Fattening Foods for a Toddler??

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  1. My DS, 3 1/2, is very thin and I am trying to fatten him up a little without resorting to highly processed junk food. He weighs about 7 pounds less then his twin. He is on a lot of meds for seizures and it seems like he just can't gain weight no matter how much he eats, and he has a healthy appetite.

    Any suggestions for healthy fattening foods or things I can do to add calories to what he already eats?

    Thanks, Debbie

  2. Debbie,
    My DS is very thin too - only about 28 lbs (almost 3 1/2 too, in the 5th percentile...and much skinnier than his twin too) - the pedi said to continue giving him 3.25% milk, full fat yogurt, avocados, drizzle a bit of olive oil on his veggies (since veggies are his fav.) I also drizzle salad dressings on his veggies...and I do indulge him with a treat of plain chips on the weekends as a side with his lunch. Are you and/or your DH thin? My DH is very wiry and so the pedi isn't too concerned as she feels that DS will be just like DH is physique. I'm fairly certain I've read other threads on this here too...will see if I can find them and link them up.

    Found one thread:
    Excercise effects on supply?

  3. Hey all...just wanted to give you some hope. Both of my boys were underweight in their toddler, early childhood years. One was a full term baby and one was a preemie. I remember the fattening attempts, and the question about genetics. They are now 15.5 and 13 and very healthy. Tall, skinny, but extremely healthy. I think there could be some genetics at play here.

    So, keep up with the healthy, high caloric options, and know...they won't always be in the 5th percentile for weight. And, there will come a day when they stop telling you what percentile they are in. They'll just look at growth and overall health.

    Good luck!

  4. One of my twins has this issue and these are things we did/do as suggested by his nutritionist.

    olive oil drizzled on everything...potatos, veggies, pasta
    butter on everything
    whole milk
    snacks of cheese, peanut butter, full fat yogurt
    a pediasure in the afternoon and before bed
    carnation instant breakfast mixed in his whole milk. He didn't like it at full strength (too rich) but liked it at half strength.



  5. avocado and oil , yes , very helpful, also full fat milk /cheese/ yogurt...

    is he old enough for pediasure?

    lots of good, lean protein, legumes ( bean burritos with cheese) , and mashed potatoes with full fat milk and butter. smoothies with FF yogurt, and bananas.

    i also echo what 10yrs and i'mhoping said, some kids just start out smaller but eventually adjust to within average range.. gl!

  6. My friend is going through this with one her twins - the girl. She is almost 17 months old and still wears 0-3 months clothes!!!! She is 15 pounds. She is a blip away from being diagnosed as failure to thrive. I will be watching this thread closely and passing on all your tips.

  7. I wouldnt look at him compared to his twin. I would just look at the overall.

    My twins were/are small. They were diagnosed as FTT at 12m, mainly to try to get insurance to pay for pediasure (they did not)

    I gave up worry about my twins weight when they were 2yrs old. It took them until 4yrs to catch up and be 25% for weight. Now at 6.5y they are 42lbs each and an average height. They look thin but proportional now.

    My youngest DS has been 5% since 12m. He is 4.5y (almost) and weighs 32lbs and is average to short. He is super picky but very healthy (loves yogurts and veggie burgers) I actually never tried to fatten him up b/c I was burnt out from my twins. He is thriving and is small but scrappy.

    My oldest son was always average weight and tall but is now top of the chart in both weight and height so I have the reverse issue - how to get him to eat less???

    I honestly would focus more on how he is doing overall and has he always been on this curve? If so, it is probably normal for him unless your Dr thinks there is a problem.

    Twin DDs-6y

  8. I would say


    nuts/ walnuts are soft


    olive oil

    yogurt with whole milk

    heavy cream or half and half in cereal



    100% juices

    I know what you mean about junk food, but some foods children process much different than adults. I idea is to not let them become habit forming and dependant on them.

    I sometimes give my kids the tyson 100% chicken nuggets. I never feed them fast food but in your case since you need the fat a fast food cheese burger may help.

    I remember when I was pg they recommended egg mcmuffins. NO I did not get them but since you are trying to gain weight on your son giving some here and there may help gain weight but not habit forming.

    Careful with too much protein. Make sure it is balance with enough liquids. It can be hard on his bowels.

    Good luck!
    Isabella, Alex & Joe 6.5 yo

  9. I have 17 month old twins...at their 15 month check...one is 16lbs (0%)and the other is 23lbs (50%). After going through all the blood work and radiology exams to rule out any problems....she is just small. Yes I give her pediasure and she eats cheese and yogurt..etc...and she still only gains about .5-1lb a month...

    I wouldn't worry about your little one if he has a healthy appetite and is eating and not losing weight... I think the docs are too focused on all children fitting the standard chart.....I ask myself when the chart was made...now that the average child is larger..have the charts been adjusted ?? That would make our kids even smaller!! I worry about pushing my girl too much to eat when she isn't hungry.....I don't want her to have "food issues" later on in life.

  10. One of my twins has this issue and these are things we did/do as suggested by his nutritionist.olive oil drizzled on everything...potatos, veggies, pastabutter on everythingwhole milksnacks of cheese, peanut butter, full fat yogurta pediasure in the afternoon and before bedcarnation instant breakfast mixed in his whole milk. He didn't like it at full strength (too rich) but liked it at half strength.HTH!Jamie

    Hi all! This is what we do also. My DD is 5 1/2 and weighs 31 lbs. We have weight cks every 3 months. Had one today and she hasn't changed and her height has slowed down now too. So we are going to a peds endo tomorrow for a consult.

    Karina 14
    Lyndsie 5

  11. 100% juices
    I don't think juice is the answer. It is empty calories and no fat. It fills them up so they won't eat the fattier stuff. We only do milk or water as options.

  12. We did all of the things mentioned above to get my DD to gain weight when she was a toddler... lots of avocadoes, butter/olive oil on her vegetables, mixing a little half and half in with her whole milk, full fat yogurt, etc. But we found the most effective weight gain strategy was to give her a chocolate milkshake right before bed. The nutritionist told me to use Haagen Daaz because it's the highest calorie ice cream, and we mixed in whole milk and some chocolate syrup and blended it together. She loved them. The nice thing was that I could let her eat a nice balanced diet during the day so she didn't develop bad habits and then we'd just fill her up with the milkshake right before bed (which at least had calcium and protein in it). It worked, and she doesn't ask for or drink milkshakes before bed anymore so it didn't create a bad lifelong habit.

  13. Thanks very much, ladies, for all your suggestions. I am going to start incorporating all or most of them into what we are now doing. The milkshake is a great idea, as we just found out he loves them.

    We are in South Florida and have an avacado tree in our backyard so that is one of our staples.

    Cheese, butter, oil, are all going to be added.

    I am also going to look into the pediasure.

    Thanks again.


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