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  1. frahmeh, congrats on all three being healthy! Trips are daunting, I'm sure you have a lot of research to do ... when do trips usually come? Around 34-36wks or something like that? We should put an adjusted due date for all of you with multiples, I think my RE said twins were 2-4wks earlier. That's so great your bleed has healed! Hopefully your spotting days are behind you now.

    Well, after all of our talk of not buying anything for the baby yet, I think we are going to go ahead and get the stroller this weekend. REI is having their annual 20% off sale and I have a dividend check to cash there, so we can get $140 off the stroller .... if I wait, I lose the 20%!!! And we all know how good a sale can be I sure hope I'm not jinxing myself

    robertobiloslav? Enjoying being off so much you off having fun? (I'm still so jealous!)

  2. Nancy, we were posting at the same time ... I added you to the calendar!

  3. Thanks Kristine! Calendar looks great.

  4. Hi everyone

    I've been out of town visiting family and having some serious morning sickness so I haven't been posting lately. Plus I'm not sure if I should jump in over here yet since my first u/s isn't til Tuesday morning. I guess I'll live on faith and jump in the deep end

    I'm 6w2d, don't know how many yet, next u/s is 5/6, EDD is 12/23.

    There are quite a few detailed posts that I haven't caught up on yet so forgive me for not doing personals yet. One of the questions I saw though was about age. I'll be 40 in 2 weeks. My first attempt at IVF was 10 years ago and my eggs were already **** so it's not always age that gives you wrotten eggs

    more later ladies

  5. Hello!!

    Thanks for the calendar kristine, it looks great!!

    My info is: 9w1d, edd 12/2 (adjusted 11/11), next u/s 5/5

    (edd info is from ivf.ca so not sure what actual doctor will say...)

    I've been really enjoying the change in my routine - I get to sleep a bit later and I've been having naps too - I feel like I'm in recovery!! And I have been getting lots of stuff done around the house (the stuff you never do and then it just nags at you) and just in the last month or so I joined a local mother's social club so I've been making contact with them to meet more people since I'm so new to the area still. So it's been a really nice switch so far!

    frahmeh - what an incredible turnaround story for you with thinking that one of triplets was going away and now the little fighter is back in full force again!! you must be looking forward to getting home soon.

    Mich - great to see you again. I was wondering what happened to you. And isn't it funny - I totally had in my head that you were 36ish (I must have gotten it from something you wrote cuz I got everyone else right).

    Kristine - getting stuff on sale is great - this gear adds up quickly!! Is it a stroller that car seat snaps into?? What is going to happen with your IVIG treatments - are you expecting to have to do that throughout the pregnancy? At least it seems to be doing the trick so even though it sounds painful and uncomfortable it's working!

    Gotta run - more later.....

  6. ok... I'm back.

    And I have a complaint and a question.

    My shots are getting more and more troublesome - more bleeding, more soreness afterwards, just more of an overall pain in the ass... But last night takes the cake. I did the shot as I always do. When I removed the needle there was an actual SPRAY of blood. Several inches of splatter. And blood pouring down my backside.

    Krsitine, my resident medical expert, how is this possible with an IM shot. I assume I hit a vein on the way in but why would this cause a bonafide spray??

    Today\'s shot was better but still lots more blood than my earliest IM shots 7 weeks ago... ahhh the fond memories... I thought this would get easier not harder. bitch, moan, complain....

    OK. Now I'm done. Later girls.

  7. robertobiloslav, after you get the needle in, are you pulling back on the plunger to ensure you're not in a vessel? If you're already doing this, you could have hit one on the way in or out ... I had a few that bled even though there was nothing on the pull back. As for the spray, well, there are little arteries/capillaries somewhere back there ... you shouldn't hit them if you stay in the outer/upper quadrant, but you can ... our anatomy doesn't always conform to the textbooks! And yes, it gets almost impossible to do them the further along you get ... I was literally out of places that weren't sore or had bumps, you only have that little section of butt to do them in! I was never crazy enough to try the thigh Try not to bleed to death, you don't have much longer to do these

  8. Oh yeah robertobiloslav, I was so intent on your bleeding, I forgot to answer the other questions!

    I just got confirmation I only have to do IVIG until 24 wks, yay! So that only means 2 more doses We are getting a hybrid stoller, I live in an old neighborhood with brick sidewalks, beach nearby so the small wheels don't cut it (I gave my nephew brain damage driving him around in one) -- you can get an attachment for baby/car seats too. We'll also get a snap n go to leave in the car at first, but then want only the one stroller for all our needs. I'll probably U/S myself again to prove the baby is okay and I can buy the stroller .... I sure hope my rational side comes out later on in this PG! Of course, the more PG we get, the more we can feel the baby move, etc and be reassured I can't wait to be able to buy the little clothes, crib n stuff .... what's everyone thinking? End of second trimester for that sort of thing? I don't know when it's appropriate, we see so many horror stories on these boards, I don't know what normal people do!

  9. robertobiloslav, I've also noticed more post-injection bleeding as my poor buttocks gets more and more traumatized over time. Even with a negative aspiration, you still can get a lot of bleeding afterwards. I keep a gauze handy so as soon as I pull out I put pressure for a good 5 mins. (along with a heating pad) to prevent bleeding and "leakage."

    Kristine, Thanks for putting together the calendar. My info is 7wks. They originally told me due date 12/18--but with multiples I'm thinking maybe sooner?

    Went in for another US yesterday. 2 with strong heartbeats. I thought the 3rd one would have degenerated by now, but they said the poor little guy has a very weak heartbeat as well. I feel bad for the 3rd little one struggling like that. I'm already a bit nervous about the twin situation (i'm only 5 ft tall)--I don't think triplets would work out well for me. We'll just have to wait and seen what happens with #3 I guess.

    Are any of you with multiples taking extra supplements? My OB gave me a regimen for patients expecting twins. In addition to the prenatal vitamin, I'm supposed to take a calcium/magnesium/zinc tablet. One tab 3x a day to start. Later on two tabs three time a day. And ultimately 3tabs 3x a day. I have been so nauseous and gagging all the time that the PNV is a real struggle as it is. I don't know how I'm going to take all of these extra tablets. I'm thinking of grinding them up and putting them in apple sauce or something...

    Lisa, don't feel bad about being 37! I'm 36. FSH=12-13 range when i was a young 35. And all I ever made were a good number of really crappy eggs.

  10. good morning girls!!

    so it looks like we have 4 scans coming up this week!! big week! how is everyone handling it? I'm fully braced for seeing one or two - so curious what the actual scan will show tomorrow - not worried or anything, just braced.

    I'm full of questions this morning.

    1) am I the only one who is a bit lax about doing the pull back on the IM shots?? I must confess that I did them religiously for the first cycles then when nothing ever showed up I got more and more lax about it. felt ok about it because I've never seen a medical professional actually do the pull back when administering IM shots and I read about lots of women on these boards not doing them ... since my geyser incident I've been doing them again but am I really the only one??

    2) No one here has mentioned doing an NT scan and accompanying blood work - is anyone doing that? I'm planning on it but no one here has mentioned it so just curious... Kristine is that what your 1st trimester screen is?

    adobe - I'm sorry that you're watching one of the little guys struggling - hopefully things will resolve themselves for your next scan. I'm still lining up an OB so I'm not getting any advice on supplements yet -but taking my pre-natal vitamins (4 of them) for now.

    Kristine - that's interesting that you only need the treatments until 24 weeks - what's the reason for that - is the baby strong enough to 'fight back' after 24 weeks?? I bet you're excited about not having to do them for much longer!!

    OK, one more thing... sorry for running long.
    I'm very much in the 'tell camp' but have decided that for right now I will mostly bring up DE and the fact that I'm pregnant as I'm asked directly about it. At some point we will 'make an announcement' and tell people we are pregnant and at some other point we will also tell people that we used DE. But like I said, for now we are limiting disclosure to people who ask directly.

    So I was talking to my parents yesterday - with whom I have a pretty strained relationship. They know that I started trying for #2 2 years ago and it resulted in a m/c so they should know that I'm eager to add to the family and they have been really unsupportive about my lack of success. For example when both my sister and SIL announced their pregnancies (they're both due in May - soon) my parents started to nag me about when was I going to have more children - this was right in the middle of my failed 'hail mary' cycle at Cornell - not good timing!! (not that they knew about the cornell thing but why would you nag someone about having kids??) When I called them to tell them that I lost my job my mother immediately comes back with 'Well now maybe you can focus on having more children' - unbelievable!!

    Anyway, yesterday I talked to them and for the first time told them that I had done 4 IVFs in less than a year and that docs have told us we are unlikely to have more children. To which my mother first responds that so and so had a child at 40 and all she needed was progesterone supplementation... wow!!! (btw that's what I did trying for #1 and it actually worked but we are soo beyond that now - obviously). When I pointed this out to her she was like 'Well your one is so lovely - you should be so grateful.' I hate it when people say stupid shite like that!! So I respond that I have always wanted more than one. So she comes back with 'adoption'. So we're finally getting to the laying of the groundwork for my pregnancy announcement to them...; I point out that with today's technology you can adopt an egg and do IVF with an adopted egg. Confused silence on the other end of the phone... I still consider it a good first conversation about DE with my funny old parents... wow - many more to come I'm sure! Is anyone else still working up to this??

    OK - very very sorry for the novella here.... later!

  11. Hi robertobiloslav, I am so sorry that you have been having trouble communicating with your mother. It often seems that the people who are closest to you and whom you would expect to be the most supportive somehow find ways to say the most insensitive things at the most inopportune moments. I had some problems with my mother as well--she is from another country/another era and a very conservative Catholic upbringing. So I had trepidations about discussing our IF treatments with her. In the end I just came out and said we decided to use DE. I wasn't asking for or expecting her approval. I think the idea was very foreign to her. But then I told her about a friend of mine who has children by DE. She's met my friend before and adores her kids. I think it helped her see that people can be very happy and blessed even when using DE. I think planting the seeds like you have begun to do with your mother is a good way to get her used to the idea. My mother also has the annoying habit of comparing me with my sister who is very happy and never had problems having children blah blah blah. All I can do there is change the subject or politely say that I have to go now and hang up the phone when she starts up with that!

    I don't know much about the screening they're going to recommend for me yet. I did see that they start off with MSAFP routinely for all patients. I'm thinking there may be two problems with that: 1) With 3 embryos developing there's a good chance of a false positive 2) I'm going to have to make a point of reminding them to use donor's age in their calculations.

    About aspirating before each injection, I 've been doing it every time and have never gotten a positive. I think as long as you're in the right place, you're probably OK.

  12. adobe -
    I've heard some of the screening results can get confused with multiples so I'm interested in what docs say about that. And yeah, must tell doc donor's age!!

    you've made reference to your unusual background before - do you mind telling what it is??? It's neat that you have a friend who has done DE that is nearby. I'm totally with you on not looking for support or acceptance from my parents - in fact I toyed with the idea of not telling them because I see them so rarely but it would surely come up in conversations with my sibs so that would just cause more problems.

    btw, just to clarify, I'm not looking for sympathy about my parents - they are what they are and I've come to terms with that years ago but it was a funny/weird conversation especially since it was in swedish and my swedish is more of the light conversational variety since I don't get much practice anymore. And anyways, I am not fully up on IVF terminology in swedish. Just as my parents were not fully up on IVF terminology at all - in fact, the first question out of my father's mouth was 'what's IVF?' (they were both on the phone but my mom was the only one with all the supportive helpful comments).

  13. That's a shame both of your parents aren't more supportive, as if this journey isn't difficult enough. The comparison to sibling thing that's been mentioned drives me nuts and I have vowed not to do that with my children (having had it done to me). Hopefully this will help us all build better relationships with our children, especially since we've had to work so hard and go through so much to have them.

    robertobiloslav, whatever nurse you've seen that didn't pull back needs to be slapped ... that is the first cardinal rule of IM injections! The dose given IM is way higher than IV, if you are in a vessel and giving 10mg IM Morphine, your patient can stop breathing! Now, in my 16 year nursing career, I have to say I've only had blood in a pull back on ONE occasion, so it's not likely you will, but let's not take any chances! But still, your blood spurt is most likely due to hitting one on the way in/out .... oh, and if you have that again, don't put on the heating pad, ice that one .... heat dilates the vessels and will make it bruise/bleed more. Okay, off the nursing soap box.

    The first trimester screen is the nuchal fold hootie and b/w, and they are definitely aware of the donor's age! I decided to do the screening aspect for reassurance and a good U/S that much earlier. I have heard the b/w is less accurate for multiples, I don't know if they account for that in the calculations or not. I'm still against amnio, I have a friend who's sister m/c after her amnio so I don't think I could risk it

    Adobe, I feel bad for your 3rd little guy ... I lost my twin somewhere between the 8 wk U/S and 10wk U/S, it's sad, but with the other one doing so well, it was easy to focus on the positives. Things should declare themselves soon for you. Sounds like twins will be more than enough for your little frame though! My OB was fine with an OTC prenatal for twins, but you know every doc is different. When's your next U/S?

    Off to bed! Can never sleep enough

  14. getting ready for my u/s this morning but just wanted to share my messed up dreams from last night... I dreamt we saw a baby elephant on the scan today. and I was upset!! not because of the elephant but because I wanted it to be 2 baby elephants!!

    anyone care to interpret??

  15. Aw robertobiloslav, one elephant or two elephants doesn't matter, as long as the elephant is healthy. Of course, you don't want to carry for 2 years

  16. robertobiloslav & nancy ~ good luck on your u/s today. I'll be thinking of you.

    robertobiloslav ~ that is the cutest dream. Our minds sure do play games with us don't they? As for the parents, mine are a peach too. I was just visiting (the trip was planned months ago) so I told them I was pg. (I can't lift my ds right now and the morning sickness was hard to hide). Mother's response? "You're pg? With "your" baby? Not like ds?" Nice, huh? I just told her ds "is" my baby and this one was concieved the same way. Ugh. I know she's happy but some people just can't say or do the right thing KWIM? I never even got a congrats.

    adobe ~ I'm only 5 ft tall too. When I was pg with ds I was huge. Bigger than my friends that were pg with twins because there is about 3 inches between my uterus and my boobs. LOL. There is just nowhere in there for a baby to go so he went straight out. This time I am 7 weeks (tomorrow) and I am already showing. I haven't even had my u/s yet and I had to switch to my maternity jeans. Twins is going to be a stretch for me an trips would be scary so I know what you mean.

    As for me, I had a little bit of brown spotting yesterday which (even though I know it's commom) completely freaked me out. I stayed in bed most of the day and plan to stay home today and just wait for my u/s tomorrow. I swear I would give just about anything to have the confidence of the fertile. Even having made it through successfully with my ds doesn't make it any easier. You'd think the second time would be less terrifying but nope. It's just as bad. Well, 24 hours and I'll at least get to see what's going on in there.

  17. robertobiloslav, Hope your US goes well this am. Gotta love those wild dreams. Personally, I'd prefer a baby giraffe over an elephant. Last week I had a dream that I was taking care of a baby (human), noticed some leakage in the diaper, and went to change him. Unfortunately as soon as I put him down to get a new diaper, he started squirming all over the place and fell over on his head. As for my ethnic background, I'm Italian/Chinese--both of my parents were immigrants and lived in several other countries before settling in the US. My mother in particular is very traditional in her thinking, but she manages to surprise me every now and then.

    Kristine, What week do you typically do your 1st trimester screen? My next US is this Thurs--so I'll ask my OB more about screening when I see her. Last time my OB seemed to think the 3rd one likely won't make it. I feel terrible about wanting it to go away, but at the same time I know it is very unrealistic to think I could carry a healthy triplet pregnancy.

    Mich, I swear I'm already showing a bit too. I didn't think it could be possible at just 7 weeks, but I think it is for real. I went out and bought a whole bunch of drawstring pants this weekend to wear to work.

    Can I ask you all what kinds of things you eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner? I have no appetite at all and feel nauseous a lot of the time. When I am able to eat, I have a few bites and I already feel full. I'm worried I'm not getting adequate nutrition.

  18. robertobiloslav -- good luck on your ultrasound today. Not sure about that dream but you are probably just worried about only 1 instead of 2 being in there.

    Adobe -- I have had a lot of relief with eating 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of just 3 or when hungry. Whenever I start feeling nauseous, I try to force myself to eat something. It is best to try to combine 1 protein, 1 carb and a fruit or vegetable in eat "meals". My typical snack will be whole grain crackers, cheese and carrots or apple. For breakfast I usually have instant oatmeal, a glass of juice and banana.

    Kristine -- Did you buy the baby buggy this weekend?

    Over the weekend I broke down and bought a pair of maternity pants as well as the belly band. Motherhood maternity had some real cute capri pants in maternity and oh so comfortable I just couldn't resist. So yesterday I wore them to go shopping and a woman stopped me to ask where I bought my pants because they were so cute and she was looking for some like that. I turned a bit red and told her they were maternity pants. She was like 'oh'. I was so embarrassed, as I don't even look pregnant .... oh well.

    I\'m calling in sick today for work as I have 2 doctors appts. This morning the RE for ultrasound and this afternoon to OB. I decided it was better to not go in to the office rather than have people wonder why I am gone most of the day to dr. appts. Wish me luck.


  19. Hello girls!!

    I'm back. And it's still twins - I was so excited!!! My husband and I were driving back home in a weird happy stupor - this is sooooo unbelievable! Baby A measured 10w0d and had heartbeat of 171. Baby B measured 9w4d and had heartbeat of 165. I'm 9w5d today so everything is right on track. Both of them were wriggling around - it was so cool. I've been superstitious about the OB thing so I just called now and got myself an appointment for tomorrow. Wow!!!

    Mich - I can't believe your mother said that to you - I just don't understand how people can say these horrible things! I read on one of the vets threads over the weekend that there is one good thing that has come out of the IF experience we've all had and it's that we're probably a lot more compassionate than the average person - which on reflection seems to fit. I'm sorry you're spotting but brown is not bad and you'll get a good look tomorrow so hang in there!!

    adobe and Mich - on the showing - I definitely want to take pictures of my belly - I can see that it's different from what it was before I started but it's not obvious to anyone else yet - but I definitely want to take pictures to document it - are you guys doing that??

    adobe - my nausea is better now but I found that splitting up meals made it feel better when it was at its worst. I still have my regular breakfast of oatmeal (full sized) but then have a mid-morning snack (apple w peanut butter), smaller lunch (sandwich), snack (veg and dip or yogurt) and smaller dinner (whatever's on for that night) - once I started splitting up food I felt better - have you tried that?

    Nancy - You have 2 appointments to day right - with Re and OB?? Can't wait to hear how it goes for you!

    Hello to frahmeh (wherever you are) and Kristine!!!

  20. nancy we posted at the same time (I even checked for moreposts before I submitted).

    That\'s cool that you're getting compliments on your new stuff!! Good luck with your appointments today!!

  21. Wonderful news robertobiloslav!! Congratulations! You must be on cloud nine.
    I have to get my butt in the shower.

  22. robertobiloslav - Congratulations! That's awesome!

    Nancy - Good luck today!

    I\'m still here, just been really tired and still coping with m/s so I have done more lurking than posting. I will try and post more personals later.

    A quick update for me, I started trying to find an OB/Peri today - easier said than done - most of them don't take triplets!


  23. robertobiloslav- glad your little elephants are doing well!

    Nancy, Mich- I've been showing since about 7 weeks too, so I'm wearing the belly band (and loving it). Apparently with #2 (as I imagine with multiples) your belly just pops right out. Can't wait to really need those maternity clothes, though! Mich- I hope your spotting stopped and your u/s went well.

    I've had a few people say some tacky things, too. It's really incredible. I was at a party last week in my neighborhood (we get together one evening a month). I told the group I was pg and they asked how far along. I said 9 weeks and someone very surprised said (seriously) was your DH even home then? (DH was in Iraq until 5 days before the transfer.) If I wasn't so stunned at the question, I'd have said "no" just to see her reaction! My supervisor also told a bunch of my coworkers at my office when I lost the twin (she said that I miscarried - she didn't even get the news right, that I miscarried one), so I didn't even get to spill the beans myself and it got out so much sooner than I wanted. She told people that didn't know I was pg. (I had to tell my supervisor so I could leave work and go to the dr.) I'm still furious over that.

    I had a dream with DS at about 7 mos that he stuck his arm right out of my stomach (like alien). It didn't freak me out in the dream, but it did when I woke up!

    This is getting long, so hi to everyone else. Can't wait to hear more good u/s news (I have 2 more weeks, so I need to live thru you guys!) Lisa

  24. Just got back from my ultrasound and good news -- both are doing really good. Twin A has a heartbeat of 183 and twin B is at 167 and both are measuring on schedule. What a relief. I could see the little hearts throbbing away which was so neat. Sadly that was last appt with the RE and no more ultrasounds for a while.

    Sorry for the short note but need to eat quickly and head out again.


  25. robertobiloslav, so glad you still have 2 elephants They are doing great!

    Nancy, congrats to you too, such good U/S's! Yeah, being released by your RE is a mixed blessing for sure.

    Lisa, still kinda smiling at the tacky comment ... you could help his math out by pointing out the stupid way gestational age is calculated, you're already 2 wks PG when you ovulate with the way they count ... so your neighbor was counting without that cushion. Not that he should have said it, such tackless comments. And your supervisor should be shot for telling everyone your business! Isn't that against some corperate rule? Not to mention just rude. What if you didn't want everyone to know?!?

    frahmeh, I didn't know OB/peri's would refuse trips! That's not very ethical. I wouldn't tell the OB how many I had until I was in there for the appt. As for peri's, that's their freakin' job! Geez.

    Adobe, my OB's time frame was 11 wks to 13wks6dys, I think that's the norm. I honestly forgot what the b/w tests for, I'm more interested in a good U/S. I better look that up so I'll know what the heck they're talking about when they start spouting off numbers.

    Mich, I am outraged for you about your Mom's comment ... good reply though. They are YOUR babies, I don't understand why some people don't think that. You handled it perfectly, so I won't ramble on.

    I forgot who asked, but yes, I ordered the buggy ... got essentially 40% off! It'll come in 2 wks, feel like such a fraud, but man, I couldn't pass up that sale! Better go act like I'm working.

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