Feb/Mar DE Cycle - continued!!

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  1. hello again!

    so good to hear from everyone and to hear that things are going pretty well...

    frahmeh and Kristine - the book has schedules in it for the whole first year which is a lifesaver - if you go over to the parenting after IVF boards you'll see that every other question is about sleeping through the night, length of naps, etc and it's all covered in the book from a woman who has taken care of or advised directly in the care of hundreds of babies. Most other books give you sort of wishy-washy advice about observing the baby and figuring out if there's a pattern.... hrrmmppfff!! It is a bit over-prescriptive so take it with a grain of salt. Also, it's easy to read so for your own sake take an hour or 2 to flip through it when it arrives. good luck

    frahmeh - so glad to hear that your little guy is off oxygen and doing better. And sorry that your little crew have all come down with a cold - my dd got RSV while I was still bfing her so it's not the magic bullet but every little bit helps so you've done a good job. I set myself the goal of 6 weeks and I'll get there out of sheer stubborness, then I hope to make it to 3 months and after that it's gravy if it happens. Good job!! Your comment about your mother getting to you made me chuckle - mine's the same... in fact people asked me if I had help with the twins and were my parents coming to pitch in which nearly sent me into hysterics - they came when my daughter was 6 weeks old and it was 2 more mouths to feed and 2 more people to clean up after... not the kind of help i need!!

    Kristine - I don't know of anyone else who gets such a good paternity leave package so now I'm wondering if our husbands work for the same company - a certain search engine??? Don't know if you've already stopped bf-ing but for what it's worth, getting 1-2 ounces after bfing is a good supply - you should be happy with that. If you've stopped, don't beat yourself up over it - I know some people act like formula is poison but...errmmm... it's not!!!

    On a related DH note... I have some info on post-partum depression and it lists one of the symptoms as 'You feel like your husband can't do anything right.' Yes, I'm suffering from that symptom big time!!! About 2-3 days per week I'm snarling at my husband because he's supposed to be helping but doesn't see the dirty dishes, the piles of laundry, the full nappy bin, the spit-up soaked baby... so now here's the question ... will anti-depressants treat that...???

    Lisa - your son sounds like my daughter - wanting to kiss the babies and help all the time but it's too much so I'm trying to convince her that babies love songs sung from 3 ft away not 3 inches away, that one hug is enough, etc. It's very sweet and well intentioned but she's already managed to bounce one of the babies onto the floor with her antics (yeah!!! thank goodness it was Toby who is just bigger and sturdier than Raine...) My daughter goes to pre-school so that helps in terms of balancing the time - is your son in pre-school?? I think I would be really struggling with a full-time toddler and 2 babies all day every day.

    Which brings me to Mich - we're all thinking about you - I know things must be crazy but we'd love a quick note just to let us know you're there ...

    ok... has anyone else noticed 'funny' things about their post-partum bodies?? like, my belly button is off-center!!! wtf!! and to go along with this lopsidedness, my left boob is bigger than the right and my incision is slightly tilted... i got off easier than I expected in terms of damage but this stuff is alternately amusing and annoying. Also, for all the c-section ladies, the area over my incision is still swollen and tender - how about the rest of you?? (my ob appt is next week so I'll ask about it then)

    Nancy - how's it going??????

  2. Hello Ladies!

    Sorry I've been MIA for the last week. I've been plugging away at trying to keep my sanity and get through each day. The babies are now 1 month old. Hard to believe, but it feels good to have reached that milestone. It makes it feel not so hard to get through the next month. Also my dad is here right now helping out. I wasn't sure how useful he would be but it has been working out great. He loves to feed the babies and do the dishes which is a huge help. Oh and of course another helper for the middle of the night crying and feeding.

    robertobiloslav -- thanks so much for the BF-ing info and the book referral. That info has been very helpful to me. Thanks to all you ladies really for sharing on the breastfeeding and pumping. I have still been plugging away at the pumping. I'm only able to do it about 4 times a day, but I'm trying to get to 5. I pump for about 15 minutes. I wish I could sit out the entire 30 minutes like you do to increase the supply but I just can't keep at it.
    I totally hear you on the DH getting on your nerves. Is that really a sign of post-partum? I definitely have it then because he too is driving me crazy not seeing all that needs to be done around here!

    Does anyone know if my eating garlic, spicy food (not much), some veggies (like brocoli), having 1 cup of coffee, 1 diet coke daily, and random beer could be affecting babies having lots of gas? My mother seems to think that I am to fault for eating/drinking these things.

    Kristine -- wow it sounds like you do have your hands full. Do the doctors think the reflux will get better or will that take a long time? I hope that medications help. I've heard that there is some kind of baby lounge chair that is helpful for reflux. Apparently it is deeper and baby sits up a little straighter to help. You may want to check into that. I don't know the brand or anything though. I also like your idea of the baby announcement/xmas cards. I did a Christmas card only but wished there was more room on it to make it more of an announcement type thing instead of just 3 lines.

    frahmeh -- I second what the other girls say about not beating yourself up for not pumping or BFing. Do what feels right for you and what works for your situation. I think we all have high expectations for ourselves that end up being unrealistic in practice. You are doing a great job and just keep up what you are doing. That is always so great River is off the oxygen too. That will make things a bit easier for you. Sounds great about going down to Florida. I hope you enjoy your visit and soak up some nice sunshine. My family in Wisconsin said it has been snowing, cold and windy almost every other day so you are probably getting the same.

    Lisa -- Dakota sounds like she is doing really well. Both my little guys have painful gas too. They cry and cry and I don't know what is wrong and then I'll hear one of them let out a series of loud farts. I can't believe the noises these kids make. I also have trouble getting them to burp sometimes too. Are you girls issues similar? Yes, I have found day care I think. I had a hard time finding availability for 2 infants because the student-teacher ratio is only 4 to 1. We start daycare Jan. 26th with 2 days a week and then will go to 3 days a week Feb. 15th when I go back to work full time. When are you going back to work? Will you have to go daycare as well? Two kids in daycare is pretty darn expensive isn't it? I am staggering by the price and am still looking around to see if I can find something of high quality but a little cheaper.

    Mich -- details, details. I hope you are doing well and surviving these first week(s) with you boys. Catch us up when you can.

    Take Care girls. Gotta go take a shower quickly while I still can.


  3. Sorry for the mystery ladies, my computer has been down for over a week.

    The boys are here! My csection went well Tuesday and we all came home together on Friday. They are healthy and happy and 9 days old today and I am in love. Their big brother is not so sure about them though LOL!

    Nicholas Richard
    6lb 4oz
    18.5 inches
    12/2/08 10:45am

    Benjamin Graham
    6lb 4oz
    18.5 inches
    12/2/08 10:46am

    They were the exact same weight and length. The dr's said they'd never seen that before! They are built very different though so they look like they are very different sizes.

    Here's a quick slide show

    Need some rest now but I'll be back this weekend to catch up on all of you and your sweet ones.


  4. Mich - so glad to hear that you and the boys are doing well - they are beautiful!!! And how cool is it thatthey were the same size exactly!! My SIL actually had the same thing with her twins but now one is a lot bigger than the other... I hope your older son ges used to them quickly!!

    Nancy - I also drink one coffee an occasional beer and eat whatever I please - don't let your mother guilt you!! Although some babies are more sensitive than others your food is unlikely to be the cause. I used simethicone drops with my older DD to help her get burps out - not sure if available here in US but all it does is 'consolidate' little bubbles so it's easier to burp and it could help.

    I was at pedi with kids yesterday for the 1 month check-up and they are doing really well. Raine is gaining fast on her brother - she's now 7lb2oz so she gained over 2 pounds in less than a month - still measuring small for her age but they aren't adjusting for the early delivery so I think she'll be fine. Toby checked in at 8lb - 10% for weight but 50% for height so he's officially long and skinny for now!!

    I did a photo shoot of the kids after their bath the other day and here are 2 of my favorite pictures:


    Hope everyone is doing well!

  5. OMG Guys - what beautiful babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the names Mich! The pictures you both did are really neat!

    Thanks for all the advice and support ladies on the BF-ing. I took the pump back today. I did feel a little guilty but I just wasn't getting any milk without meds and I'm really tired of taking them. Plus, we are headed to FL on Friday and it will be nice not to have to deal with pumping while we are gone.

    The babes are good. My BIL is here so we have an extra hand for a week and it has been very helpful with 3 people caring for the little ones rather than two. They have started to want to be held more and need things at the same time making it a little harder. Last night they were all screaming at the same time - what a trip! I was finally able to calm them down - DH just put on his IPOD and tuned them out - go figure!

    Well, I gotta run. I am trying to get things packed and done around here to go while the boys are feeding the babes.

    Hi to all!


  6. Hi there Ladies,

    Congratulations Mich!! Beautiful babies!

    robertobiloslav -- thanks for sending the pictures -- they are adorable.

    I have finally downloaded some pics onto photobucket. Here are a couple pictures of my two little guys.



    I hope you all are doing well!

    Take Care,


  7. Wow Nancy - they are beautiful too!


  8. Hi ladies,

    mich - congratulations on your delivery! those are two perfect babies!

    robertobiloslav and nancy, thanks for posting yours as well - all the pictures have been so cute!

    nancy - DD will go to the same school that DS goes to. We've been really happy with it. Have you set on one yet? The price is just crazy - costs as much as the mortgage. Are you able to use part time with 3 days per week? Will DH stay with them the other 2 days or will you work at home? (I can work at home some, but not consistently enough to use part-time care.)

    frahmeh - how is/was Florida? Hope you had an uneventful trip and got a little rest!

    Dakota is doing well - I finally broke down and let her sleep in the bed with me. She was only sleeping for about 2 hours at a time in the co-sleeper and I just couldn't do it anymore. Now she'll sleep for 6 hours. Does anyone have a baby that will sleep in a crib? I can't get my babies to do that. (DS never slept in it either.)

    I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Lisa

  9. I have been reading everyone's posts and love all the photos! robertobiloslav, how on earth did you get your two to pose like that? What a group of beautiful babies!

    Lisa, I had trained my son to sleep on/with us too, read the Baby Whisperer as time allowed, used her methods to get him on a schedule of sorts, and used to sleeping in his crib and not on me! Of course, I also got the paranoid Mother's gadget also known as the Angelcare Movement and Sound monitor that will alarm if he stops breathing for 20sec... and now I sleep much better because of it! (DH's nephew died of SIDS at 10wks, so we are super paranoid about that) But I digress, it's hard to retrain them, but it can be done. I think it took us 2 weeks to get him used to it, I'm not a fan of "crying it out", so it probably took us longer.

    Mich, Nancy and robertobiloslav... you all have gorgeous, healthy looking twins! Good job on carrying them so successfully!

    frahmeh, I hope your trip was good, I felt a little guilty sending the pump back too, but if it doesn't work, what can we do? I'm sure your life is a good bit easier without that added stress.

    We are in the process of packing up our rental house and will close on our new house this Thursday. A little hectic, but with my DS now taking naps other than in my arms, I can keep up much better! So everyone please do let us all know how it's going!

  10. I hope everyone is doing well. I have to go back to work on Monday. I've been working at home for the most part this month, but I have to go back to the office now. It will be interesting because most of my clothes still don't fit. It's been great being at home and visiting DD and DS at lunchtime. Dakota is doing very well at her day care. She is a very easy going baby. She weighed in at 12lb, 9 oz at her 2 month well baby - in the 90th percentile. My b-milk must be pure fat! She's a cute little butterball. She's been sleeping very well. Different than DS - he woke up all night long for months. It was so hard.

    Kristine, I have that monitor also. I couldn't live without it. I also had a friend whose baby had SIDS. it was one of the saddest things and I will never forget it. I am really afraid of that. She's back in the co-sleeper at night. She only sleeps swaddled, so I do worry about her getting too warm. Thanks for the advice on the book - I've heard good things about it. I need to find the timeto read it.

    Nancy, how did the day care situation work out?

    I know everyone is busy with their new babies! I hope you all are well! Lisa

  11. Hi ladies:

    I just started lurking on this board. I actually don't belong, as I'm just now gearing up for a DE cycle, which will hopefully work. I wanted to get some opinions from those of you who did DE after already having a toddler.

    Our son is 2 years old (and genetically mine), but, at 44, my eggs are too old to conceive another. So, we are going with DE. I'm trying to decide whether to put in one or two embies.

    We really only wanted 2 children, but DH is more open to having 3 than I am. I found my last pregnancy uncomfortable and it ended early (36.5 weeks), due to sudden preeclampsia. I'm reluctant to transfer 2 embies, as I'm worried that the pregnancy will be much harder with twins and that they might be born far earlier. I'm also worried about taking care of infant twins at the same time as a 3 yo, especially since I'll be 45 and DH will be 46 if/when the infants would be born. YET, I'm also very worried about this cycle not working. Our donor has done one cycle so far that ended up negative with both a fresh and frozen transfer (of 2 embies each). The clinic THINKS the results may have been due to some uterine factor with the intended mother. So, we're taking a risk on her. I had intended on only transferring one embie for the reasons above. But, I'm getting the sense that our clinic (ORM, who has great DE success) recommends transferring 2. We'll need to talk to them more fully about this as we get closer.

    Anyway, I'd love to hear from those of you who chose to transfer 2 embies:
    - What made you decide to transfer 2?
    - Did you end up having twins?
    - How did the pregnancy go, compared to your past pregnancy with a singleton?
    - How has life been taking care of twins and your toddler?

    Thanks so much for helping me with this tough decision!

  12. well - it's been ages since I checked back here and it's nice to hear updates from Lisa and Kristine.

    Things are going very well here. Babies are doing well with my Gina Ford routine and wake once between 7pm and 7am for their midnight snack. Both are gaining well but Raine has a pretty bad flat head that we're keeping an eye on to see if we need to do anything (like helmet) to treat. I'm still pumping for them and after a painful first few weeks it's become easy but I still am struggling with whether to keep going after 3months... we'll see...

    frahmeh - how are your 3 little ones doing? did you ever find out from the RE what they thought about babies being so different?

    Nancy - tell us how first time motherhood of twins is treating you!!

    Mich - are your little boys still the same size and is your older guy getting used to his little brothers?

    And to mmanap - I did my DE cycle at ORM and thought they did a great job. I have a 3yo daughter (from my own eggs) and twins from my DE cycle. I'll be honest and confess that I wanted twins - even selected a donor that would increase my odds of twins. But only because I was very confident that I could do it - I'm 6 feet tall so there's a little bit more room there for 2 babies and I went through my 1st pregnancy without batting an eyelash, no complications, easy delivery 3 days after my due date - easy peasy!! Even so, the twin pregnancy knocked me on my ass. It's not something I'm recommending to anyone!! But you need to really think about it if you had a rough singleton pregnancy. (sorry, I'm just being honest). Also, I always wanted at least 3 kids, so twins would complete my family nicely. And now, caring for twin babies and my 3yo is challenging and that's despite the babies being VERY easy - mostly logistical issues like running DD to pre-school with 2 babies... stuff like that. But also the feeling that you're not giving enough attention to everyone. I think if I weren't so sure I wanted 3 kids close in age I would be pretty stressed out about managing it... It's hard - hard pregnancy, hard mothering - BUT if you really want to do it obviously it can be done and done well too!! Not sure if this helps - probably more of a downer than you wanted but it's my perspective... Hope that helps.

  13. Thanks so much, robertobiloslav, and congratulations on your twins! I really appreciate your insight!

    I\'m guessing I may get more responses with a new thread on this board, so I've posted there. Sorry for the cross post to those of you who read this thread!

  14. Lisa - I've got a question for you. You and I are both seeing that these babies are easier than our first. How much do you think it's temperament vs your skill and confidence as a parent?? I would attribute most of it temperament but my husbaand thinks it's more about parenting - what do you think?

  15. Hi there Girls!

    So sorry for the long hiatus on posting here. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing so well.

    robertobiloslav -- It sounds like you are really enjoying the twins so far. Thats great that they have a good temperament and have been relatively easy for you. Are you still pumping? From your note a few weeks ago it sounds like you are. I am still pumping if you can believe it. I am so surprised that I made it 3 months as I wasn't really sure what to expect. Now that I am back to work (part time for another week), it is hard because I have to lug all that machine and bottles, etc around with me. I'm hoping to get to 4 months when the babies will start to take solids and we can start cutting down on bottles (I hope). It is a pain to constantly make formula not to mention expensive. We go through a large can of formula in about 4 days and that is even with my pumping 20 + oz a day. Are you planning to go back to work anytime soon or will you wait til the kids are a bit older.

    Lisa -- So how is the transition from part time to full time going? I'm in the same boat as you. I was working from home part time and then going in to the office a couple days a week. My boss has really been a bit hard to deal with recently. Sales are down and he is freaking out and putting really high expectations on my to sell sell sell. I keep reminding him that I only working part time but he seems to think I should be always thinking of work. Anyway... Same as you too my babies seem to really be thriving on my pure fat breast milk. Zachary weighed in at 13 lbs. 4 oz and Gabriel was 12 lbs. 3 oz. at 2 month visit. They are getting about 1/3 breastmilk and really seem to be putting on the weight and have super chubby cheeks. Oh so cute to play with.

    Kristine and Mich I hope you both are doing well.

    Has anyone joined a parenting thread on other boards? I haven't been on here much to look around but it would be great to stay in touch with you girls! Can you believe it has been almost a year since we all began this process? Wow how time flies.

    Take Care,

    twins 12 weeks 3 days

  16. Hi all,

    robertobiloslav - great question. I've been talking with friends about that and I say for me, DD is definitely an easier baby. I'm sure experience has something to do with it, but she is very low needs. DS was (and still is) high needs. He would scream whenever we put him down and had to go thru all the tricks - driving in the car, putting him on the washer (supervised, of course) for the noise and vibration. It's just the way he's wired. They are two very different personalities. DD is happy to sit in her seat or the floor and look around. How is your DD taking to the babies? That's one thing I was very surprised about - I hadn't expected much of a bond with my two, but it is obvious that they have bonded. DS is all about his baby sister. What's really fascinating is that she looks for him. She will smile at him more than at me and will look for him when she hears his voice. It's a really amazing thing. There is some jealousy about mommy time from DS - he'll ask if I can put DD down so we can play or he wants me to carry him, like I carry her, but no hostility or acting out. I hope you are having a good experience with this as well.

    Nancy - wow - congratulations! I admire you for still b-feeding with twins and working. Good for you! Glad that the babies are doing do well with it, too - they are growing so well! Have you considered getting a second pump for the office? In the long run, it might save you $ as compared to buying formula. Also, those medela sterilizing bags are great. You just rinse your stuff and put it in the microwave for 3 mins. Also, I use a handsfree bra (see motherwear - don't get the one from medela that requires rubber bands - get the ones with the holes in the front - $35.00). That way, you can type or make calls and pump at the same time. I talk with my working mom friendes all the time about how we feel like we do everything halfway now - niether work nor kids get full attention and I feel guilty about it all. Stick with your boundaries. My boss doesn't get it either.

    Shall we continue this post on a parenting board?

    mich, frahmeh, kristine, hope you are all doing well.

  17. Hiya Ladies! I'm glad you're all doing so well. I thought I'd pop in here with my BF two cents. I had a 45 minute commute when I was BF, so I got the car adaptor from medela and the hands free bra and YEP, pumped while driving to and from work......... It's definitely do-able and no one can see anything if you do it right!! Just an idea for you. I was SO BUMMED when DD stopped BF at 1 yr. I missed it for a LONG time. But then I only had the 1 baby, so it was much easier for me.

    You\'re all doing great and I'm SO GLAD that things went well for you!

  18. woo-hoo!! it's cool to see this thread going again!!

    I think I win the prize for the smallest babies. They were 9lb4oz and 9lb5oz at the 2 month appointment. Raine's been gaining 2lbs per month and Toby has a really hard time feeding (which is why I can't bf him directly) so he's only been gaining 1 pound per month but is picking up the pace now.

    ok...drumroll please... my tiny little chickie (Raine) slept through the night last night for the first time - from 7pm to 7am. I can see the light!!!

    Nancy - you must be psyched that you're able to get your babies some EBM still!!! Good job. Yes, I'm still pumping - I wanted to get to 3 months and that's in the bag so now I'm trying to figure out what to do next. I actually tried to sabotage it a few weeks ago and accidentally found out that with my other pump I can get MORE milk in LESS time!!! So it's less than 2 hours out of my day to give these kidlets EBM which I sort of HAVE to keep going (otherwise what kind of mother would I be??? see my dilemma).

    I remember the first few weeks back at work with my daughter were horrible - the mother's guilt that Lisa mentioned - trying to do it all. Just do the best you can - it's hard until you get the routine down. As for me, I'm not planning on going back to work anytime soon. I always planned on scaling back my career when I hit 40 or when I had 2 kids - which is about now with 3 kids and turning 40 in April. So I'll try being a SAHM for a while and if I hate it I'll look for work. I can't believe your boss is expecting you to be 'on' full-time despite part0time hours. I know a couple of friends who tried to work PT and found it was a sham - might as well get paid for the work of FT if that's what they were expected to contribute. I hope it gets better!!

    Lisa - your kids sounds sooo cute smiling and looking for each other. That's really neat!! My babies are a bit slow on the socializing stuff and have just gotten into it in the last 2 weeks or so. My daughter is really good with them - always popping up to see what they need if they make a noise - it's really nice to have her help sometimes!! I'm looking forward to a time in maybe a year or 2 when they'll be able to really play with each other - that's going to be so fun. My daughter also occasionally wants to act like a baby and I tell her that I like having abig girl that I can talk to and dance with, etc since the babies can't do that - that usually stops her baby behavior. When did you go back to work?? How is it going??

  19. Okay robertobiloslav, my bruiser tromps your petite fleurs... at his 10wk check up he was 15lbs 6ozs Despite his reflux, eating is obviously not a problem. Good way to deal with your older DD, I'll use that in the future when I hopefully have a sibling for Ethan. I am jealous you don't have to go back to work, I have gone back PT, but at least as a nurse, it's REAL PT... two 10hr days a week, so I shouldn't complain, but I hate to leave him.

    Aaaaaaw Lisa, how incredibly sweet she looks for him! So normal for him to want to be held like the baby, my nephew does that when my sister watches DS... has even asked for a bottle (didn't get one, but the same regression). You're very lucky there's been no acting out too. Not that I have another child, but to weigh in on robertobiloslav's question... I am already thinking how much easier my second one will be... I have learned so very much with DS, especially with the structuring of the naps and feeds to keep him on an even keel. I joke the next one will be a piece of cake! Lord, I hope I don't get punished for that

    Nancy, good job on the BF with the (almost) FT work... I found it so time consuming without working, I can't imagine. I haven't had time to look around on the parenting side of the boards, we could move over there if everyone wants... hard to believe it has been almost a year we've journeyed together. Even harder to believe I just scheduled my FET to try for a sibling! I only have one embie, so I want to know sooner than later if it will work.... hope so, but mentally geared for having to repeat a fresh donor cycle. And your twins are huge! Well, huge for twins Sounds like they are doing great.

    frahmeh, I too am still curious about the difference in the babies... did you ever find anything out? Are you even able to look at the computer, much less check on this thread.... can't imagine how busy your house must be.

    Mich, hope all is well!

    We have moved out of our tiny rental house into our real house! So much space, I'm a little giddy! Of course, you can't really appreciate too much of the space with so many boxes still to be unpacked, very slow going with a little one to take care of... feel like I'm always feeding/changing/playing then napping... then repeat. Love it though, he is so interactive and laughs/smiles all the time, has me totally wrapped around his finger Can't say I miss that genetic link at all, doesn't matter anyway... he is a carbon copy of his father... I think my DS is a product of cloning rather than IVF Just got a Bumbo chair for him, anyone else have one of these?

  20. Hi Ladies!

    Sorry it has been so long since I've posted! Things have been crazy! I am back to work full-time and started on January 5th right after we got back from Florida on January 3rd. So, needless to say - it has taken a while to get into the swing of things. I am currently on an assignment in Arlington, VA - basically Washington, DC. It is a great client and I am actually really enjoying being back to work. It is a nice break from the kids! I get to catch up on sleep and get back my sanity so I actually have been able to start to enjoy them a little bit. Up to this point, there has been no enjoyment and I wondered for the longest time why in the world we did this to ourselves! so it is nice to not feel like I wanted to sell them all on e-bay!

    I do agree that it is very hard to believe it has been a year! I was thinking about that today actually - a year ago at this time I had just started my period for my DE cycle.

    For those who have asked, I don't have any information yet. We basically have to do a DNA test to find out for sure where Hunter came from. It would be a Maternity test instead of a paternity test. We did go see Dr. Welden when we were in FL. We got some pics of us with him and the kids - really neat. He was so amazed at how different they all were and could not believe we did not have a set of identical twins. He even asked if we were sure they didn't mix them up in the hospital because it just wasn't possible to have this happen. Bill (the embryologist) confirmed that he only put back two embryo's and has accounted for all of them. So, it is looking more and more like I had my own egg that got fertilized. We will do the test but it is rather expensive so it might be a few more months before we can save the money for it. The only other option there is would be for River and Brielle to be the identical twins (as there is a very rare instance where you can get B/G identicals - however, to me they don't look alike either so I doubt this is the case). Dr. Welden asked us to let him know what we find out as our case if reportable since it is so rare. I will keep you posted once we know anything more.

    The babies are doing wonderful! Hunter (our little peanut at birth) is now the biggest - he is just over 13lbs. River is about 12lbs now and Brielle, the biggest at birth is now the smallest - she is just a hair over 10lbs. For being 4 months old on the 14th - they are still pretty small but they are doing well. We just switched their formula to the Gentleease and what a difference that made. Hunter was getting a rash on his face and that has almost cleared completely up. Brielle kept getting yeast infections on her butt and spit up like crazy! Now, she hardly spits up at all and the yeast infection is gone. They were on the high calorie formula but she spit up so much that she is actually weight a little better now because she is keeping down what she is eating. River never had an issue with the formula but I switched him anyway because it is easier to have them all on the same stuff. They are smiling now and just starting to coo. We started them on cereal and they are only getting up once about 2am for a bottle. We still don't have 7a-7p thing down but it's close. They eat cereal around 8p, up at 2a for bottle, then up around 7:30-9a. I read the book robertobiloslav mentioned and we tried like hell to follow it but with 3 - it's not entirely feasible. We came up with a routine so at least it is the same everyday but the times vary depending on when they wake and feed in the morning.

    I am so glad to hear everyone is doing so well! I definitely want to keep in touch! Is anyone on Facebook? My DH put me on it so he could update me on the kids and load pictures. I'd be happy to be friends if others would like to.

    Kristine - congratulations on the new house!
    robertobiloslav - how awesome to still be BFing!
    Lisa - how is work going? I find it a relief but I have 3 so that could be why.
    Nancy - how are you doing?
    Mich - what about you - how are the twins?

    It\'s up to you all on the parenting board thing. We can move there or stay here. I don't mind.

    Oh and Florida was awesome! The weather was so great! It was very hard on one hand because we didn't have my mother to relieve us on the weekends so we could sleep but it was also wonderful to see my in-laws and soak up some sun and get out of the house and do something with the babies!

    frahmeh (Shannon for those of you who don't know already)

  21. YEAH, the gang is all back! (except Mich - where are you?) Great to hear everyones updates.

    Lisa -- thanks for the tip on the hands free pumping. I did finally just get a pumping bra from la leche league that has worked great. I also did borrow a pump from my cousin with the intention of using it as the office one, but that darn thing nearly ripped my nipples off. Geez that was horribly painful. I don't know what I was doing wrong (no instructions) but I refuse to now go anywhere near that thing. My nips are still sore a week later. How is your bf / pumping going.

    Titus Lake -- that is too funny that you would pump while driving down the highway. Couldn't people see into their windows?? I would be way to self conscious to do that, but kudos to you for finding ways to multi task and the pumping done.

    robertobiloslav - wow congratulations on your full night of sleep. I am impressed and oh so jealous. My guys are getting close but Gabriel always wants that middle of the night bottle and then Zachary is awoken too because we have been adamantly keeping them on the same (within 30 minutes) schedule. Good for you for being a SAHM. I bet that will be a welcome change from the many years of being in the career world. I have several friends who are SAHM. I am the larger breadwinner in this household so I don't see that being an option anytime soon.

    Kristine -- good job on having such a healthy baby! Hey 15 lbs. isn't even double when you started out with a 9 pounder, so that is great. Yes, I too just bought a bumbo chair over the weekend for the boys. I only got 1 because I wanted to test it out to see if they liked it first. The first day they each were pretty mellow about it and seemed to enjoy the new vantage point. However the last couple days they've only tolerated it for about 10 or 15 minutes at the most before screaming to get out. How is your little guy liking it?

    frahmeh -- Very interesting story about the maternity test to be done.You may be making some history here. Who takes care of the kids when you are out of town? Do you have a live in nanny or something? I get what you are saying about a welcome reprieve from the kids sometimes. I have been treasuring my lunch hours the days when I am in the office. 1 hour of pure interrupted Nancy time when I can do whatever I want and actually complete a task.

    Oh, and frahmeh yes I'm on facebook. I don't know how to send you a link to get to my profile but I'll try to figure it out.

    Ok my time is up here. The boys are stirring. Today I had the day off and just got back from a shopping trip. The boys slept the whole time and I managed to get them in and out of the car and into the double stroller all by myself. My back is killing me but with practice is should get easier.


  22. Kristine -- I realized later that I didn't comment about your FET. Wow, that is great that you are trying again so quickly. Might as well try that frozen to see if it is good quality now instead of waiting. What is your schedule like? When do you begin?

    Another question or you or anyone else who has info is on the allergies. How do you know when/if your baby has allergies? One of my little guys has been getting a little rash on his face every few days. Its little tiny red pimple looking things on this chin and around his cheeks. It goes away sometimes the same day and sometimes sticks around for a day or so. I was assuming it was just his skin or the fact the milk sits on his chin sometime and I thought it might be getting irrated. Not sure. Any comments or insight would be appreciated. We don't see the doctor again for another month but maybe we should??



  23. Nancy, my guy got the same thing, has eased up a bit recently... I was told it was milia and would go away eventually. It did seem to come and go, I put aquaphor on his face each night and that really helped to clear it up. I also had to change E to the Seventh Generation allergen free detergent. The FET date is April 27th, no calendar yet, sometimes I think I'm crazy to go again so soon... but he's so freaking cute and sweet, why not?

    frahmeh, I know what you mean about getting a breather, although I hate to leave him, going back to work has helped my sanity (a bit). With 3, there is no rest... glad you're feeling better and not ready to put them on ebay yet! Such intrigue with the DNA, you so have to keep us posted on that one!

    I am a dinosaur and not on Facebook, guess I should check it out. I know it's not for kids anymore as some chicks at my work are on it and they are my age. Love my baby, but I live for his naps

  24. Hi Ladies,

    Believe it or not, DH is taking care of them pretty much all by himself. He is doing a great job! His sister comes over at night for 1-3 hours and gives him a break. She bathes them and feeds them their cereal and gets them in bed. His aunt or my dad will stop by during the day for a hours 1-2 days out of the week. This week he had them for 4 days and 3 nights, he was exhausted and a little frazzled today. Fortunately, he has drill this weekend and is down at the base at a hotel until Sunday. He will be able to recoup there. I leave again on Monday but come home on Wednesday night and then will home until the following Tuesday. That week I will be back on Thursday and then after that I start doing every other week from M-Th. He said it isn't to bad, especially since we got the Bottlesnugglers (stuffed animal proppers that are absolutely awesome!) and he can feed them all at one time if he has to. I am just so proud of him! We have always had a good relationship but something about having triplets has made it even better. I guess because you have to really work together as a team and be very patient and tolerant of each other.

    Nancy - I will PM you with name so you can find me and send me a friend request for Facebook. My little guy also has the rash on his face on one side. I switched the formula and it got better but now it's back. We have been using neosporin on it and that seems to clear it up for a day or two. The doctor said it was from the spit up and to use the stuff Kristine said but I didn't know where to buy it or even how to spell until she posted about it. I still think it's a rash from some kind allergy though so I may try the hypoallergenic formula on him, if that doesn't clear it up then it's something from the outside like wool or perfume or who knows.

    Kristine - an FET already, wow. I am very impressed, that is not something I could do right now! Although we are in totally different situations. We actually may use our embies and try and FET but not for at least another year or maybe even two. Our RE won't destroy the embies so the only options are to use them or donate them. We don't want to donate them so we will probably use them at some point (Thank God the RE only has a 10% success rate with FET's). We have 6 and I would like 1 more. I will only let them transfer 1 at a time (not having the Octuplet thing going on here!) - three is hard enough!

    Mich, where are you?

    It\'s late and I'm off to bed.


  25. Hi girls! Here I am. Wow, it was so quiet here and then boom! Everyone is back. Sorry it took me so long but the twins are keeping me on my toes and my 3yr old started preschool and has been sick ever since. Ugh.

    Lisa ~ my guys won’t sleep in their crib either. They sleep in their swings every night. I tried the pack n play but they’ll only sleep about 2 or 3 hrs at a time in there. Last night in their swings they did a 9 hour stretch. Yay! Unfortunately it started at 7pm so I still had to get up once in the middle of the night.

    robertobiloslav ~ My Nicholas has a flat head too. Pedi says its from the torticollis and he may end up in a helmet. I’m really trying to do what I can to fix things now and avoid that. Neck stretches, more tummy time etc. Did your pedi suggest anything else?

    Nancy ~ Sorry to hear your boss is being so difficult. I’m a SAHM now but when my first ds was born I went back to work and I remember how hard it was. I spent all my time at work feeling like I should be at home. Lots of guilt both ways since I didn’t feel like I was giving either my ds or my job my full attention. It’s tough.

    Kristine ~ Congrats on your big move. How wonderful! I can’t imagine trying to find the time to unpack and set up house right now though! Good luck with that. I can’t believe you scheduled your FET. That’s exciting. I think you’re smart. We waited til ds was a year old before going back and ended up doing 3 fets and finally another fresh donor cycle before getting pg with the twins. I hope you won’t have to go through anything like that but I understand you wanting to get started again. Plus, how fun to have another little sweetie. I’ll be cheering you on. We have 2 frozen embies left and since I can’t imagine donating or destroying them I think we’ll be doing an fet down the road. Since we have 3 kids now people keep saying things to me like “at least you’re done having kids now” and “you won’t have to be pg ever again” and I’ve kept my mouth shut but I think in a few years I’ll be ready to do it again. I will never transfer 2 again though. This twin pg and these twin early days are way too exhausting! 1 at a time for me from now on LOL.

    frahmeh ~ I am just fascinated by your story. Do you think you’ll explain it all the your kids when they are older? Props to your dh! Sounds like you’ve got yourself a good one in him.

    We have good days and bad days here. Like I said above, ds started preschool at the beginning of January and has been sick ever since. Constant cold, 2 bouts of throwing up, diarrhea, today he coughed all day and tonight his fever is up to about 102. Preschool germs are evil. He is slowly warming up to his little brothers though. It took him til last week to even touch them. He finally asked to hold them and is getting a tiny bit more interested in them. He does like to sit in their bouncy chairs and lay on their activity mats and pretend to be a baby though. He thinks that’s hilarious. The twins are getting so big. They had their 2 month checkup on Tuesday. Nicholas weighed in at 11lbs 4oz and Benjamin is 12 lbs. Ben has reflux that we’re really struggling with. At least we think its reflux. He is getting rice cereal in his bottles and was on Zantac but even after doubling the dose it wasn’t helping so the pedi just switched him to Prevacid Solutabs. Kristine, didn’t you mention that your ds has reflux too? What are you doing for him? Ben whines all day long and just screams and screams after his bottles. It’s heartbreaking and honestly it’s getting really, really frustrating for me too. I just want him to be a happy baby.

    Here's a pick of my big guys from Monday when they turned 2 months old. I’d love to see some updated pics of everyone’s little darlings. They change so fast!

    Benjamin is on the left and Nicholas is on the right.

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