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  1. My computer was acting funny so I had to break it up=

    manishm35- I love that name. It belongs at a cafe where you're all witty, dressed well, sipping a small cup of something and can discuss the works of Jean Genet all at once. Anyway, what do you think of my gene splicing theory??? That lady sounds kind of reckless- good for you for making a fuss. Wow. I had tb as a kid (my parents traveled a lot with me), so I always fail the damn test.

    Believe it or not, there are still planes full of crackheads going to vacation in Mexico. Hellooo...The whole thing might peter out, or it may mutate like the Spanish one did. Why not wait and see??? I like that the EU is being a bit (bit!) more firm. The Mexican border is still totally open here. Great.

    I guess I'm a gossip type too. LOVED hearing about Stacy's 1st husband. Its like a plot twist! If its worded well enough, I'd be excited about someone buying frosted flakes. If the flu dies, maybe maybe I'd do a day trip to Vienna with h and Paige. Might be fun. Depends on how jet lagged she is for the trip. I think she'd like that crazy prince's castle with the sporadic hidden fountains. That place cracked me up as a kid.

    CHINA!- Just remembered. Tamilflu is banned in Japan for kids bc it is so dangerous. It gives you 2-3 days less of an illness, but read up on its effects 1st being pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Hans is so lucky! Ethiopian food is the BEST! I thought she was named China too like the country. I mean, why not? Sponge is finishing. I'll come back tonight :-)

  2. I'm back. Been getting along really well with husband, but he left the house door and garage door open when he got home and I got bent out of shape bc I don't ever want another mouse waltzing on in. So he got mad and now the wind is out of my sails for the evening....

    Kat- I swear I sensed you as a nurse. I was sure you were a nurse. Very cool that you'll be an IVF one. They were like therapists to me a little too, during the process. Because you've been there, you'll be a godsend to those ladies.

    Chris- Has your opinion changed re: this flu? Do you think its manufactured?

    Stacy- Still struggling to find decent housing near Lusby. WTF??? How are your 3?

    Candi- So you made it back from Boston! Sounds like fun. Gotta say, it'd take me back if someone said hi to me too, BUT the accent would make me more friendly (i.e.- tourist). Usually when someone says hi they want to sell you magazines for a school trip or donate to the homeless. Its rare here that hi just means hi, so I get it.

    Were you gripping the plane chair the whole time? Are you like me- checking under the seat to see that the life preserver is there?

    I guess I've gotta go and make nice now. He's been working like crazy on a pilot, crazy hours. Forgot- we went to visit him at work last week and they were filming csi. So there is this neighborhood- the set is outside and looks like a true to god neighborhood, like you're waiting for kids to run out on the street its amazing. Houses- real houses, with perfect details. This guy is riding his bike outside (they're filming him) and all of a sudden starts screaming like a maniac SO LOUD (arrghhh uh uh ahhhh!) and scared the bejesus out of Paige (and me!). I figured blood was coming next and hustled her the heck out.

  3. Ellen,
    i see your meaning...but i'm trying not to dwell on it and practice safe hygiene until i leave work and beyond.
    my biggest concern is that this virus is more than likely to mutate into a new strain....very likely according to Dh!! and its here to stay!! sighh...
    i read somewhere about tamiflu not having any proof of harming pg adults or infants, b/f etc. i did read that they do have to modify dosages for babies and children though.
    anyway...i guess i better look for masks. my immediate concern is to stock up on food supply and i guess i'm going to buy the baby formulas sooner rather than later.
    its good that you and Dh have been doing so well for a long spell now... you guys make sure it stays that way (bar mouse)

    wrapping up at work,

    i don't think the swine flu is manufactured.

  4. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on being a nurse. I'm super excited and super scared. It's almost 20 years since i've been out of high school (although you can't tell by looking at me...lol) so i'm like can I hack it with 3 small children??? About the swine flu...I'm in Texas, so naturally freaked a little behind the death of that baby. I'm in Dallas/Ft. Worth and the FWISD has already shut down schools. Other districts have shut down maybe 1 or 2 schools and they have cancelled Cinco De Mayo and other festivals they had planned and UIL competitions.

    China-when I went into labor I was at 37w2d and was due to have a c-section that Friday (it was early Monday). Baby shower was over and I was just sitting down and had to use the bathroom and I did. Once I sat back down, it felt like I had to go again and it was like I was peeing on myself but it was only a little. So I went to the bathroom again. Afterwards I sat down and like 2 min later, felt like I was peeing on myself again. So i'm thinking to myself, man I must have really been drinking alot of water. I was having no pains so I really didn't think it was the beginning of labor. After putting a trashbag & towel in a chair, I fell asleep (after Chase freaked out about having to kiss and hug me and thinking I was going to leave him). I remember having pains while I was asleep but they weren't strong enough to wake me up. A couple of hours later I woke up and I realized I was having cramps and they would come and go. So I called the doctors svc and they said just go to the hospital, but I timed them first for about 45 min, and they were coming in every 3 min. My water never fully broke, I was just having contractions and they hurt like HELL. I made it to the hospital, but I don't remember how dialated I was and they didn't give me anything for pain. It took about 2 hours until they had everything ready for the c-section..the rest is a blur.

    Lidija- I also have step children and drama. Before I left dh, our life was a soap opera, filled with drama. Ivy who is 8, no issues with her, but her stupid arse mother! typical situation where she wanted the man and not the kid and tried everyting to get him back. Anway she ended up having another baby and basically forgot about about Ivy. She hasn't seen her since she was 3. Then there's Donte (he's 19 or 20 now). When he lived with us he was between 12-15 and there was such drama. He was behind in school, he started skipping, ran away, was in a detention home, ran away and eventually ended up back in Ohio w/his mother. I don't think he even graduated and he is gay..really really gay.

    Ellen-thanks! I'm hoping that since I have been through surgery,and ivf and fet that I can be of help to other women.

    oh, China...I had NO braxton hicks at all.

    everyone stay safe!


  5. Kat- The toddler had previous health problems (I have officially become a swine flu nerd).

    Saw some of the avn awards. Didn't know porn has an awards show. Not my thing AT ALL. Worst looking audience of all time. Star Trek convention guys are probably hotter and way less creepy.

    China- Forgot to say husband's mom pulled the same **** when she and the dad got divorced. He was force fed all this guilt about staying away from his dad (he married the mistress), was terrified by fears of betrayal to contact him. Finally did at my insistence about 7 years ago and now they are the best of friends. Its probably whats going on with you guys too.

  6. Ellen,
    well, if i was 'the mistress' i would understand the biatch's scorn. but her 'affair' with Dh ended as soon as she announced she was pg (Dh was 24 and in med school, she was 30 and set a trap, Dh dropped out of med school to work and provide for the baby). so for the next 11yrs, Dh devoted all his time to his son and rarely dated, they were so close and Dh finally met me...the son and i hit it off, his mom got mad about it and started pulling stunts as soon as she realised Dh and i were serious. WTF??? seriously WTF?? i would have thought she'd be happy that her son and i were developing a good r/ship. isn't it what every 'ex' would hope for? that their ex's new partner treat their kids right? apparently not this biatch...and her DP is an even bigger idiot for not calling her out on it.
    there are millions of women out there hoping for thier ex's to show interest in their kids...then comes along one that purposely deprives her son contact with his father just for the sake of her stupid pride or whatever the heck it is!
    her response when Dh gave her the courtesy of informing her about us getting married was a very snarky 'oh, so you finally found your african princess'..(WTF biatch??? let me reiterate that their r/ship had been over for 11yrs).
    anyway, venting over for now!!

    you know i went into labor with CJ in a similar manner. i was 11days overdue and to be induced on the 21st of feb. quarter to midnight on the 19th, i went to pee, got up and felt more 'pee' trickle down me, so i thought i peed myself but put on a pad just to be sure i don't pee in bed. i laid back down and told Dh, he grunted some unintelligible reply. a few minutes later, i felt a slow, short leak and was quite sure i wasn't peeing myself...got up and told Dh and my mum that my water had broken. so we went off to the hospital, i was not in pain for the longest time, finally...the pain started coming...12hrs of no real dilation, baby not even dropped into my cervix and the pitocin doing crazy stuff to his h/b, i was rushed for an emergency section- it took 45mins to get him out because i had so much scar tissure from prior surgeries.

    well, i've written so much drama and now hungry. will be back later. take care ladies...


    the kid who died from the flu actually came in from mexico a month earlier
    and had been sick for a while b4 they tried to seek medical attention apparently.
    poor boy and family.

  7. China- She's terrible! Plus, your husband even dropped out of med school???? That is a prince among men who would go so far for his child. Must break his heart after all this sacrifice that his son is out of his life. I know that for my husband, he really appreciated attempts to be contacted, even when he was too scared psychologically to respond. It meant a lot to him and he missed his dad even when he acted like he didn't. Geez, people....Still, you got to be an Arfican Princess! (gotta find that silver lining?). Sounds like you've got a lovely man.

  8. Hi Everyone~
    Just have a few minutes to post...
    Kat~ Best of luck on being a nurse... you will do well. It is a lot of work and sacrifice (tough when you have kids), but it will be worth it in the end.
    China~ I remember talking to you about this before.. our situations are kind of similar... my opinion is simple... a mother who loves her kids should always do what is best for her children.. and that includes making sure that the child maintains a healthy relationship with both parents. Never talking badly about the other parent because no matter what, that person is a part of your child and he/she will always feel that their is a \"bad\" part of them if you engage in these behaviors. However, you can only control your behavior... not the others. So, I promise you, Chris' son will come around one day and will resent his mother for what she did. Personally, I would have welcomed the \"princess\" comment. I call myself a princess every day....
    Jen~ I am thinking of you... This is going to be an exciting month for you and China... please update us on your progress!!
    AFM... started lupron... getting very excited now. This time feels different. Retrieval and transfer will probably be by end of the month...Hopefully May will be great for me too!!!
    candi~ Glad you enjoyed your trip... pamyl67 sounds familiar to me...
    Ellen~ I love you, but you are nuts girl (ha ha)!!! You have to relax... many people die from the flu each year. It is always scary when you have a new mutation (I am not trying to minimize this), and honestly, I do not think this is engineered, nor do I think it is going to go away. I am more concerned, like Chris, that this will mutate to yet another form. The baby from Texas was a Mexican child, she was already infected when she came. Seriously, those who are at risk from dying are the same groups that can die from any flu strain... very young, premature babies, very old, and those that are immune compromised (cancer, HIV). I wouldn't run to Mexico , but I wouldn't walk around with a mask either. TB is transmitted the same way... noone walked around because they were going to contract TB, yet that is a more serious disease. Well, that is just my opinion, but I also am \"trained\" to remain calm...
    See ya....

  9. hi there,

    did come back from Zagreb at Sunday, train travel was exhausting, my mother also, and I was trying to learn statistic all the time in background since I get info from Hans (his friend who is Biostatistic professor on medical university) that they will maybe ask me something just to be sure. I was afraid to ask this guy for help since he is an important distinguish professor etc, but at the end Hans called him only to ask which kind of company this is and to find out something (gossip like) about them. Med uni professor get really excited about job, told to Hans that this is the very best Austrian clinical study group, that his assistant work for them and that he would like to help me somehow to get job. Next thing his assistant write long mail to hans, Hans allready in Ethipia write to her back. She wrote that they maybe ask me something, but they did not. They were already under impression that I am extremly good in sas (this is one statistical program) and good in statistic. No statistician on interview, only management, including the top guy who wanted to meet me before he fly to Edinburgh. Aha, forget to tell that med.prof assitent which also know Hans was supposed to be external statistician to judge me. I guess it is done now. Chance for job look good. I am tired. Hope will be able to tell you real stories behind cancer research and this kind of things :-). I already see Ellen like my big fan, or opposite if I can not agree on conspiracy theories.

    OK; just did get call during writing this. I get the job

    I'll write more on conspiracy theories later, now I should write to Hans etc about job. Should go to sign contract next week, have to quite this job, and make some deals in both directions about my vacation this year.

  10. Lidjia - congrats on the job!

  11. Lidija~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! So happy for you.. this will be a wonderful opportunity!!! ~Chris

  12. dany,
    how are those lupron sticks doing?? i am excitedly following your journey so thank you for the updates. i pray for a Happy May/summer for us all...
    i do remember us talking about my step-son situation...i also remember you saying that when he turned 14, he would be allowed to decide whether he wanted to see Dh (right)? Dh went from really sad, to really angry and now he seems a bit 'mad' that his son did not seek him out on his own. he figured that since they were so close, his son would come on his own. i had to remind him about the power of a mother over their child(ren) and he chilled for a bit. now i am mostly upset because CJ keeps asking where he is and why he never comes to visit, around for b'days and holidays etc...it stings! i guess i am selfish, and i'm sure step-son will be dazed to learn about all his siblings (maybe not surprised, but definitely thrown for a loop either way). seeing him on FB, he is a tall lanky version of Dh somehow...it hurts to have missed out on so much, though i'm sure it would have been rough-going anyhow! Dh never has said one bad thing about his son's mom to me (never mind to the kid). i'm the one doing the ranting from time to time, but i do make sure Dh understands that it not step-son'd fault, no matter what lies the ex wrote in the court judgment.
    apparently Dh has been following up on him for the past 7yrs (i had no clue that he had someone keep an eye on the kid).

    congrats on the job!! although i'm a little confused...is the stat job at the university? i thought the interview you had last week was the cancer statistician (sp?) job???
    anyway, congrats all around- we are happy for you!

    Dh cried for years (he also lost his mum, then his dad in btw the drama...and oh... our fertility issues did not help one single bit, but here we are now) and felt like he flushed 11yrs of his life down the drain- though i keep reminding him that his son would never forget their r/ship. my biggest worry now is that step-son will have mega resentment issues towards me (honestly, who wouldn't)..because so far as he sees it, it was me who ended his r/ship with his father (no thanks to his biatch of a mum)!! i just do not want him taking it out on my kids... oh HECK to the NO!

    gotta run, my co-workers are throwing me a baby shower in the next few minutes!


  13. Hi China~
    Surviving lupron!!! last BCP was yesterday, so moving on along. How was your baby shower?
    Yes, you are right at 14 he does have the right to choose. I feel so bad for your DH, I know how he feels b/c my DH goes through the same thing. His son is 21 now, so certainly could see him if he wanted to, but he doesn't. There was a point that he came around for a little bit, but we realized later it was only for money. At one point he even brought a young girl to my house when we weren't here (there was a red stain on my carpet... need I say more??) and he \"borrowed\" my convertible while we were away. Imagine my reaction when I got a phone call on my cell from his crazy mother to hear that info!!! Anyway, once DH confronted him on this and the money, it was the last we heard of him. Sad, yes,but honestly I don't need that kind of drama either!
    But, even though his son is of age, he has to remember that the crazy mother has already done damage. Unfortunately, it is not about the relationship He had with this son, it is his son's feelings of loyalty to his mother. I will bet anything that he feels that if he sees his dad, mom will feel betrayed or disappointed, and you know children and their mother's (no matter how old they are). just tell him to hang in, send him cards every once in a while just to let him know he is there for him when he is ready. His son will always remember those cards, I promise you, and one day he will be back.
    gotta go.. paperwork up the arse....

  14. hi everybody,

    chris & china
    crazy ex-mothers everywhere, I would say. Martin, Hans first son has a nice relationship with Hans, but although we had nice relationship also, and although he is very polite with me, he somehow rule me out. I was getting angry at beginning complaining to Hans for there male time without me, but during time I give up and decide that he probably should keep some loyalty with his mother, and that I can not blame him for that. His mother is totally crazy and always try to accuse Hans on something but as Maritn is excellent student and nice kid all together she somehow miss it. As I work in IT and he study computer science, I did organize all his practical training, or, I always organized him to work in company where some of my friends arranged it. She was always complaining like crazy but never ever succeeding to organize something herself. Basically, she should have thanked me, as the things were obligatory and she and Hans failed to organize something alone. I always let them first time and when Hans so that I can not be told latter that I am pushing, but after Hans give up I called some my friends. I think that at least Martin appreciate it although it was never discussed. Crazy mothers, trying to solve their relationship problems through kids.

    one of my friends which had term around you delivered this weekend. Getting close , ha?

    It is cancer statistician job I get. It is public company which does long time follow up researches on breast and colon cancer cases. So, my future job would be to evaluate which treatment or drug would give breast cancer or colon cancer best chance to survive and live good later. Organization is ruled by ex boars with university professors from 4 Austrian medical universities. And it is financed public and from pharma companies whose drugs are being tested. They need statistician (2 of them run to pharma companies which are paying much much more) , I wrote I used to be one 10 years ago in Croatia and they were so desperate that they were concerning to take me but anybody can write it. I mean. I also write fantasy letters supporting application of my Bulgarian coworker for uni assistenship in usa, I signed myself like CEO, nobody never called me to check anything, he get the place. Anyway when the expert (med uni professor) for survival analysis in austria backed my application it was getting on weight. Basically, they kind of believed me before, but then they could really be sure. Also there are not so many people in bio statistic all around, so you can not come from nowhere, somebody has to know you if you learned the thing somewhere. Other kind of funny thing was that although I would not have to high salary everybody is aware that I could also run to pharma after cca 2 years. Partly I am doing it because I have this option later also. Sp, yesterday I was told that my sallary can rise after I get kind of in things and additionally they try to make contract so that I can not leave so easy. I am still happy now, so I think I would try to stay there really. Subject is really very interesting. For example, they were proudly telling me that their researches shoved that in case of breast cancer it is some it you take away whole breast or just a little bit plus chemotherapy, so they with their research changed treatment and quality of life of females all around.

    On swine/pig flu. AS much I get from newspaper after stopping to learn statistics for interview conspiracy theory here is that panic is organized from pharma companies because they made really nice money last few day producing Tamilflu. Flu itself is connected with other flues running around here and doesn't affect people more. Some fever, few days and over. Main question asked now (I hope this one would be solved soon) is why are people dying in Mexico if this is so not dangerous flu. Possible answer are - they are poor so less immune, this is genetically sub population which is more sensitive to this flue (this is not racism, it is only one option), there were much much more unreported cases in Mexico which were not identified like pig flue, so mortality is really not so high etc.
    So, not so much of concern around here. We are far from Mexico, all cases here were mild, and there is each year some big panic which get in nothing, starting with crazy cows to bird flu, then this monkey thing etc. Only pharma companies are under suspicion now for inventing the problem. I am not sure on whose side I should be, pharma comps should earn some money if they want to pay me one day.

    where are you? I mean, I see you on facebook but miss you here. Did we make you angry with something or you are just short with time

    super pics from Zoo on facebook. Somehow miss place to write it on facebook how I liked them - all together, I would know how to post comment of one pic only.

    Otherwise, nothing to new her. I went so second interview (Hans uni) yesterday, for sport reason only, because liked first job better. Still I have to sign contract and look at all detail next week so I thought until then I am still allowed to look around. Also I wanted to make Hans bit worried, because ehe hates idea that I work in some building with him.

    I have 25 year of mature (high school exam -prome dance ?) at May 23th, only few days after Hans supposed to come back from Africa. Can you believe I am so old that I finished school 25 years ago. SO, would probaly be going to Zagreb alone, without Julian fo rit. Will still see.

    gotta go ...

  15. Hi everybody. Its past 230 am, so tired! Just wanted to say LIDIJA congrats! And, dany, period blood on the floor??? Oh.My.God. Back later when I'm coherent bc China I've gotta say more about the momma thing (chris is right its about loyalty its a mindfuck).

  16. Gotta run quick... but gotta say quick to Ellen... I don't think it was \"period\" blood. I think it was more like a \"deflowering\".

  17. Gotta run quick... but gotta say quick to Ellen... I don't think it was \"period\" blood. I think it was more like a \"deflowering\".
    this is what i thought too...OMG!!! so disrespectful...never mind gross!

    you mean like a high school re-union? you must take pics and come back with gossip on how everyone looks now! i left high school 17yrs ago and cannot believe how much we changed.
    your friend who had her baby already, is she out of the hospital and when is her baby coming home?
    i have a feeling i will go all the way with these twins...we will see!

    my co-workers threw me a baby shower...it was so much fun and i was moved by their generosity. now i have to clean up my desk and get out of here...YEEEEEESSSSS!!
    tomorrow, i'm having spa day and so excited. its my mother's day gift from the boys (and babies ). i'll let you all know how it goes.


  18. Ok, the blood was from sex????? That is up there with coming home and seeing 2 mice doing it on top of your favorite sweater. Just so wrooonggg....Did you decontaminate, freak out, confront him? What? What did your husband think??? The mind boggles...What the hell is wrong with that boy- who would do that? I lost mine in a hotel and there was blood everywhere and I didn't think about the cleaning lady at all, so I guess I should shut up. Young and in love- ya don't think. Still...in that situation I'd cut myself and cover the blood with blood or something.

    Lidija- I'm with you with the conspiracy. But, that one is pretty mild. Cash in on the tamilflu before it expires, jumpstarting economies and the leaders' personal pockets. Yep. However, I've got some levels---

    1. Moderate view- All that plus knowing the virus was lab created so that the same company (baxter) that created it suddenly has a \"new vaccine\", which should take 6m, was stated will be there in 3, now stating 2 weeks...Because it was a set-up! This is the same company that (public record) knowingly sent hiv infected vaccines to french orphans and avian flu strain within the flu vaccine (that epidemiologists are stating is impossible to happen as a \"mistake\") this year to Czechoslovakia! So create crisis, create the solution to crisis, make a bundle of money, and be protected by the us government bc they get the benefit of seeing bioweapon's effect (when they had stated they wanted such a bioweapon to exist).

    2. Conspiracy view- The flu was created at Ft. Dix and is a test, much like other public record government tests of black men given syphilis secretly, the one where the orphans got irradiated porridge every morning to see how much radiation the body could handle before severe illness (that was the 50's), In the 70's the Navy releasing bioweapon flu strain (sound familiar?) into the fog and seeing how far it would carry/how many deaths would occur, early 90's- with the orphans again, giving hiv infected ones experimental drugs without anyone's consent or knowledge as a test.

    Gotta go back later.

  19. Had to set up Paigey at her favorite web site ever. girls2games.com. Candi- check it out! Its a girl's dream come true. Dress up, fashion, coloring, cooking...

    So, Hardcore theory- All of the above, adding that this the release of a genetically based bioweapon. If its true, a bunch of native americans are going to die as well bc they're the closest to Mexicans. The real weapon isn't released yet= the trigger is the vaccine. Its the one-two punch and will effect everyone differently based on dna. If I were Hispanic I wouldn't touch it.

    Off to put on my tin hat. Please don't bother me- I'm busy hanging upside down to keep the alien thought beams from entering through my ears.

    Lidija- Forgot, You are right! I will be your biggest fan! China- I know I'm beating this to death, but it will take the love of a good woman and he will be back to your husband. He'll need a transference object larger than his mom, so it'll take time. Hope the shower was fun.

  20. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day! After last year's debacle, I just took things into my own hands and scheduled a very nice weekend - I think that's the way to go! JD was really into it this year and gave me a nice card, potted flower and bracelet. And Jim got me something as well, so that was an unexpected surprise. I scheduled a bbq with a friend (she knew her DH would leave it to her also!) and we all had a wonderful time.

    We took the boys to Medieval Times Saturday night - as I suspected they LOVED it. I was appalled by how expensive it was, but they had fun. Dan is totally into horses these days, so he was mesmerized. We have some pix of the family in our crowns on FB. Oh and we briefly lost Teddy on the way out - he got separated from us in the crowd. It was terrifying, but he was fantastic. Walked up to someone, said he was 4 and his name was Teddy and he was lost. I cried when I heard them call us on the PA system.

    Aside from the ex-DH, I have no skeletons, juicy or otherwise, in my closet! But it is always funny when people I've know for ages don't know I was married before. I was 23 when I got married and 25 when we separated, so it really was a blip on the radar screen of life.

    Time to make lunches . . . I feel like the Dunkin Donuts man!


  22. Wow I can't believe your poor kid was that mature. You must have had a full on heart attack!!!! That is like the worst, omg. Seriously, that must have made your blood just run cold. All of a sudden, gone. You taught him WELL. Don't feel obligated to answer this but wth is the dunkin donuts man? I kind of remember a guy 20 years ago who looked like a mario brother in commercials. Must be dead??? Seriously, you're proud, right? So, so mature.

    Dumbass moi usually gets a hand car wash. Leave it there, pick it up, done. Parked under a tree, and the right hand side of the car was COVERED in bird poop. I mean, there were giant white areas, like bird graffiti or disco night or something. Beyond splotches. Just done.

    We're driving through Hollywood and there's some dumb premiere (watch me scream? Something like that- weird crowd) so the streets have barriers and crowds and traffic and I'm on poop patrol. It was humiliating. So, Pagey is freaking out bc we'd never been in gas station car wash, but I was desperate. I'm talking her down and she is calm but all of a sudden I realize I don't want the wax. So I roll down the front side window and we all get blasted with seriously stinky water. Lovely. Roll up the window and she is damp, screaming, the car is rolling forward and the washer things pounding the windows. Poor kid thought it was a horror movie. I kept yelling \"its just like Disney. Its fun! Its a new ride where you get wet!\". Even the take-out was wet.

    During bath, her new thing is \"leave me alone. I need private time. Mommy, I'm FOUR\". Weird for me. I swear its like toilet water (car wash). So I do. Does anyone else let them wash themselves? I insist on the hair.

  23. Well well. WHO is investigating that the virus may have been a lab created \"human error\".

  24. Ellen - I was soooo proud of Teddy. He told me when we got home \"I kept saying Mommy, Mommy, where are you?\" and it just made me cry all over again. It really can happen so quickly, which is totally petrifying. He had just started to cry when we got to him. But I just can't believe he had the presence of mind to know he was separated from us, go to someone and tell them his name and age. I hope it never happens again.

    Be back - I hear JD calling for me . . .

  25. yiannoz- I gotta teach Paige some survival skills. She'd just stand there like a dumbass. (My fault, my fault...).

    Kat- Thanks for the md shoutout. Thankfully no-one got offended at anyone else not saying happy mother's day and wishing them a cockroach in their chocolates or something. (yiannoz I got some scorpion in me).

    Candi!- Purrty. Like fluffy candy.

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