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  1. Hi y'all.
    Ellen - Lucy is still in love with Tiana but Sleeping Beauty is still her favorite. I have no idea why. LOL It's the long blond hair I think...just like her own. No KennedyHonors here. I hate that sort of stuff. LOL I don't watch any award shows.
    Scary elevator story. I guess y'all reported it after the incident? Where were you? Downtown or something?

    Tomorrow I do the Punch List on our new building. I suppose I'll be there the entire day. yahoo.

    China - are you feeling better? I HATE cold weather. It's been 25 here and I'm miserable. I don't even want to go out in that kind of weather.

    Hope everyone is well.

  2. Candi- The elevator was in Beverly Hills. We totally reported it. P likes Aurora too. WTH? Chick is asleep! Kennedy Honors is the only thing I'll DVR. Unlike the bullshit Oscars etc. these people actually earned it. I like seeing them cry, too. Very moving, plus good talent (sting sang springsteen etc.).

    So, we went skiing today. It was Paige's 1st time. She was so excited last night/this morning she got maybe 8 hours sleep. It took almost 2 hours to get there- unfun. Then, she pitched a total fit in the car bc \"girls don't wear pants\".

    She refused to put on the ski pants! I'm showing her all the girls/women with the pants on and explaining there are no ski skirts and she is just wigging. It took a good 15 minutes of pants freakout, my socks go to my knees what is this freakout, and why do I have to wear this parka when I have a sweater on encore.

    Then private lesson, in which she is doing great for 10 minutes and then completely freaks out, like crescendo finale. Basically a large 2 year old. \"Get this helmet off of me! I'm going to throw these skiis down the mountain! I want to GO\" sort of thing. So we go. $90 for 10 minutes. Lovely.

    Then she is screaming and thrashing about refusing to put on her snow boots so husband goes ahead with the gear while we have to WALK down the hill. Fine. Then she freaks out \"I want my boots! I want my dad! I want to GOOO\". I end up having to carry her down the slope with her ski boots clunking into my body every step while avoiding out of control 12 year old snowboarders. Very unfun.

    By the time she was in the seat she basically passed out and now she says it was fun and she wants to do it again. EH, wahhhhh????

  3. Hi there,

    I have like always recently problems with getting time for posting at job. Today, Julian is sick, so we stayed at home, he sleeps now, so I get computer. He has fever, it was higher yesterday evening, now it is low, we were at doctor, seems like nothing dangerous, fever is down, he is tired.

    He was getting used ice skates from my friend, so now he is aksing us each day when we go ice skating, but now he is sick, and we kind of promise him Sunday. We will see how does it go at Sunday.

    sorry for skype. I get myself new mobile phone which has skype (and facebook and twitter etc) for free. This is why I am all the time on line. I should probably sign out during night because I am producing confusion with it. I mean, most of time I can not really chat or talk and I am kind of on line. will sign myself out during night and at job.

    Otherwise, i liked idea of mobile which can do skype because it is free - like 0 , and sound like mobile - between continents. Fun. Only problems that I think only Italy, UK and Australia have mobile like that, other people should sit on their comps for it.

    I had to laugh on your story, sound so much like describing Julian future skiing experience. On,y I guess he would not complain about trousers but perhaps about color of them or complaining that shoes are hurting him or something like that. He will take lessons in February or March because Hans hates time like now for skiing - to much people on snow. I guess if you once during lifetime decide to visit Austria we can send dh's to skii. Only Hans grow up on ski resort so hew is kind of better in skiing then in walking. Well, defiantly better then swimming in sea, where I feel more like at house.

    Hans mother told me that after cargo plane was sold in whole major shopping centre where he live she get it by surprise in one small shop with toys in one small village near place where she live. It was the last one etc. Now,s he said she will get him for birthday house with garden and garage from lego because he wish it.

    I guess I will buy him children digital camera, because he likes taking pics with my and I am always afraid that he will drop it. Lego Ice train is still missing from shop, for this one I do not believe you have it in US because you do not have so fast trains in real life either. HM?

    Otherwise Julian is already in planning his birthday. New idea (his) is to invite only girls from Kindergarten because they are more pretty then boys. It is hard to complain about decision although I do find it bit weird for 4/5 yo. Will see, maybe he will change his mind.

    Presidential election in Croatia goes in second / final round this Sunday. it was kind of strange turn, nobody gets more then 50% so two stronger candidates go in second round. Only there were many christian/conservative/national or right at one word candidates, so votes get diluted. And now two of ex communist or two communist goes unexpectedly in second round. Only one is kind of OK, law professor and other is kind of awful corrupt mafioso- SO I hope that law professor would win. I certainly hope so. Will see.

  4. Ellen - that is too much about Paige. I would have died! LIke \"get me the hellll out of here! I haven't experienced too many public meltdowns but all you can do is get them out of the situation. And then they forget about it like it's no big deal and you are sweating!

    Lidija - oh my. neither of your candidates sound too great huh? I hate to ski. LOL I hate the cold. haha I think it's cute he wants to invite all of hte girls! Unless he wants to play \"doctor\" hahahahhaha

    I signed Lucy up for Kindergarten at the Christian School that we want her to go to which is halfway between our work and home. We got nailed on the \"Pastor recommendation\" because we really haven't been attending services very regularly. I am going to be really upset if that keeps us out! We have been visiting a lot of different churches but the one that we are members of is SO far away from our house that we just don't go. But, we really like it so no other church compares. So we either have to get off of our assss and go, or find another church. But get this, when I questioned them about \"is this going to keep us out?\" She said, \"we are just trying to make sure you aren't Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim\". I guess I looked weird and she said, \"you know, to make sure you are teaching the same thing at home that we are teaching here. Which I get that I guess. But I don't know why a Muslim or a Hindu would want to send their child to a Christian school? It wouldn't make sense to me. I mean, I wouldn't send Lucy to a Muslim school. It's not in line with what we believe or what we teach at home. But then I'm freaking out about \"are they going to teach intolerance?\" But hellll, I can teach her all about that at home. At this point, I need for her to go to school close to me at work. And it is a really good school (test score wise) - if she comes home with anything really off the wall or anything then I can make changes. But I think it'll be fine.

    I asked her today \"what did you learn today?\" She said, \"I've had a really hard day\". LOL Must be tough to be 4!

    We are moving my office on Friday so I'm really busy this week. I'll try to check in!

    \"hey to everyone\"

  5. Candi- I think it's ok. OF COURSE with most religiously bent schools, it'll be an us vs. the heathens situation, but the good part is that with homogeniety, no interpersonal friction about religion can happen, so the subject probably won't be broached. I mean, they're all on team God (as they see fit).

    However, there are always the quiet wackos. When my kid was in a non-religious preschool, she started talking about how awful it was that we didn't pray before our meals like they did at school...That kind of stuff. Whatever you're not doing, they'll find out and they'll do it. Still, can't hurt in the long-term unless she ends up the 6th wife of Rush Limbaugh.

    I thought about sending Paige to Jewish school if we didn't get in anywhere and she isn't Jewish. Turns out, it's a pretty popular fallback. There's a Chinese origin gal in Paige's class who went to one until she could transfer. Good luck on the move- OMG you're so right about tantrums/meltdowns. She was fine but I had to decompress for HOURS!

    Lidija- The whole girl thing is kinda cute. A little disconcerting, but really, wouldn't it be worse for Hans if he said the same thing about an all boy party? Tell Hans and now J can get any damn kitchen he wants. He can wear a tutu. He can take interpretive dance in his cutoff cheetah print leotard. All fears should be gone. He is not gay, ok Hans? Let the boy cook!!!

    A mafia guy could be your prime minister? Yikes! Now I'm going to run to Wikipedia and look them up. Paige has a digital camera. She LOVES it. He'll have so much fun! Are you cold or what????

    China- What's up with the pups? Jen- Around? How are Ashleigh and Eric? Chris- What happened with the Russian girl? Kat- How was Christmas???? yiannoz- Heyohh...

    I ran into this lady today who told me about her ex (she was wife #4). His 1st wife was Schwartz, he told people of FAO Schwartz. (Was a lie, it was just her last name, he was a habitual liar). He scammed her by saying he was Euro royalty and embezzled a bunch. She was so embarrassed she didn't speak up until wife #5.

    He moves on to wife #2 with the Schwartz story and has now dropped the Euro royalty story for a toy store fortune from the divorce (lie). He embezzles her, leaves her in debt. She kills herself. He conviced wife #3 that wife #2 was unmedicated bipolar and a liar (she left a suicide note all about his deeds). He is believed.

    Wife #3 gets her credit run up by him and is in such debt. However, he had had her put all cards in her name only. He takes off. He meets the lady I'm talking to. Wife #3 calls and warns her but he has #4 convinced that she is also bipolar AND that his parents killed his brother while driving drunk. Turns out he never had a brother.

    So, she is left with over 100,000 in debt, is bankrupt, and in shock that he lied about his whole life. What made is extra fascinating is that she walked into the nail salon looking SO glamorous, SO put together, and basically perfect. Like, I would look at her and go this is a perfect person, a walking commercial of someone who has it together. I guess you never know what is behind a veneer. Still wondering why God showed me that (don't think anything is a coincidence).

  6. christmas pics of the family...well, the kids!



  7. China- They look gorgeous! That 1st pick is right out of a Gerber baby catalogue. And they BOTH got the eyes!~!!!

  8. thanks Ellen, i cannot say no to their eyes myself


  9. Wow China, they are so beautiful!!! Ellen is so right, those eyes and eyelashes!!!

    Things are good, I'm just so tired from working so much. I took today off, on account of the twins turning 2 today (well it's after midnight here, so technically yesterday). We spent the day together & Chase and hung out, went to the mall, took them to the job so everyone could see them. Now I'm exhausted.
    Ellen, Christmas was good. Chase was so excited to get a Wii...and the kid is pretty good at it. They got their box from their dad, and he got them nice clothes and shoes and a couple of toys each.
    Speaking of their dad...guess who is coming to town??? He will be here for about 6 days around Chase's birthday. It'll be good for him to be w/the kids and more importantly for the kids to spend time w/him, so I'm excited about it. Ivy won't be joining him...long story made short- ivy is living with her biological mother. she did underhanded things to get custody of her (after going 5 years and never seeing her once) so he started to fight it but then talked to the ***** mom and her new husband and decided it was okay for Ivy to be there (since she no longer had a \"mother\" in the picture..I can do only so much over the phone). So I told him I trusted his judgment when it comes to her. He fought tooth and nail to get custody of her in the beginning and I have no say so in the matter. I do still talk to her so i'm happy about that. Wait this was supposed to be the short version...I'm exhausted, off to bed.
    I'll post pics of their party on Sunday.

  10. thanks Kat.

    what...2 already? awwwwwwww

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTOPHER & KIMORA!!!!! (hey...which baby came first btw?...i forget)!

    that's fantastic ex-h pulled through for the kids. i'm so sorry about Ivy having to go back to bio mama....i hope she's happy with them.

    at work but wanted to check in...please post those pics soon!!!!!!!!!


  11. Thanks China!

    Kimora came out 2 minutes before Chase and weighed 5oz more than him. She was like an amazon chic compared to Christopher....now, it's the opposite. Kimora is dainty and petite and Christopher is just large!
    I promise I will put some pics up tomorrow. Gotta go to sleep, gotta get up early so I can get my hair braided.


  12. here are the pics from the twins b-day.



  13. Kat,
    oh my goodness they are TALL!! how come only one picture? i cannot see Kimora's face...c'mon!!!
    is Christopher still the serious one? he sure looks it, i cannot stop laughing...he looks like a shrewd business man.


  14. Hey everyone,
    What great pictures!!! Such beautiful babies!!! Although I think we need more pictures of Kimora and Christopher. LOL Happy Birthday!!

    Ellen - what a strange story. So this woman just tells you this out of the blue? That's very strange. LOL There is a lady at work who's daughter was taken by a guy like that. But she ended up with two children and living on the street before her parents \"rescued\" her. It took lots of counseling to straighten her out. He told the next girl that his ex had KILLED his kids while driving drunk! How sick is that? All the while they were living alive and well down here in Georgia. This girl was SHOCKED when she got a call from wife #1 saying \"um hello, run as fast as you can, I'm alive and so are his two kids.\" She didn't want to contact wife #2 but she had to because she was tryinig to divorce him and the court said she had to find him. So she also had to tell this girl that she wasn't really married to him because he was technically still married to #1. No 2 wife had heard all of the same lies and had left him but was going to go back to him \"for the children\". oiy vey.... Unfortunately, he had fathered two more kids! But he would tell these young girls that he was going to inherit 2.8 million when he turned 30. Then it was that he had a brain tumor, then it was that he was dying of a heart problem of some kind. Crazy assss stuff.

    We got our new office moved and all seems to be relatively well. Lucy's party is going to be on the 27th and Tinker Bell is going to come this year. last year Sleeping Beauty came to our house. she is so excited. It's that time of year again....birthday party time!


  15. oops, my bad...forgot to select all.

    here ya go...

    Christopher is still the more serious of the 2, but he is coming out of his shell and he is saying more words and now he will repeat some things I say to him. He's coming along. I do think maybe his hearing needs to be checked, only because of how his words sound. Better safe than sorry. Kimora, is a teenager. She is really into the Doodlebops right now. She sings the songs (with her microphone) and dances.
    Happy Birthday Lucy!!! That sounds like such a neat idea to have characters come to the party.
    Hard to imagine the kids are turning 5 now. I remember when this thread started and we were pregnant together. Chase will have his party on the 13th so as not to bother Valentine plans for the parents.

    well off to bed now.

  16. oh wow!! i enjoyed myself watching those pics... they are so growed up!! Kat, you have beautiful children...you must be so proud!

    oh gosh doodlebops...shudder...the colors give me a headache, thank goodness they don't show it here anymore! i used to be creeped out by the guy on 'Yo gabba gabba' but i will now admit its on of the most educative kids' show on tv (if not the most)...the lessons are excellent for growing kids and really helps with training CJ!

    speaking of parties, i am now just thinking up what to do for CJ...he nixed a 'children's museum party'....(he originally requested this)..which is sort of good since it would have cost some money and we are not allowed to bring in strollers (em...what do i do with my twins)? carry them on my back african-style i guess. i am also thinking of a movie theatre party but not sure what children's movies will be showing etc etc. i guess its gonna be a good ol' house party... no need to drag the babies anywhere in this cold!


  17. Kat- Those babies are TWO???? OMFG. The cake looked so awesome. Paige looked at the pics and was yelling about how she wanted some. It was festive. I'm with China- they're enormous!!! Is the dad 6'8 or something? Maybe the chairs are small? They are gigantic. The sleeping pic was super cute, but my fave was your gal crying in the first picture and then beaming in the 2nd one with the tears still there. Very, very cute. In the last pic, is that you? You look like a Libra. Or Aries? What sign are you Kat? PS- Really rad on the ex's behavior.

    China- I totally wouldn't let P watch the doodlebops bc they annoyed me so much. That stupid \"we're the doodlebops ohh yeah\" was enough for me. Thankfully, she has aged out of the fresh beat band and that rapping dork. Yo Gabba Gabba is the BOMB! I'd watch that by myself. Devo guy drawing elephants, Biz's beat of the day, the punk counting to 7. Love that love it love it. What is weird is I'm having a post deja vu right now. Never had that.

    So funny about the kids' museum party. We were going to do that for age 6 (she already had her party) but something is holding me back from the deposit. It just doesn't feel right.

    Candi- I still remember \"that beetch cost me 200 dollars\" about the last character. Love characters. I can't not have a character. Tinkerbell should be great bc she is such a fun and bouncy one.

    As for the nail thing, Vietnamese ladies around here have the WORST taste in music. Seriously, it can be an upscale salon, hole in the wall, anywhere. They blast total ****. (All the salons except a small handful are all Vietnamese workers). It was a salon in BH, and they're playing this weirdo elevator music, so the song that comes on is \"here comes the bride\", extended version. ORGAN MUSIC. The lady and I both looked at eachother like WTH and started complaining. The Vietnamese ladies feign not understanding English all of a sudden and do nothing to change it, which for whatever reason got this lady all riled up. She figured I was divorced, I didn't correct her, and that was enough.

    Some of the weirdest stories and encounters I have ever had have been in these salons. Salon workers making me cry they are so deep, people sharing crazy intimate secrets...Speaking of, totally OT...Ex-nanny got hooked up by my kid's ex ST to be a nanny to Oscar presenting couple. Fine. They call me (unexpectedly) to talk about her and I call back hoping to talk to the wife. The husband then stays on the phone with me telling me the craziest ****. OMG. Deep, deep secrets about his life, wife, pain. I don't know if he was on drugs or what.

    What is so odd about it was that I was a total stranger. I just listened, thinking, I cannot believe this is happening. For all he knows I work for the enquirer. WTF is wrong with this man telling me this stuff and betraying his wife (and her secrets too). He makes my ex nanny sign a confidentiality statement but just spouts off to me? After about 30 minutes he abruptly said \"it was nice speaking with you best wishes in your life\" and basically hangs up on me. Like CLICK.

    Anyway, so much stuff going on here it's crazy. Move in might be in 3 weeks! But, no furniture yet. I'm reading this ridiculously interesting book about unconscious biases. Did you know it has been proven that people in job interviews unconsciously view fat people as less competent, intelligent, and honest? (2 people, same resume, same script of responses etc.). CHECK THIS OUT---If you are in a waiting room and sitting next to a fat person, by association the unconscious bias even lowers your own chances to get the job! Just by sitting there! That is insane! Too many exclamation points!

  18. Happy Birthday China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Happy Birthday China!!!!!!

  20. Ellen,

    yes that is me in the last pic. I am actually a sagitarius/scorpio (nov 23). Mine love yo gabba gabba too. kimora's favorite is the hold still, wiggle wiggle wiggle song. I do believe their favorite of all is wow wow wuzby. the twins could watch it all day long!


  21. thanks guys....love ya!


  22. Kat- I just wrote 2 paragraphs dissecting the message of Wubbzy. Had to delete nerd journal central. What is wrong with me tonight? I'm waxing poetic on total bullshit.

    China- Bday details! Did you get to stay in bed until you were ready to get out? That is my fave birthday gift.

    Now I just deleted a huge thing on the biggest plastic surgery victim I have ever seen in person (courtney cox- next chair over- holy moly frijole). WOWZA.

    Other than that, tonight got a huge dose of negative karma from the EXACT same **** I pulled in college, by people in college. It really does come around! It's hard to even feel sad or be mad bc it was seeing a reflection of the younger me. Worse, I'm now officially old enough to be their mama. Ack.

    WE ARE OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE CHILDREN IN COLLEGE. COLLEGE! (Well, maybe not you China. Aren't you 32 or so? I guess technically you could, but no). OMG the next big birthday is 50, then 60, then 70. Seventy!!!!

    Have any of you ladies had molasses from a spoon? I am trying it as a blood builder and I swear that this is the easiest period I have ever had. Lord be I need a hobby. Starting school on Monday for kicks (teaching methods) to see if I like it. It's only one class, but I may take all 4 methods classes and teach at a private school. My kid is getting older and I have enough clothes (that was my hobby) and my neighbor who is giving me retail space for a nail salon now thinks he owns me, which is making me second guess the venture (but not say no). Kind of spinning blind here. We'll see...Still not at home, either. Month SIX.

  23. hi everybody,

    I hate when out tread falls to down under so I had to post something today.

    Not to much new things here. We live in expecting Julian’s birthday next week. He was already getting first presents from my sister (big Diego fake lego, I think is called mega blocks, which is not buyable in Vienna, but they have it in Zagreb, and Jui is a big fan of Diego) and lego racing car from his godfather. This weekend we go Hans mother where a lego house (with garage, this was my condition :-) is waiting. At Tuesday (acct birthday) he will get vtech digital camera for kids for me. My first idea was to keep him away from my own digital camera which he likes taking pics now. Then at Wednesday they celebrate his birthday in Kindergarten, and at Sunday we have a party for other kids at home.

    Then next week, we have a week with recovering from birthday week. Actually then is a fashink or carnival week in Vienna. Kids are suppose to come at costume to Kindergarten at carnival Tuesday which is February 16ht. Last year I took a Thomas costume which Candy send me but Jui refused to wear it when we come because he was ashamed. This year he said he wanted to be a princess, I kind of talk him in being a prince instead, but later when we were looking costumes he decided he would still prefer to be a princess. I told the story at my job and in my fitness group and now have ladies offered me 3 rose princesses dresses for him. SO I guess I’ll give it a try. At least I do not have to buy a costume which he refuse to wear then. I mean, if he again get to ashamed last minute no big harm done. And I promise I’ll post a picture of Jui like a princess on facebook if I get some or if I get him in a princess dress :-))

    how is your kg story going? Here lots of not catholic try to put children in catholic school. When I was discussing would they take Jui in catholic kg and being afraid that we are “not good enough” catholic I was told that one quarter of kids there are Muslim, so I should not care about it. For me, it is all market, I mean catholic market situation :-). In Croatia, where Catholic church is kind of on power, getting financed directly from budget, my first choice for Jui godfather was refused although he was baptized and married in catholic church. He was refused because he didn’t have confirmation , and like a godfather he should take about child religious education so it does not go. When we were in Australia a friend form there was telling us he was a godfather for his brother children in Catholic church, because sil is very catholic. How come, i asked, you are Anglo, not catholic. No, he answered I am proclaimed atheist. Catholic in Au were obviously happy whit what they can get :-). IN Austria, only churc is not financed directly like in Croatia, then only member of church pay percentage of income for church, which led to lots of people leaving church. So, at moment you can bee a godfather in Austria if you bring paper that you are paying church taxes. confirmation or whatever not needed, although I guess there are slim chances that a Muslim or atheist would pay monthly catholic church taxes. I kind of hope that they would change system of financing catholic church in Croatia, because then I expect rate of 97% of Catholic would kind of instantly drop.

    hilarious stories from nail salon. Additionally I kind of envy you on time for nail salons. I do my nails on job when nobody is looking, because I do not have any time at home and never succeed to make nail lack dry without destroying it before and at job, at least i can dry it while typing on computer :-)).
    About kids in college, well I’ll be 44 this year. My best friend from seaside was staying accidently (with more or less one night stand) pregnant when she was 19, and had a twin girls when she was 20. (she married girls father although at the time there was no relationship). So, girls were 23 this summer and what should I tell, this are adult female, finishing college, Ant hey could have been my daughter (if I was not worrying enough about contraception like she didn’t)

    China & Cat,
    great pics. You have beautiful children.

    Christopher look so serious. He is cute. I wouldn’t worry to much about his talking with this sister who never allowed him to open a mouth, but probably you can check his hearing for your own peace of mind.

    your kids have such a huge eyes. Such a cuties. About party, I decided to make a home party with pizzas (Small ones) and a cake this year, but with less children. This parties in rented place look kind of not real to me. Maybe if I finish with total mess after I would reconsider my decision for next year. Will let you know.

    where are you?

    Otherwise, Jui was getting engaged last week with his Kindergarten girlfriend Anna. We are happy with his choice as we like her parents. We already made a plan to go with them to big indoor playground next Sunday. And I guess they are happy with us as they invited us.
    Only bad thing is that it is unlikely that this engagement would work till marriage and everybody is so happy about it now :-))

    When I was going to Zagreb 2 weeks ago with Julian we get in discussion about having children and parents and so on. Then Jui said that he would like to live forever with Hans and me. I was pointing out that this is unpractical because we are older and we would die at some stage and then he would stay alone, and that he would probably prefer to have his own family. Then he asked me if he can have a childe without wife and I answered no (nice to have a son, less complicated options). Then we change subject, and later, bit before we arrived in Zagreb he told me, he thought it over, and he would then live with Anna. This week, I met Anna’s mother in train going to job and tell her a story. She told me, she know, Anna told her that they were getting engaged :-))

    We are kind of happy about his choice as in this Kindergarten with 70 % migrant kids and low educated parents he found himself a girl with parents which have phd and are Austrian and have a good sense of humor. I guess I am kind of snob after all. So are they :-))

  24. Lidija,
    megablocks is big in the US. we have bot legos and megablocks. megablocks are easier to put together/ take apart.
    the vtech camera is great for kids because when they drop it, it doesn't break. just remember that the resolution is not so good...i think its 2mp or something?

    CJ is having 4 friends over for a house-party too. they'll just play games, watch a ppv movie, projects (like dipping pretel rods in choc and dipping apples in caramel). hot dogs, pizza & icecream cake is the menu

    too funny about Jui wanting to dress like a princess...did Hans hear this? be sure to get pics.

    tomorrow i have spa day (for my bday gift from Chris)...my feet need help and i will be leaving Chris with the children for at least an hour! he has done it b4 so he will be fine.

    molasses from spoon? what's that about and point me to the article. i'm sure i've got some molasses left over from my pumpkin muffins last week. yeah, if i had a baby at 14, i could have a kid in college i guess....WOWIEE)!

    I'm at work, must behave,


  25. Hi guys- We found out yesterday that MIL has uterine cancer. They think it spread and emergency surgery is next week. We're the only family she's got (ugh), so we're going to San Antonio to help with recuperation etc. Today has been a nightmare with trying to get services.

    She has insurance so doesn't qualify for lots of stuff but the insurance won't pay for what she needs. It's an ugly circle, and we can't stay in Texas for 6 weeks while she's bedridden. So far, the only thing I've secured is a place referred from the American Cancer society that will come in a maximum of 5 hours a week, IF we qualify, and there is an almost month long waiting list!

    It is crazy scrambling for stuff when she is going to need EVERYTHING and can't drive etc. Turns out her house is a mess, too, so I might have to fly in early and organize, get a livable bedroom goint etc. (she was staying elsewhere- god help me if there is a roach problem or worse please no). This whole thing is very chaotic and it is a crash course in health care issues.

    On the upside, there have been lovely people today on the phone in Texas with zero to gain that took time out to guide me on what to do next and papers needed etc. People can be really nice.

    KAT- Do you live in San Antonio? If not, do you know anyone in San Antonio? I need a few referrals if possible for a cleaning crew etc. I can totally call you or pm my number. Thanks.

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