Feb/Mar DE Cycle - continued!!

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  1. Hi Mich - good to hear from you! If it's any consolation, after your son has had a few bouts of cold and whatnot his immune system will be really strong... unfortunately it happens to all kids when they get in with a bunch of others. As for the flat head, pedi recommended same as yours but thankfully it does not appear to be torticollis, just a preference which we are breaking. I actually did some searching online for positioners and ended up crafting one at home of rolled up sheets to keep her head straight at night and that seems to be breaking her habit. Now her head just needs a couple of growth spurts to even things out (fingers crossed). That's funny that your older son is taking so long to get interested in the babies but maybe it's for the best - I think I mentioned that my daughter is often TOO interested and wants to get too close (with those pre-school germs no less).

    Kristine - I can't believe you're already going again!! Wow. Well, I'll keep fingers crossed for you that it works so you don't have to go through a fresh cycle again... or is your donor still available? (Assuming you would like to use the same donor). My husband and I talk often about whether we are done or not... not decided yet. Sometimes I think I would still like to pursue another cycle or 2 with my own eggs, other times I think about using our frozens (we have 11), and still other times I think 3 kids is plenty. We'll see. We also need to decide what to do with our frozens since we won't be able to use then all - donate or what... Congratulations on moving into your new house - it must feel so nice to be able to settle in for real after so long in a rental!!

    Nancy - speaking of moving - is your house back on the market or what have you decided to do with that?? I'm also on FB as of the last month or so - it's been fun catching up with people I lost touch with from high-school but don't know too many people on it from college or now... As for the SAHM, yeah, I consider myself lucky but I've also planned this for ages - I've been saving and investing to make this possible since I started working and I warned my husband when I met him that even though I was a serious career chick I was planning on retiring at 40 so he was forewarned.

    Shannon - Your comment about wanting to sell your babies on ebay made me laugh. When I was home with my oldest I really really struggled and would fantasize about running away from it all - just hopping on a plane and taking off for my husband to deal with it all. I sent him a note one day saying he had to come home immediately because I hated her - I was so desperate . I just recently came across that note again in my old emails and it made me cry all over again remembering how hard those first few months were. And that was only with one. You are doing a great job!!! And so is your husband - kudos to him!!

    Hey - I have another question for all of you - who do your babies look like??? My two kids look nothing alike (sort of like Shannon) but one baby is a dead ringer for the donor (as I had seen in the ultrasound pictures) and the other baby is more and more starting to look like my husband - So I've got my older daughter that looks like me, one that's my husband's copy and one mini-donor... I'm gonna have a a lot of 'splainin' to do..!!!

    Oh, and I'm dying to show off my family but I'll send a link on PM to you guys - I think I'm done posting pictures on the thread. Let me know if it works.

  2. Shannon, I'm pretty sure I got the Aquaphor at Target... if not there, then BRU. It's great stuff, and heals up most the ever-changing spots he gets. I can't believe your DH does so well with triplets! I've had to work to get mine comfortable with the one.

    Mich, we use Zantac, changed to Dr Brown bottles (prevent gas, helps with regurg) and use a wedge for him when sleeping. We still swaddle him, so I am still using the wedge under the mattress, and a wedge with the side bolsters on top of the mattress. I am a firm believer of side to side sleeping to prevent aspiration with spit ups and flat head, I also use a rolled up receiving blanket at his neck (his shoulders are huge and he needed the extra prop) and at his knees. Must be the nurse in me, cause I position adults in ICU in a similar fashion So I do the meds, bottle and elevation to control his reflux... but some babies just need more or different meds and you may end up switching around a bit to find something that works. I think the elevation really helped him, in the early days I would hold him upright for 30min after feeds, it's better now though... keep in mind their GI tracts mature by 6mo and the reflux usually resolves at that time, so hopefully your little guy will follow that course.

    robertobiloslav, my DS is a clone of DH, guess it didn't matter what the donor looked like after all My donor is not listed anymore, I know she was up to 4 donations at the time she dropped off so don't know if I can use her... if I have to do a fresh cycle again, I'll ask the agency to contact her. You know, I don't know what I would do if I had extra embies. My sister is trying to "adopt" some embies, so I know there are good people out there that need them, it's a tough call. I would be good with 2 or 3, definitely couldn't handle more than that! Some days I can't even manage the one Your email to your DH to come home because you hated the baby made me laugh... I have had days that bad. I tell my DS he better be glad he's so cute, that's the only reason I haven't given him away some days! Then he laughs and smiles at me and his place is secure once more

  3. lisa and nancy - how's work going for you guys?? hope all is well.

    nancy - don't know how many times you pump per day now but i just checked back on that ivillage site and was reminded that most people drop one session at 12 weeks and don't lose supply. i'm doing it now and so far so good so try it out maybe -`ould make it easier with working

    mich - for the flat head situation i took pictures of my little one's haed ev 2 weeks and just checked them out. even though haed doesn't look better to me in person, now with3 pics i can see a dramatic improvement over the course of a month. try it? it makes the stretching exercises and repositioning worth it!

    kristine - that's coolthat your son looks like your husband. isn't it wild how genes work and how it's anyone's guess how it will turn out!?

  4. Hi Ladies,

    Today is Friday and my last "official" day off before going back to work full time next week. I'm trying to get lots of stuff done around the house.

    robertobiloslav -- thanks for the tip about the amount of ebm staying the same. I am currently pumping 4 times a day. I sometimes miss one though and do notice that the supply is still there. Did it mention anything about the number of times minimum that you need to pump to keep the supply up? I feel like is not much but it is definitely the most I can do.
    Also you are totally right about the working part time thing being a sham. I am constantly feeling guilty on my days "off" and checking and responding to emails constantly.

    I think that my boys look a lot alike and like their father. G has mannerism as well as facial figures like his father. Z looks like his dad but also has blondish hair and is much much more mellow than his brother. So I think they will have pretty different personalities.

    Mich - good to hear from you and glad that your babies are such healthy weights. Good job! Sorry to hear that is a bit a struggle for you with the illnesses. I am not looking forward to the daycare germs at all.

    Kristine -- thansk for the info on the rash/allergies. I am going to keep an eye on it and talk to the doctor about it next month when I am in.

    frahmeh -- I can't believe that you are going to have to be traveling so much. I love to travel, but with 3 kids too that must be just exhausting. Glad to hear that you are liking your job site, that makes it much easier I'm sure.

    Lisa -- hope you are doing well.

    Not much going on with me. The boys have been smiling a lot recently. They love the toys with music like nursery rhymes or animal noises. Its so cute ot see their look of wide eyed wonder. They are not laughing yet but that seems to be next. I envy you ladies who have \\the babies who are sleeping all night. We are still not there. They ususally fall asleep for hte night at 10 pm. and sleep until about 3:30 or 4 a.m. I'm getting tired of those middle of the night feeds. I'm hoping it ends soon.

    Take Care you all and have a nice weekend. Happy Valentines Day!! Anyone have any romantic plans for the weekend? I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow. Excited about that.


  5. Happy Valentines!

    we're not doing anything for today... except try to modulate how much of my daughter's take from yesterday's party at pre-school she takes in. too much sugar!!! when did valentines become about sugary snacks instead of cute little cards???

    Nancy - I agree the kidlets are becoming little tiny people - we're seeing tons of smiles from both and our girl is already bypassing the guy on verbal skills (she's cooing) while he's taking the upper hand on motor skills (he's very deliberately grabbing at toys). sooo much fun!! and it just keeps getting better from here!!

    As for pumping, I thought you might still be at 5x per day - I recall most pumpers see a drop when going from 4 to 3 pumps per day. I was at 6 and dropped to 5 and it's nice but I don't see how I'll be able to drop to 4 since I already look like a porn star (my boobs get so huge) before each pumping session and that would just get worse if a drop another session. Oh, and my girl is sleeping through the night but I'm up - pumping. Yeah, we'll see how much longer this lasts...

  6. Hi Ladies! I'm so glad everyone is back to posting. Now that I'm back to work full time in the office, I have more time to read (ha!).

    nancy - good luck back at work. Don't worry - the guilt will still be there. Every working mom I know feels like they do everything halfway since we are always stretched so thin. It gets worse when the kids get sick and you miss something important or one gets hurt at daycare and you weren't there. My friend, whose kids are grown now, says that motherhood is one big guilt trip!

    what pump were you using? I laughed with your post about not letting it anywhere near you. I have a medela electric and an Avent handheld - the avent hurts like h***! and I only use it when i have to.

    I think I've read that after 3 or 4 mos, you can skip a meal (not pump) and it won't impact your supply. I've done that with both kids and never had a supply problem. Also, a lactation consultant told me that it takes 24 hours to build a supply, so when the baby is getting ready, she'll nurse more to increase supply. Also, if the baby has a bad night and nurses all night, the next night, you'll be full. If you feel like your supply dips, pump or feed a bit extra the next day and you should be good.

    robertobiloslav, mich - just wanted to pipe in on the flat head. When my nephew was born, he was getting a very flat head. At one point, the docs recommended surgery to fix it. My SIL got a 2nd opinion and that doc just said to let it be (plenty of tummy time, etc). He didn't get the surgery and didn't really need it. I just wanted to throw that out there in case someone recommends something drastic.

    kristine - I am so excited for you! I know I want to give it a try again, but since we have to start from square 1 (no frosties), it will be a while. If our donor is not available, we may do the czech route. One big concern for me is the possibilitiy of extra embryos in this one. I don't know what we would do - neither of us wants to donate and we are morally opposed to letting them arrest. Keep us posted on the latest for you!!

    As for sleeping - DD sleeps so much better when swaddled - I bought those swaddling sacks for her. That is the only way she will sleep through the night. She's outgrowing them now and waking up - it's a bummer.

    Face irritation - DS had that when he was an infant. It was from drooling and spitting up. I used vaseline or baby oil and otherwise it took care of itself. I was afraid of using medication because it could get in his mouth, but I never asked the doc about it - there might be something that's OK to use.

    frahmeh - ha! Ebay! I can't believe you are doing it all with three babies - you are really one impressive lady! I am not on facebook, but will check it out. I'd love to keep up with everyone.

    Dakota is doing great. Growing bigger and we're having too much fun buying all those cute little dresses (yes, "we're" - my husband, who hates shopping, will "have" to buy things for her!). She smiles all the time and is starting to laugh out loud. I just love her so much. Hope you all are doing well! Lisa

  7. Hi Girls!

    robertobiloslav -- thanks for sharing the info about pumping. I think that i am on my final weeks of pumping. It is just too much for me to keep up with along with everything else that I try to accomplish in one day. Kudos to you for getting up in the middle of the night still to pump. I 86ed that one long ago. Glad to hear your babes are cooing and playing with toys. So cool.

    Lisa -- the pump that my cousin borrowed to me was a "First Years" one. It came with the hard plastic storage bottles but I used my own soft plastic bottles so maybe that was why the suction would not stop or something. That pump was terrible. The rented model I have is a Modela Lactina plus which is pretty nice. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying the whole girl experience as I know you were a bit hesitant if you would get into that or not. I had fun shopping last weekend at Kohl's for one of my friends who is having a girl. There was tons of stuff on clearance and oh so fun to pick out cute girl outfits. I still wish I had a girl, but it is much easier to only buy boys clothes and get to interchange them.

    Both of my guys are sick and its so sad to see them sniffling and coughing. I feel guilty because I think that I got them sick. Or maybe day care... who know. Poor Gabriel slept yesterday from 4:45 pm. when I picked him up at daycare until 5:30 this morning. He only woke up long enough for us to feed him. He was sleeping again when I dropped him off this morning. He has pretty much lost his voice too and his cry is little more than a whimper. Poor thing.... he comes the guilt. You are definitely right about that Lisa, the guilt keeps coming that I should be home with him, taking care of him, etc etc.

    Take Care ladies and hope you all are doing well.


  8. Hello how is everyone?

    We head back to pedi this week for more shots and official weigh-ins (official cuz I keep tabs on them using the bathroom scale). We decided it was time to get a vacation since it's been tooooo long so headed to disney last week and had a blast. Kids traveled really well and my older dd was inheaven!!

    Updates please!!

  9. Hey robertobiloslav - how awesome! I'm looking forward to going to Disney when the kids get bigger. Mine go to the ped on Monday too for shots and weights etc. I will post updates after we go. We are also going to Sears tomorrow to get pictures. The babies will be 5 months old next week and we have yet to get any from a professional. I figure I'd better soon or they won't look like babies anymore.

    Hi to everyone else! I will post more after Monday.


  10. My pedi visit is in 2 wks, had to take my little chunk to the ER cause he was screaming with feeds/naps... acted like an ear infection, it wasn't, just his reflux getting worse. So upped the meds and getting better, but anyway, point being, he weighed 17.5lbs I'm a little frightened to see what he weighs at the pedi, you'd never believe all the feeding issues we've had looking at him

    I finally joined Facebook, someone had mentioned that as a way we could keep in touch a little easier. Anyone game?

    You guys are brave traveling with babies! I still haven't gotten up the gumption to drive out to Syracuse (5 hour drive) for fear of screaming-meamies the whole way. Maybe when his reflux is better controlled.

  11. Hey Kristine,

    Yes, I'm on facebook too and have lots of pictures and videos out there of the babies. PM me if you want to hook up. Same with anyone else. I don't want to post my whole name on the site.


  12. Hi Girls!

    Good to hear everyones updates.

    robertobiloslav, that is great that you got to take a family trip. Sounds like a lot of fun. You'll have to send your full report after you visit the doctor. We have a 4 month visit this week too. How is the pumping going -- still at it?

    frahmeh, I'm going to PM you with my full name so that we can be friends on facebook. I have a few pictures of my boys but not a ton. Once you add me as a friend, I'll watch for Kristine and robertobiloslav if they both go there too.

    I've been going good. The boys are getting bigger all the time and starting to giggle when tickled. G has been spitting up a LOT lately and hasn't been sleeping through the night so well anymore. We are back to the middle of night feedings again. I'm thinking it must be because he is hungry all the time since he can't keep the food down so well. Maybe going to solids soon will help. I'm going to talk to the doctor about that tomorrow. Z has a nasty cough and drippy nose so I may ask the doctor to not give him his shots tomorrow.

    I am flying along with Zachary on Thursday this week down to Phoenix (direct flight thank goodness). My parents have a place down there and we are going to visit for the weekend. Unfortunately I can't bring both so my mom is bummer. I can only carry 1 on my lap and DH doesn't want to go. Should be nice to get away to some warm sunny weather and have my parent fawn all over the baby and take care of him. I'm worried about traveling though with so much stuff....car seat, umbrella stroller, diaper bag, baby bjorn, suitcase... yikes. I'm going to be quite the sight at the airport. Wish me luck.

    Please send more updates after your doc appointments.


  13. PM'd ya both with my name on FB

  14. Hi Ladies,

    We are back from the doc today. The babies did good. Of course they cried like crazy with the shots and have been a little fussy but all in all, they are doing pretty good. Thank God for Tylenol and Ibuprofen!

    The babies have grown alot. Brielle is now 13lbs7oz - she was 4lbs12oz at birth. She is now 23in and was 17. Hunter is 14lbs15oz - he was 4lb1oz at birth. He is now 25in and was 17.25. River is 14lb1oz - he was 4lb10oz at birth. He is now 24in and was 17.50 at birth.

    Brielle has to go for an eval for PT. She has mild torchil something or other. Basically she turns her head to the right all the time and has a flat spot and then when she sits up, her head always tips to the left. She also is not getting up on her hands on her tummy. The boys or ok so far. River may need some therapy but the pedi wants to wait another 2 months. He is doing what he is supposed, he is just still a little jumpy when you touch him (whatever that means).

    We ended up having to cancel pictures yesterday. Our schedule was all screwed up due to the time change. We have rescheduled for this Friday and are looking forward to it.

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the updates!


  15. aaack i was supposed to head back to doc this week but now it's next friday... oh well. sounds like i still have the longest/skinniest babies around though. Toby is 13lb and 25" while Raine is 12 lb and 24" . you would never guess there's only a pound and an inch between them though, Toby looks way bigger.

    ok...i'm using one of these tiny handheld devices totype and it suuucks so i'll comeback for more later. pumping now so it's good for cruisin' the net but not for typing...later

  16. ok, I'm back. afternoon naptime so I get a few minutes...

    I have a few questions for y'all:
    - is anyone still keeping their kidlets in their bedroom?? I think the pediatric society recommends keeping them in your room for the first year on account of sids which is supposed to peak between 2-4 months. So now that we're past 4 months I'm all set to move them to their own room but there's that other recommendation of 1 year...??? I want my room back!!

    - for those of you with dogs - I am seriously considering shaving both of my pooches. they shed soooo much and the floor is always covered with fur. which never bothered me before cuz I'm no neat freak but now with kidlets and me spending considerable time on the floor it's driving me batty. what options do I have bar shaving??? doesn't seem to matter how much I brush them. grrr

    - frahmeh's comments on what babies are up to have me wondering - what physical feats of strength are your babies getting up to?? mine HATE tummy time (especially toby) so they are not too advanced on tummy activities like raising up on arms and I'm not worried about it but wondering if doc will comment on it now that frahmeh's did.

    Nancy - kudos to you for heading out to travel with Z - my experience may be unique but I find this age easier to travel than later when they need more stuff to stay entertained. Sounds nice to get some nice warm sunny weather for a few days!! too bad the whole family isn't going. are you still pumping?? I dropped very quickly from 6 to 3 pumps per day and my supply went from 65-70oz to about 55oz - which I'm ok with - am using some formula to make up the difference. It's nice to get some time back and not be getting up in the middle of the night. I have to confess though that I'm now fascinated by my boobs. They have never been impressive to me or anyone else before and here, all of a sudden, they are pulling one trick after another out of the bag - who knew what they could do!!

    frahmeh - isn't it amazing how quickly the tiny little babes are turning into big kids. A friend recently sent me pictures of the babies at 2-3 weeks old and they brought tears (the sad kind) to my eyes... Raine was so tiny she really did not look well at all. I had just blocked it out I'm still wondering how smaller babies (like yours and others') can manage to look healthier than she did those first couple of weeks. Sorry to hear Brielle has torticollis and plagiocephaly - Raine has the flat head but I don't think she has tort.. I'll find out what doc has to say at our appointment but I'd rather treat it sooner than later if it needs to be treated. I'm kicking myself for not paying more attention when she was tiny and kept her head one way but I had so many other worries where she was concerned that I wasn't thinking about it.

    Kristine - sorry to hear ethan's reflux is still acting up. It should get better soon - I think 6m is the time by which most babies outgrow it. He is a big boy!! that's cool. My older dd also had reflux and she was 16lb and 26" by 4 months so I keep holding that out as a benchmark for these two but off course I know I shouldn't do that. Do you have family in Syracuse that you want to go see??? have you considered driving at night so he's sleeping??

    ok, the FB thing - I had a frenzied honeymoon with FB a month or so ago then sort of stopped using it but if y'all are on it I'll pm my name to you so we can hook up there but it's nice to stay in touch here.

    ok, time to run I can hear toby

  17. Hi,

    I definitely agree with staying in touch on here but it so much easier to load and look at pictures on FB. We can also be more candid on here and get more opinions. No one knows my babies are from DE and I don't really plan to announce it on FB so those kinds of questions and stuff are better addressed here. The pictures is the main reason I use it, my DH signed me up and that was why - so he could load pictures while I was out of town and keep me updated as to what was going on at home. It has now sort of become a pain as tons of people I went to school with are now friends and I just can't keep up with everyone anymore. I do like reading the status updates and I like to look at the pics of everyone's kids. My husbands family and my brother are on there and they are the pages I go to most often.

    robertobiloslav - I hear you on the turned head thing. The ped recommended putting things on the opposite side of the babies the last time we took them in and we did that as much as we could. It worked for the boys but not for Brielle. I probably should have tried harder. On the flat head thing, the ped did say that isn't bad enough to do anything about, just the PT for her neck - so that's good. I'm glad to hear you are down to pumping 3 times a day - it must be so nice to have some of your day back now.

    As to your questions, mine slept in the living in bouncy seats for the first 2 months or so and then went into their cribs in their bedrooms. They will be 5 months on Saturday and are doing just fine. I think that with multiples, they know each other is in there and they are not all alone so I think moving yours out of your bedroom would be fine. If I had just one, I would probably keep them in my room longer but they do comfort each other and know each other is there and I think that is the point with SIDS and keeping them in the parents room. As to dogs, I hear ya! I have 2 and the one sheds like crazy! I don't know what to do either.

    As to tricks, the boys get up on their arms and look around with their heads. They also roll from side to side. They like to hold toys and look at them and play with their hands. They all talk up a storm, smile, and notice you when you come into the room. They will also follow toys and things with their eyes. Brielle does not roll from side to side or hold her head up or get up on her arms. That's about the only difference between them.

    One question for you all - are your periods heavier now? Mine is so heavy! I am bleeding over tampons (never did that before) and had to buy Ultra's! I have only ever needed regulars. I've heard it's normal but does it ever slow back down. This is the 3rd one since I had the kids and it's just crazy to me!

    Alright, I have some work I need to get done since I am in DC and the kids are home.


  18. I think it's a given we don't mention DE on FB, I am very open about it with my current friends/family, but all those high school buds I'm re-connecting with don't need to know. As for the PIA of so many people contacting you, I think some people "collect" friends... I have been contacted for "friends" by some people I went to high school with and I never had anything to do with them! Nor did they write any personal message, weird. I accepted at first, looked to make sure I didn't really know them, then dropped them (they aren't notified you dropped them, btw). I have also used the "see less about ______" button on quite a few people... that helps with the chaos too... I don't really need to know about every, single time you pick your nose or go to the bathroom! Some of those tricks may help you out frahmeh, I agree, it gets to be too much on there sometimes.

    robertobiloslav, it was my intention to keep Ethan in the room with us for 6 mo, that lasted for 2 mo. He slept much better in a dark room, consistent bed, so I used the crib for naps and was creating sleeping issues by moving him to a different bed (arm's reach) at night. I got the movement sensor to monitor for SIDS so he could sleep in the crib at all times and I slept much better with that (as well as Ethan), it took me off duty as the SIDS monitor I will use it up until he's 1 yr, 90% of cases occur prior to 6mo of age, but since I'm always on the crappy side of statistics (POF for example) I'm not gambling on that last 10%! Speaking of little man, he awakens....

  19. so this sids business.... how is having the kids sleeping in our room supposed to help - that's my main question I guess. I am so tired these days I can sleep through a fire drill so I'm sure as heck not going to notice something remiss with the babies. I bought 2 cribs and and have one in our room for night-time and one in baby room for naps so it's no adjustment for them but I'm just looking forward to having my master bedroom de-babified. we're holding off until we can quiz the pediatrician at our next appointment but the logic mystifies me!!

    and yeah, my old high-school buddies don't need to know about DE no matter how open I am about it with current real-life friends!

  20. I know what you mean about sleeping so hard you'd miss something anyway! I think the theory is if they struggle while it's happening, you might hear it and be able to intervene. It was nice to get our bedroom back, the armsreach was only thing I had in there, but it moved the bed over, burp clothes and binkies were everywhere... it did scream "baby here"! Which is nice at first after such a long struggle, then the novelty wears off.

    My little guy is not a fan of tummy time either, he is finally starting to tolerate it a little more and occasionally gets his knees up, but usually scoots backwards if anything. Very smiley, tracks everything and loves to watch the dogs (know what you mean about the shedding, I came downstairs one day and found DH vacuuming our dog, she was not amused) Lifts his head well and thinks it's hysterical when you make him stand, of course, he's also fascinated by light fixtures, so it doesn't take too much with this kid. I'm still putting him to sleep on either side, but he ends up on his back at some point, so have avoided any flat spots... but man does he have a HUGE head! Just like his father!

    I guess I better get off the computer and steam my curtains, just moved into the new house and all window treatments are wrinkled! It's hard to be productive while he sleeps

  21. Sorry I can't weigh in on the sids issue at all and sleeping in the same room. My kids never slept in the same bedroom. Our "master" is not a master at all and there is NO room for a crip or playpen. Wouldn't a monitor kind of do the same thing as being in the same room. We had a monitor set up for while and you could hear every little cry or wimper even. That got really annoying though so we are done with that.

    frahmeh -- your babies are great weights and have come a long way. Congratulations. I bet with a little therapy Brielle will do great. Maybe they can teach you a few tricks along the way. And your question about the heavy periods, ah YES same here. I had my period about 3 weeks ago for the first time since pregnancy and man was it ever heavy and lasted almost a whole week. I couldn't believe it. I sure hope it doesn't continue as I thinking maybe it was a one time thing. I also thought you weren't supposed to get your period while still nursing / pumping. I was wrong about that.

    Kristine -- My guys don't like tummy time either. One thing I have been trying that they are ok with is propping them up on a boppy pillow on their stomach. This also strengthens their arm muscles. You must be so excited to be in your new house! Are you all moved in? Are you liking the new place so far? We just put in an offer and got it accepted for a new house. I'm very excited to finally move as the place now is SO small. We are going to keep the current place and rent it out for a year or two until the real estate market is better. We still have inspections and financing to get through but I'm excited all the same. The place is beautiful with gleaming hardwood floors on the first floor which I love, updated kitchen, big deck/patio with views of the west hills and Mt. Hood, nice size back yard. Perfect for what we were looking for and we got the price for a really good price since its been on the market for about 6 months.

    robertobiloslav-- yep, still pumping here too. Wow, I can't believe the amounts of milk that you produce. I bet that the girls must be pretty big to accomodate all of that fluid. I am pumping still 4 times a day and getting about 25 ounces per day. During the week at the office I am actually more consistent with the pumping than on the weekends where I sometimes only pump 3 times a day and get off schedule. A suggestion for you on dog hair is, have you ever tried the "ferminator"? It is a pet brush that is specially designed to take out the under layer of hair and works so good! I use it on my pug and it takes out incredible amounts of hair. He still sheds but it isn't as bad. They are kinda pricey at $30-$40 but worth it. Also I usually don't brush him in the house because it makes such a mess. I take the brush with me to the U-wash place and do it there. Last time we were there, I got so much hair out it almost filled a small garbage can. Instead of buying, you could ask at your local u-wash place if they have the ferminator and you can borrow it and see if you like it.

    Gotta go to lunch here so I have to wrap up. We did go to the doctor yesterday both are doing really good. Z weighs 16 lbs. 14 oz and is 24 3/4" long. G weighs 15 lbs 14 oz. and is 24 1/2" long. Wow, little porkers. Doctor put Z on antibiotics to try to get rid of his cough that has been going on for 2 weeks.

    Take Care girls!


  22. nancy - glad your babies are doing well. How has it been going back to work for you? Are you in the new house yet?

    kristine - Are you cycling again yet?? Hope you're settled in the new house! How is the reflux - any better?

    robertobiloslav- all good questions. glad to hear you are still pumping, but were able to give up the nighttime ones. I had to pump at night with DS and it was brutal.

    frahmeh - you always impress me- three babies and you always seem in a good routine. I think you are back to work? how's that going?

    mich - hope you're doing well!

    tummy time - DS didn't like tummy time. His pedi said it was so important, but all he did was scream. (He almost 4 and still sleeps on his back.) He learned how to roll from front to back so he didn't have to do it anymore. He never rolled the other way. Eventually, he learned all the appropriate skills, so I don't know how important it really was.....

    sids - I have no idea how co-sleeping reduces the risk of sids. I co-sleep and I wish I didn't, but I can't help myself. I think some of it is working mommy guilt. I'm exhausted! I am giving myself to 6 months and then she is going in her room. I have the co-sleeper and I still end up bringing her in the bed. I just miss her so much during the day. (I did the same thing with DS). I don't understand the co-sleep/sids corrolation at all either. I even have that monitor, which would probably work better than anything I would notice at night.

    Dakota is just so cute. She's got the biggest thighs I've ever seen. I'm still pumping 3x a day for her to take to daycare and otherwise nursing her at home. I'm waiting to start cereal to 6 months because she really likes the breastmilk and she's putting onthe weight!! She's so happy - she smiles all the time and laughs out loud. She can prop up on her arms, but doesn't roll over yet. The best part is watching the bond between her and DS. It is absolutely magical and unexpected. She's doing great in daycare.

    OK, so I know it's early, but my family is talking about visiting Germany in another year or two. I think we might just pop over the Czech for an ED cycle (we have no frosties, so would have to pay for a fresh cycle)....

    I'm not on FB, but look forward to checking it out and keeping up with pictures. Lisa

  23. I was wondering how everyone is doing! Hope you all and your babies are well. I can't believe my DD is getting so big! Lisa

  24. Hi Ladies -

    It's been a long time! Things are just crazy with the babies and working. We just got back about 2 weeks ago from spending 5 weeks in FL with DH's family. It was so nice to have the extra help with the kids - I just worked from there and flew back and forth to DC for 3 out of the 5 weeks.

    The babies went to the ped last week and got their next round of shots. They weighed between 17 and 18lbs. They are getting so big! Hunter is just starting to hold his own bottle which is so nice. They are eating the gerber stage 2 food and doing pretty well with that. They are getting up on theirs knees and rocking so crawling will be soon - 3 babies crawling around - yikes!

    How is everyone else doing?

    Work is going well, a little overwhelming at times trying to manage everything but it is what it is.

    I hope everyone is well and can give updates when you get a chance.


  25. Hi Lisa and Shannon!!

    Shannon - sounds nice getting away for while and getting some help with the babies. So are you traveling tons and leaving the kids with your husband a lot these days or does it cycle up and down?? I loved your pics on FB - I need to get some with me and the babies - every time I ask my husband to do it they end up being funny - out of focus or kids doing silly faces so we need to try again... so your think yours are really to crawl - I dread the day!! My bro was here in april with his preschooler and 10m old twins and it was NUTS. Kids going in all different directions. My older dd never crawled so I never imagined the possibilities with 2 kids crawling - it was crazy!

    Lisa - how are things with you? Working and mothering going well??

    Please check in when you can Nancy and Kristine!! Actually Kristine - did you do your FET this spring - any news??

    Here things are going well. In April I decided that things were too easy ( ) so I switched things up here. DD#1 now goes to preschool only 2 days per week so we are getting 3 days with me and all the kids and it's been really nice but sort of crazy too. And that means the 2 days that she's in school and it's 'just' me and the babies are my down days

    Baby update: Raine - weighs 16lb and she's been in a helmet for 2 months now for her wonky head and is almost done. She's sitting and rolling and is just now starting to enjoy solids - turns out she hates baby rice and refuses to have anything to do with it so I mistook that as not being interested in food... Toby - is growing big (he gained 2 lb in 2 weeks after his 6m appt and is now over 18lb). He has low muscle tone so he's a bit behind on baby sports like rolling and sitting but we're working on it. He's a major flirt and will coo and smile at anything that pays attention to him including the dogs - it's hilarious!! Overall things are great and I keep getting these almost accusatory comments from other moms (I'm in a baby playgroup that meets weekly) about how easy the babies are - as if I'm drugging them or something... whatever... they're happy, I'm happy.

    Updates please!!

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