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  4. Cheena- I love that! I thought you pronounce it China. Adanna is a lovely name! It was always my fave that you posted, beautiful beautiful. The boy's name, I don't know. If you love it---aren't you worried about kids calling him \"icky\" for short? That's the first thing that popped in my head when I read it, BUT you have one highly dignified son already, so I'm sure this one will be able to pull it off. Still- I like Daniel too. Apologies in advance if I've ****** you off.

    I'll bet your back hurts! Wow! I know someone who had twins full term and was down fifty pounds a week after the birth!!! omfg. The nanny thing is a great idea.

    Lidija- I hope you get the statistician job. Sounds interesting to be a part of cutting edge results. The other job would be a professor as well with Hans? I totally forgot about May Day. Here its like whatever. The local Waldorf school is having maypole dancing. That's about it. Kind of skeeves me out though, like some ancient pagan ritual. Ah, Spongebob is ending. That's the end of me. Its my only peace with no school (husband is working).

    Here comes the guitar- so much for typing.

  5. A new thread, nice :-))

    post smth when you come back, wonna see that you survive all this plane traveling. Maybe you can visit me once in Europe , ha? I am just kidding, bu then maybe ?

    hm, what is the difference in pronunciation of china and cheena? I guess I need you on skype to show me. I am not sure are you aware that german & croatian pronunciation of Julian is different then English, so when I call him juju, it sound like youyou - I guess you would write it like it.

    no pagan may day dancing, it is International Workers' Day we have free time, labour day? Whatever day when syndicate take people in march around town and they shout some paroles (singing Internationale) and waking up people like me to lazy to do parade. It is celebrating some event in Chicago from 18?? when police shot at workers which were striking - as much as I remember. It is free day all over Europe, although it used to be longer - kind of replacement for Easter holiday during communist time. Don't you have it? Funny because thing happen in Chicago, but then you do not have female international day (8th march which celebrates also something which took place in US).

    At Hans uni I try to get database oracle programmer position. I can not get professor in this life. It is, but this one is some in US, maybe you are not aware, really really difficult to become full time university professor - i think it is called tenior in your case. You have to stay at uni, work as assistant, make ph.d. during this time, then get to be assistant professor after many yeas, then docent, then you have to do something else scientifically which is called rehabilitation here - I do not know in US, bu tit is more difficult and take more time then ph.d. Then if you rehabilitates phd + docent or not full time professor and there is a professor place somewhere opening - when somebody died or something like this happen you can apply. Nowadays, there are at least more then 20 important scientist applying from all around world, then there are commissions and different checks from psychological to students opinions etc, but mostly it is about how much did you publish in relevant journals and what is your impact factor on today science. If you get through all that, and get chosen one, you get position for life time, you can not lose job in most of Europe and it is more like position then a job. So, no professor job for me in this life time, I am to old to start the process. But it should be like that in US also, it is very very difficult to get any position nowadays because people from all around the world can apply. Maybe you have second range unis which do not exist here, this could be difference, do not know. Anyway, Hans is full time professor which is as high as you can go, this is why they make fun of me like frau professor when I apply for something. Maybe you thought lecturer, this would be easier to apply for then professors. But for me, since I am not Austrian, I can not teach in secondary school here, like I did after uni in Zagreb. I would consider it like career change otherwise. Lots of holidays and easy working times even if it is not overpaid.

  6. Lidija,
    the difference in the pronounciation is that the country version sounds like 'Chai-na'....but my name sounds 'Chee-na'.
    i've always pronounced your name as 'Lydia' and Julian as 'Yulian'! is that correct?
    i once very briefly dated this german guy...his name was 'Jorg' and i could never pronounce it right...(i always said 'Yourg').
    i do miss all the holidays, over here we get no time off on good friday or easter monday. no boxing day either and no may day!
    i hope you get the statistician job too.

    i sure hope they don't call my son 'Icky'...LOL...he can always go with Daniel if he chooses. you would choke trying to pronounce CJ's nigerian name..its Okechukwu (pronounced 'Ok-chuku'). i call him by this name at home and when i'm mad at him in public
    Paige likes spongebob? i hope CJ never gets into it...i cannot stand it, esp. the laugh! yuck!!

    how are those Bostonians treating you??

    later guys,

  7. Hey all - quick post. Life has been beyond crazy, and I'm getting ready for a one week trip out of the office next week.

    China - I always knew it was Cheena! I just didn't think you'd go by China pronounced by the country. I looooooove the names - especially Daniel of course!

    Ellen - Sponge Bob rules in our house and has ever since JD was 3! The twins are sporting Patrick Star temporary tattoos right now. JD has started watching the \"tween\" stuff like Zoey 101 and Josh & Drake and I HATE those shows. So stupid, but he thinks that they are hilarious.

    Lidjia - DH's grandmother's name is Lydia and one of one the girl names we were considering. But alas, no girl names for me! Fingers crossed for you on the job front.

    Candi - I lived in Boston for about a year and a half before law school. Definitley a different world! In Boston they called me a southerner, and when I was in North Carolina I was called a northerner!


  8. yiannoz! I swear to God I was thinking about you yesterday. We were playing the wii (now 2nd to the yellowman in our house), bowling, thought of duck pin bowling (ten pin? the skinny ones), thought of you. Ok, so next is Drake and Josh...The longer I can hold off I will. LOVE SBSP, but she'll rewatch episodes over and over and overrr....So tweens are watching teen and pre-tweens watch tween and 3/4 years old watch spongebob. Its all confusing.

    Husband wants to rent a summer home in Scientist Cliffs for a while. Possible? I peeked around the internet, but it seems like everyone stays put. Any other nearby town you would recommend? We want to be near Lusby. Maryland is a trip bc it is not north or south, just like during the war. They're a hybrid. I see them as northerners, at the southern tip. Anything below starts the real south. The way people sit on stoops is kinda southern. Kinda.
    You're a native???? Aren't Boston guys the dredge ickies or what?

    China- I pronounced them Li-dee-jah and Jooleeahn. May day scares me a little. What the hell are celebrating, anyway? I'm glad we don't have boxing day. That one upsets my sensibilities. Wth are they boxing? Boxes? Packing? Its too weird. LOVE the Japanese holidays like girls' day and boys' day. Why can't we have that- where all kids get to be celebrated? Learned about it on Iron Chef! (The real one, the original, before it was mutated and left cold).

    I like CJ's real name. Didn't know he had that too. So you'll go by Daniel the way you go by CJ? Love the lecture in his other name- bet that WORKS! omg I have ridic gossip I can't post here about someone everybody knows who is totally insane freakshow I mean it. Funny story about her and her bathroom life- pm me. (China I know you'd dig this big time).

    Lideejah- Am I right? Very interesting info about professor life there. That explains why my parents' friend goes by herr doctor professor. I always thought that was weird until now. Here, you can be a total dumbass and get a job as a professor bc there are 20,000 schools for idiots. Only the top ones require rigorous publication history and you know, standards. You only even need a master's degree to teach at a community college as a professor. Plus, add in these stupid diversity ideals over top candidates and its easy as pie to get a job if you're like you and a female in math or the sciences.

    If I understand you correctly, they won't hire non-austrians for secondary school? That is terrible, racist and wrong. You're over qualified!

  9. just popping by for a quick sec. I don't post as often as i would like but I still lurk. Ellen, you know I will pm you about the gossip...i LOVE gossip.
    Lidija-good luck on the job. In my head I pronounced your name lid-ja. I had Julian's name right on the money.
    China-OMG, I was so off on that one. When I read that it's pronouced Cheena, I was like seriously. In my mind, i'm still trying to convert. How do you prounounce nerentay? I've been trying to figure that one out for years! I like CJ's name also, along with the names for the babies, especially Adanna.
    Stacy-Spongebob is a hit over here too. Chase got hip to it back when he was 1, when the song would come on he would run around the house. Now, 1 year old Kimora is very similar. She doesn't run, but she dances and sings along w/the tv. The big rage over here is Sprout and Noggin.

    Anyway, the kids are good. Actually, I have great news about Christopher. He went back to the cardiologist for a follow up and the 2 holes have almost completely closed up and he has been taken off the surgical list. Doc said that she fully expects it to fully close on it's own. It's about 90% there already. They were very shocked to see such a change in the past 6 months! I'm so super excited about that!!!!!! Anyway, I'm off for the next 5 days (Thank God) and it's 2am and i'm sleepy.

    Hi to anyone I missed.


  10. Kritikou,
    it is a great news about Christopher. How did it happen? Was he taking some medicine or did some treatment?

    about pronouncing, should out some sound file on internet somewhere or you can call me on skype because I do not know how to write it correctly. There is no [dz:] from j, j is pronounced like you, lidija is really Lydia or more like italina Lidia (your Lidia Bastianich, Italian book writer is really Croatian, you know it?) , and this j at the end is only to change bit i - it still sound like long i - ee? Once I had Brazilian guest and when she was phoning with her family I was surprised that she talk about me like about Lidja (lidz:a? ) witch sound really strange.

    I already start to call Daniel DJ in mine mind, so more like CJ & DJ
    I had huge problem discussing female name with Hans, I wanted something like Laura or Lucia, and Hans something more German like Johanna or Waltrud or Brunhilda (this Brunhilda I am making up for better impression). Then I told him my doughtier would be Johanna over my dead body, and he told me that Laura and Lucia are how you call parrots in Austria. So, after fighting bit more we delayed further discussions until we found about sex, then it was boy and we decided Julian in cca 5 seconds. I was considering Julia for girls but i strongly dislike Julia Roberts so this was a problem. Julian was ex student of Hans which died is skiing accident and name is repeating in my family tree- my grandfather brother was Julian, his grandfather, and so on till original Juliana Jobaggy in 17??- It is so nice when you have written family tree :-)) There is actually another Julian (Julius) - my cousin at moment, you can see him like my facebook friend- Julius von Makanec- he took title back because it is helping im business he said- he lives in Germany and germane are snobs (his words :-)). Hans family was very happy about Julian because it sounded so german , not croatina to them. They were afraid I would take something like Ivan, Bozidar (Blagomir was your politician), Davor or Branimir or something like that. Only minus is that Julian was 4th most common name for boys in Austria 2005. I still like Myron, like my grandfather, ut I would have problem with writing it in German and in Croatia was oft mistaken for Miran or Miro.

    spongebob :-)). we are still in thomas where we arived after Bob the Builder, with some small interlude in Car's. I would acct like if he move to spongebob becoaue there is lot of merchandise here, so I would be able to buy him t shirt, towel etc in C&A in shopping center next to place where I work and not bordering Candi with Thomas things from USA: Still it is funny that there are no spongebob things for girls & no Dora things (julian would like that) for girls. I have big expectation from Diego, but somehow he still didn't come till here.

    One other thing, do you remember our last year discussion about pink/rosa polos for boys/male persons, started when Julian wanted to buy himself pink crocs and I didn't let him. It is all around Vienna now, pink& rosa polo and male persons in them, and in all of the windows. Seems like you & Julian are better fashion trends predictors then I was aware.

    About not Austrian not being allowed to teach in school, it is not racism, this is law. I do not have citizenship. The reason why I do not have it is racism. I guess is has to be similar in US, you can not teach if you are not US, other countries has it also. I am not really sure about US because I am aware that you have teacher (or lack of them) problem due to low salaries and that oyu were at one moment importing math teachers from Germany. Additionally, there are pedagogical exams you have to have to teach in Austria and I do not have them, I have one needed in Croatia. But hugest problem is that my German is still with mistakes which they would never allow from teacher.

    About Uni professors etc. Hm? How do you decide which uni is good to go on then. I know that there are top 10 like Yale or Harvard or UCLA and they have to have standards as high as in Europe or higher, and I know from my best friend (living in Canada) and her boyfriend that it is not so easy to get place in something good enough there, but I get confuse how do you define good enough- I mean there has to be huge range between top ten and places where you do not have to have master to teach (are you really sure in it) Yes, it is a big thing to be professor here, now I actually remember one of my professors from Uni which get back from USA and his wife (I used to work with here in school ) told me that they were not happy that even if he was professor there they were consider kind of middle class or it was not really appreciated there :-)). So they get back even if they were earining more in US.

    are you in Boston or back? About Croatian on my facebook - this were only two photos from wedding I had in my camera, I kind of forget to take photos and my aunt asked me if I had any. Obviously my young cousins didn't like them because there detag themselves form it :-)) you see, Boston English is nothing compared with my facebook page :-). You really have to visit me once - should we drag you or you'll make a ship trip?

    skype and will discuss pronunciation. Boxing day we also do not have, neither bank holidays. I was getting kind of explanation for bank holiday from English coworker but boxing day still stay a mystery for me. Although I was asking all around while in Australia. Nobody knows. Seems like this is a day for taking away empty boxes left from Christmas presents. I'll go to check on wikipedia, it just get this idea.

    I am going to lunch now, not really working today, til later,

  11. its all my fault for not pointing out the real pronounciation of my name from the beginning. it was not until i met up with JenNJ and Suz that i realised 'wait a minute, everyone probably thinks i'm called China as in the country'!! i really should have know because some people make the mistake all the time, while some ask 'is it Cheena or China or Gina'!!

    ok guys, in Great Britain etc boxing day (the day after christmas) was the day people who had servants (cannot remember which era) let them go home to visit their family for the holidays. the usually put food, clothes and money in boxes and gave it to their servants to take to their families. it turned into a national holiday and stuck. somehow, the british-colonized countries in africa celebrate it as well...don't even ask me why!
    as for may day, i have no clue what the european version signifies, i only know the nigerian version which is children's day. every first of may is a holiday over there.

    ok...good, i got the names right then. you still have to teach me to pronounce 'Jorg'. when we see other on skype guess, although i am never on it nowadays since we just turned the study into the nursery and disconnected the computer. i will be setting it up in my kitchen soon so we can chat.
    OMG...Brunhilda...thanks for letting us know Hans did not actually suggest that name! i would have totally freaked out if i were you and he suggested that name! yikes!!!
    oh...i am so close to buying Ikenna some pink shirts/shortalls. he will definitely be mistaken for a girl if he ends up having all the hair CJ had as a baby.

    that is fantastic news about Christopher. what a relief!! nerentay is just a combo of my first name and last name- even i cannot say it right!! LOL!! yay for being off work. i have been off since yesterday...swollen ankles and all over body aches...but did i stay home? nooooooooo!!! went baby items -shopping!! LOL...then i came home and could barely move again

    pm me that gossip!! we will be using the twins nigerian names on a daily basis at home and outside. he can switch to Daniel when he gets to college. CJ refers to Adanna as 'Danna' and Ikenna as 'Kenna'. i reckon everyone will be calling him Kenna anyway. Adanna is easier to handle...
    only friends and family refer to DS as CJ. at school, the call him Christian. he's used to all the variations. when i call him his nigerian name in public...stops him right on his tracks!! i'll be doing the same with the twins...only this time it'll be the english (well, its really hebrew) names. did i ever tell you guys that hebrew and ibo (my native language) are very similar in words (some words are even the same) with a similar history?

    i love having my sons as Christian & Daniel... i think it blends well don't you? weird how i forgot Dan's full name is Daniel...if i had remembered from the start, it would not have taken so long to settle on a name! its a nice solid/strong name. i love Eliana too.
    aside from power rangers and about all the super-hero shows you can think of, CJ is also into all the disney cartoons as well as Zack & Cody/ Hannah Montana. i can stomach those.
    where is your trip taking you?

    ok, question for Stacy & Kat ... how long into your pg with twins did you ladies work? i'm almost 31wks and feeling the 3rd trimester fatigue strong!! i plan to stop working at 37wks...pray for me to hang in that long!!

    later guys,

  12. China - I worked until 28 weeks. I was pretty uncomfortable at that point. The plan was that my dr. would put me on house arrest at that point unless I felt great, which I didn't. I'm only 5'1\" so you can imagine how I looked - like a beachball! How is your cervix holding up? Mine was starting to soften at 28 weeks.

    Danna and Kenna are great names. And I love Christian and Daniel as a pair - one of JD's friends is Christian. We call Dan every iteration of his name - Daniel, Dan and Danny. JD has a friend Daniel and his mother hates Dan or Danny. I don't really care, because I figure he'll ultimately tell us what he wants to be called. My brother is Patrick, and his friends called him Pat for the longest time. My mom hated it, but what can you do? Now he's back to his full name. And JD doesn't mind being called James, but he really hates being called Jay.

    Lidjia - Ha ha - Johanna was also one of my girl names! DH's family is 100% German, and that was a great great grandmother. I would have called her Josie. Theodore was his great great grandfather's name so that's how we came up with it. All of my kids have family names.

    Kat - awesome news! JD got into Spongebob way early too - he couldn't even pronounce it right - called him \"bungbob\" for awhile which was pretty funny.

    Ellen - I'm a MD native. Born in Baltimore, but lived in a few other parts of the state before settling back down in the city. I like to think of us as Midatlantic or Eastern. I don't know too much about the Eastern Shore, especially the Virginia side of the bay where Lusby is. My great uncle lived in Oxford (near St. Michael's), and it was a very insular community then. You had to live there for like 20 years to be considered local!

    You're soooo right about Boston guys - my first husband was from Boston, and dredge icky would be a good description of the experience!


  13. I LOVE the name Johanna! Its cool! Waltrud, not so much...Jesus. Waltred...My fave German name is Katja. For guys, Stefan. Oooh, Stefans are uniformly hot.

    yiannoz- That was my suspicion about the Bay people. They don't leave! There's nowhere to rent except backwoods cabins where I'd never sleep for fear of being killed. I'm not used to the woods. Scary. Any day, I'd feel safer at the projects in Compton before living in the woods. Any any day.

    I love the longer names- James, Daniel- its so dignified. OK, FIRST HUSBAND??
    Details! Was he from Boston? As in swagger for no reason pseudo cool idiot Boston or I lost my penis at the yacht club after dropping my Vuarnets Boston?

    Yeah, you guys are midadlantic, but in terms of north or south...you're north. Like CA up and right until you hit like Montana. They're kind of South.

    China- I don't get these leftover colonial celebrations. Like, people on boxing day are celebrating their past oppression of being in indentured servitude when they got ONE DAY of being treated humanely? Its very strange. And damn if the one non-American has the only knowledge of ******* May Day, which is American??? At my college it had some roots in England and flowers. I don't know, we went to Atlantic City and bagged it. (At the time we thought we were sooo cool and looking back we were soooo stupid. Everyone was wearing white and we wore black. Oooohhh, rebels....Watch out we're dangerous).

    Pmd you that gossip. What a weirdo. I'm pretty sure Jorg is pronounced You'reggg. However, I had Lidija all wrong. Gotta say I LOVE the name Kenna. That is COOL!!!! When he gets to hs, even Ick is pretty cool. I kind of see pink for guys on its way out after this summer season and a return to combat/fatigue looks by the fall. Wonder if I'm right? Wish there was an end to the stupid super high heels. Yuck.

    Lidija- Diego has not made an appearance yet??? Wow- I'm shocked! American unis and high schools can and will hire foreign teachers as long as they have work papers. Not citizenship- I think its called residency? Yes, here being a professor is not so prestigious unless you're at a top school. Its an upper middle class profession- maybe you get more respect if you're a prof. of physics or something, but its not a huge deal. I think it comes back to the problem of PhDs and alternative doctoral degrees being pretty darn easy to obtain in comparison to other nations. I can't believe euro profs don't make alot. Wow. Here its pretty good pay.

    Ok, the uni system here is as follows- There are private colleges, all levels. Some top (Harvard, Yale etc.), then the middle (Dartmouth, Swarthmore etc.), then a zillion average private colleges (Villanova, Loyola, USC etc.). Then the lower end private colleges (University of San Francisco, Slippery Rock...).

    Then each state has a public college system. In CA its the University of California system (UC). The top are UC Berkeley and UCLA. Middles (Santa Cruz), lower (Cal States- under the UCs, like Cal State Fullerton whatever). Under that are the community colleges where any high school graduate can enroll. This is where you can be a professor with a master's degree. A lot of people do 2 years here and then transfer to a UC school.

    You aim for the top in the UC and also apply to privates. However, bc of the range of quality and expectations to get in, being a college graduate is just not that huge of a thing anymore unless its a \"name\" school. I mean, if there are the funds, any idiot can graduate from SOME college. Plus, there needs to be a lot of professors for the 10 zillion schools. Its not selective. Its college for everyone.

    I am not opposed to this, per se, BUT a great example of the American mentality is that UCLA has a \"college\" program for retarded adults where they attend college and \"graduate\" with a college degree. Unthinkable in Europe.

    Sorry this is a novel- I'm at the gym coach.

    Kat- What do you do to be on and off? Are you a nurse? So your child had a PDA that closed? That's awesome!!!! Pagey had to have the surgery. You must be so relieved!

  14. Ellen -pseudo cool Boston idiot.

  15. Hi everyone~
    So nice to see a new addition to our thread!!!
    Kat~ Congratulations...that is WONDERFUL news about Christopher. One less thing to worry about...
    Staci~ So glad to hear from you again!
    Lidija... best of luck for that position. BTW, it is difficult to get full professor status here as well. Like in Europe, once you get full professorship and tenure it is a position for life. The full professors at the University my hospital is affiliated with can get salaries with just making a few appearances from time to time... but many are really old. Anyway, this is the privilege that comes with doing all that work, I guess.
    Ellen~ Mikey lovesSpongebob, and so does my 14 year old... so sorry to say, he may never leave!! Mikey also loves all of the Disney shows... ikey Mouse ClubHouse and Handy Manny are his favs. He is funny though, also loves Godzilla and Spiderman. Can't get him out of Spidey pj\"s with \"wings\" (look like spiderwebs under his arms). I love it actually that he enjoys these things.
    China Embarrased to say I enunciated your name like the Country as well. so glad you cleared that up! Love the names of the kids.. Daniel and Christian are beautiful . And your daughters name... just love it. i can't believe you lasted this long... you are the woman. I say work until you no longer... so you can maximize your time later. But, hey, this is from a woman who delivered a few days after a 24 hour call (and I wasn't on leave yet!).
    AFM, been having a great time. I have been able to take advantage of the low interest rates, and am closing on the mortgages of both of my homes this Tuesday. I am so grateful for that, because we really needed the money to cover for debts. Chris had his birthday yesterday, and we went to Medieval times. such a blast, both kids really loved it. It was expensive, but we really do have a limited number of true birthday celebrations with Chris, so I want the last couple to be as memorable as possible. We invited a few of his closest friends to celebrate with us. So, it was truly special.
    It looks like I am cycling sooner rather than later, starting meds next week. We were actually expecting to start next month, but donor needed to go earlier. We are very excited and working hard to get house ready and allergen free. I pray this cycle will be easier. BTW Ellen, i am sorry I didn't answer your question earlier, the other recipient is also anonymous ( I won't even know her outcome), so no, the children will not know each other. DH and I have decided not to tell the child how it was conceived until he/she is older, and none of our family will know until then. There are many personal /cultural reasons for this and our parents (who are older) will not understand. Our child will tell who he/she wants to. Quite frankly, I don't think it is anyone's business other than our family unit. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, this is just our personal decision on how we choose to handle this situation right now.
    Going to start the clothes switch (winter to summer). Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend! ~Chris

  16. Chris- Good luck- I am dying for Paige to get old enough for Medieval Times. Sounds super fun. Its weird bc 14+ seems young but then they are practically out of the house! How can that be??? Sorry if I was invasive about the donor egg question. I was genuinely curious bc its new to me. Quick question. A nurse I know here in CA said her hospital has been put on full alert. Is this true in PA? Do you know any inside thing? I'm thinking (ok, this is becoming not such a quick question)-

    mineral supplements, collidial silver *is that safe?, powdered vitamin c, elderberry oil, oregano oil.

    I want to only ingest if I get symptoms. Stupid? Start now to build extra immunity? As a nurse, what is your plan????

    yiannoz- Those dudes are America's worst with native New Yorkers running a very close second. Ugh.

  17. Ellen~ You are so sweet. You were not being invasive at all... and trust me, I did not take it that way at all. I understand your curiosity, after all it is just another way of achieving pregnancy! The thing is that the issue of disclosure (to tell or not to tell) is controversial, and there are people who feel strongly one way or the other. I did not want to offend anyone unintentionally (including the many who lurk and keep up with us!), so that is why I wrote that.
    I am not sure what \"full alert\" means.. are you talking about the bovine flu? I have been on vacation, so haven't heard much other than what my mom told me was on the news. Each hospital has a plan that they follow in the event of exposure to potentially fatal diseases. That may be what you are talking about?
    I wouldn't ingest silver. And as far as a plan, I really don't do anything taht I don't do every day. Just be more cautious of your surroundings (stay away from those hacking away)and utilize frequent handwashing. Can't live in a bubble, KWIM? Later...

  18. hi guys!!
    31wks and loving it!!
    thanks guys for making me feel even happier and more convinced about the choice of names (although i suspect Candi, Lidija & Suz are slightly mad at me... )

    please do not be embarassed... almost everyone calls my name as the country the first time...its only after i met up with JenNJ and Suz that i realized 'oh shite'... i never made anyone aware on the correct pronounciation. even then... see how long it took me to even address it? it was not that important until i started writing about the babies' names and how to pronounce it b4 i remembered mine
    wow, Chris's b/day sounds like it was a blast. i'm glad they all had fun.
    wohoo for the meds....i pray for the best response and a +++ outcome. that's great that you and Dh have a plan for when your child is grown. and i agree about not letting family know, they can and will be weird about it...some idiot would probably let something slip and all that jazz. its a lot easier to just get on with your lives and do your thing.

    i guess i'll keep plodding along until i see the need for my OB to put me under house-arrest!! since i'm 5'9ish, i guess i'm carrying these lil buggers easier...although i woke up with a stiff neck this morning and my feet are swollen to the point of no return . oh, and as of 2wks ago...my cervix was long/thick/closed (5cm actually...trust me to have cervix to spare)!! not that i'm complaining...much.

    don't you go drinking silver!!! just wash your hands, avoid handshakes like the plague and carry around some wet wipes/purell (not that it would kill the virus, but it makes me feel better).
    did you get my ff up PM?? oh.my.goodness....i am still stunned about it.

    well, i have to do some work now..stiff neck permitting.


  19. China- I stopped working at 26 weeks, but not by my own choice. The company I worked for laid off EVERYONE except for like 2 people per client. Aside from the morning sickness that I continued to have up until the day before they were born (37w2d), I could have kept on working. I'm short (5'4\") but my uterus is tilted back so I didn't look like I was having twins and I carried them in my stomach only. If you saw me from behind (aside from waddling) you wouldn't have known I was pregnant. Wow, 31 weeks!!!! It won't be long now.

    Chris- Good luck & sticky vibes on your upcoming cycle. I don't blame you one bit, If I were in your shoes I would do the exact same thing. Only my immediate family and very close friends know that I went through IVF. My other family members, well frankly it's none of their business.

    Ellen- Unfortnately I work in insurance/claims. I hate it and it's only temporary. I needed a job so I took that, but I do not plan to stay there. Actually, I have enrolled in school and I go in the fall to become a nurse and I plan to specailize in infertility. After going through all of this, I've realized that it's my passion and I want to be able to help other women the way I was helped. What exactly did they do in Page's surgery? I was so nervous about it, and I prayed and gave it to God and we went in for his ultrasound and the guy was so surprised and it's almost closed.

    Stacy-Kimora calls Spongebob ba-bob...Chase did the exact same thing.

    Lidija- No, he was not on any meds. They just told me that in some kids the holes will close on their own and if it hadn't done it by the time he was 2-3 that he would need surgery.

    Bye for now...


  20. Guys I am so wigged out about this flu it is just...Am I the only crackhead on IVFC who is freaking out??? I can't even respond to the PDA question or anything. Sorry Kat! When my brain returns! Its like some monomaniacal quest.

    Today I bought (from the internet- Paige and I did not leave the house) 500 masks, a portable camping stove (I know, wtf, does not compute), water filter system/hand pumps/purifier, essential oils, powdered milks, cases of pria bars and a firestarter.

    I have lost my damn mind.

  21. Hey y'all.

    Boston was wonderful! I truly enjoyed it. The people were a little weird though. LOL They talked really really fast and sometimes I had to say \"excuse me?\" then I would have to say \"Could you slow down, I can't understand you?\" LMAO. But what was weird was how they would yell at each other ont he street! People would scream at cars on the street and I was like \"take a pill\" It was crazy!!! They just weren't very friendly. I mean when I walk in to a store and someone else is coming out I look them in the eye and I say \"hello\" or \"good morning\" people looked at me like \"do I know you?\" LOL But the folks at the restaurants and hotel, etc were SUPER nice. And I got to meet up with TWO IVFC girls. loveajax and an old ivfc girl pamy67 from a long time ago. So that was TONS of fun!!! Karen (LoveAjax) took me to a great lunch and I had a steak and lobster salad. OMG it was SO good. And Pam and her hubby took me to a great dinner and to Harvard square. It was SOOOO cool. I like the show Fringe so it was neat to see where that is set.

    Kat - that is FANTASTIC news!!! how great is that? Prayers were answered for sure. School is a great idea and nursing is an excellent field.

    China - that is so cool that you are still working and feeling well. The names are great!!!!

    Chris - WOW - I'm so happy for you. I was curious too. I don't know that I would even tell the child. But I think when the time comes you'll know if you need or want to tell him/her. (girl girl girl) LOL IMHO, family doesn't need to know. Most don't understand and don't get it and they all have big mouths. LOL At least in most families I know they do. You sure wouldn't want her finding out from the big mouthed auntie.

    Ellen - Yes, you have lost it. LOL I'm not worried. I was a little worried on my flight when the couple behind me was hacking away and we were a connection to Mexico. Why anyone was going there was beyond me. But they were. But you can only do what you can do and live your live. No one here has died because we get our vaccines (Hep A for one I'm sure helps) and we have Tamiflu.

    Lidija - good luck on the job. I would love to have another one of those princess bags for Lucy's best friend Kaylie if you wanted to send one. LOL She loves Lucy's. or if htere is a website I could get one.

    Stacy -

    oh...craaaap..I gotta go....Dh is being a complete ASSSSSSSS more tomorrow.


  22. Candi,

    no problem for bag, should it be some or little bit different, there is their web site, only I was not finding bags on them, I mean they do not have on line shop anyway, I wanted you just to choose from. I have some other things for Lucy anyway which I wanted to send you, only I missed to send schnee kugl with rabbit before Easter so did not I hurry to much after it. I would like to have some Diego tshirt for it :-). Case you still do not have Dora t shirts for boys :-). some chocs?

    I wish I meet somebody from IVF once in real life. I guess I would have to come to US with this speed you are coming here :-). OK; I kind of could met Del in London or Ellen in Paris (but not posting photos with Ellen after :-))))))

    :-), there is panic all around here although we are further away from Mexico then you. I till do not understand this disease to much, I mean there are conflicting infos about it. If it i flue why so many people are dying, why young ones. Are they not reporting most of the cases so this is why mortality is so high ?!? I have Hans stupid assistant, or coworker I do not know how to call here. It is one stupid girl, ok , young woman working for Hans which succeeded to get tuberculosis when being with him in Africa and few years before child from one Indian (south American) while on research work in Bolivia. So, she was supposed to go on some 6 month stipendy/research work to Mexico this Jun. Now I am afraid she will stay here. I was hopping they would close borders after she is there. When she was diagnosed tuberculosis Julian was 8 month old, and she works room next to Hans, and although I was immunized against tuberculosis few times as a child it never worked for me (this is why it was repeated) , so I was naturally afraid and did organized blood testing for me, Hans and Julian then. Hans was already double checked – x rayed from health authorities because he was in Africa with her when she was catching it, but he was immunized like child and it worked for him. Anyway, she get extremely angry for me organizing testing for me & Julian as well, telling I am rioting against her. Stupid cow. I am wondering would she still go to Mexico with her daughter now. And what would she get from there – another half indigenous child or some disease.
    Austria get first swine flue case yesterday, but no panic yet. There are warning against traveling to Mexico or US (?!?).

    About unis etc. You can be not Austrian to get proff on Uni here as wheel, other qualification are needed, they would never get experts they need it they do limit on citizenship on Universities. It is secondary schools, primary schools and even childe care or Kindergarten (state childe care) which take only Austrians. For this one I am not sure if you can teach in primary school in US for example, if you do not have citizenship. Most of countries do not allow it, it is state job so they can define rules. Or police for example, you can not work if you do not have citizenship. Probably there are some other examples, I can not remember now.

    I had to stop working 4 weed before, but as this was paid even better then if I did work I did not have to much problem with it. I guess it is not so easy for you. Yes, Ellen get Jorg correct. About Lidija, I remember once thinking that Del get it wrong because she wrote Lidija like Lidja, and I remember some Portuguese connection from her ( I can not recall it now), so then I thought , not Li[dz:]a again and corrected her. For rest of you I didn't care to much I guess. Mot of family and friends call me manishm35 anyway, nick I am using here in my official nickname in real like.

    I thought you name come from state China, I admit, I thought it is some honoring of Africa – China friendship. :-)))) OK; it does sound stupid, but :-)

    Hans went to Africa (Ethiopia) yesterday, and took my camera with. So, no video skyping for me for a while. But I do plan to buy one myself. Only when skype-d with my Zagreb friend last time she had some camera where you can change to cat or monster or black and white or get a hat, and both kids had lots of fun with it, so I would look for this kind of more expensive camera now I guess.

    good luck on cycling. When are you starting?

    nurse specialized for infertility sound great. It is in a way like making hobby job, sound like perfect combination. I should admit that I myself applied for being statistician in cancer research because it is my passion anyway to read health statistics and things like this. If somebody ask for statistician in IVF researches I would be applying in a second and begging around for them to take me or maybe using all connections around I could.

    Stacy ,
    nice to hear from you. Ex-husband. Hm? This list really had something from soap opera. I still remember what Ellen wrote when she first showed herself- you guys are better then soap opera. I am wondering when first evil twins would make appearance. Any children around we are not aware of? I wrote already about Martin – Julian half brother or Hans son form first marriage? Didn't I?

    I am going to Zagreb tomorrow afternoon and I am back Sunday night. It is bit to much traveling only for 2 days but Hans went to Ethiopia for 3 weeks and I do not want to be all this time alone with Julian. I didn't get any more news about my new job, so I still do not know would it work but I am reasonably optimistic about it. I have another job interview – for Hans Uni position on May 6th.


  23. Candi,
    sorry I forget to post web site

    Maybe you get more luck in finding bags on it. Otherwise I can take photos with my digital camera myself.


  24. Lidija,
    oh i have a step-son...he is 18!!! when Chris and i got married (the kid was 11 and him and i got along well), she stopped us from seeing him (he never got along with her boyfriend) and wanted us to go to court to fight about it! this time, Chris refused (she had pulled that stunt b4) and it has been almost 7yrs. we found him on FB- his profile is completely open so we do 'watch' him on FB. only thing bothering Chris is that all his son's friends got accepted into real universities (from their profiles) but his son got into some online technical college training thing! so it seems that he must have rebelled against his mom (serves the biatch right) and she still wouldn't change her mind about contact. every 3mths for the past 7yrs, i always bring the issue of re-establishing contact with his son, he is finally listening and intends to set-up some supervised meetings/visitations etc.
    CJ knows all about him, we have pictures of him around the house, CJ recognised him rightaway on FB and has been asking when he will come to visit. i am so surprised that he understands that him and this brother have 2 different mothers!!
    so you see...there's always drama.
    as for working...i am will make next week my last! plus the swine flu outbreaks has me freaked out. I saw my OB yesterday and she wants me to slow down, rest and stay away from public transport and workplaces. i don't want to leave my boss in a lurch, so i'll give them one more week. thankfully, 2 ladies have been trained in the past month to take over my workload, so no need to hire a temp. or anything.
    i told Chris to bring some tamiflu (the treatment for this swine flu) home today. there are now cases in NJ (we leave there) as well as NY...we work there! my sister is freaking out in london!

    sounds like Boston was a hit for you...even though the spoke too fast! in general, i think americans speak waaaay too fast, but i've gotten used to it now. plus some parts of the US seem to have a 'nasal' lilt to the accents. i like 'clear and precise'....CJ laughs at me when i say 'wat-er' instead of 'wad-ha'....

    i am freaked out...but not to the level of buying 500 masks!! why 500 though? at least i know who to contact if i ever need some now...LOL. seriously though, i am freaked out because i am particularly vulnerable and there are confirmed cases in NY and NJ!! the report about the first US death in Texas has me all upset

    again, i have to say i am so glad that Christopher's condition is resolving itself. such a fantastic thing to know.
    let me ask, did you go into labor on your own? tell me all about it please!! and for being ivf nurse...that IS fantastic. i can just picture all the couples you'd be soothing along the way and bringing such optimism to. you'd be the best, i tell you. the'd be so grateful to have such an understanding nurse. i wish you all the best with that.

    ok ladies, i have to wrap up at work.... make sure nothing sits on my desk that is outstanding... i definitely don't want some skivver to blame anything on me while i'm gone... kwim???


  25. China- The reason for 500 masks is that each mask can only be used once and must be tossed. If you are buying masks, they HAVE to be n95 level- the rest are ineffective at keeping the particles out and will still kill you (they all wore masks during the Spanish flu, too..). N95s are hospital grade. Anyway, my freakout is due to the fact that I FULLY believe that this virus is a man-made genetic splice.

    I can't figure out the end game, or if this is just a beta test to gauge responses and transmissions etc. before the big one is released, but either way having that many masks makes me ok.

    If I'm right (and I hope I'm not, but after the events of Sept. I now don't trust the party line at ALL), then down the road there will be a subsequent water attack- -hence the purifiers etc. I bought. No matter what, living in earthquake country, I've put us in a good position so when the bill comes hopefully my husband doesn't freak. N95 masks by 3M! Especially for you, pregnant missy!!!!

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