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  1. Ellen-

    Sorry to hear about your MIL. No I am not in San Antonio, I'm in Dallas. Wish I knew someone to refer you to, but all my peeps are here and in Va Beach.


  2. Thanks anyways Kat. :-) It is like learning Greek at an accelerated pace. Talk to y'all in Texas- home of Sandy Cheeks!

    Lidija- It would be a hoot if he actually married her. I dunno, gals dress up as pirates, it's kind of cute.

    China- Molasses is supposed to be good bc of the high iron content. I never saw an article, but was told from my acupuncturist. Worked for me this period, though, it was pretty amazing. Tastes great too- from Barbados! How often can we imbibe something from Barbados? For that alone, it is worth a shot.

    Went out to dinner with a friend and her same age kid. The girl threw a meltdown bc Paige got to pee 1st in the bathroom. I've never seen anything like that. She was genuinely distraught (P was already on the toilet when she came in). Can't believe NO won. Strange year, this.

  3. Hey Ellen,
    Where is your MIL being treated? I may know the practice. We have a service called \"cleaning for a reason\" which is a service that cleans for free for people with cancer. The office that she is receiving treatment at should know these things. We provide all kinds of services like this for our patients.

    I'm so sorry to hear she is so sick. Uterine Cancer can be very treatable if caught early. Unfortunatly, doesn't cover things like respite care, in home services, things like that. For my mom, we ended up having to hire someone to come in and spend the night with her at $15.00 an hour. It wasn't cheap and that was a couple of years ago. In order to find out about services about that, look up under Senior Services for her county and you should be able to find \"sitting services\" or something like that. I can't remember what I found it listed as. If you can't find it then just call the senior services number. San Antonio is a huge city so they'll have something. But it will cost you - however, they do background checks on the people before they list them.

    I figured the movie stars would have a separate entrance into the plastic surgeon's office. LOL

    Lucy is so excited about being 5. Her party isn't until the 27th. LOL

    Gotta run!


  4. Candi- The surgery is at Methodist in San Antonio. They don't know how far it spread until then. They'll be checking out the breast and colon on the table. She has a serious blood clot problem so there's no saying if she'll get past this point. If she does get home, I will totally post about where.

    Maybe you see this in your work, but she is in such denial! There's so much to prepare for such an extended bedrest and she's running around picking out bedding. Jesus. Then, everything she didn't do, like follow up on resources we found for her, comes back to us at the last second. It is very chaotic.

    I did find \"personal care\" services from referrals of referrals (you know, keep dialing what you're given) from the American Cancer Society. Yep, 15-18 an hour. How often did your mom need them? About how many hours a day???

    Our major problem is that she is 63 so she doesn't qualify for senior services. It would make like much, much easier. Paige was so psyched about being 5 too! It was a milestone in her own head. Now everything is \"I'm 5 now, so I can do (whatever)\". She is very, very proud of being a kid. Can't wait to see the pics. You take good pics.

    Weird event today. I was getting my hair cut and was sitting in between Brandy (the singer) and Linda Hogan. It was very hard to decide who to listen in on more. Anyway, Linda Hogan has this little dog and it wears (I kid you NOT) custom coats made from vintage Chanel jackets. I thought I was going to die. It was in a pink Chanel. A DOG!!!! The whole thing was so over the top it was just...What do you say to that? That is all kinds of wrong.

    Then I got my nails done elsewhere and the guy who did them is really into the graffiti art scene and hip-hop. He is designing clothes and has this music producer best friend who has recently hooked him up. Now he has been commissioned for designing/dressing the clothes for T-Pain (sp?) and Big E? Little E? Guy G? Whatever, I forgot. It was supposed to also be Lil Wayne (sp?) but now jail or something.

    So, we hit it off so well, I am invited to this ****! Being there while the rappers get dressed!!!! I told my husband and he's like you're doing WHAT? Still, it seems like a fun surreal thing to do so I really hope it doesn't go down while we're in Texas. Seriously, I kind of want to see the entourages and witness if they are smoking a zillion pounds of pot or pull out their Bibles and are all different off screen. I really, really want to go. That is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. This is why I could never more. Too bizarre. (BTW we're still here, we leave Thursday, not packed etc. and it's COLD out there).

  5. Julian birthday photos:

    (girlfriend Anna left from him, violet dress :-))

  6. Ellen so who is Linda hogan? LOL I'm not good at Hollywood stuff. LOL

    We see the denial stuff all the time. but she will come around. We paid for my mom to have care 16 hours a day and we covered the other 8. (My sister and law and I)
    So if you go and hang out with the rappers, will you post pictures? I don't know a darn thing around rappers. I listen to country only. haha

    Where is everyone?

    Lidija - pictures are wonderful! I was on a conference call when you skyped me the other night! damnnnit!

  7. Hi. I am basically brain dead. Candi I don't know how you do the work that you do. All I can see in my future is life and then sickness and death. It is depressing! You work and work (ok, I don't work, but schlep to the store whatever) and all of a sudden boom- not fun!

    MIL continues to be in total denial. I set up services for her that she blew off, and in the end found a lady from Guatemala who was a nurse there to care for her. I keep telling the real agencies (I KNOW this nurse will quit bc mil is ******* crazy_ ) that she is in denial, please keep us on the list because reality will hit etc.

    Her job is trying to find a way to edge her out and keep it legal and when it happens, insurance is gone. We got her a house (nothing fancy- basically had the grandma who is in a home (she's the only child) sign it over to us for her to live in). It is in our name, so at least there's that. Anyway, stage 3, class C. Chemo starts next week.

    My true funk, now that I live in the land of funk with the tiny fairies who can't quit meth and suck on leaves all day (eh?) is that I LOVE AUSTIN. I love it. I have never felt this way about anything before. I want to live there, like now. Going back to LA, I was just over it. However, I'd live in East LA before that hellhole San Antonio any day. Austin is the bestest place in the universe and I want to move ASAP.

    Can't figure out WTH we'd do there or how to swing it, but it's like leaving the hot guy from your study abroad program in Italy behind while you head back to Cleveland. LA does not feel the same to me. House is done in a week and I'm just over this. Feel stuck, old, stucky stuck stuck. I want to go!

    So the 2 things collided and it's like ok, here's your probably future death barring a car accident, reflected in the face of your MIL. I have maybe 15-20 years before a health decline, and I'm spending it doing exactly what...? No more kids, no more clothes, house is done...I kinda feel like a giant Groundhog day in LA. Been there, done it, heard about it- just not a W.Hollywood fella who can **** Tom Cruise. That's about it.

    So I want to upheave my life in that beautiful town. The air is fresh, the people are awesome, it's just...

    Lidija- I loved the pics too. What was weird to me was that the \"girlfriend\" (Anna) really did seem like a mini-wife! She looked genuinely pleased with him in those pics! The other kids were like kids, but she was really, really present if that makes sense. Too cute. He has grown up a LOT. Did you make those cakes?????

    Candi- Linda Hogan is Hulk Hogan's ex. She was on a reality show with him. Normally I would not care at all, but the dog in cut up Chanel was a whole other level that was hard to get past. What is weird is for the 1st time I kind of get country. I also kind of get why someone would vote Republican. In Texas, EVERYONE is acting kind of the same and is polite and follows the rules etc. and it just makes sense and life is easy in ways and you figure, WTH is wrong with everyone else who can't just get with the program? It's hard to put my finger on it, but country music just feels right down there.

    OMG when I got off the plane in Uggs, sunglasses, fake fur vest I felt like such a douche! Everyone is sooo different down there. Less bullshit. So yeah, country kind of matches that- harmonizes with it, I guess. Texas has changed me in fundamental ways. I don't think I'll ever be the same. You can live without all this nonsense! Who knew? I do know who Trace Adkins is, but that's bc of Celebrity Apprentice.

    I heard some weird **** about Garth Brooks. I think those mega country stars are probably the kinkiest guys around, bar preachers and priests. Eh, rambling. Mentally, I am one foot out the door. Once again, how do you do your job and not have a mental or spiritual crisis? I am genuinely curious.

  8. MIL saw doctor today. They told her 8 rounds of chemo plus radiation. There is (total wrong words here) \"light\" chemo and \"heavy\" chemo. She has been ordered the heavy. She has decided that if she doesn't like the 1st round- starts on Monday- she is going to stop all chemo and has decided to die (!!!). Okey dokey then. We are getting a list of all friends so that we have something as backup if it is fast (I'm assuming it's not, though).

  9. ellen
    sorry about your MIL
    I now work for a year with comparing cancer therapies data, but I always get confused when conformed with real people which are behind my data. Did you or your dh saw her diagnosis, talk with her doctors etc? What I can tell from my data is that no therapy compared with any therapy leads to faster death, but at the other hand it is up to may factors. Was she (is she still living alone? Not so easy on you? Are you back in Ca?

    About Jui, Anna and birthday. It was actually going well. Children had fun. Parents didn’t want to leave (I kind of tried to invite children only, but allow for parents whose kids are to afraid to be let alone to stay). Anna was enjoying herself (you can kind of see it on her expression on photos also) in Juis girlfriend or something special position :-)). She is really funny. Jui had one more girl he liked -Anastasia. SO, Anna get ultimatum recently either he stop contacts with Anastasia or she is not his friend/girlfriend any more. So, Jui went to Anastasia and told her that they can not be friends any more. She cried (Juis story). Then, Anna had birthday and told to her Mamma that unfortunately she can not invite Anastasia because she is not coming along with Julian :-)))- Quite capable for 5 year old. I do not remember doing such plots when at university. or I even then I didn’t dared to.

    About cake, yes we did it alone. My first cake (actually two of them) after cca of 5 years buying from cake shops, ordering in advance, buying frozen etc. It worked well, Jui was helping, we used chestnuts instead of flour for dough, and white cream with schlag (whipped cream?) and brown with chocolate. Only mistake was that I bought color for cake hoping to color chocolate cake in blue like Thomas train, but blue at brown didn’t show. White cram was for eis bear cake, Jui and Anna do not like chocolate.

    Otherwise I am really happy that all this birthday celebrations are finally over. We started early week before birthday when Jui’s godfather come to visit from Croatia, he come for different reasons but brought his present and my sister present. Then weekend after we went to Hans mother where we had a cake with MIL and cousins, also present involved. Then, Jui and me had a small cake for actually birthday - Tuesday (Hans was on business trip that day), day after we went for a Chinese birthday dinner (Wednesday). At Thursday they had a party at Kindergarten. Then we had a day break. And at Sunday kids (and parents) come to our place for a party. So, when this week and half birthday celebration was finally over I kind of relax.

    Julian also finds 5 year is big milestone. I should agree that he did change recently. Start more thinking about things and discussing them. And asking different questions. He is definitely different then when he was 3 or 4. Or he was more similar according to me between 3 and 4 then between 4 and 5.

    about skype, doesn’t really matter. I saw you sometimes on line so I thought we could chat a bit, but it is nothing really necessary I had to discuss. I am also to lazy to calculate time difference and I would not like to bother you on work. my last guess was that you are on line automatically whey you switch on computer, so I guess maybe I should not interrupt you. If you ever feel like chatting just call. If I am busy I would not answer. I do not log any more (if it is not necessary) from my mobile phone because I am only causing confusions with it. So, if I am online this mean that I am online on computer.

    where is everybody else etc ????

  10. Ellen - Wow your poor MIL - ovarian CA is probably Taxol/Carbo for her first go round. Not too bad unless maybe they are mixing it with some Gemzar or something. We don't do a lot of Ovarian treatment since we have a GYN Oncology practice not too far from us.

    LOL about Austin. I love Austin. But why do you think it freaks me out when I go up north and people don't speak to me! If you are coming out of a door and I'm going in, I will say \"hey, how are you?\" and then a northerner will look at me like bi*** I don't know you! LMAO seriously. Around here, everyone says \"hey, how are you?\" Everyone and anyone will strike up a conversation with you in the check out line at the grocery store...stuff like that. But when I've traveled up north, folks just look at me like I'm a nut job. LOL

    Lidija - Do you have pictures on FB? Lucy's party was this past weekend. It was a tinkerbell party! I LOVE Birthday parties you know. Rodney's birthday is tomorrow. He is going to be 49!!!! I'll be 42 on the 11th. Holy cow!!! I'm getting OLD!

    Later gators.
    Hope everyone is well.

    PS - it snowed here today.

  11. Candi,

    Jui birthsday photos are on facebook. Also ones with my sister son birthsday party in ZAgreb. Can send you link from to facebook probably. Lately I produce so much output with that mafia wars/farmville that ut is difficault to see anything else there.

    Julian was getting chickenpox in kindergarten, so he is at home now. I think English name for disease is chickenpox, varicella is written on pedi report. The one which is highly dangerous when you are pregnant. I was first under shock, when I was told I have to stay with him at home minimum 2 weeks and who now how much longer. Problem is that I have per year 5 days which I can get from job to when child is sick. How is it in US? In Croatia it is not limited, so basically my sister was till now few weeks on sick leave because of child. This 5 days are much to little in AUstria. OK; each parent 5 days, so theoretical Hans could also take 5.

    At the end his mother come from Styria to save us. So, now I am working again, Hans is in Paris for a change, and Hans mother is at home with Julian.
    At moment it is really practical for me because I she take care about Julian, cook and clean, so I have an easy life. I hope that some problems would not occur.

    I a not sure should I cancel my cleaning lady this week. I guess Hans mother does not have a clue I do have cleaning lady normally. At the other hand, I can not really expect from her to do all house jobs, so it would probably be better for cleaning lady to come. Will see


  12. Hans sounds like an international spy. Are you really sure he teaches anything? I wish I had time to get into stuff, but we're kicked out of here and moving in to the house by Saturday even though it's not done. No furniture- 2 mattresses. Fun. Candi can I see some pics too? I know it's my fault to choose to live in the stone age, but I'd love to see how L is doing.

    The last second, either the contractors, air guys or the tv guys totally ****** up the flloors. Everyone is pointing fingers but it's ruined. We don't want to pay. It's a nightmare. Designer is coming today so I hope he is in a good mood (he is completely nuts) so he will deign it worth his while to help. I'm totally overwhelmed. How are we supposed to function in an unfinished house? BTW it is month SEVEN.

  13. Designer got totally ****** that we badmouthed him to one of his assistants about how long this is taking. He is going to cover the floor cost (minus 1000 credit we had) BUT he fired us!!!!

    He is such a diva ***** omg. So now we have no furniture and no-one to help etc. There is waaay more to this story I don't have time for. Assistant was almost crying bc of stress and guilt (he gossiped god knows what- what I said wasn't THAT bad, just accurate). Contractor feels sorry for us and is putting up temporary window coverings for free. I really really hate this guy for the chaos he has caused.

    We are in no way ready to move with one day left. Calgon, thank you for letting me have a bath. I know these are not real problems. Still, take me away.

  14. Funny stories Ellen. I hope it solves somehow. Maa, it would, I am sure :-))

    Hans, an international spy, funny idea. That person is forgetting his passports (he has 2) all the time and I can hack (I do it periodically) his mail. No, I belive he just like to travel on Africa development money (he really hates me when I writ this, but I hope he wouldn't read here again) and play big white squaw or big white boss , however you like it, there.

    I do not know what is China opinion on this one, but I kind of hate patronizing of that (humanitarian) people. China, like somebody from Africa, and I hate patronizing because I get it so often like somebody from east Europe in big west. From stupid idiots who thinks that they are better because per pure luck they were born in some part of world. So, this is why I do not really see why Hans & comp have to go around to explain African how to live, but I somehow suspect that this is because they want to travel, not because they want to help people. Although they claim second. I do not give any money since I get bit more informed to any humanitarian development agency covering Africa. I do not want to sponsor fat white people traveling and patronizing around.

    So, I do not believe Hans is spy, although I get but out of context up there because as bad that spy companies are, i can not believe they are so bad to pay him. I believe just he likes to travel and he finds Africa beautiful. And he believes he does good things. He actually go there and help people make breeding plans, to breed better animals. Like sharing knowledge about breeding - how to make breeding plan, how to define goals, how to make most money from job.

    Which part I do not believe. Ha, till now I learn that most of this projects do not work one day after sponsors stop financing it, so I do not see purpose for it beside Hans and friends traveling, and some people for Africa having job as long as west finance it. Hans agrees with it, (not with his traveling part) but thinks this is something already. I am not sure, but who knows.

    Should go to sleep instead of writing monologues here.

    Julian is still at house arrest because of chicken pox and we all get slowly crazy from not being allowed to leave house with a very active 5 yo.
    One more week to go.

  15. \"I do not want to sponsor fat white people traveling and patronizing around\".

    This might be one of my favorite sentences of all times. How to use it? How can I interject that into a normal, chatty conversation??? \"I don't like milk\". \"REALLY??? I don't like to sponsor fat white people traveling and patrolnizing around\". I need an in. I love this!!! Tell Hans at the airport, ok fat whitey, enjoy your patronizing around. How would that fly? Does Hans agree? Do you argue about this (I mean debate, you know...)

    My opinion is that there is a dichotomy between the global and collective cultures that is creating this chaos in tribal worlds. Most are savvy/aware or greedy enough to recognize the benefits of capitalistic individualism, but is a direct clash with emotional and cultural pressures of the group. This vacillation around people trying to integrate an impossible split causes the corruption. Nothing works bc once the teaching groups leave, too much pressure to exert capitalistic pressure against your family/tribe.

    Pretty sure in Nairobi etc. it's a different story. I'm thinking about the villages. How can you set up your goat selling collective or whatever when you've got pressure from uncle Ahmed about how great aunt Zayneb saved your cousin's son and the goat is a payback etc.

    They're going to have to go Western or continue to perish. I think all tribal cultures will in order to flourish instead of decay and corruption. Not that we in the West are a lovely little picnic, please. I mean, hello, Dick Cheney. Still, the crumbs get spread enough for most of us to have a wide screen tv. Plus, the US exploits Africa up the yin-yang, BUT ridiculous notions about voodoo curses/witch doctors etc. have gotta go.

    Wow China. Look at me, resident African expert. China I am curious as well as you are the OA (original African, baby) as to your opinion, as you represent all people of Africa in everything they think doncha know. Whee!

    I hate my designer so much I hate him I just hate him. I now call him \"pissy pants\" and refuse to speak to him (even though he fired us, there is one thing he contractually obligated to finish or I can sue his ***. Unfortunately, furniture and window coverings don't fall in this category). Everything is through this one assistant it is ridiculous.

    The contractor feels so sorry for us he is now also lending us FURNITURE. Jesus God what is this? Most people hate their contractors but ours is like a little heaven boy fall from the sky. Still unpacking, total chaos. Let's see....

    1. New dishwasher- BROKEN (doesn't dry).
    2. New dryer- BROKEN (turns off randomly mid cycle).
    3. New cooktop- BROKEN (2 internal error messages, can't turn it on).
    4. Fireplace remotes? Oh, BROKEN (reasons still unknown, they cut off).
    5. New microwave- BROKEN (steams up after being on 50 seconds or more).

    There's probably more. I don't know. Here's what I do know. In an empty house w/o window coverings and no appliances but an oven. Oh, new bedroom tv broken too.

  16. Ellen,
    i don't mean to laugh...really i don't but i'm howling about how the whole remodelling is going/ went down- literally!!! when did you get back from TX? how's MIL doing? i'll get back to several things on your post when i get a chance.

    i can only truly give you a take on nigeria...not much to say as the overwhelming corruption keeps most foreigners away except those interested in benfitting from the corruption (subtly or not, one way or another). its a whole topic in itself and really aggravating to me! Dh is having sucha tough time bringing investors in etc....i'm truly piissed!
    how is Jui doing? chicken pox is not fun but from memory, i think the first 3 days (nights especially) are the worst! we all had it as kids, my mum was in the US at the time and we were stuck at home in humid weather with my dad who had no clue and went crazy listening to us whine all night long!

    work is crazy these days hence no lenghty posts.


  17. Ellen
    don't you have guaranties? Although story is really funny.
    I also have a new kitchen when we moved, so did kind of get all machine new. We go for all Siemens not to have problems later and we are mostly happy with it. Here is kind of state of art all Miele, but this was to expensive and kind of stupid money spending according to me. But, me, like hating this prepotent west Europe and trying to help east, did kind of force fridge and washing machine (for clothes) from Gorenje (Slovenia = ex Yugoslavia). To help their economy and our wallet since they were cheaper. And I was generally hapy with Gorenje products while in Croatia. And both seller were trying to talk me out of Gorenje. ANd now, 2 years after w move, only this 2 Gorenje things make all the time problems. German Siemens work perfect. Me idiot. Although since we never had problem with Gorenje in Croatia I develop from time to time different conspiracy theories.

    about Africa etc I like your simple formulation. Although Hans isn't so fat.
    Although should excuse myself for writing the whole post. Seems like I was really annoyed with Hans kind of bringing me to live with him to Austria where I have neither family nor close friends and then being all time away for business. And I find importance of this business bit fake.

    chicken pox, disease is mild without complication. Most annoying is 2 weeks house rest. Basically, he was 2 days feeling but even this was like more tired, without fever. Since then he runs around flat, dance, taking all things out. And all things you can imagine a very active child would do if you try to keep him locked in a flat for more then 2 weeks. Additional we imported grandmother to babysit him. Fortunately Hans mother and not my mother which would surely drove me crazy. So Hans mother helps me and she is really nice, but it is still not like you are alone in your house.

    About Nigeria, yes I know. All books I saw on Nigeria are state things you wrote plus even Hans never ever consider going to Nigeria. Books are really writing so bad things on Nigeria and corruption there that I started to get really worried when you write you are going there to visit your relatives.

    I am also on work now, so should not write to much.


    ps Candi, happy birthday case you are reading here

  18. Brand new air conditioner system died yesterday. Seriously. Ninety something degrees, too. Woot!

  19. walk around naked Ellen!

  20. China- I lost my long message yesterday! Summary: No permanent window coverings. I pitched a fit and designer (pre \"firing\" us) got us temporary blinds from Ikea that were finally put up. However, they are too short so they hang down the whole way to 3/4 of all the windows. Not a pretty look, I tell ya. No naked for me!

    I will die sideways if it turns out the freon leak the new guys were supposed to check is in the walls. That means tearing down new walls (?). I can't even go there. Fuckety **** **** **** ****. Still, got a new lady designer that is going the extra mile so I guess in the end it will all work out.

    So, get this----School is having an auction coming up. I donate 10 zillion things and this last second thing today. Head of fundraising and grants, who WORKS THERE is in her office. Auction chair comes in and I need paper to write up new donation. She tells me to go to lady's office next door. So I do. There is a lot of bustling and it doesn't seem like anything formal is happening. I ask for and get the paper and as I'm walking away the fundraiser yells \"feel free to interrupt my meetings any time\". Wow!!!!! So then all maturely I go back to the other room and curse under my breath all about her. Neat.

    This whole auction thing, it's really like the African Savannah. I think I'm a hippo. Left alone for the most part, watching the lions tear apart the jittery gazelles. Mostly underwater hiding out. I'm thinking about disengaging next year from all the fuss. A lot of women are on SERIOUS power trips and/or using it to jostle for position in the school. The whole thing is very dysfunctional and seeing people's true colors has been surprising. A lady I loved (her husband is the one who brought the mistress to Paige's birthday) I now see in a different light. I kind of get how her husband would do that now. All bubbly on the outside and her intestines are shark's teeth.

    Lidija- What is up with the conspiracy theories about appliances? Better products for the home country? Curious.

  21. Ellen,

    I can come up with any reasonable conspiracy theory. I put them on my never buy from list.

    Can you maybe send me a list from producers you buy your things from so I can update my never by from this companies list. US or china of france made? Hope surely not German made :-))))))))))))))))

  22. No girl, not German made. We were going all Miele and diva gay bastard designer talked us out of it. One of the many mistakes we made...Whatever. It's coming along. Team Miele, tho. You have a green dot on your name. Are you here now?

  23. Oh, forgot to add...I wait for the garbageman since we've moved back so that he can take all my excess boxes w/o charge. We've become friendly so today he's talking about how me might move bc of mold and his 8th month old son and then...

    It's bc he has lung issues bc he's a 25 weeker with a dead twin just like me! So I tell him about Paige and he's crying and I'm crying and we're standing there next to this loudass truck. It was surreal and very sweet.

  24. Happy Easter everyone (who is in it anyway).

    green dot on name, yes, I guess this mean online but doesn't help to much as there is nothing like real life interaction - like talk - here. We could try skype, but I never succeed with Candi who I have on my skype list either. Other question is what would we talk about :-))

    Anybody planning to come to Vienna once? I am waiting for Juis new passport to be made so can not go anywhere until then and feel bit lonely hre.

    About Miele - is it so expensive there like here. I have some friends which get everything Miele so that they don't have topay any repairment ever. I couldn't make myself do it, thing costet 3 times so much like other producer. So, my reasoning was, I'll buy 3 other products if they get broken for that prize, but somehow I always end repairing them. And all this complications with getting somebody to repair it, taking away, bringing new thing, installing it, having to at home etc. Maybe Miele is not so bad solution for peace of mind. But, I have all Siemens (beside 2 Gorenje thing as I already admit) and they also work without problems on long runs.

    Happy Easter again + where is everybody thi sdays etc

    love you all

  25. Happy Easter everyone!
    Lidija- no plans to come to vienna! i need to apply for passports (british and american for the babies/ british for CJ).


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