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  1. Hi all -

    After some bad news from my RE at Cornell I've started to explore donor eggs. I'm still giving it a go with my OE - but I'm not naive enough to not realize that this is a possibility for the future so I thought I should also start this process... but I am totally overwhelmed!!!

    It seems like a lot of you have really done your "homework" and I've gotten so much info already just from reading these threads.. but I still feel a little paralyzed with all these choices.. So - from my reading my understanding is that there a couple of options: go with an agency or a clinic with a good in house donor pool. I'm considering getting on the wait list at Cornell - but to honest the wait is really long and it seems like they choose the donor for you (and no pics - which I want) I know Cornell is a great clinic but I won't be too bummed to leave if I have to.. I'm willing to travel for a great clinic with excellent stats- but obviously if we don't have to that would take away an added stress. The clinics that seem to come up here a lot are CNY, SDFC, NJIVF and I think one in Oregon (which I forget the name) Anyone have opinions on these? Others? Worth traveling from NYC for? I have absolutely no idea about agencies - any pros/cons? Ones you like? Cost is more with an agency, correct? I'm also reading a lot about Czech due to cost - but they also choose donors for you I think?

    It seems like using a clinic with in-house donors would be the easiest (and possibly cost effective) way to go.. but I have no idea about wait times, etc. Do clinics give you access to there on line profiles before you pay for a cycle so you can see what they have to offer?

    Alright - I feel like I'm blabbing away now so I need to stop myself or I'll go on and on (the questions/stress of all this never stops - does it?) Just wanted to say thanks in advance.. the support from the board during this difficult time has meant more to me than I can say...


  2. brooklyn, I suggest you do the the DE consult at Cornell, just as a back-uo plan, your on the inactive waiting list from the date of your DE consult. If a picture is important to you then do your research. I think if you could find a a donor you like at ORM (the Oregon clinic) or SDFC you should go for it. We started out thinking a picture was very important to us, but after we searched through 20 different agency sites, 3 diff clinics, and used a donor finder we realized how hard it is to find a donor. We finally made peace with the fact that we would be matched by the team at Cornell and would only see a baby picture. It's a long process. I think the wait at Cornell is allot shorter now due to an increase in donor's. GL in what ever you decide. PM me if you need more info.

  3. You can call SDFC and they will give you access to the donor data base right away. There's some info and pictures on there, so you can check it out while you're doing research. If you become a patient, you get much more info on the donors. I believe you have 80 to 100 donors to choose from now. When I cycled last year, it was about 75. You pick your own donor, with adult pictures. If you pick one that's currently available, you can cycle right away. You just have to get in sync with bcp's first. We didn't have to travel since we live within driving distance. But to me it seems worth travelling for. They have a success rate that's higher than any on the east coast. You get to choose your own donor instead of being matched. You can cycle much quicker. And it's a lot less expensive than paying an agency. We paid $26,000 including everything for the fresh cycle and $3600 for an FET (fresh cycle was an early loss). We got a beautiful baby and have 9 frosties left over. Good luck in your search!

  4. Thanks Dina and davied - I will check into both of those options.. I guess a fear of mine about traveling is that if the fresh doesn't work how many times would we have to travel across the country.. but SDFC does sound like it has great stats - great that you live close by and congrats on your success

    LA - could you share with me the total cost of a DE cycle at Cornell? Are you currently there?

    Thanks, again!!

  5. Hi Bee,

    I am in NYC as well and will be traveling this week to ORM- oregon reproductive medicine largely because seeing a picture was very important to me.

    After trying to go through an agency for DE ( bad experience) I researched and also found SDFC and ORM. My decision to go with ORM vs SDFC was really only because I found a donor on ORM's website that I like. I believe their stats are very similar but I do have to concede that weather wise San Diego wins hands down

    The downside to the agency route is that the donor has not been medically screened and therefore might not work out. At that point, besides being heart broken, one is generally forced to use the agency as the fee has already been paid.
    LaNYCGirl has given you great advice about getting on the waiting list at Cornell. This way, your on the list and will walk away better educated about the process, etc.

    Good luck!

  6. hi Bee, will you pm me w your email address and i'll send you about 20 pages of notes i have on DE. it is definitely an overwhelming process at start but we'll all be here to help you.

    if i remember correctly, i think you are asian? if that's the case, you would probably be better off going to SFDC or one of the clinics on the west coast as your waiting time for a donor will be much shorter.

    do you know that Freckles is at crmi and doing a new process w them where she's using eggs from their frozen bank? it may be worthwhile for you to get in touch w her about it. NYU is supposed to have a great DE program too and they're a lot more open than CRMI to using agency donors - which will reduce your wait time significantly.

  7. I checked out the sart website which gives stats of clinics. this lead us to go to North Hudson IVF of nj which, last year, had an overall 88% success with DE. It's a small clinic but the doc is always available to talk to you. As a nurse myself having a great pt doc relationship is important to me. Also, I saw pics of my donor now and when she was a baby. A thorough history was done on the donor. Cost was less. I had my donor picked out and in one month we were working on a cycle and in two I was pregnant.

  8. Hi
    I just cycled at Cornell DE. it was $20K for the shared. BFN. 2 frosties (which is unusual so I was told). I am now trying Dr. Jesionowska at Manhattan Reproductive and she charged about the same (15-20K) for a single donor and co-culture. Her success rate according to the CDC is really high. It is really low involvement (which is good and bad). Hoping this one works.
    Good luck.

  9. Hi Bella - thanks! Best of luck at ORM - looking forward to hearing about your experience there - I already e-mailed both SDFC and ORM and heard right back from the DE coordinators - no consults yet as I'm not quite ready for that.. oh - and I agree about the weather in SD - but hopefully it will still be nice in OR when you're there

    Hi Mairead - I'm going to PM you (I'm not Asian - but it's funny because I think we've had an e-mail exchange in the past and my name sounds Asian even though I'm Jewish -kind of like a Seinfeld episode )

    Jrm - thanks for the info on North Hudson IVF - I hadn't heard of that one..

    sara - any reason your not using your frosties at Cornell? thanks and best of luck?

    any info about CNY or NJIVF?

    thanks again,

  10. this is a great resource too, network54.com/Forum/57451/

    several fans of cny and njivf

  11. Bee, I am in a similar place to you: looking ahead to DE as the next possible step while exhausting the OE option. Since I live upstate, and have heard good things about CNY, that's one of the first places I looked. Their stats are not particularly great, but the cost is quite good (they're having a fall special: 2 DE IVFs for $16K). You just have to email their donor coordinator to get a password to their online donor database (info on their website; Pati got back to me right away), and most profiles have adult pictures.

  12. Thank you again, all!

    Just wondering if anyone has an agency that they love and are willing to share?

    Any info about Shady Grove for DE?

    Good luck to everyone going through this....


  13. Bee, my sister just did a DE cycle at shady grove- successful on the fresh transfer- elective SET. they have a reasonably large donor pool and she was very happy with their clinical care. she has 3 or 4 frozen blasts.

  14. i ended up using eggceptional and Angela has been really terrific to work with. i read the reviews of her agency on greateggs.com and i originally thought that they must have been phony as everyone was so positive. but i need to go and write one myself because she really is that good. i also like prospective families out of boston, they have very thorough profiles and the team is super responsive but can be too pushy which we found offputting.


  15. Hi I just cycled at Cornell DE. it was $20K for the shared. BFN. 2 frosties (which is unusual so I was told). I am now trying Dr. Jesionowska at Manhattan Reproductive and she charged about the same (15-20K) for a single donor and co-culture. Her success rate according to the CDC is really high. It is really low involvement (which is good and bad). Hoping this one works. Good luck.

    hi EB - i'm sorry your cycle didn't work at crmi. i do think it's a big draw back that you have to wait sooooh long to cycle there and then it may not work.
    unforunately two of my friends irl have had the same experience there.

    when you say really low involvement at Manhattan Reproductive, do you mean that you don't get to have a lot of say in the donor you're going to cycle with? do they have an in house pool or use an agency? do they offer any kind of shared risk program? we're going totally oop with an agency donor who's travelling to nyc so it's about $40k total. i really hope it works as we will not be doing this again any time soon!

  16. I'm in NY too and this seemed like an obvious choice to me, although their donor success rate in 07 was 46.4% (that's per cycle).

  17. Hi Linda_s - Just wanted to let you know that after I wrote this thread I did find out about GIVF and did a little research. The donor pool looks great (I like that they also have audio interviews, too) but I agree their stats don't look too good. Also - the pregnancy guarantee package they have is very expensive compared to other clinics (over 50K - all the info is on their website). That said - if my OE cycle doesn't work (of course I'm hoping it does) the donor pool alone + somewhat close location to NYC still makes it worth a look I think..

    I would also be interested in recent patient experiences.. as most of the opinions I've found are years old... also - the website that Mairead listed is a good resource - you can put "GIVF" into the search engine...

    Good Luck !

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