Feb/Mar DE Cycle - continued!!

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  1. OK girls - here it is - our continuing thread as we've talked about.

    Come on over!!

  2. Ok just to get this thing going I’m going to ‘carry the conversation’ from our other thread…

    Kristine – I think it’s funny that you did an u/s at work. My sister is an ER doc and is currently 8m pregnant but when she was still trying to get in to her OB for a first appointment she ended up using the machine at work and did a secret frenzied scan on the sly – didn’t see much but felt better…

    Btw Kristine – congrats on being weaned!!! My backside is so lumpy and sore right now – I’m dying to start dropping doses. I guess daily injections for over 6 weeks is enough to turn even my large canvass into a fully over-utilized field!

    Lisa – you’re going to hate me – on my first pregnancy I never got maternity clothes. I’m 6’ tall with a pretty long torso so I didn’t show at all until about 5 months and then I just got some low rider pants and tops that are meant to be worn untucked and that did it for me. Some people didn’t even know I was pregnant when I went out on maternity leave – but I just chalk that up to them being oblivious – I certainly had a belly by then! But I’ve heard that the second time around is a different story so we’ll see what happens here.

    Nancy – I scoured the info I got from the clinic for info on what happens if the cycle is successful and they will officially graduate you to an OB when you see fetal movement at the 9 ½ to 10 week scan. They’ll also start weaning you then and keep tabs on you when you’re with the OB on the continued weaning. I still think graduating at 10weeks is very late – as you said, your doc wanted you in earlier!

    On the gender question… I don’t know. I knew my first was a girl – they run in the family. But with this cycle I’m not sure at all. I would love 2 boys though!!

  3. robertobiloslav, thanks for setting up the new thread.

    On the subject of maternity clothes, I am embarrassed to say that I went out and bought some maternity pants a week after I found out I was pregnant. I felt kind of silly buying them alongside some people with really bulging bellies, but I only have one regular pair of pants I can comfortably wear to work right now. Major progesterone bloating for me!

    Kristine, I'm so jealous that you're already getting weaned off your PIO. I made the mistake of asking my nurse how much longer I have to poke myself in the butt everyday. She said thru week 12--so 6 more weeks for me! (She also said they don't tell you the details until after the fact so you don't get scared off)

    Quick update on me. I found a new OB I really like and saw her yesterday. They did another US and found a heartbeat on baby A! Baby B is a bit behind his/her overachieving sibling--yolk sac still not clear, so we'll see if anything new shows up next week. The 3rd sac is definitely degenerating. Bleeding continues but maybe just a tad less the past couple of days.

  4. adobe - your scan sounds great!! I'm glad the bleeding seems to tapering off - one less thing to worry about! When is your next scan? I'm also going to be shopping soon I need new summer clothes anyway so I'll buy some stuff that I can grow in.

    ok an additional question - adobe you made me think of this with the 'his/her' reference: what are you going to call the little beans until you find out gender (either at scan or at birth)??

    For my first I called baby 'tyke' until I saw her at birth. This time I'm thinking about 'ABCs' for twin 'A' and 'B' 'C'hildren - still working this one out though - and I'm still waiting for my next u/s to confirm things are going well with both before I get too attached to the idea of twins.

  5. I refered to them as "the twins", which turns out was a mistake and is a hard habit to break. Now I call him/her my little bean or Boston Bean since I recently moved up here. And you bet your as$ that if it slows down this afternoon, I'm U/Sing myself again I am so paranoid since losing the one twin without any real symptoms (other than nausea going away), and I have to confess to already ordering a doppler too I used to be rational, really. Oh yeah, I will definitely find out the sex.

    I was really getting a firm bulge in the middle of my belly at 10weeks, with going down to one, it seems to have just stayed the same for now. I can't stand anything snug on my middle, but since I'm a nurse and wear scrubs with draw-string waist, I can get away with not buying maternity clothes just yet. But am looking forward to getting them! I'm not as tall as you robertobiloslav, but have a long waist and wide hips, so I think it will be a while before I really show. Remember, you have two in there, so you will show faster this time!

    Adobe, you must be so relieved to have the bleeding tapering off, it would make me a nervous wreck (like I'm not one now ) Your U/S sounds great, there's always one overacheiver! Good thing I'm down to 1cc for the next few days, I honestly don't have a place to put the shots anymore! I have a good deal of real estate back there, but man, those lumps

    Better get back to work!

  6. Hello Ladies,

    This is great a new location -- thanks for starting this up.

    robertobiloslav -- I am so jealous that you didn't hardly show with your first pregnancy. Must be nice. I'm about 5'8 and on the heavier side already.

    I am so darn bloated my pants hardly fit except a few. I've only gained a pound or two so its not the weight. Earlier this week I put on one my regular pairs of dockers for work and they were snug in the morning (barely got the button closed) and by noon oh did I regret wearing them. They were killing me. I was afraid I was squashing the babies. I've learned my lesson and think I'll go out and buy a baby band or whatever they are called where you can unbutton your pants and have this go over them.

    I haven't thought of any names for the babies yet. I have been looking at the ultrasound pics and they are labeled A and B, so maybe that will stick. I'm hoping for 1 of each, a boy and a girl. humm....

    Hope everyone is having a good day.


  7. Good morning!

    I started to reply yesterday and then my day just got crazy. I lost my job yesterday! My company is going through cut backs and I’ve been hoping to get a package - I have been so miserable the last year and my husband and I had agreed that I was going to quit after my maternity leave anyway to take an extended time off and now instead I got a nice redundancy package (I’ve been there for a really long time) and I can enjoy my summer like a kid out of school. Crazy!! How often do you get what you want??

    Kristine – did you get to do another u/s on yourself?? I’m impatiently waiting for my next one and could really do with one set up right here next to me so I can see what’s happening!! At what point will a dopplar pick up the baby’s heartbeat?? I’ve heard of lots of people getting them so you’re in good company.

    Adobe and Nancy – (TMI alert, sorry) I had horrible gas and bloating with my first pregnancy and I don’t with this one and the only thing I know for sure is different is my eating habits. Later in the pregnancy I had to take in a lot more fiber to counter the iron supplements and slower metabolism (if you know what I mean ) and those habits just stuck and I think that’s making a difference. It might be worth a try.

    As for me I’m convinced that one of the twins is not doing well. My morning sickness is considerably less this last week than it was the previous week. Very resigned to whatever the outcome is but just mentally bracing myself for only seeing one thriving on 5 May… we’ll see…

    Ok… I think that’s enough. Later girls!

  8. Well robertobiloslav, I hope you're wrong about the twins, but I had the same thing. I was worried something was up because my nausea almost went away for about a week before my U/S .... but also keep in mind that it's normal for m/s to get better as you closer to the end of the first trimester. Ya' just never know! Congrats on losing your job How odd of a statement is that?!? I would love to have the summer off and am wicked jealous.

    Adobe, how're you doing? Still tapering off I hope?

    Nancy, the bloat does get better! But with twins, that uterus is going to grow pretty fast too!

    Uh, yeah robertobiloslav, I have to confess to another U/S I got my doppler on Thurs, couldn't really find/hear the HB with it, so I did an U/S at work Friday morning. He was jumping around, waving his arms and I could see the HB but not hear it .... so when I got home, my sister, who's also a nurse, used my doppler and we finally heard it! 160's! That was the best feeling, I'm going to keep it down to one U/S a week, don't know how obsessive I'll be with the home doppler I'm starting to feel a little more confident in this PG finally, I'm almost out of the first trimester and weaned off my meds ... so it feels like we may actually have a baby after all!

  9. robertobiloslav, I don't know if having less m/s necessarily means anything bad. It's hard waiting for the next US, but don't get down until you know anything for sure. And as for losing your job, sounds like that worked out well!

    Kristine, that's really cool that you can do your own US and dopplers. And getting thru the 1st trimester is a major milestone! Congratulations

    Today, I started to feel nauseous for the 1st time. Luckily it was the weekend and I was at home. Just the thought of food and even walking near the kitchen made me absolutely sick. DH had to run out and buy some emergency ginger ale and saltines, and one of my friends came over with a care package and to congratulate me for getting m/s. My bleeding has gotten better (although not completely gone); I had been planning on going out and getting some things done today, but I never made it out. Oh, well!

  10. I am SO HAPPY for you guys!! I wanted to BARGE in over here to give you some advice about u/s printouts. I was told that the pics don't last forever, so if you want to save them, you should make copies. What I did was scan them in at home and then upload to shutterfly and have actual pictures made. I know you can go to Ritz camera and scan them there, too, and have pictures made. Alternatively, you can go to a copy center and have them copied onto photo paper. Just a few ideas for you!

    I wanted to use mine in a scrapbook, so I was obsessive about making them last forever. I guess the ink they use is acidic or something.

    Good luck to all of you and ENJOY your pg. I LOVED being PG, even though I was sick as #*$&% the whole time and never gained any weight at all because of the sickness. One cool thing I did is have a 4D u/s, and I bought the whole dang package, pictures, DVD, everything! It was cool because I did it for a Father's day surprise for DH. You can look on the internet and see if there's a place near you. You have to be between 26 and 30 weeks or something like that, so Father's Day might be too early. Anyway, HAVE FUN!!

  11. Hey there. Sorry for the negative email on Friday - I was so mad that I was spotting. I didn't go to an RE because I didn't want to miss my flight home. Could it be the altitude? I won't go back until I see my RE here. The spotting stopped, so I guess I'll just wait and see. Thanks for the posts, though - they help so much.

    robertobiloslav, I'm glad you're happy about losing your job - do you think you'll go back to work after you deliver? And I only hate you a little for not even needing maternity clothes! just kidding, with twins and a second pregnancy, you'll pop out with this one. (Keeping my fingers crossed for the twins.)

    kristine- you are so funny being able to do your own u/s! I would be totally overdoing it! It would be hard to go just once a week. glad you heard the heartbeat - that's so reassuring.

    adobe, hilarious that you bought maternity clothes so early. Me too, and they're so much more comfortable than squeezing into regular clothes. ahhhhhh. I'm also going to wear them every thanksgiving. I love the secret belly thing from motherhood and the belly band thing where you can put it over regular clothes.

    It seems like everyone else is doing well - glad to hear it.

  12. Hi Ladies,

    Sorry I've been MIA lately. We had to move back home, well, I should say, DH had to move back home and I had to move to my in-laws for a few weeks. My RE wants me in FL to finish u/s's with him and get weaned from my meds. DH made it back to MI safely on Saturday night. He drove straight through from FL with our 2 dogs - what a long drive for him (20 hours) - thank God I get to fly in a few weeks.

    robertobiloslav - thanks so much for starting this new thread, great location. Also, congrats on losing your job and getting a severance package - that's great as long as you are happy with it! Also, I lost some of the instense m/s about 2 weeks ago (still have m/s, just not the puking and not being able to move m/s) and when we went in for our u/s - they found the 3rd heartbeat so it really doesn't mean anything either way. I figured it got better because the 3rd placenta was being reabsorbed and not producing hormones - obviously, I was way wrong!

    Kristine - how cool to do your own u/s's! That is so neat! I am still having weekly ones and I notice I start to get a little nervous before each one. I have another one on Wednesday and would love to be going in today or tomorrow. The doppler is cool too! With a heartbeat of 160 - what do you guess it is? I have 2 at 161 and 1 at 178. I know it's a wives tale but what is the cutoff for boys and girls?

    Suz - thanks for the advice on the 4D u/s and what to do with the pictures. I would like to do the 4D one as long I am able to. I think I read somewhere that they can come to your house.

    Adobe - sorry about the bleeding and the m/s. I'm glad it is getting better for you. I have had some off and on as well and it is always scary. The m/s sucks but it sounds like it may be a comfort to you. I read somewhere that women with m/s have healthier babies and less miscarriages - it didn't go into details as to why but just said that it's a very good sign of a healthy pregnancy.

    Nancy - I can so relate to the clothes not fitting part. I have gained about 6lbs since transfer but with 3 in there, I noticed a definite bulge in my belly yesterday. Most of my clothes are tight and I have had to buy a few maternity items. I bought a pair of capris and a pair of shorts and then I bought a couple pair of capri sweatpants as they were very comfortable. I have also bought 2 tops (they were like $6.00 a piece). One is to big for now and the other is cut so it doesn't look bad but I will wait a little while longer before wearing it. My MIL took me shopping over the weekend and tried to get me to buy more maternity clothes but I'm just not ready yet.

    Lisa - bleeding is very scary! I'm glad to hear that it is doing better. I have noticed for me there is really no rhime or reason to it other than the first time it happened to me, I over did it that day. The last time it happened to me, DH and I had sex (we didn't know we had 3 babies in there) and I had gone a week without spotting and it had been 8 weeks since we had done anything. I started spotting when we got to the RE's office. Of course everything was fine and it was from irritating the subchrionic bleed that is right by the cervix. Needless to say, I don't know that we will be doing that again!

    Ok ladies, 2 questions for you. 1) Has anyone bought anything yet for the baby(ies)? 2) Has anyone had times where they feel sad about using DE?

    Over the weekend, my MIL took me shopping and bought stuff for the babies. The stuff was very inexpensive but it felt weird buying it. I don't even know what they are yet but I have some girl stuff and some boy stuff (just little outfits). They are really cute! It just feels weird - like it's still to early. Her reasoning was that there are 3 and I need to get started as I have a lot I am going to need. Which is true and it will save from having to do it all at the last minute but it was still weird. I just hope there is at least one of each in there (most of the stuff is neutral but there are a couple outfits that are definitely boy or definitely girl).

    My SIL and BIL also live here at my in-laws right now and their twins boys are here. They are almost 2 and balls of pure energy. Since I've been here I have been having second thoughts about the DE thing again. I think it's because I see them and one looks just like my SIL and the other looks just like my BIL. I went to bed the other night and actually wished the babies were mine! Then I thought to myself, they are mine - what the h*ll am I thinking. I'm ok when I see them on the u/s and everything and DH is starting to get excited but I can't help but think - that's because they are yours and I am carrying them for you! Isn't that terrible? I don't know what has gotten into me. I know if we had used my eggs, I certainly would not be having trips - I may not even be having one and be going through the DE process now. It's just stuff that has crossed my mind. My MIL told me last night that will all go away when I'm in labor. I told her with 3, I probably won't have labor, she said well, whatever, when your the one feeding and changing and those babies, they will feel like they are all yours. I know she's right but I still don't like the thoughts that have been going through my head.

    Well, I should go for now. Sorry this is so long, it's just been a while and now that I'm at the in-laws, I'm a little bored!


  13. frahmeh, glad you are around family and are being closely monitored with the trips. It must be hard not being at your own place. I wanted to chime in on the DE thing. I was at first traumatized that I had to go with DE. However, I'm just so thrilled about this baby and the fact that I have such a lower chance of abnormalities (I'm 37, the eggs are 26), that I'm happy I was able to do something. Like you said, if you hadn't chosen this, you might be in a failed cycle right now instead. I'm not saying be thankful for what you have (I hate it when people say that), I guess I'm just saying that I'm glad I didn't have to face any more disappointment.

    Before I was PG with this one, I worried that I went to DE too quickly (1 cancelled cycle and I went right to it). Before I chose this, I looked at some of the boards and women going thru more than a dozen failed cycles. I didn't want to be disappointed over and over. I wanted a sibling for my DS before they got too far apart. Now, with some addictive personalities in my family, I'm glad that I won't be passing that down and the risk of down's is reduced. I'm a little sad that I only have a singleton in there (I know, be thankful for what I have ) and I'm not sure we can afford to do it again. I want ot have a third and I'd rather use DE than my own at this point - as if I had a choice - because of my age and family history. I also believe that there's a reason I needed to have this baby. (For me, it's a Christian perspective, for you, it might be something different.)

    Anyway, for what it's worth, I think we'll always feel a little loss, but wouldn't trade these babies for anything in the world once we see them. Plus, with trips, you'll be way too tired to think about it once they come.

    I've been hesitant to buy for the baby yet, but I've been looking! Hope you're doing OK. Lisa

  14. Hi everybody!

    Lisa, I feel exactly the same way you do. Went thru the same thought process (i.e., am I going to DE too soon after only 1 failed IVF cycle?). It may sound weird but I was convinced my eggs had somehow been genetically damaged and so I figure using a healthy 27 year old's eggs is more likely to result in a healthy child than if I had used my own eggs. I've never had any regrets about choosing DE and am so happy to be PG right now (which I am sure I never would have been at this point if i had continued with my own eggs). I'm sure there will be tough moments ahead--e.g., dealing with some of my relatives who aren't so educated in these types of matters, figuring out how and when to tell our child, the fact that our child won't really look like me (I have an unusual ethnic background)--but I don't feel the kind of hurt and sadness I used to have when I was struggling with one failed cycle after another.

    With that said, I still have some emotional scars. Like when I go to the OB's office, I feel uncomfortable to be surrounded by people with huge bellies and by magazines with titles like "Conception," "Pregnancy," and "Parenting." (Can't they find some other magazines to put in the waiting area? ) I don't really feel like "part of the club" I guess b/c it's early in PG and I'm not certain that things will work out yet. So when it comes to buying clothes for the baby, definitely haven't done any of that yet!

    (BTW Lisa, Love your idea about wearing maternity clothes every Thanksgiving )

  15. hey girls!!

    I popped in to work for a couple of hours this morning and am now officially unemployed!! Lisa I think you asked if I was going back after baby is born - no. For a long time now, I've been planning on trading down my career at 40 or when I have a second child - whichever comes first. Since I just turned 39 last week and am apparently pregnant these two events are converging. The severance package is one year's pay so the way I see it my company is just subsidizing my plans early!! I probably sound like a slacker but I've worked my ass off for this company, moved 5 times in 16 years and I need a change. I have a business idea that I'll pursue on a part time basis over the next few months and we'll see how it goes.

    frahmeh - how much longer does your RE want you in FL?? I bet you'll be glad to get back home very soon!!

    Lisa - I'm glad the bleeding let up already. It's got to be very scary when you're away from home.

    As for the question about DE angst - I'm over it now. I had that bout with the ICSi situation but after 1 miscarriage and 2 chemicals I feel really good about the fact that this pregnancy is almost guaranteed to be a success from here. Wouldn't be able to say that with any conviction if it were my decrepit ole eggs in there!

    As for buying stuff, not buying anything until I know if we've got one or two for certain. If it's one then I have all the gear I need - all my stuff from DD is gender neutral except for gifts I received after her birth. If it's two then I'll get a few more items but will wait until after 1st trimester. Question: I looooove the bedding I got for DD as baby. Is it weird to use it again or should I (ie do I have to) go get new stuff for new baby??

    adobe - congratulations on your morning sickness!!! That's really sweet that your friend brought over a care package to celebrate.

    Kristine - I admire your discipline in limiting yourself to only one u/s per week - not sure I would be able to do the same with a machine handy!!

    hey - do you guys just want to keep a simple thread update going with due date, adjusted due date in case of multiple and next appointment?? If so I'd be glad to keep it updated.

    Oh and Suz - thanks for the tip on preserving ultrasound pictures - I just got into scrapbooking a few months ago so I'm catching up on years of collected stuff and knew that u/s don't last long but hadn't given much though to how to deal with it - those suggestions sound great!!

    My 'job' this week is finding an OB!!

  16. robertobiloslav, I was thinking the same thing ... just a simple calendar with our due dates, next appts would be perfect. We've graduated from the angst of cycling, so it can be simple now!

    Shoot! Gotta get back to work, will catch up later!

  17. Hello Ladies,

    Wow, a lot of messages going back and forth. Glad to hear that everyone is doing so well.

    robertobiloslav- congratulations on the job news. Sounds like a great opportunity to try something new. Wow and a 1 year severance, that is wonderful. After you have been with the company that long, you deserve it. Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday! 39 whoo ho. I turned 39 in January too. Did you do anything special for your birthday?

    frahmeh -- You MIL sounds really nice and comforting to be around. That is great that you have family close by. Are you originally from Michigan or just live there now? I am originally from Wisconsin (northern).

    Lisa -- glad to hear that your bleeding has stopped. Maybe the stress from travelling or being on your feet a lot could have caused the bleeding? I don't think altitude in and of itself would cause the bleeding but the RE probably can help answer that. I had a spotting issue this weekend too and it got me all freaked out. Thankfully it only lasted a couple hours and then was gone. Mine was caused by sitting in a massage chair while getting a pedicure. I kept kind of slipping down on the chair and my butt wasn't real comfortable so that is probably what caused the bleed because it started as soon as I stood up. Gross....unprepared too. (sorry tmi)

    Suz - thanks for the info on the ultrasound pics. I had no idea.

    Kristine -- I want to ask my nurse friends if they can sneak me in sometime for a ultrasound.

    As to the question of have I bought anything for the babies yet, no. I am so tempted but really want to wait a few more weeks. We are going to be putting my house on the market in the next couple months too to sell. We really need a bigger house. With only 2 bedrooms and a step child with us every other weekend, we will definitely need more space. Once we have a bigger place it will be great to start decorating a nursery. I'm really looking forward to that.


  18. Hey, I turned 39 last December ... is that the going age for this thread

    I think I struggled more with the DE aspect with my last DE PG ... when I m/c'd at 8 wks and was so devastated, I realized my regrets/loss of bio link really must not have been that strong after all. This time around, don't even think about it ... my parents were up here and my Mom tacklessly reminisced how it was too bad we wouldn't see my Dad in the baby, that brought back a pang of that bio link ... so I think it will always hit us at certain times. Will we dwell on it? I don't think so. But it's normal to wonder, normal to grieve and normal to talk about it ... especially here, that's what this forum is for.

    I don't know when I'll feel comfortable buying stuff, I have looked at cribs and strollers already ... but feel a little bit like a fraud still, am I really one of those PG women I've envied all these years? So I'm right there with you Adobe, I'm sure we'll feel more secure as we go

    frahmeh, I think the old wives' tale is girl's have higher HB's, but has been totally disproven (based on that, I was supposed to be a boy!). So you still have 3 going strong? You're going to need that mini-van!

    Oh, and Lisa, don't worry about the neg email ... glad it stopped! I would freak every time too ... heck, I freak over every twinge still, hence, the obsessive U/S!

    Well, my NK's were still elevated so I'm sitting here infusing more IVIG I hate this stuff, get an awful headache for 3 days afterward. I did an U/S yesterday when I found out I had to do IVIG to give me inspiration (how's that for an excuse?) HB looked good, then the baby starting moving around again, but more coordinated this time, almost like he was crawling in my uterus! My DH is getting disgruntled not seeing these, so I think he's going to come down to work one day so I can show him. It's the only thing keeping me sane, I will do my best to keep it to 1 a week

  19. robertobiloslav - No, you are so not a slacker! you are a mom of a toddler - about to be a mom of two or three! I was home for almost 5 months with DS. For me, staying home was much more challenging than working. It's very difficult to get things done and I felt very isolated. I have friends who stay at home and I admire their patience (and organizational skills!). I'm glad you are able to choose to do what you want!

    I would love a calendar with due dates - and maybe if we can, weeks of pg if that's not hard to due or maybe trimester markers. Just a thought, of course since I'm not doing it, I'm happy with whatever you put together!

    hope everyone is doing well! Lisa

  20. oh, and I'm 37. I guess my eggs quit working a little earlier than most.

  21. Okay, let's all copy/paste to add ourselves:

    Kristine: 11wks, due Nov 14th 1st trimester screen May 7th

    PS Lisa, don't feel too bad ... mine officially quit working when I was 35

  22. Hi Ladies,

    Well, it's official - definitely triplets! They all measure just a little over 26mm and the heart rates were 164, 170, and 173. So, they were all basically the same size and had around the same heart rates. The RE said they were there for the long haul. I get to start weaning my meds on Sunday - yeah! I go back to see him in 2 weeks for one more ultrasound, then I get to go home to MI and start seeing a Peri. My bleed has also healed, it wasn't on the screen today and I haven't spotted since last week - that was a relief.

    So, officially I am 9wks4days and my due date is November 29. My next ultrasound is 5/19.

    I am 36 and my very first RE told me I would never kids without using DE at 32 (I had an FSH of 23 at the time).

    I will post personals tomorrow.


  23. frahmeh - wow, that's quite an adventure you have ahead. Congratulations!!

    my dates as of today are: 9w1d; OB appt 5/19/08; due date 12/3 (singleton)

  24. Kristine: 11wks, due Nov 14th 1st trimester screen May 7th
    frahmeh: 9.5wks, due Nov 29 next U/S May 19th
    robertobiloslav: 9wks, due Dec 2/Nov 11 next U/S May 5th
    Lisa: 9wks, due Dec 3 next OB May 19th
    Nancy: 8wks, due Dec 10/Nov 20 next U/S May 5th
    Adobe: 7wks, due Dec 18 next U/S ??
    Mich: 6wks, due Dec 23 ? ? next U/S May 6th

  25. Hello Ladies,

    frahmeh -- Congrats on 3 strong heartbeats.

    I am now 8w1d, twins, next u/s 5/5. My original EDD was 12/10 but RE said it would move up to around 11/20.

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Have a good day.


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