Feb/Mar DE Cycle - continued!!

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  1. I haven't checked in over here in a while thinking there wasn't anything going on and was so excited to see some updates!

    robertobiloslav -- that is awesome that both babies are a good weights and doing good on their development. Neither of my guys like the rice cereal very much either. If I give it to them by itself they spit it out. I've pretty much just given up on it since they take fruits and veggies really good. Is there really much nutruitrional value in rice cereal anyway or is just to get babies used to eating? What foods does Raine like? Are you still pumping?

    frahmeh -- wow you are busy commuting back and forth from DC to Florida every week? I see your notes on facebook about your travels and I don't know how you do it. I would be exhausted from all the traveling. That is so nice that the inlaws help out on a daily basis. Is your work project going on for a while, or is it almost done? Great weights on the babies. Almost crawling -- yikes! Like robertobiloslav, I am dreading the day that they start crawling. We need to get some serious childproofing done one of these days.

    Kristine - yes yes, what is going on with the FET? I wanted to ask you on facebook but of course that isn't the appropriate place to talk aobut that stuff.

    AFM -- I am STILL pumping if you can believe it. I was ready to quit a few times because I hated getting off schedule and feeling so stressed to pump at the office. I got rid of the daytime pumping at the office and lugging the gear around so now I'm just doing morning and evening. I'm still getting 18-20oz per day. I'm planning to keep it up until they are 9 months and then I'm done.
    My guys are little porker and weigh in at 18.10 and 19.3 lbs at their 6 month checkup. I can't remember their height 24" maybe. Gabriel is rolling around really good and clapping his hands and says dadda all the time. Zachary doesn't roll much and doesn't like tummy time but can sit all by himself with the straightest little back. Zachary loves to cuddle and be help and loves to be sung to. He had two teeth pop through last week on the bottom. He was a champ and wasn't even that fussy. Anyone else have teeth yet?
    They both love to eat the jars of fruit and vegetables. I've been buying Gerber and Earth's Organics level 2.

    I have a question for you guys, how much are you feeding your kids solids and formula? I am wondering if I am overfeeding my guys as it seems like they eat a lot. They have 4 6 1/2 oz bottles daily and about 1 1/2 jars of baby food each. I just reduced their bottles from 7 oz. Does this sound like too much? How much are your little guys eating?

    Sorry for the long post. I have to get back to work now and try to be productive.

    Zack and Gabe 7 months old today!

  2. Hey Nancy - thanks for the update - it sounds like things are going very well. I can't believe your little guys already have teeth!! And clapping sounds so sweet!! No teeth here yet... it's funny I swing between being concerned about any delay in development to trying frantically to stop thinking about it. I've been doing my older DD's baby scrapbook and I tucked into all my notes on her and turns out (I had forgotten) she was late starting on most everything but was always bang on for mastering stuff (so for example, she never walked until late but then she mastered it in one day and was right back on track). So I'm trying to be more zen about these kidlets too... easier said than done...wish I could be as mellow as I was with #1.

    good job on still pumping. I am almost done - my first goal was 6w, then 3m, then 6m (nothing beyond that!!) and I'm now down to once every other day. It's funny after spending so much time worrying about enough supply I've now been worrying about how to drop pumping sessions (without side effects) and looking forward to finally being done.

    As for food I make 8 9oz bottles every night and most of it is gone by the next night - Toby takes a bit more than Raine but I don't keep tabs too closely. We also serve breakfast cereal with fruit (usually 3-4tbsp dry cereal mixed with formula and 2 cubes of fruit per kid) and dinner starch with veggies (usually 2-3 cubes starch with 2-3 cubes veg per kid). So my guys might be eating more than yours. I feed them until they tell me to quit - not trying to regulate it for them. why are you trying to cut back food??

  3. robertobiloslav, I have to ask, what are "cubes" of food? Glad the kidlets are relatively easy. I keep saying I will look into play groups, but I have friends from work who have various age kids, one a month younger than Ethan... so sort of fulfills that need.

    Nancy, amazing you're still pumping! Your little guys look quite healthy in the pics I let my little fatty tell me when to stop, I sort of thought they were a reliable indicator and wouldn't over-feed. As long as your little guys are pegging out a good growth curve (and they are hardly over the 100th percentile!), I think you're good to go. I started the rice with apples (gerber dry cereal) with formula added, and you'd think it was the best thing ever! Just starting to add in veggies/fruits (stage 1 gerbers).

    Shannon, you still make me tired just hearing about your brood, gorgeous though they are. 3 crawling, yikes! How do you do it?!? I was actually thinking about you the other day... noticing mini-vans lately, do you put them all in the same row (seat)? You can't put them in the third row, right? Liked the pic of your tandem stroller, I'm sure you get quite a bit of attention when you venture forth.

    Lisa, good to hear from you... CR worked for a friend of mine, she treated it as a vacation. Had family in Poland and "popped" over to CR for a quick ET and he is so adorable. I only have the one frostie myself, so many things to go right for that to work, but the cost of fresh is daunting even though insurance covers everything, they don't cover the $10k of agency BS fees!

    So my FET has gotten postponed twice, once for my Dr to have back surgery, 2nd for insurance being retarded and not approving the cycle in time... so now shooting for July 13th as transfer date. So hope the frozen sibling works, not only for financial reasons, but Ethan is so beautiful, would love to have 2 of him Have put up some recent pics on FB, my notifications don't work, but they are under "newer photos". His reflux pretty much followed a typical course and resolved by 6 months (thank God), actively weaning Zantac and moving forward with introducing new foods finally. Ethan is 7 months tomorrow! Crawled for the first time 2 days ago... well, crawled forward, that is... he's been going backwards like a demon for a while now. Not very verbal though, so of course I worry about that, the poor kid hums, screeches from time to time and I've gotten one "MA" "DA" out of him, but should be doing more so I hear... what are all of your guys doing verbally? I hate worrying about minutia, don't want to be one of THOSE Mothers!

  4. Kristine -- nice to hear from you. I'm sorry that your FET has been postponed twice. I bet that is frustrating. Stinks that insurance is difficult to use even when it is available. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you that that one little frostie has some magic in it for you. Speaking of frosties, I just paid the bill for 1 year of storage on my frosties. I doubt we will end up using them, these 2 are plenty for me to handle.
    thats so awesome that Ethan has started crawling. Do you have your house all babyproofed and ready?

    robertobiloslav -- thanks for the message on the amount of formula and food that you give your little guys. Yes, what is a cube of food? Is that little finger food sized. I was thinking I might be overfeeding them because a month or so before we started solids, they were drinking 7 oz of formula 4x per day. Now I keep adding more and more solids AND the bottles, so it seems like an awful lot. They do let me know when they have had enough and start turning away from the food and wanting play instead of eat.
    That is so nice that you are doing a baby book for daughter. I so wish I had a little extra time to do projects like that. At this point, I can barely keep up on laundry.
    Everything that I have read says that every baby develops differently and you should not worry unless several milestones are not met. I'm sure that by the time they are a year, we'll all be wishing they were babies again.

    Shannon -- hope your week is going well. I did see your new pictures on facebook. Very cute!

    Lisa -- are you still out there?

    Take Care,

  5. Nancy -funny, I just got the bill for my next year of storage too - we decided to pay it and then we'll figure out what to do since we're more and more thinking it will be nice to be beyond babyhood.

    As for baby album, my friend and I get together once per month for 3 hours during nap time to do scrapbooks and it's a nice break!! Can I offer one piece of unsolicited advice..?? I now regret not having kept better notes on what my dd was doing when - I have old emails since I would send updates out to keep family updated (we were abroad) but apart from that I have nothing. Now, with the babies I keep a calendar on my bedside table and just jot down things in there. Also, with my older dd I noticed (too late) that most, if not all, the pictures I had taken of her had junk in the back - an unmade bed, heaps of laundry, piles of toys, etc. So now whenever the babies happen to be clean and in good spirits I grab the camera and do a couple of posed shots without junk in the background. Some day (hey I'm only getting to mine now 3 1/2 years later) you'll find time to do a picture book and you will probably want good notes and a few uncluttered photos!! Thems my words of wisdom on that...

    The 'cubes' of food are cubes from an ice cube tray - I guess it would be about the same as a large tablespoon. Nancy - I think you'll find the babies taking in solids and the same amount of formula for a little while, then they will slowly start to replace the formula with solids over time. Sounds like they are doing great.

    Kristine - good luck with your FET.

  6. Hi Ladies,

    Sorry I haven't been out here in a while - things have been crazy! My client went live this past week and it has been very busy and overwhelming between that the kids. Fortunately, I am home this week and my mom came over this weekend and helped so I could get caught up on the work I was behind on. I will try and post some personals tomorow.

    In general, the babies are doing well. They have all cut bottom teeth - Hunter and Brielle have 2 and River has 1. They are not crawling yet but they rock and lay up on their sides trying to sit up. If you sit them up, River does the best as he doesn't move around as much as the other two. Hunter and Brielle talk, mama, dada, baba, gaga, those types of things but nothing cohesive as far as refering to me as mama or dh as dada. It's more like ma ma ma ma ma or da da da da da or ma da ga ba things like that. River still just squeals and smiles and laughs - blows raspberries and clicks his tongue and stuff like that. They love to play on the floor and take each others toys but they don't usually cry over it - they just find another one.

    As to feeding, our ped said to feed them 3 meals a day and 2 snacks with no more than 16-24oz of formula a day - yeah right! That's easier said than done. They are getting 3 - 8oz bottles a day with 2 tbls cereal in each bottle. Then twice a day between the 3 of them they get 2 jars of some sort of meat veggie mix stage 2 like turkey and sweet potatoes, then 1 container of veggies, 1 fruit, and 1 dessert type fruit (for the higher calorie content since we have cut back the bottles). They eat at 8am, 12pm, 3:30pm, 6pm, and then 11pm. Bottles at 8, 3:30, and 11 and food at 12 and 6. The nap for about 2-3 hours in the afternoon and sleep from 8-8 other than the night feed. Sometimes they don't want the morning bottle so we do cereal and fruit. They do turn away when they are full and seem to be gaining ok. Even though they are 8 months - technically they are 6.5 adjusted and the PT reminds me of this when we go (even though the ped doesn't adjust). The PT says they are doing great and not to worry.

    They don't have the pincer grasp yet so we do give them puffs to practice with but they generally end up on the floor. We have tried juice as well and they still don't grasp the sippie cups (although ped says they should be drinking out of them now and to take out the things that make them spill proof - yeah right!). So, we have done a little juice in bottles but they can take it or leave it. I have given them a little bit of a biscuit or muffin and they do well with that and like it. They have started to be interested in food when we eat so if we have something they can try - we give them a taste.

    We started baby proofing, have the gate up and the plug covers in. We still need to do the cupboard things and something with the cords. We also discovered they can pull of the parts of the wicker baskets we had their toys in so they have to go.

    They are still very overwhelming at times! Especially working full time including traveling and then coming home and they are a full-time job. I try to give dh a break but sometimes I need a break from my week. Thank God for grandma this weekend - I feel much better tonight then I did when I got home Thursday.

    Well, it's late and I need to head to bed. I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing well. I will try and get some new pics on FB - we have some cute ones and post some personals.


  7. Shannon - what are your kids in pt for?? both of mine get pt too - toby for poor muscle tone and raine for torticollis but she also has slightly high muscle tone that was affecting her more earlier with grabbing at toys which seems to have resolved now.

    I'm having one of those mornings when I'm stressing about them... they are so different from my daughter and so I wonder if it's because they are de, because they are twins and born that little bit early (those 3 weeks have shown up in other milestones like cooing and smiling) or is there something wrong with them - I go through this every now and then and I get annoyed that when I ask ped or pt about it they are always non-committal - 'well, that's why we watch kids so closely the first couple of years - if anything is wrong we'll see it and work on it..' blaaahhh they are definitely behind on development - no babbling yet (making other sounds but not babbling), no teeth (not that this actually means squat), toby is behind on physical stuff, raine has this very reserved / mellow personality which I love but it also freaks me out, behind on food (compared to dd)... like I said - I go through this every now and then and this is one of those moments...

  8. Hi robertobiloslav -- I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling stressed about the twins development. I don't know a whole lot of development, so I am not any expert on this topic. I do hope that you little guys start coming around. I bet one day they will start babbling and crawling around and be all caught up. Those 3 weeks early do make a difference and they need that time to get caught up. Every kid is different....I know that is what everyone says and probably doesn't make it easier.

    Thanks for the tip on making notes on the babies development. I have thought of that several times of how I am not writing these things down and will forget. I am going to get that going very soon.

    So we went on a little mini vacation for dh's birthday this past weekend. Went to the beach and stayed in a nice hotel. I am completely exhausted though from this "vacation". Taking care of two kids in a hotel room is a heck of a lot of work. We took them out for walks in the stroller and the baby bjorns and out to eat but everything was so much effort and having to keep them entertained and happy was non-stop. We will think more carefully before choosing our next destination like this. Anyone else travel with the kids yet and had any experiences? Our only other trip was to the midwest to the see the family and that trip went fine.

    Hope you all are doing good.


  9. Hey robertobiloslav,

    Brielle is in PT for torticholis and that is what Hunter is supposed to go for. The PT is great and the main thing she keeps stressing to me is that you adjust for their age until they are 2 years old so mine are developing fine when you do that. I certainly understand the worrying about it though.


    As to vacations, we went to FL twice and stayed at the parents house. It was very overwhelming the first time but better the second. We have waited to try anything else due to exactly what you said - they are right in between stages where they can't sit yet but want to be active so we pretty much stay home all the time which is driving me batty!


    I\'m having a really bad day today! It's mostly emotional and I just finished Aunt Flow but I am a wreck! I am near tears and am just completely overwhelmed! I have so much on my plate and yet we don't have the money to hire someone to help until DH goes back to work (which is looking like July). Trying to take care of these babies and give DH a break and support a go-live is a nightmare! I am so tired I don't even want to get out of bed. I also don't feel bonded to the babies and that really bothers me. I wonder sometimes if it is because they are DE or if it's just that I don't spend as much time with them as DH or if it is just me. I personally am not a baby fan! I can't wait until we can go shopping and ball games and out to dinner and to the park and the beach and those types of things. I don't know. They are actually really good babies but for some reason there is a part of me that wishes we never did IVF although at the time - I thought I would die if I didn't have kids. Anyone else feel this way? Is it maybe because their is 3 at once? Am I crazy? Then the guilt trip starts because we are so blessed and their are so many people wanting babies and I have three. Of course, I would never trade them for anything and love them with all my heart but I hate the feelings I've had lately. Could it be PPD? How long can you get that - they are 8 months? Please help!


  10. Shannon honey, many Mothers feel what you are feeling, I think it's especially higher with multiples, which has to make it worse with triplets. You are in survival mode, it's hard to bond that way! And don't blame DE, many of friends over the years that have confessed these feelings had bio kids. Lack of sleep makes you emotional, I was a wreck with just 1 the first 8wks... he cried all the time with reflux, I never slept so I cried too! I miss going out on a whim too (or going out at all), that's natural... it doesn't make you ungrateful for what you have, it makes you human. I see the same things in a current friend of mine that has twins, followed by an unexpected newborn. I have the luxury of fawning all over my one child, she is constantly running around putting out fires and, well, just survivng... she's not feeling very bonded either (bio kids, btw).... but it's getting better as they age. When I marvel over how you're handling this, it is out of genuine respect. You need to give yourself a break, you are doing a wonderful job in an extremely difficult situation. Give yourself credit for all you are doing right, the rest will fall into place. Big, big hugs.

  11. Thanks Nancy and Shannon - I had the pt session for raine yesterday and she actually reassured me that what she is seeing is totally normal so I feel better - on further thought I think it was only the pedi who was being non-committal...

    Nancy - We traveled when babies were 4months and that for me has been the easiest time with these guys and my older dd too. We traveled again at 9 and 12 and 18 months (with dd) and it was a good time but a lot harder - we basically made sure we were in a travel friendly place - room with bedroom and living area and a kitchenette helps a TON if you can find it (although we did it w/o one with dd). Make sure you don't overschedule the days and allow time outs for just popping babies on a blanket in the park - but yeah, the time between 9m - 2years are notoriously difficult for traveling according to my parent friends...

    Shannon - If you recall I said several times during our pregnancies that I'm not a baby person so I totally get what you're going through. With my ONE first baby I used to daydream about taking off on an airplane and leaving my baby and all that goes with it for my husband to handle forever (and there were plenty of a lot uglier and darker thoughts too but I can't share them here) - I was really struggling. Looking back on it I am pretty sure I had PPD but was not diagnosed - you can still get it now so you should consider mentioning to your doctor how you are feeling!! As for help - is there anyone in your neighborhood that might be able to come over for a couple of hours even when the babies are napping (so it's easy for them) so you and your husband can just get a couple of minutes of not being on duty - I find that helps a lot?? maybe a highschool kid ( that would be cheap!!) whose parents are home who could just be in the house for 2-3 hours?? I think a break is essential for mental well-being with everything you have going on!! Either way, your thoughts are so very normal and definitely come with the territory but your doc will be able to let you know if you should get some treatment or if it's just one of those things that time will sort out. Please let us know how you are doing!

  12. Shannon -- I am so sorry that you are having a rough time. Being a working mom is hard hard work. The job never ends. Please don't beat yourself for having these feelings that you are having. You can't help how you feel. I do suggest that you talk to your doctor about it and see what they suggest. You are doing a wonderful job with those kidlets and you should be darn proud of yourself. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. I too wish you lived closer so I could come and help you out or just to talk in real time.

    robertobiloslav -- glad to hear that you recent doctor appointment made you feel better about the kids development. Thanks for the words of wisdom on traveling with kids. Next time I will do some more research before choosing our hotel and outings.

    Kristine -- hope you are doing well. When do you start your meds for the FET cycle? Oh, I don't envy you for all those shots. Hard to believe it was a year ago already but I remember the sore bumm like it was yesterday. did you get your insurance stuff figured out? I hope so for your sake.

    I have a question for you all. Has anyone bought new bigger car seat for their kids yet? My little guys are really close to being grown out of their infant seats. If yes, what brand did you buy? I am interested in the Britax Marathon which all the reviews say are great but it looks like they take up a lot of space and I have to save room in the middle for the 8 yr old or the dog in our Jeep Liberty. Does anyone of any more narrow car seats with the same safety ratings and comfort? Any words of wisdom are helpful. Thanks

    Take Care girls.


  13. Just have a minute, but Nancy, make sure you check car seat compatibility for your car... we did and found out what we thought we were getting wouldn't fit rear facing! My ginormous baby outgrew the infant car seat at five months, so I got the Britax Diplomat. I have a Nissan Rogue (small version of the Murano) and only the Diplomat and Roundabout would fit in it rear-facing. Britax is one of the top rated for safety, and ease of use, so that was my choice! Gotta run....

    Oops, almost forgot, just did my first E2 shot and Lovenox shot... have I mentioned I HATE these meds?!? ET is July 7th (hopefully it will thaw).

  14. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for the kind words - they are greatly appreciated! Friday ended up being a horrible day with DH kicking me out of the house. I went to a local hotel and took 2 valium and slept for the afternoon then called a good friend who came and talked to me for about 7 hours - that really helped. DH called me on Saturday and asked me to come back home and mentioned PPD. I told him I thought that was what I had due to the stress of the go-live and the kids and everything. We had a family picnic to go to with my Aunt who is 80 years old and came all the way from MO to see the kids so I had to suck it up and go. Then we had our 20 year class reunion that night - we ended up having nice time at the picnic and a great time at the class reunion! Probably a much needed break and fun time with dancing and what not and just the two of us. Sunday was hard again just getting to bed so late 3:00am and the kids still getting up at 7-8am. We also had to go to DH's family for father's day so it was exhausting. I am in DC today and ended up just going to straight to the hotel and vegging and catching up on sleep and trying to relax before tackling another stressful week at work.

    I did call my doctor (actually 2 doctors) on Friday and couldn't get them - they were both out on vacation. I go see my family doctor on Friday for some medicine. My brother happens to take Effexor and when DH was in the middle east and I was in a go-live and freaking out - my doc put me on Effexor with valium and it helped. So, I started taking the Effexor and it is helping some. I know it takes time to work completely but I at least don't feel like I'm losing my mind anymore and that life and work is doable again.

    DH and I had a long talk on Sunday night and he was very understanding and sympathetic. I just told didn't feel like I could be totally honest with him because he wouldn't understand but he actually did and was quite supportive. He said he couldn't imagine what it was like to try and work too (as he doesn't have to right now). We are going to take the week to try and figure out the ways to relieve some of the stress. Work should start to settle down in the next two-three weeks so that should help.

    I actually miss the munchkins today a little bit so that is a good thing. I guess that is just life with triplets. The other thing I keep telling myself is to take it one day at a time, which is hard to do sometimes.

    As to car seats - we are about ready to get new ones as well. Not sure what we are getting yet but the biggest criteria is to get one that will all still fit across the back row of the van and not have to split them into 2 rows.

    Thanks for the support everyone, it is sure great to have a place to go to vent and not be judged for how your feeling.


  15. glad this board is active again! I will post more later, but wanted to chime in for frahmeh: please, please, please make sure you follow up with your doctor about the PPD. You have 3 babies and not only are a working mom, but the primary breadwinner. This is a very heavy load and exhausting in so many ways. Plus, all the normal working mom guilt that we have. I am the primary, too, and sometimes, I just feel like I have to do everything and I am responsibile for everything - it's a heavy burdon.

  16. Hi Ladies -

    I did go to the doc for PPD and definitely have it. He gave me effexor xr 150mg which is for depression and anxiety and said to give it 10-14 days to get in my system. I am already feeling a little better - not nearly as overwhelmed as I was so I think it's helping. It's a good thing to because got a really bad virus on Friday and have been pretty sick even now. The pedi said to follow up after 5 days if they weren't any better so we will see how they are in the morning and maybe be making another trip in to see her. I also have a UTI that won't go away - Dr. gave me Cypro, then Bactrum, and now Ceftin - really weird and very uncomfortable along with getting the crud from the kids - sore throat and some kind of red eye thing going on. I have one more day of work and then a 4 day weekend (and I'm not touching the computer for work related issues - I really need the break).

    DH starts work next week at the base. He is going to be on 2nd shift which is 2-10 but more like 12:30-11pm. I'm not sure who is going to watch the kids or how to even find anyone but I have a little over a week to do this before I go back to DC. He needs to go back to work and is happy about it.

    The kids are getting big - Hunter weighed 19lbs6oz, Brielle weighed 19lbs2oz, and River weighed 18lbs6oz. Amazing! They are doing really well - even being sick they are still pretty good babies (thank God or I would be in the looney bin by now).

    Well, I'm beat and it's off to be but I wanted to update and let you know I did follow up and get some meds and I am doing a lot better than I was and am looking forward to feeling even better in another week or two.


  17. Shannon, so glad you are feeling better. Be prepared to have some set backs. (I've had PPD with both of mine. I never got help with the first, but glad I did with the second.)

    kristine, please keep us posted. I am thinking of you!!

    Nancy, I've had good luck with the britax marathon. I'm using DS for DD now. When they outgrow that, consider the Britax Regent (versus a booster). It's a bit pricey at $200, and only forward facing, but SO much SAFER than a booster. Super comfy. This is what convinced me:


    robertobiloslav - how are those babies doing? I know you know this, but it's worth saying: even if those two were not DE babies, they would very likely be nothing like DD. How much alike are the twins to each other? I have friends (as I'm sure all of do) that have genetically related kids, same environment, same upbringing, etc, and they are nothing alike.

    I happened to look at a picture of the donor this past weekend (I have a baby picture of her at about 8 mos - which is the same age as DD now) and they look exactly alike. So much so that DS came up behind me and said "baby sister!" SIL saw the picture and said she'd never seen DD in that outfit. (We're in the "tell" camp.) I'm totally OK with it - it's just strange how much they look alike.

    For those of you breastfeeding - I need to vent some frustration. My organization is located through several states, so we are frequently on teleconferences - often for several hours at a time. My boss (she's never married, no kids) just told me not to pump on calls anymore just in case I need to talk. It's "distracting." Usually, the phone is on mute and I just listen - I also keep the pump as far away as I can and cover it with my blazer to muffle it. Seriously, can we just be grownups?? Am I over reacting?

  18. Lisa -- glad to hear from you. What a sad story about that boy in the link! Made me tear up right here in the office. We ended up getting the Roundabout 50 in cowmooflague ( the cow print). With two in the backseat there is just barely enough room for another child in the backseat, but enough so that is good. Lisa, sorry to hear about your boss and the pumping issue. I would just ignore her, close the door and do your thing. I would have been upset too if I was told how and when I could do my pumping. I think you would just need to remind her that the law states that you must be allowed to privacy and opportunity to pump at the office. I am still pumping twice a day but wanting to end it very soon. I am only pumping in the morning and evening (at home) so I am not having to deal with the office any longer. How is your little girl doing? Tell me about her and what she has been up to.

    Kristine -- How is the cycle going and the shots? When is your transfer date? Sorry if you already mentioned them, I can't remember. I hope it is going well for you. Loved your recent pictures on Facebook. Standing already! That is so cute.

    frahmeh -- Glad to hear that the medications are helping you. I hope your work slows down soon so that you can relax a bit soon. Keep up the good work.

    robertobiloslav -- How are you doing? Enjoying the summer? What have you and kids got planned for the summer? I envy that you get to enjoy so much time with you kids.

    Take Care girls!!


  19. Hi all,

    It\'s the babies 1st birthday today! I can't believe we made it to 1 year. At times it felt like we would never get there and that having these kids was the worst mistake we ever made. I can honestly say that they are now starting to be a great joy and doing new and exciting things everyday. We are even talking about trying for another one with our frozen embryos (in another 6 months to a year). They are getting so cute and just love mama and dada and smile all the time and we are really starting to enjoy life with them and looking forward to all the fun things we will be able to do with them as they grow (instead of remembering what it was like without them). I hope everyone is doing well and is as happy as I am to make it through the first year as you all come shortly after me.


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