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  1. Ellen- do tell! YIKES!!!
    i cannot believe all the drama girl!


    public school? we love ours...then again, we are in jersey and the public schools are quite good. once again i'm asking you to move on up to jersey with me .

  2. Well, I've calmed down. What happened on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving, Paige said \"xxx (bathroom incident girl) put her hand on my butt and said this is where the poop comes from\". I don't know if it was a delayed reaction from the 1st incident or it was the straw that broke it, but I fully freaked out.

    School was out for vacation Wed. morning, so I drive down to the school anyway and start banging on all the windows like BANGING where they were shaking REALLY hard. Finally the head of school comes running out with this other lady who works there looking very disturbed.

    I am on my cell, crying and he looks at me all confused, pointing to the library like I need to go there and I point back while crying right at him. So I put down the phone and tell him I need to speak to him NOW and he's all school is closed this is a holiday and I'm yelling NOW so he excuses the woman and lets me in.

    Long story short they bring me water while I sob into my hands and I go over why I think this girl is dangerous etc. As predicted, they stated they will not kick her out (her parents are seriously POWERFUL in the entertainment industry- she is an entertainment lawyer and he does something else very big). The overt rationale is that the girl is now seeing a psychologist and the parents are \"wonderful\" (read RICH), and deserves a chance to overcome her issues. As for the latest incident \"kids do weird things\".

    I pull out the card about having to look out for Paige, this is psychosexual and not weird, and if something is not done I must pull her out. He outright says in a diplomatic way do what you gotta do. So now I know where we stand....

    We toured all these other schools and they don't hold a candle to ours, if not for lil psycho girl. The school's promise is extreme monitoring and they are guaranteed to be in separate classes next year and will almost never be in contact due to this.

    Teacher conferences are coming up, and I'm going to fuss again, but my new tactic is to get the gal kicked out by spreading girly poison. You know, I'm taking gossip mama out to lunch next week, make her promise not to tell, she will tell her husband, he will tell his guy friends who will tell their wives. Then my hands (on the outside) are clean bc I was just \"relieving stress\" with a friend and she had promised...

    Yeah, we are insane. I had husband tour all the schools with me to be sure I wasn't biased. On it's own merit, a poopy comment and butt touch is odd but not sick. Still, this girl, she is twisted. I have compassion for her but hate her too (kind of, kind of not...its weird).

    Oh, and head of school called me a HELICOPTER PARENT. Hello, morrronnn. The way this will go down (I think) is that her name will subtly pop up with parents to school (no-one wants to be seen as the one who spread the gossip). Just like xxxx, is she ok? Etc. The school will keep it's focus on her bc I'm going to keep harping on them. THEN, next year, she is in another class and picks another target and that should just about do it. GOODBYE!

    All this other stuff went down with one of the self-proclaimed \"popular group\" moms turning on me bc she thought my kid got better treatment than hers by staff etc. Nipped that one in the bud, though. Chick was ready to go to war!!! How are your twins and mini-D?????

    PS- Tiny poss. of going to NY for h to work on a show. Prob not though

  3. Forgot= Lidija- where are you? Going to post on your other thing just to be annoying ;-)

    Kat- Gucci down to the socks.

    Chris- Still wondering, yep.

    Jen- How is moose boy.

  4. Kat,
    loved the pics.

    that is serious...words fail me right now.


  5. Hi Everyone~
    Just got back from Cozumel... had a wonderful time. Only problem was that I was attacked by mosquitoes... must have hundreds of bites. Went on internet to find cures (cortaid, topical anesthetics not working) and found toothpaste. So , at 2am last night I was covered from head to toe in toothpaste. What a sight! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.
    Ellen~ I am going to wait till after Christmas to decide. We are going to see what happens with the hosting and get an idea of how the family dynamic will go with another child. We are considering doing an international adoption of an older child/orphan (maybe 3-6 years old). Our host child is a 9 year old girl, so we will see. We don't know if we should consider a child younger than Mikey (and maintaing the proper birth order) , or one older than Mikey so that he can still be the youngest and we can have a little more balance (remember Chris is 14). I don't think it will matter too much because if we choose to adopt it will likely be a girl. Honestly, i don't think we are going to try for another pregnancy... too many potential risks for me medically. In addition, I was with my inlaws this week.. they are in their 70's. I imagined myself at their age with a child in his/her early 30's.. and it made me sad. I know in my heart it is not the right thing to do for the child... but this is my opinion. I hope I do not offend anyone.. it is just not right for me. But, as you know, it is very difficult to come to the realization that that stage in your life is over.
    Adoption of a child we can truly help, provide hope and love to and provide opportunities he/she would not otherwise have is something that I have always wanted to do. Children are usually harder to place than a baby (which is why we would not consider an infant) So maybe this was God's plan for me??? We will see...
    As far as Paige's situation... I, like China, am speechless. It is clear that the school intends to minimize this child's behavior because of the parent's social status. I am so sorry that both you and Paige have to deal with this situation. However, as a friend.. and I mean this truly with all the love and caring in my heart.. I really think that you have to decide what you feel is the best and safest environment for Paige. I know that you want her to have the best educational opportunities possible so that she can thrive and be stimulated... we all do.. but clearly this school does not have the same priorities as you do in regards to the safety of your child.
    I feel badly for this little girl, and agree that she should not be shunned, and has the right to have opportunities to be with others as well. However, her behaviors indicate that she needs more direct supervision in addition to therapy.
    But your priority is Paige. The way I see it, I would demand that either a) Paige be placed in another class immediately or b) the child have an assistant with her and that she be monitored to ensure that she is not EVER alone with another child. If this means a person placed in the bathroom, so be it.
    If you are going to keep Paige in the school, I would seriously consider getting legal counsel and having him/her write a letter. Page has rights.. including the right to feel safe in school... and right now that is being violated. School officials tend to \"hear\" more when you have a lawyer representing you. I am sure that part of the issue is that little girl's mother threatened action against the school if she is removed.
    If this does not work, I would really encourage you to remove her from that environment. The potential psychological effect this can have on her is not worth it. Don't wait until something catastrophic happens... I get the feeling from the tone of your letter that your instincts are telling you to run. If there is any advice I can ever give you, it is to trust your gut. It is right, that I can promise you!
    In regards to telling gossip mom... I would be very careful. You never know who is friends with whom... or when relationships change. Besides, you don't want to go to that place,kwim?
    I hope you can resolve this, if not, NJ is waiting !!
    Love to all I missed... gotta put on my toothpaste!! ~Chris

  6. Ellen- WTF???!!! that's pretty much I have to say. I'm a bit torn, because I understand about being diplomatic...but the \"momma don't play that\" side of me would be going the freak off! I do think the idea of speaking to an attorney is a good idea. I don't know how comfortable I would be if Chase were in that situation and the school basically won't do anything because the kids parents are super rich.
    Chris- Welcome back..sux about the mosquito bites.
    China- Hey stranger, how are the kids? Ready for babies 1st Christmas?
    Hi to everyone else....
    Well, I've switched jobs. Back to the mortgage field. Had to make the move to improve on our situation. It's great being able to stay w/my parents and my mother helps out tremendously by watching the kids, but I'm ready to get back on my feet. Too independent to stay in someone elses house...ready for my own again.

    p.s. Ellen....good looking out for the \"shout out\" to Biggie. (r.i.p big poppa lol)

    oh, funny story about chase...last night he starts singing \"jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. oh my goodness jingle bells is like an open sleigh-hey\" I literally fell out laughing at that kid.


  7. Very very good advice. Thanks guys! Love that C can put in an \"oh my goodness\". That is CUTE.

    At P's recital, they wanted parents to sing along. So it's over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go...I'm all gung ho up to the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh...Then verse 2, I'm like \"over the river and through the woods oh how the west was won\". Then I shut up.

    Big poppa looks like a sick pufferfish. Still listen to him though on my oldschool station. Still think his wife had a visual disorder to get with that.

    Chris- Please keep updating about the Russian girl and how that goes with you guys. Who knows, she might be the one who ends up being your daughter!

    PS- I am about to put up a socal warning on the ot board about our santa experience today. Look for it for some mild weirdness.

  8. hei,

    where is everybody ?
    I know it is unfair thing to write when I was not posting for ages, but look, real not posters are candy, del etc, not me :-), although I am going in wrong direction. So.let's keep list alive.

    Nothing to much new here. I am working, still happy enough with my work. Jui is OK, nobody get swine flue here, although there were many discussion including getting vaccine. I didn't do it although I wanted do because they started vaccinating ki d of late, and central, so there were hours long waiting lines on vaccinating places. And I had no time to wait and felt that this waiting lines are perfect place to cacth disease so was avoiding them. But we are still healthy.

    Hans went to Africa, (Nairobi, Kenya) yesterday and will stay there for a week. We were at Zagreb last prolonged weekend, nothing to new there either. China, postcards on the way, Hope they arrive till Dez th. They are bit overstamped, or have to big stamps for postcard area, but I think it should not be problem.

    I guess I am late with statement but I would take Paige out of that school if I am you. Trying to work things out with gossiping can work, but it is in a way going down to their level. And I catch what you told about this school being not comparable (Better?) then other schools in area, but what is so much better. If \"girlies\" and their parents already plays who is richer then who and similar intrigues games, maybe total outcome is not so optimal. I mean, look at all this celebrity kids, most of them are more like drug clinic patients then successful schooling products.

    are you already having Russian girl. Sound interesting. Do you have any options to adopt her. Or more like being kind of \"forest\" parent. My godparents family was taking on boy from orphanage for holidays. It was part of social studies project from their oldest daughter. Then they get attached to him and finally adopted him. He study art history now and fit really nice in their family. I guess you have to see how does she function in your family dynamics. I think you are doing a great thing. Are you aware, probably yes, that Russian Orthodox church has Christmas 2 weeks after ours.

    do not compare your children :-)). It is more speed of development at moment, he will probably catch them. At the other hand, I guess you should take care to stimulate your smart kids, not to get bored and get in problem bcause of it.

    other girls, where are you ???

    Here it started to snow. Hope for some bob driving for Julian this weekend. Otherwise it is difficult to throw him out of house on this cold. I am more in Christmas present buying at moment, and it get more complicate then you can imagine. I guess I can post some photos from Vienna in snow here.

    till later

  9. Hey y'all!!!

    sorry I haven't been writing. Lidija says that I need to write here. :-) I have just been SO BUSY with work. We are almost ready to move in to our new building that my life has been nothing but work and Lucy and hubby. I try to keep up with what is going on by e-mailing Stacy on Facebook. I'm always on FB! LOL

    China - your pictures are beautiful!!! I can't believe how big the babies are already. sniff sniff. LOL WOW!!

    Ellen - definitly a strange situation with the school. WOW.

    Chris - sounds like a great plan. Please tell us more.

    Kat - How is the mortgage industry? Is it busy right now with refi's?

    All Lucy wants for Christmas is the Princess Vanity with the keyboard. So we got her that and a few other things. She is SO excited. We also got that Elf on a Shelf thing so she has fun trying to find the elf every morning. LOL

    Well, back to it. I'll try to be better about posting.


  10. God I feel like such a nerdiculous nerd. The day someone posts (spec you, ya know, stranger lady- CANDI!!!! OMFGWTHWHAAAA? How do I know it's the real Candi? Maybe you are a 422 pound fetish male posting naked (furry convention just ended. Damn.) who threw in the \"y'all\" to get us off your trail. Then there's going to be these photos up of \"cute\" squirrels in your yard, and you know where it goes from there. Groomer! Or you could be a Chinese hacker who has been shut down by the man all Commie style trying to stay in the game. Get them Mericans. Quick- what is the best restaurant in Augusta? Smiley's doesn't count! Try to google that king of Beijing). What a surprisey prise. :-) I'm all back on it all geek kingdom.

    I was so wondering where you went. So curious about Miss Lucy in all her diva selfdom. Now I've gotta look up all those cool toys- haven't heard of any of them, but you get the good stuff. No, the great stuff.

    Could that 1st paragraph be any more disjointed and stupid and incoherent yet drug free to boot??? School thing- I said to best friend today \"I'm so burned out\" and she said \"you've been saying that since September\". It was the way she said it- kind of harsh tone, all truth, when one sentence hits you in the face as IT. We are out. Don't know how or when, but out. All the other schools are finished for K (applications not accepted) except the top-TOP school where Warren Beatty's kids etc. go and if we go (I doubt we'd get in), she'd be the ghetto kid- a new set of problems. Parent interview is next month so we're going through the process. At least we're on their radar. Still, I don't see that as our school either. Too rich.

    The school we're in now is not so much about actual money as it is about status- who you are friends with, are you cute, who is having secret playdates with whom and let's not invite that family they are not \"popular\". That sort of thing. Think 15 years old when the mean gals really ****** around. I can't take it. Plus, molestation girl actually came up to me 2 days ago and says \"I want to have a sleepover with Paige- can she come to my house and stay all night?\". I was like, who is your so called psychologist and has this chick learned one thing in therapy (yes, she is 5, but still....). It was so shocking I say \"suuure! That would be great! Ask your mom!\". That should end it.

    I decided not to go the gossip route and have basically made my gal very very aware of what and what not to do. It is ridiculous.

    Stacy- I had no idea you were still lurking. We didn't go to Baltimore bc of husband's swine flu thing. He got fine, but I was like \"why should we get on a plane, risk a new flu, and then freeze our asses off when we can go in Spring\" so spring break is the plan. Baltimore and NYC! If you could kindly PM me with your number or post here one word or whatever so I can reach you that would be good.

    China- Are you the one who hates Kobe? Somebody hates Kobe too. It sucks to see him doing so well....

    Lidija- I read your post elsewhere about your sleeping mom. That is ridiculous. How do you even reason with such insanity.

    Chris- Update on your gal. Should be fun. So many Russians in LA. I like them as a group. The women can be insane shoppers. The food is good!

    Kat- I have lost track of it all threadwise, so can't remember if this is still a concern. About comparing. You have such gifted kids- he might be the silent type taking it in like Paige was. Then she talked well after a significant delay. It's so hard being in it, but I guess it would be more concerning if they were identical?

    Jen- Heya. How old is ER now?

    Nothing much else. Paige taught herself to read! Forgot about that. Freaky thing. Peer pressure has put science girl far away. She is so over all that. Husband wants to move to South Carolina (um, no). We should move home in a month. Oh yeah, Tiger Woods that perv! Friend and I got in a debate as to if he is a sex addict. I say no, he got it bc he could and appeared to enjoy it w/o self-loathing. I don't know.

  11. Hei Ellen. It is not so much coincidence with Candi. I send her a mail the some day when I was posting. Or maybe we are both chines hackers. But femal chines hackers please.

    Actually, from my point of view, or based on data I have you have a highest chances from everybody involved to be male Chinese hacker. :-)) Or north Korea female one :-). Candi I have phone number, although I never phone to her, address, China I heard voice on skype, some other girls I follow on facebook. Or there are some pictures sometimes. Only Ellen, niente, nada. Only I can hardly imagine Chinese hacker making story like one with Paige schoolfriend. Or are you Chinese hacker with lots of imagination?

    I guess I do not really care until you ask me for my credit card number or bank account. I mean why to put all the time otherwise.

    About my mother, yes, she is a special specie. Or one of the kind. It happen to me often recently that during some period with Julian I remember how my mother was handling similar situation and then get really angry about her. Kind of strange. Only I posted on dysfunctional family treat and what I was not posting there, because I thought I am posting to much on POT; I should stop is : somebody was writing about normal family there. My experience is that there is no normal family. It is only fairy tale fro us from heavily dysfunctional families - some perfect family. It does not exist in real life. There are only more and less unhappy families. Or more or less dysfunction one. If some family look perfect from outside, It is only because you do not have an insider view.

    Hm, I hope Julian (and Paige and others) would once consider his family almost perfect one. Who knows.

    My new very stupid problem is that Julina wishes for Christmas were : - a cargo plane from lego, play kitchen and brio/thomas train station.

    Well train station I have, cargo plane I kind of made deal with Hans mother that she would get it, and kitchen I was discussion with my sister.

    Well, Hans get crazy about option of an kitchen, so My sister was not getting him any. And Hans mother waited till now with cargo plane, and now they are sold out. So, station is still there.
    Now I am considering getting some kitchen with possibility that Hans throw me from flat. OK, not really , b ut that we have an argument instead of nice Christmas eve.

    I get Julian additional monopoly in mean time, and my sister was geting a guitar (he is wishing one also) and I am kind of telling to myself that he does not have to get everything he wish but still I feel angry.

    This cargo plane was on amazon discount for ages, I could have bought it 100 mal. And now, I was even trying amazon.co.uk , visiting all toys shop around and phoning to few others. Nada. Sold out, lego does not send anything till Christmas. I should have bought it alone and tell her that she can give me money or get something else, but it is to late to be smart now.

    About kitchen, I do not know. I am also not to smart on that one. I#ll go tomorrow early after job to one big toy shop, maybe I still get something there.

    What do you think. Is one thing from 3 he was asking for to lite, or is it still OK? I guess my problem is that this year he had very specific wishes and he was rethinking them. For example, he wanted first ICE train from Lego, but then reconsider that he would prefer cargo plane. Also some boat was given up for kitchen and from thomas catalog he kind of decided that station would be the thing, although he was considering many other things.

  12. Lidija,
    i thought you got the kitchen for Jui? CJ has one...Chris Sr. was not too happy at first but i went and bought one anyway (with Chris's credit card when he was out of the country on business )!
    anyway, CJ has 5 things on his list: nintendo ds (his aunt bought it b4 i could buy it), batman, superman, power rangers and spiderman...he has all those and i'm not buying anymore. but i did buy a lot of other things: games, books, pirate stuff, pirate books (he has wanted one for a while) computer cool school cartridge (actually was on his list) etc. Adanna is getting a 'first baby doll' by madame alexander and some board books, Ikenna is getting an interactive teddy and soft material cars. since the newest disney movie came out with an african-american princess for the very first time, i also got the princess (Tiana) toddler doll for Adanna.
    sorry that the cargo train is out of stock...i would be so mad too. i wonder why lego is so expensive though...anytime i buy a new set for CJ, i cringe at the price...i've never bought anything more expensive than $30 sets at a time!

    i cannot even imagine what the heck you are facing now with school choices...seems all around horrible to me. again, move to jersey!
    oh its me who dislikes Kobe...i was so angry they won last finals...huh! Dh loves him though so we fight a lot when a game is on!
    re Tiger.... let's just say he's sick....having all that money does not entitle you to do whatever the heck you want. a/hole! i hope Erin takes a lot of money from him and cuts off.

    oh girl...we are ready for the first christmas. its really so amazing to go from one child to three! tree is up etc, babies are loving all the lights and CJ is a great big brother. everyone is sleeping reasonably well and my babies loooove their food (unlike CJ), so i'm making all their baby food and its so easy and inexpensive.
    Kimora is adorable and all growing faster as only a girl can...i see the same with Adanna & Ikenna. Adanna is a little trouble-maker though...she shouts (no crying, just shouting) to be picked up, fights Ikenna and YELLS when he grabs her back (LOL), she has big thighs and a big butt (daddy isn't too chuffed about this at all)! Ikenna seems to be built like a line-backer (daddy loves this)! how's big and smart bro Chase doing? and Christopher the cutie pie? i hope their daddy does good this time with the christmas pressies.

    look who the wind blew in! i don't care that you are busy at work...i'm mad at YA!!! how's miss Lucy? need to see pics.

    here are pics of the whole gang...its a bunch.



  13. Oh China, you can't say mad at me! You can always find me on Facebook!! LOL

    The pictures are fabulous!!!!

    Lidija - they have that plane at the Lego store at the outlet mall I think. They told me that they were popular this year. Lucy makes Lego tables and sells them and I was there and some guy was talking to the salesmen about it. Do you want me to get it and you could give it to him for his birthday? Send me the picture and I'll get it for you. The outlet mall has pretty good prices. I would not mind doing that for you, or anyone here, at all!!!

    Ellen - I can't even follow what you said. LOL It's me my dear. :-) I will just stick with my little Christian school for $6,000 a year. LOL

    Oops...gotta go read books.

    Xoxo to all

  14. Hey ladeeez. I'll be back later- husband's 40th birthday is today~! Paige was so excited she woke up at 6, so it's only 11 and we've already had some cake...Everyone is stupefied and staring at (boring) football. Ugh. He is having a lot of fun so far but this day is going to be LONG.

  15. Hey y'all. I've taken the week off and hanging out with my big sister. We're having a good time. Lucy is having fun with us and spending all of my money. LOL.

    Lucy LOVES Tiana!! She hasn't wanted to go and see the movie yet though. I have a free ticket too! I think we are going to go on Thursday. Has anyone else seen it?

    Lidija - did you want me to look for the Cargo plane? I could maybe send it in time for his b day

  16. Welcome back Candi & Lidija!

    I'm gonna keep this short because I'm exhausted.
    China-OMG the babies are so gorgeous! All that hair Adanna has! I think Ikenna looks like his big brother.
    Candi- Yes the refi business is definetly picking up. The fact that it's the end of the month and end of the year seems to make it a tad more busy. I'm working 11 hour days w/no lunch break. I'm so tired but I love it.
    Ellen-Happy 40th to DH. Hope y'all have fun!

    Oh China, ex-dh is mailing the box off on Friday. He talks to them more on the phone now. He is supposed to come here in Feb for Chase's 5th b-day.

    Kids are good, Chase is going through some changes or something, maybe it's just that he's becoming a little boy and not my baby but the boy is so stubborn and strong willed and he gets into everything. I'm like uggggh where is my sweet boy,he's being replaced by this brat!
    Christopher is saying a few more words. He still is like Mini Me from Austin Powers. When he is running around in his crib he says \"eeeee eeee eeee\". so funny. Kimora is 15. She put a Santa hat on last night and looked at me and said \"how do i look\". Seriously...she's no baby.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!
    Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!!

    Kritikou & crew

  17. Hey ladies!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

    Haven't been on the board in EONS. Hope all is well with everyone. Things here are good. Eric will be 5 months on the 27th - he is 18lb 9oz an 27.5 inches. He is a blast and Ashleigh thinks he's the best thing that ever happened.

    I did some reading -
    Candi - Princess & the Frog was cute - went to see it last week. Ashleigh liked it.
    Lidija - On the kitchen - I say go for it!!
    Ellen - SC wouldn't be bad - it's very pretty and WAY affordable! NJ is also pretty, colder, but as China said - public schools in NJ are AWESOME! NC is pretty, warmer and we have wonderful schools - especially colleges! All kidding aside - I hope you get back into your house and that you LOVE it...

    Kat - Love the jingle bells version!

    China - Hope those babies are great! And big brother CJ! I totally hear you on asking for stuff they have already....

    Chris - Glad you had a great time. Can't wait to hear about the experience with the 9 yr old. I hope it is wonderful!

    Gotta run - little man teething and looking for a paci...

    Merry Christmas ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jen- OMG is that big? I never paid that much attention when Paige was little, but that sounds pretty big for a 5 month old. Guess that moose eating had a purpose. If it keeps happening, football time! What's up with Ash? Is she into Tiana too? How does she like school?

    NC would probably be better, but he is a SC guy. Can't understand why someone Jewish is so into being Southern, but he is...OMG I think he is serious. He joined Facebook and is contacting all his old SC pals who still live there. I guess this midlife crisis is better than an addiction tranny hookers, so I'll play...

    Kat- \"How do I look\". Seriously? Holy cow I am dying to see what happens with this one. She is like a true diva. Born diva. But so smart too- so it's a good combo. Like a princess superhero. IMO the market will drop again when commercial real estate collapses. I'm kind of waiting in the sidelines for it. Seems a lot of the sales are based on the 1st time HO credit? Wrong? What's your take on it? I want to divest and get into real estate- mistake? Do you guys go to church all day tomorrow? I forgot, is TD Jakes your pastor? He is pretty cool. I also like Crefelo Dollar bc how can you not love someone called Crefalo Dollar!

    With the ex, is it going to be hard to see him in person (remembering, being ******) or is it all like done and done with you?

    Candi- Paige hasn't seen the movie either but this is her favorite princess. Every time she sees the kiss the frog ad she starts yelling about buying her the doll. Haven't done it- the whole concept is weird. A female kiss can awaken the depths of male potency, to even shift his being. Probably overthinking that. Anyway, she's got princess clothes and some dolls but no princess movies (hopefully ever). I have this new friend who is a designer at Disney and she was telling me all these stories about how a lot of the stuff from the 60's was done when they would all take LSD together. (BTW I knew it was you- was just ******* around :-)

    China- GOOD FOR YOU for getting the kitchen. I mean, hello...the top chefs in the world are primarily male (that may change with our age though). Plus, it's not like the kitchen has magical gay juice on it. I mean, come on. A boy can play with a kitchen. Make up barbie, ok, maybe...but a kitchen! We have all this pirate stuff, etc. Why not? Even got her a transformers bumblebee helmet for Christmas. What's weird (don't know if it is only here) is the peer pressure. I mean, in the past, she'd play with what she naturally likes. Now its all \"that's a boy toy\" etc. Your toy list sounds very fun.

    Lidija- Report back on how Christmas toys went- I saw the news. Holy moly it is COLD. You are like Minnesota cold. Yikes. Must be pretty, though. I was just telling husband that the great thing about Europe at this time of year is that they go ALL OUT. It is like Fairytale land. None of this PC stuff. Who was the author, Russian I belive, who said \"every happy family is happy, but unhappy family is unhappy in it's own way\". Something like that. Like you, hoping that my kid looks back and says pretty good. Pretty, pretty good. Actually, TD Jakes (US pastor) said something along the lines of your kids grow up and give you an overall grade on how you did, and that is the grade. No matter how you saw it, or if you think they have it wrong, this is the final grade bc it's theirs.

    Chris- Update on the Russian situation \"the situation\"- LOVE that show. Hope it's really, really going well.

    Nothing much here. Went to an end of Hannukah party. They stood there lighting the last candle singing stuff and Paige was ****** that she didn't know the words. Now she's going on about being half Jewish and how she should have a Menorah etc. so next year we're double dipping. Waiting until after Christmas to see if they go on sale. *Wrong???* Anyway, it was fun. H's birthday was fun too, but I'm all like woooo, midlife crisis for him, coming right up! Happy times! We'll see. So far so good. Mine is going away. Yay. Sooo...

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! ^^^^From E and P and H

  19. Merry Christmas Ladies!!!!!!!

    Sorry for being low on posting. Kindergarten is closed till 6th of January and Hans is back from Africa so I have hard time to get some computer time .
    And that facebooks gardens are demanding :-) . I consider delete (uninstalling) all of them.

    Candy, it is really kind offer buying that cargo plane, but, no thanks. I believe that it would be back in shops here til Jui birthday and Lego is much cheaper here (Danish = EU product) so it does not really make sense. Anyway, he was happy about presents he get and dodn't really complain about plane

    Ellen, it is from Tolstoy, yes, you are right & this is a longer story.,
    About boys and kitchen, it was mostly about place. This was what I bought him at the end
    so everybody (Julian and Hans) get happy.

    how did gingerbread mans story get in time- did any of my cards arrived? I am curious

    Jen, it is really nice to hear from you. Post some photos from kids please..

    do not worry about Christopher, he will talk, perhaps to annoyed with all time talking sister. I mean, as I get it, he is still in time, you are probably just comparing to much. Who knows, maybe in 20 year you will find that he was smarter one and laugh about today.

    I hope you had very nice Christmas. You are not ortodox - ha? ANd I am not congratulating to early.

    So , once again Marry Christmas to everybody. No happy holidays from me since political correctness didn't arrive to this delay part of Europe.


  20. HOW WAS IT????? Bueller?

    Lidija- Thanks for the Tolstoy heads up. I'm horrible with the Russian writers. For years, I used to say \"Dost-ee-of-ski\". That kitchen is so un-gay, but really, men...it's a KITCHEN, not gaybar junior. It's like keeping a girl from watching Cars or something.

    Paige is out of school too. Thank God for sticker books. She is invited to an older kids sleepover party. It will be all of their firsts. I'm probably saying n.o.
    We almost died in an elevator yesterday. Terrifying! I'm too shaken to go into it. My hands shook for half an hour!!!! This is like one long annoying Twitter. So I'm stopping.

    Christmas was good. We have a hot pink tree, which was a departure and fun. Next year I think we'll go electric blue. The biggest hit was the Barbie and the 3 Musketeers dolls. She LOVES having a prince doll. It's fun to see her act out marriages. So far, no-one hit over the head with a frying pan.

    China- What's up with the rich Nigerian? You know, you represent every Nigerian on the entire planet ;-). You'd think, coming from such privilege, esp. there, he'd be more smart. Use daddy's $ and buy politicians. I don't get it. Rambling.

  21. hi there

    I am kind of occupied with Croatian presidential election at moment, I was consider to write you everything about all candidates or about last remaining two at least since I learned lot about US election here but I am kind of to tired for it. And I kind of guess you would not really care. So for now, there are election in Croatia. As our system is not presidential (like yours) president is more like a ficus (decoration) and real power has government and prime minister. So, in a way it doesn't really matter. Or not to much.
    We had 1st round this weekend, next round between remaining two is at Jan 10th. If anybody asks you, you are for Josipovic and against Bandic. Why it is longer story, and I do not have time etc..

    By the way, Austrian Presidential election coming soon, but since president is here also kind of decorative plant there is only one real candidate till now. Parties do not want to spend money on candidates since existing president stands good, so why spending on (decoration) elections.

    Otherwise, big surprise, Hans & Julian went to Hans mother and I am still here working. And a new lego cargo plane was waiting for Jui there. Hans mother succeed to get one somehow. I do not really know whole story, but will try to get it when I get there.

    Julian liked all his Christmas presents but his kind of favorite was Monopoly Junior which we had to play together almost all time. It was written from 5 yo and it is really so simplified that he does not have problem playing it. Only he has unbelievable luck all the time and all money always finish at his hands. And he really hate giving any money. I guess he inherited my mother genes. So, I start to rethink my old idea to start giving him pocket money.
    Changing etc he already practice in Monopoly.

    China like representative of all Nigerians :-). Welcome to club :-) I had to sign on each airport statement that I was not committing any war crime during war in ex-Yugoslavia. I get so sick of it that few time I almost wrote I did, spec because they were offering so nice in questionnaire different war crime types in columns and you only have to put cross near one you did.

    Should go. I am writing from work and my co goes home and I do not to stay alone here


  22. How is everyone? I am so busy trying to get this office moved! UGH....Trying to get moved to a new 18,000 sf office and get 50 people moved is no easy task.

    AND, Blue Cross DENIED our group for insurance! FUCKKKKKERS. OMG...so we have no insurance for me or our employees! GEEEZ. So we are scrambling to find some insurance. We are going to have to stay with Humana but pay 30% more than what we were paying last year. They said we had too many medical conditions. WOW! And we had to go to a $2000 Deductible, $50 co-pays! And a $4000 Out of Pocket Maximum! I mean, I can afford this (I'm not happy about it) but most of my employees are really going to struggle with it. We are going to apply with United Health Care for Feb 1st but I won't know anything for a while.

    so anyway, Lucy is SO in love with her Princess Musical Vanity. SO SO SO in love with it. That and her new table that I got her for doing arts and crafts from Step 2. It's pretty cool. My friend sent her an Easy Bake Oven and you all know my husband built her the coolest kitchen so it goes really well in there. LOL But Easy Bake OVen cakes don't taste as good as they did when I was a kid! Hahaha Kind of like Spaghettio's. LOL

    Lidija - I am interested in your election. LOL I will read up on it. You know I love that stuff. ha. I'm glad that Jui got the cargo plane. My husband builds Lego Tables and sells them. THey are so nice. I can't imagine having to sign stuff like that at the airport. Although I have to say, that I feel like they have to do wht they have to do to keep the planes safe. If it comes across as \"profiling\" then that is what it is. Just my opinion.

    Ellen- a hot pink tree? LOL I don't even know where you'd get one. HA. I bet it is pretty though. Lucy would love a purple one because Purple is her signature color. Lidija sent her a beautiful purple dress with butterflies on it and it is a summer dress but she wears it ALL the time with a shirt under it. It's so cute. Lucy loves the Barbie movie \"The Island Princess\". She doens't like Barbie dolls though. She has other dolls that she has to have at times but then doesn't like them. I have tons of dolls in a drawer. And \"yes\" you are overthinking the Princess and the Frog. LOL It's a story. Just see it for what it is honey.
    Elevator story? Sounds frightening.

    Jen - Your Eric is BIG. LOL We saw The Princess and the Frog last weekend. Lucy wants to see it again. But while we were seeing it she wasn't too impressed. She kept saying \"this is NOT my favorite part\" whn the scary parts were on. But she has tons of Tiana stuff now. LOL

    Kat - Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Of course Chase is stubborn...he's almost 5! LOL Maybe he is trying the be \"the man\" in the family.

    Okay - back to work.

  23. i am so sick...i pray i don't get the babies sick! i went out in the cold to run errands and nearly got knocked out by flying christmas decorations (the heavy ones that the streets are decorated with). it was SOOOO windy...unbelievable! its a miracle it did not smash into our car...i just managed to push CJ into the car and crouched by the car myself to avoid being knocked out....the wind whipped off my trapper hat and threw sand in my eyes and mouth!

    that is so terrible about the insurance situation. i pray you guys find something suitable soon. i'd be so terrified. btw, how much is Rodney selling those lego tables? and how much to ship one to jersey? i'd really love one!!!

    wow...that is great about the cargo plane! your MIL really came through. i like the pocket money idea, i think i will start that with CJ. i believe the postcard from Vienna arrived, not sure about the one from Croatia though. thanks so much.

    i can only imagine how confused you are regarding Chase's newly acquired stubborness. don't be puzzled, we are experiencing the same thing with CJ to. he is refusing to listen, says no when he is given instructions (as in 'no mummy, i will not go upstairs and change my clothes). i have to threaten to get him to do most things these days. i am so close to breaking out a can of whoopass on the kid these days.

    your card arrived from what i can tell. what happenned with the elevator?

    you sent a mexico postcard right? it came in as well.

    so, CJ loved his christmas pressies, he is currently in love with the camera, pirate stuff, monster trucks, and ben 10 alien thingys. he is a bit miffed that he the DS takes some time to master...he always wants to get things right the first time and those games are proving tricky! i need to spend some time with him and play together (because Dh sure would not)!

    as for the nigerian kid...i am not surprised at all. the whole northern nigeria is muslim and there is bound to be some radicals in the mix. what i don't understand is why his father was no taken seriously when he approached the US consulate in Nigeria about his fears regarding his son. i am so glad he did this...it totally absolves him of any guilt...not that he should feel guilty, the kid is an adult afterall. his poor mother must be heartsick. thank God nothing happenned to explode that plane on christmas day no less.

    gotta run...i am working a half day today and i have tons of emails to catch up on having been out of the office these past 2 weeks.


  24. Hey y'all

    Happy New Year!

    lidija - I'm finally on SKYPE - I'm candacehayes

    China - Sorry you are sick. I hope you get better. I hate being sick. The tables are $150. They are so heavy and big. I can't imagine what it would cost to ship. LOL Proably $75!! You could probably buy one cheaper (but not as nice) LOL Actually, check the pictures on my Facebook profile and see if you see the pictures on there.

    Okay..gotta go. My sister is only here until Saturday and we're visiting.



  25. China- Sorry you are sick and to keep going on about the Nigerian thing. I just finished an autobiography called \"Children of Dust\" about a boy who was raised by fundamentalists, attended a Pakistani madrassa, emigrates to the US/changes, becomes radical again, then turns against them. Fascinating, amazing book.

    Anyway, I get his story. He is this indigent child in a desert village. My assumption was that Nigerians are more connected to the world, even the Northern ones, and aren't as brutal in mentality with those fing \"schools\". Wrong? Are there madrassas in Nigeria? My impression is that people in Nigeria are totally Western in their outlook with an African twist. Not the ones out in the villages (like seeing hillbillies as normal Americans), and certainly with their own culture, but have a Western outlook fundamentally, unlike, say a Saudi. They seem very family oriented vs. faith oriented in terms of priority?

    Whatever. I will let it go. I can't believe you had to crouch behind your car like you were under fire. That is outrageous. You should totally call the city. It happened to me once with heavy Santa Ana winds. I'm in this parking lot and the large, swinging part of a gate with barb wire on top comes flying off and hurtling in our direction. Can you imagine dying by a flying gate or Christmas decorations???? Ok, elevator, still shaken up but in a nutshell everyone in it thought we were in a major earthquake the thing shook so hard we almost couldn't stand and it was groaning so loud we panic about what to do (push the emergency button asap or what if the building collapses in the quake and then we're super stuck...vs it is so loud and shaky we think it is going to fall any second so like 3 people have their hands on the button waiting to make the call). Awful.

    Candi- We were at Disneyland today and saw the alligator walking around and Paige gave him a big old hug and I thought of you guys, BC then there was basically a Broadway revue, all live singing, with Tiana, the prince etc. on this riverboat I hadn't heard her speak before. She is soooo much more down to earth than that ******* Snow White. I hate Snow White and her breathy Jackie O goodness me voice. Hate it. Hate how she prances and acts like a dolt with her clasped hands spinning around. Give me Tiana any day with her open arms and sweet talk and normality. It was a great show, to the extent that you guys should confirm when/if it's on on your next trip.

    My 70 year old dad (who was a jock, not so much now) was less tired than me going up Tarzan's treehouse. Its not that I was panting going up all those stairs, but he practically twirled like Fred Astaire ascending them. That is just sad (but good for him), so I'm getting off my *** this is ridiculous.

    Did any of you guys see the Kennedy Honors on tv? I finally saw in on the DVR and was dying over Jon Stewart. Also the Mel Brooks part omg.

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