Feb/Mar DE Cycle - continued!!

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  1. robertobiloslav ~ Yippee on your strong twins. What a relief. I’m definitely going to take pictures. I did last time and am so glad that I did. It’s so nice to have those pictures to look back on. I think I’ll start tomorrow assuming I get a good report at my u/s. I’m too chicken today

    robertobiloslav & Kristine ~ The funny thing about the comment my mom made is that I’m adopted. She suffered 20 years of IF before adopting my brother and me. She, of all people should know better.

    Lisa ~ I would be furious with your boss for telling. That was way put of line.

    Nancy ~ great news on your strong heartbeats too!

    I\'m just waiting for tomorrow's u/s and spent most of the day freaking myself out. I've gone through fears of ectopic, molar, and normal but no heartbeat. Ugh. I don't know how I'll ever sleep tonight.


  2. Nancy and robertobiloslav, Congratulations on both of your US's!! That's such great news. Also thanks for the tip on eating several small meals throughout the day. I had been trying to do that, but the nausea has been overwhelming--esp in the mornings. I take 2 bites of something and I start gagging! Just hoping the queasiness will start to get better in a few weeks.

    Mich, Will be thinking of you today. Hope your US goes well. So sorry that your mom isn't more understanding, esp given her own history. Could it be that maybe she is jealous b/c she never had the chance to experience childbirth herself? I don't know--just a guess.

    Lisa, I'm just beside myself at those comments. Some people have no discretion at all! I would never dream of making comments like that or spreading other people's business. I just don't get why other people are like that.

  3. Mich - thinking of you and your u/s today. Good luck!


  4. Mich - anxiously waiting for your news today!! ( I also can't believe your mom made those comments given her history - there is no excuse!)

    Nancy - congratulations on your awesome ultrasound - was OB visit exciting or just a checking in appointment?

    Lisa - I echo what others have said - I can't believe that your boss disclosed personal information and the gall of your neighbor insinuating nasty business is just beyond... beyond words.

    Kristine - congrats on your big purchase. I think you are good to go on buying some stuff now - you're almost done with 1st trimester and you used nice young eggs so the crazy worry stuff should end now!! enjoy it please!

    frahmeh - I can understand on OB being skittish about triplets but the peris should be ashamed of themselves - as Kristine said 'it's their job for pete's sake!!!\'

    I got even more good news yesterday - my progesterone shots are now ONLY 1cc!!!! yay!! more bloods on monday and hopefully will drop them even more. Went to OB this morning - have another appointment next week and have peri consult and 1st trimester screen on 23 May.

    Those of you that have started with an OB - did they mark you down as high-risk due to AMA??? I know us 'older' moms have higher incidence of GD and high BP etc etc but I thought it was the eggs that made the AMA high risk - what is your experience????

    Oh and thanks for all the wonderful congrats on the twins - I got to hear heartbeat again today and I was all waterworks again - will that ever end???

  5. Hi Ladies,

    Well, I finally found a Peri/OB yesterday. She has an office at the nearest hospital with a NICU. She actually acts as your OB and your Peri instead of having to go to two doctors and she delivers. So, I opted for her. My other choice was to go to a Peri and an OB and then go to a completely different hospital with totally new docs for delivery. Of course, no way! In my area, there are only 2 Peri's and lots of OB's. It was the OB's that wouldn't see me with triplets. Then I already explained the choice between the 2 Peri's so the decision ended up being an easy one once one of the OB's office's gave me the 2nd Peri's name and number. I have my first appointment with her on May 21 at 11:00am. I had to have all my records faxed to her yesterday and her office told me she would review them and they would call me if I need to do anything different than I already am. So, that is a load off! Yeah! I also found out last night that my SIL that had the twins went to her and loved her. Don't ask me why I didn't think about finding out where she went, she is living here at my in-laws with me - duh!

    I also have a comment on the parent thing. Fortunately mine have very supportive of the whole DE process and all of that, but my mom and my MIL are driving me crazy! My mom wants me to go to the hospital that is farther away - she says it's because it's better but I know that it's because her sister works at the other hospital and she isn't on speaking terms with her right now - even though she works in the Cardiac unit! Then, she wants me to get matching everything! I said something about my brother giving me my nephews crib to use and I would hit some garage sales to find some more - she said, you're not getting matching cribs? I said, at $250-450 a pop and I need 3 of them - are you crazy! She said, well, I know people that have had triplets - maybe you can get cribs from them. I just said to her, if you can find matching cribs that are reasonable sure, and then thought to myself - I'm not holding my breath. Then my MIL is worried about all the other cr*p, bottles, pac-n-plays, car seats, clothes, etc. and hounding me to go shopping and start buying this stuff while I'm here in FL. I told her that doesn't make sense because I have to ship it home, her comment was that shipping is cheap. I told her DH would have a fit and tell me I can buy stuff at home. She basically said to screw DH (not literally) and get started. The pressure is driving me crazy - must be the hormones! I don't want to make them feel bad because they are excited but I really need to take this at my own pace and I'm just not ready to jump in head first - KWIM?

    Oh God, and then the name and sex thing! MIL doesn't like the names DH and I like and says they need to be plain names as we have a difficult last name and has rattled off a whole bunch of them she likes. They also both want to know how soon I will know what they are! I feel like telling them, I'm not telling you until they are born! Now, I have told them both like 5 times, usually not until around 16 weeks but the RE is going to try and give me an idea at the next u/s.

    I don't know, maybe I should be happy and just go with the flow that they are so interested in everything. I think some of it could just be what everyone else has kind of gone through about not feeling like a normal pregnant woman. It is getting a lot better, I have 1.5 weeks until I'm at 12 and through the 1st trimester and the RE has started weaning me off the meds (yeah!) but it's not a normal pregnancy - especially not with triplets!

    Well, enough ranting! I just figured you could all relate.

    I will post personals in a different post as this one has gotten long enough.


  6. robertobiloslav - what is AMA, GD and BP? I have never been pg before so I have not heard those abbreviations. I'm glad your OB appointment went well and you get to start weaning off the meds! That is such a good feeling!

    Lisa - how terrible that people questioned your moral character! You should have said to him, have you heard of spermsicles! And, the boss thing is appalling!

    Nancy - great u/s! When do you start with the OB?

    Kristine - what a great deal on the stroller - that is awesome! I agree with robertobiloslav, I think it's safe to start buying things if you find something you really want for your bean. I'm also glad to hear the treatments you are taking are working for you and that you only have a couple left.

    Mich - any news yet on the u/s? I also agree with robertobiloslav on your mom's comments - unbelievable!

    Adobe - I totally understand the m/s and gagging after a few bites. I have the exact same problem and it really sucks! I haven't really found a good answer to it other than keep trying to eat. I have gagged on nearly everything - pudding, cereal, granola bars, bananas, salad, etc. I can eat it one minute and the next I'm nearly puking it up. I have found that I have to take breaks. Basically, eat 2 or 3 bites, wait a few minutes, take another bite, wait a few, etc. I have also found that if I chew my food in the front of my mouth and then swallow it is better. If it gets to far back, it makes me gag everytime. I have also found it helps to drink milk or juice or something after one or two bites - it washes everything down and allows me to take another one. Lastly, if all else fails, have you tried taking the half a unisom with B6? That did help me some but I can't use it all time (only if the m/s is really bad) as it dries me right out and I feel worse.

    I think that's everyone, if I forgot someone, sorry and Hi!


  7. Back from my u/s and we saw two beautiful heartbeats. What a huge relief!

    I can't believe I'm going to have twins.

    more later (I have phone calls to make!)
    hugs all

  8. super fast post and run.

    ama - advanced maternal age (over 35)
    gd - gestational diabetes
    bp - blood pressure

    frahmeh - your experience with your mother and MIL is exactly why i don't like to tell too soon - everyone thinks it's their business to tell you what to do all of a sudden - even when it's well meaning it can get really annoying. you could ask nicely that they back off a bit - tell them you plan to start buying at x weeks and that you'd love their input then...??

  9. frahmeh, I'm sure your mom and MIL mean well, but their constant "suggestions" would annoy and stress me out also. One thought--if they want to go out and buy stuff FOR you, I'd tell them to go right ahead and knock themselves out. Otherwise they need to leave you alone! As for the m/s thing, I don't feel comfortable about taking Unisom during pregnancy. But I did try those B-natal lollipops that have B6 in them. Got some samples from my OB's office. They seemed maybe to help a bit, but when I asked the drugstore to order them for me, they didn't come the next day like they were supposed to. So I've run out of samples and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of an online order I put in. Like you said, having a few bites here and there is all I can do right now. I feel like I'm a cow grazing all day long!

    Mich, That's such great news about your US! We've got quite a run on twins going!

    One other thing about people who are trying to be helpful. My secretary means well, but she started asking me all these questions like have I signed up for childbirth classes? newborn care classes? thought of child care? put my name on a list for a day care and school? Plus if it's multiples that means they'll be born a month earlier, and I may be put on bed rest for a while before delivery. SO that means I should plan early etc etc Yikes!! I guess I do need to start thinking about some of these things since this will be my first child/children and I don't really know the 1st thing about taking care of babies. But all I have on my mind is getting through prenatal screening and m/s.

  10. Oh my gosh Adobe, that is exactly what they are doing to me and that is exactly how I feel right now! It's like, can you please just let me get past the 12 week mark, get home to my own house, and get past the m/s phase so I can actually think about what I want/need and what will work best for us instead of putting all this pressure on me and making me feel like I have to do it now - for the exact same reasons even - they will come early and you have to get going! Give me a break, please! As to the Unisom, my RE gave me an article about it and it is a type A drug so it is not harmful, however, I do understand not wanting to take it as I have had a headache for 2 days now and won't take tylenol to get rid of it. I also only used the unisom when I was actually puking, otherwise, I just do what you said - graze all day long! My MIL called me the bottomless pit and my FIL said I eat like a horse - it actually hurt my feelings but I know they weren't trying to. I am just really hungry all the time, especially since it's not to often that I can eat a full meal.

    Mich - yeah! What great news!

    robertobiloslav - thanks for deciphering the abbreviations. I don't know yet since I haven't seen the Peri. My RE hasn't said anything about any of that stuff but I really doubt he would. Thanks for the suggestions, I very well may use that.


  11. Mich - I can't believe it - we cross posted and I didn't see your news until just now. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so thrilled for you! Were you wondering if it might be 3 since your betas were so super high?? I guess you're letting the world know - they must be really excited for you!

  12. Mich - Congratulations! What wonderful news! Isn't it neat to see those hearts just a throbbing away. How far along are you again?

  13. Woo-hoo Mich! Congrats That's wonderful!

    Amen on the "just let me get through the first trimester" comments! I'm trying to do the same thing, THEN think about all that other stuff! It's a little overwhelming

  14. Nancy ~ I'm 7 weeks today and yes, those flickers were beautiful.

    robertobiloslav ~ You bet! I was convinced that one or both had split and was getting nervous. Twins is wonderful and only slightly terrifying I told friends today and called my mom although just for an update since she already knew. I had my SIL (the only of dh's family that knows I'm pg)
    call all the rest of dh's family and invite them to a get together on Friday supposedly for my 40th birthday and an early mother's day but it's really just so I can surprise them with this. I bought ds a tshirt that says "I'm going to be a big brother" and I plan to wait til everyone is gathered then ask another SIL if she can take his jacket off for me. Hopefully she'll see the shirt, scream, show everyone else etc. I'm really counting on it being more fun than when I told my mom

    I called my Peri and she can see me on the 19th so I'm psyched. I love her.


  15. mich- congratulations on the twins! that is such wonderful news!

    frahmeh- glad to hear you found a one stop shop peri/ob. That was so smart - it will make things just a bit easier for you and it definitely sounds like you'll need that. It's amazing to me that people are never afraid to tell you what to do when it comes to kids. I fought that battle with MIL and my DS thru the pg and the first two years. Stay strong and vent here and do what it is you're comfortable with (and can afford!) Three kids are expensive and matching cribs seems to be quite a luxury. It sounds like you're being very smart about it.

    adobe- sounds like your secretary means well, but you've got plenty of time. People kept saying to me that I needed to take a Lamaze class, but I knew I wanted an epidural, so I never did. People said it would be a mistake in case I changed my mind - that's not something you change your mind on! Maybe if you just say thanks, but you've got it and need to go at your own pace she'll back off.

    robertobiloslav-my RE said that my age is not relevant. He said it's the DE that matters, so it's like I'm 26.

    Thanks for the support on the comments. I read a book a long time ago on how to deal with people like that and it said that they act that way because they don't know any better. (They should, but they don't.) It's simple, but it helps things roll off me a little better. It is what it is, right? (Oh, and I did file a complaint about my boss, that helped, too!)

    I'm ten weeks today - woo-hoo! Hi to everyone else in the group and I'm so glad things are going well for everyone - I love all the great news!


  16. Kristine: 12.5wks, due Nov 14th 1st trimester screen May 7th
    frahmeh: 10.5wks, due Nov 29 next U/S May 19th
    robertobiloslav: 10wks, due Dec 2/Nov 11 next U/S
    Lisa: 10wks, due Dec 3 next OB May 19th
    Nancy: 9wks, due Dec 10/Nov 20 next U/S
    Adobe: 8wks, due Dec 18 next U/S ??
    Mich: 7wks, due Dec 23 next U/S

    Feel free to copy and paste it into a new window to update info!

  17. Thanks Kristine, I updated my next u/s date. Good luck today!

    Kristine: 12.5wks, due Nov 14th 1st trimester screen May 7th
    frahmeh: 10.5wks, due Nov 29 next U/S May 19th
    robertobiloslav: 10wks, due Dec 2/Nov 11 next U/S
    Lisa: 10wks, due Dec 3 next OB May 19th
    Nancy: 9wks, due Dec 10/Nov 20 next U/S
    Adobe: 8wks, due Dec 18 next U/S ??
    Mich: 7wks, due Dec 23 next U/S May 13th

    Feel free to copy and paste it into a new window to update info!

  18. Kristine - thanks for the calendar update and good luck today! I should have a better idea of the adjusted due date once I see the Peri.

    Adobe - I forgot you have a possible triplet in there. How are you holding up with that? I know when they told me it was only twins and not triplets, I was so relieved and so was DH. We about choked when it got a heartbeat and then caught up with the other 2 in size. I am just starting to get used to the idea of 3 and am not so scared anymore. I could never do S/R so it is what it is and DH and I are slowly adjusting to it (me more slowly than DH). I hope that everything turns out the way you would like it to.

    Lisa - I was definitely thrilled to find a Peri that was also the OB. You are right, anything to make it easier - especially when I get towards the end and am at that really big and uncomfortable stage. You are right too, kids are definitely expensive and quite honestly, they are so little, they don't know any different. What is more important to them is the love and affection you give them - not the material things. To have everything matching would be for me, not for them, and quite honestly - this is really all about them right now. I would rather save the money and use it to make sure they have enough diapers and formula and anything else they may need. I guess it's the mom thing kicking in already.

    I was noticing on the calendar, we are all so close to each other in how far along we are - that is so neat! A lot of us will be having our beans within days of each other because of the multiple factor and the fact that they tend to come early. We should all be having them close to Kristine.


  19. I called my Peri this morning about my awful morning sickness hoping to get a prescription for Zofran but she insisted I try the Unisom/B6 thing first. Haven't some of you have tried it? How did it work for you? I'm supposed to take half a 25mg B6 and half a 25mg Unisom at night. How does taking it at night help me feel better during the day? So confusing.

  20. Funny you mention that, frahmeh, I was noticing that too ... with all the multiples on here, we're all going to probably deliver in mid to end November! There'll be babies popping out all over the place

    Mich, can't help you with that one, frahmeh? You did the Unisom thingy, right?

    All is well with my bean! Measured right on target, HB 150 and nuchal fold measured at 1.1 to 1.3, which is VERY low risk for Downs ... the blood work will be interesting, the lab chick didn't get it when I said to make note the egg is 25 yrs old ... whatever! I don't care what the b/w shows, all is well and I'm 2 dys away from being officially out of first trimester! Woo-hoo! I do need some maternity clothes though, I can't stand anything on my thickening waist line
    (We won't even discuss the bb's)

  21. Mich - yes, I did the Unisom/B6 thing. It helped when it was really bad - meaning I couldn't move without ralphing. However, it is very drying (as the Unisom is really an antihistamine) and gave me really bad constipation. Fortunately for me, after about 2 weeks, the m/s eased up to where it comes and goes with being hungry for the most part. I was instructed to take a half a unisom and 25mg of B6 twice during the day and then to take a whole unisom and 25mg of B6 at night. The whole unisom did help me sleep better and the 2 halves spaced throughout the during the day didn't tire me out to bad (I was off work so I napped but it wasn't really from the unisom). I would say to just drink tons of water with it and get yourself some Collace and some suppositories as that is what helped the constipation from it (of course, check with your doctor but that's what they had me use).

    Kristine - Great report from your tests today, congratulations! I also hear you on the nothing tight around the belly thing - it actually hurts and makes me feel sick if there is pressure on my stomach - even just laying my hands on it at times. Weird! Yeah on almost being through the first trimester! Are you all off the meds now?


  22. kristine, great screen - yippeee! by the way - what you did with the happy faces in the calendar was cute!

    mich, sorry you're so uncomfortable. I hope the unisom works....

    hi to everyone else! lisa

  23. Kristine - great results on the scan yesterday!!! That's the last thing to worry about - it's all fun (and shopping) form here!!! Are you starting to think about decorating the nursery yet?? No pressure, no pressure... just curious!!

    Adobe - If I remember correctly you have a scan today - is that right??? If you do, let us know how it goes!

    Hello to everyone else!

  24. Hi everyone,

    Kristine, That is such great news on your scan! Congratulations!!!

    Had another US today. Everything looked good. The twins are both measuring right on target at 8 wks and heart rates 171 and 167. The third one did not have any cardiac activity today and looks like it has arrested at 6 wks development. It is sad but I am also relieved. frahmeh, I admire how brave you are. I was very torn about the possibility of having a third, and honestly I do not know if we would have elected S/R or not. It seems that it has worked itself out for now, so thankfully we will not be forced to make a decision on that.

    My OB brought up prenatal screening. She said for the blood tests they have reliable statistical norms on twins, but when I asked her if the 3rd sac could throw things off, she said she did not know the answer to that. She has referred us to a genetic counselor. I really would prefer not to have any invasive procedures.

    Mich, I hope your m/s isn't too bad today. My OB wrote me an Rx for Zofran but I really don't want to use it. I 'm just taking it day by day. lately I haven't been able to take my PNV at all. I am going to try taking 2 Flintstones a day instead for now...

  25. Adobe, that's so great on the twins ... sort of bittersweet with the 3rd, but you'll enjoy two just as much! Zofran is supposed to be quite safe during PG, it's a great drug.

    robertobiloslav, no not decorating the nursery yet First of all, we are in a rental house right now and not sure if we'll buy before the baby comes or not. Secondly, once I find out the sex, THAT's when I'll start decorating If it's a boy, I am so doing a nautical theme, little girl, not sure yet. If we're still in the rental house, it'll limit the decorating I can do (no painting, etc). Oh well, we have plenty of time.

    frahmeh, yep, I weaned off the meds by 11wks ... my butt is only just now recovering. Still have to do Lovenox, but that's nothing compared that stupid PIO! When do you move? You know, if your MIL wants your cribs to match, she should definitely buy them! I'm amazed how much they cost, it is just for a little baby, right?!?!

    Lisa, hope you're feeling well!

    Mich, you too, how's the nausea? I, unfortunately, had nausea that was relieved by eating ... kinda wish I had the opposite

    Well, I had my first bleeding scare last night. Thanks to all of you who have gone there before me, I knew it should be okay as long as I wasn't cramping (which I didn't) .... but it still freaked me out, esp right after such a great U/S. But we did still see the GS of the twin yesterday (nothing in it, just the sac), I thought that's probably why I hadn't had the bleeding/spotting from it going away ... then there you go! I stayed home from work today just in case, but no more spotting at all today. Baby is okay on doppler, so I really think it was finally the twin exiting. I can do without any more of that

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