw in the pics the bipbopbo (too big to spell out and think about) hair. So cute! They only opened that recently here, but we've got so many control battles going on here lately with P, there's no way she'd let anyone do her hair. She refuses to let anyone help wash her, etc. Its kind of annoying bc sweetie you are not the expert in self care and grooming yet so her hair is always not so awesome. We literally are not allowed to help. At least she is predictable. If there is a dress I don't want her to wear I will suggest it, and then she won't wear it. As for being prepared, it turns out I gotta stay away from those survivalist web sites. I feel so unprepared! Its an endless web, gotta throw up my hands and say enough. In a battle (friendly one) with husband right now about getting a bunch of freeze dried food. It lasts for 30 years so for me I think its smart.

    ALL of you guys need to get at least water purification tablets. What are you going to do if there is no water??? Then you drink from pools or whatever. That one is key. Think of Katrina. That took days.

    Lidija- I'm so confused about the apricot cancer thing. I read alot about eating the seeds, but trust what you wrote, but have then read counter articles stating that it was bc the amount given was at toxic levels. Its hard to figure out. Chemo seems very, very toxic as well but does work but with lifelong effects but then you are alive....You are right about the core beauty of statistics, but my concerns are always about the population samples and even though the research may come out as statistically valid given the study, the sample itself is not fully representative of whatever. So then there is a blurb in the summary about that to be comprehensive but, I don't know, its better than nothing, but its not invalid even when valid sometimes, ya know? I'm so appreciative that you wrote about the apricots. I don't know what to believe. So many quacks, but unethical pharma drugs too.

    Dying about who are those middle aged people. OMFG. Dying.

    China (heck, Chris too)- SPLENDID sample sale coming up!!!!! Any requests for the babies??? If you don't know them, its the softest cotton stuff. Lovely.

    Forgot to add I went to the dry cleaners today and there is this kid (I was calling him baby Russel Crowe in my head but its too long, so he's just Russel Crowe). He is jumping like a maniac, climbing the counters, doesn't move when I need to be at the counter, jumping on the floor to make the doorbell thingy ring....Not a bad kid, just a baby dinosaur type. First thing I think, swear to God, thank God Paige won't be going to school with kids like these. So I look harder, recognize him, ask the mom to confirm, and yes he is going to be in Paige's class. Yikes!

  11. Ellen,
    yowza...i dont know what i'd feel with all the kids and their parents in Paige's new school!!! that school must be the best if everyone gravitated towards it! yes we got the minivan, i love it, really roomy and does not feel different from my old sedan...which btw is a FORD TAURUS!!!! I wanted a honda accord but the salesman was piissing us off so, we walked across to the ford dealership. Dh drives a ford edge... so far, its a great crossover.
    ohhh...i don't know the store you mentioned, but soft cotton sounds great! are the baby clothes really cute? please PM about this- thanks.

    congrats on the award...as you know, i cannot come watch you receive it ...sounds like fun though. i'm sorry your doctors are being such diicks!

    OMG...i was piising myself about the party! its always a shock for me to see a former highschool student...i look at the mirror and think 'darn it...i'm effin old!'

    i know what you mean about the fear of putting in less than 2....and the health fears too. {{{HUGS}}}. i trust God to make it right for you no matter what you eventually decide.

    afm, i am soooo huge...really big belly and some people have asked lately whether i'm having twins- so i must look like a blimp! i'm not sleeping well, getting up from a sitting position on the sofa is a struggle and rolling from one side to another can be a 5min ordeal at 2am! anyway, i am almost 36wks (mon) and we have a c-section date...the 8th (Ellen, i tried to get the 10th but no space...oh well)!

    just done watching basketball...denver lost in a stupid way and lakers are going to the finals...cannot stand Kobe Bryant....grrrr!


  12. I hate him too! Hate hate hate Kobe Bryant. As for your car...guess you were next on the list of people to offend. ;-) First the name Julian and now this. Ack.

  13. Ellen

    I am bit short with time now (we go to sauna / swimming pool soon, so should prepare things), I only wanted to write about apricots. They are ok, or, bunch of studies showed that eating colored fruit is good for you. There is no problem whatever with fruit itself, pills are problem. Artificial made pills. Seed from apricots, dry apricots, bio (organics) apricots are super. Pills with beta carotene made in some lab from who knows what ingredients just do not do thing that fruit doe.

    I am not in field many years now, but as I remember many studies were showing that fresh fruit and vegetables are good for your health, additionally protecting you against cancer in case of orange color. It only didn't work so good with beta carotene pills - kind of give us extract of thing which is anti cancer, so we do not have to bother with fresh fruit and vegetables. About samples and population, you are very right. I mean, it is mostly problem that what is good for somebody, is bad for somebody else. Like, Hans has problem with kidney, and for him pure white bread is much better then whole grain one, which I never succeed to explain to my mother. Or, I have extremely low blood pressure and should eat salt things, which some bio/organic/macrobiotic morons also can not understand.

    Should really go now. I just wanted to say apricots are super :-). I like them, season soon starting in Austria :-)).

    will write to others later because .. should go :-)

  14. just quick apricot story... when I was in my 20's , I read an article about models taking apricot pills before a photoshoot to look thin (a tip). So, stupid me, trying to look cute before I went out to a club, took some. Shittinggg for days!! I cringe when I hear about those pills now, but that is what i get for vanity
    Gotta sleep... transfer is tomorrow!!!

  15. Glglglglglglglgl!!!!!!

  16. Chris- Good luck on the transfer. I will keep you in my prayers. I agree with Ellen about the pineapple. With each of my transfers, I ate tons of pineapple up until my beta and both cases I got bfp, early on.

    China- I know what you're going through. It's almost over!!!! Can't wait to hear about the birth of the babies...7 days and counting.

    Jen- Hope the pregnancy is going well.

    Hi to everyone else...i've been super busy here, the babies have been sick and teething so that is not a good combination, but we're all doing well. Chase is great..so funny and so freakin intelligent! Oh, I recently discovered 24, so I'm freakin hooked on Jack Bauer, i'm up til midnight watching past seasons.


  17. Hi Everyone~
    Transfer day was yesterday. Dh and I decided before going on that if there were more than 2 left, definitely 1 would go. So basically, we were hoping for an easy decision... either 1 or more than 2. As it turns out (as I should've suspected) there were exactly 2. None left to freeze.
    So, Plan B. We talked to the head of embryology and asked her, based on the quality of the embryos, and how they were developing, what our chances would be of 1 vs. 2. 1 embie was graded 5AA-, the other 5A-A-. Her answer: putting in 1- 20% chance, 2-50% chance of pregnancy with singleton. If we decide only 1 , chance is the other may not make it another day for freezing, or survive thaw. Besides, as she reminded us, there is no guarantee 1 wouldn't split anyway, and, if we felt strongly against 2, could consider selective reduction. Bottom line, she recommended 2.. strongly.
    Well, DH and I prayed for guidance. Even though we had discussed it prior to going, when you are actually faced with these odds (and knowing what I have gone through once before and that this is the LAST time), it was much tougher than I thought it would be. BUT, we chose the 2. So, we will see what happens. Crazy, I know, but we will take it one step at a time. DH was so wonderful... he just wanted to make sure that I had no regrets. He knows I am a nut... if I were to put in only 1 got a BFN and the last didn't make it, I would regret it forever.At least this way, I can truly say that I did all I could...
    So, it's down to faith and LOTS of prayer that I will be able to handle whatever it is that HE has chosen for me... regardless of outcome, I feel comfortable and hopeful of my decision.
    So. Ladies, I am happy to say I am PUPO! HPT will start on Saturday. Pregnancy test is scheduled for Tuesday. Will keep you all updated!

  18. Chris- I have no idea what the AA means, but door number 2 had the higher odds plus the #1 thing is NO REGRETS. It sounds like you came to a really smart decision that will work well for you, so legs crossed! (seems more appropriate). Sit on down and have a pineapple shake. happy pupo day. (pregnant up to post operative? pregnant/unshakably pleasantly optimistic- nerd day, heyyoo)/. Smart thinking- leave it to god. Can't wait to Tuesday ja.

    Kat- I remember when I discovered JB. I watched season one and two in 4 days! Felt so smart when they leave it at a cliffhanger and I'm all \"ha!\" and press my remote for more like a rat on coke. Where are you in it? I haven't watched the last 2 seasons yet- waiting for fall and Paige in school to go to town! So far, season 2 and hating PL (no spoilers here) have been my favorite.

    Lidija- So I look up an old friend with a very uncommon name to see whats up (no contact, thanks- ****** at her). Anyway, it pops up as a facebook link with the tiny picture and I see her son and her mom and I'm like \"why did she picture her mom?\" and squint closer and its her! Dang we're hitting some walls. Can't believe it. She looks SO OLD. As for apricots, glad you cleared that up. The advocated alternative tx is eating the seeds raw to cure cancer. Why would anyone take an artificial pill if you can eat the fruit? I don't know, the more I read about cancer the more confused I am. Glad you have that job!

  19. Chris,
    leave it to God...i am praying for you. just like your Dh feels, you feel and Ellen mentioned...no regrets. i pray God to give you are successful pg and birth. {{HUGS}}.
    the apricot story...lmao! i never knew apricots had that effect!

    will PM you back re the sample sale. i'm learning towards small paul since i'm familiar with that. we have a basil & lizzie in edgewater that carries the line but Dh gets heartburn if i ever suggest popping in there.
    as for the 24 series, i have deliberately refused to get into it... i don't want to be that 'rat on coke or crack'...what was the term you used again?...lmao here.

    gotta run...i have a growth scan for the babies in an hour.


    my mum finally arrived on last tuesday. there is cooked food in the house and i am so relieved. no more take-outs (poor CJ had gotten used to meeting Dh at the door and grabbing the take-out bags from him... it was quite a change when he got home and had not take-out bags to hand over to the kid)

  20. Chris
    good luck. According to me you also made the best possible decision. I am not aware how grading is working, but both me and my sister had 2 embryos of highest grade (on grading scale applied in our hospitals) transferred and only one take in each case. I hope it would work like this for you and that outcome would be one healthy child for you.

    about cancer and why people eat pills and not fruit itself, I do not know, but they do. Maybe it is kind of easier. My mother take I think 7 diff pills daily - one is omega fat, then something for better mobility :-), and probiotics for digestion, for what are others I do not remember. I was trying to take her out of it but she doesn't believe to me then to some gurus /sellers which sold it to her. She hopes to live forever thanks to this medicine, I guess. I believe that you can not take essence of fruit and sell it in pill because there is lots of interactions of ingredients which we do not understand, so taking only one out ingredient out and hope this is cure for something does not work. Like some vitamins work only with oil (dissolve in oil), so oil free food brings to vitamins deficiency - my ex boy friend mother tried to live very healthy without any fat and finished with health problem due to vitamins shortage and things like that. What I can see from Hans work at genes at moment that even if you can guess what is function of some genes for majority scientist do not have clue neither how they work neither which interactions
    with other genes it involved. I am also couirious about my future work

    congratulation on reward, I am glad you make it. It is nice when you can see that somebodies had work is appreciated.
    One question, can I buy you this princesses bag? I am afraid that they have with only with one princess at moment, is it ok and which one would you like ? Should I rather look around or wait for 4 princesses for bag bags ? (this sound kind of funny)

    apricot which effect were you not aware ? :-) Anti cancer or one you can get if you eat lots of fruit and water after :-))))) . Anticancer invloved tomato and some other things also, other one most of fruit - try cheeries with some water after :-).
    Nice that your mother arrive to help you. How long is she staying?

    24? :-))). I can not come to close to TV because either Jui watch his Thomas/Dora/Lolek and Bolek or whatever or Hans whatever sport is - football/formula 1 or skiing. So, I read instead. I should really start to learn statistic - for my now job, but I somehow always delay it.

    So, for our holiday, we book a week in Greece. Next week we are on Santorini Island in Greece, 5 stars all inclusive resort and I am really looking forward to it. Hans wanted to avoid my parents etc and it is still bit to cold in Croatia in July and additionaly I was never before in Greece since I am always going to Croatia in summer. But I am really happy about Greece at moment. I also like idea of somebody else cooking and doing everything instead of me and this Santorini Island look really beautiful on internet. Will post pictures when I get back.. Only disadvantage, I get afraid of flying after this Air France story. I mean, I know how irrational this is etc but I am still afraid. Probably would feel better when I arrive there.

    I still hope I'll go to one week to my Croatian island in August, and for Jui I am still trying to arrange somebody for babysitting there, so that he could stay longer on seaside without me. I was discussing it with him and he would prefer to stay in Vienna with me. Will see.
    Seems like I am def in Vienna in July and for August I do not have a clue. But next week Santorini, Greece :-)))


  21. Hi Guys~
    Thank You all for your prayers and well wishes, most of all for supporting my decision and helping me to feel better about it (Huggs). Funny thing is that yesterday the embryologist calls me and tells me the 2 embryos they thought were not going to make it turned to beautiful blasts overnight and were able to freeze. So now I have 2 frosties... who would've ever guessed?
    Lidija... 5AA is the highest grade for my RE, so these 2 were pretty close, so we will see. I have seen gorgeous pics of Santorini Island, that is so great. To go there and to Croatia too, amazing. When the kids get older, we are definitely gonna go. It is expensive to travel from here, and at least I want to be sure that they are old enough to truly appreciate it. Please do post pics, as I would really love to see.
    China~How did the growth scan go? Just a few more days... just think next week at this time you will probably be home with your little ones. I can't wait to \"meet\" them! Just hold on mama... almost there!
    Hi ellen~ PUPO... pregnant until proven otherwise. You are so funny. I am eating some pineapple (am not crazy about fruit so it is hard for me), and had accupuncture today, so we will see how it goes.
    ok girls... just a few more days to HPT... besides Tuesday is around corner (and China's babies will be here by then!!! yay!!! )... later, Chris

  22. Hey everyone! I have been trying to read and get updated for two days but I keep getting interrupted when I try to respond. UGH LOL

    Chris! GOOOOOD LUCK honey. I'm really praying for you. I think you made the right decision. If you have to do SR, then you have to do it. It would be terribly hard but one healthy baby is the best thing for all of you. That's the goal here.

    China - I would love for you to PM me your address so I can send a little something to the babes. If you get a chance please. I can't wait to see them. How wonderful that your mommy is here too!!! How sweet. I hope she behaves. LOL

    Lidija - Lucy LOVES sleeping Beauty. If you see something with Sleeping Beauty then that would be wonderful. oh wow GREECE!! How wonderful for y'all!!!! I can't wait to see the pictures. Have a GREAT time!!! Now you know statistically that you will be fine onthe plane. LOL

    Kat - I LOVE 24! I love love love that show! LOL I do not miss an episode. Well, I watch it the next night because I can't stay up that late. LOL I hope the babies are better now.

    D - I hope you are well.

    Work is still kicking my butt, but at least i have a job right? They kiss my arse when they see I'm getting pissssed and then are asssholes again. Whatever. I have got to get my resume done. I am a terrible resume writer.

    Tomorrow I am going to go to the funeral of a patient. I don't do it very often but this lady was so young and great. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was breast feeding and the doctors kept telling her that it was a blocked duct. Her daughter just turned 3!!!! IT is so sad.

    Chris - I am hoping and praying for you honey.

    Talk to y'all later gators.

  23. Hi everyone~ Just a quick post... gotta get kids read to go out.... but did HPT this morning and was +++. It was very very light, but definitely there. Will try again tomorrow, but feel really good about this... Thanks for all your prayers! HPT will be on Tuesday...
    China... 2 days to go!!! Hope your holding on there!!! PS.. I would also like to send you a little something. If you can, please PM me...

  24. chris,
    early congratulations

    i do not know which one, I think there was a blond one on pink bag, hm Sleeping Beauty has black hair ha? I am doing much better with different type o0f cars recently. Will have look after Greece, could go to big C&A in town to see what they have there or maybe they get refill soon (seems like this things get sold here fast too). Any bathing equipment needed - it is a high season here now. About statistic & flying, unhappily as we know this are independent event so statistic does not really help :-). I hope this is at least not some machine type.

    good look, I found out your due day (ok delivery day) is 8th June like day when Jui was made 5 yeas ago (embryo) , and our flying day. Hope thi sis good sign for all of us. Hope for two wonderful babies with some foto presentation when I am back.

    Well, as I know Hans we would probably pay fpr wireless in our 5 star resort if it is not already in prize so hope to stay tuned.

    love you all

    Lidija (Santorini we are comming)

  25. Chris,
    early congratulations!!! OMG...i am sooooo stoked for you! tearing up here and wishing you nothing but the very best. awwwww!!!!

    i'm sorry work is still kicking your butt. my Dh feels the same about his job these days...we so do not need the aggravation.

    have a safe trip...santorini sounds absolutely beautiful! i'm sure you guys will have a great time. do not worry, by the time you get back, baby pics will be ready!

    check in please!!!!

    just got back from my pre-admission testing. 2 more days to go (or less if babies' decide to pick their birthdate ?


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