Exercise & pregnancy- what do you do?

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  1. As I'm debating whether or not to go to yoga class tonight, I'm curious about how others are handling exercise. How have you ladies maintained or changed your exercise regimen since becoming pregnant?

    For example, if you were very active beforehand are you keeping up a high level of intensity as long as possible or have you dialed it down? Do you let your fatigue and comfort level dictate what you do, or do you push through it?

    As for me, I was a daily low-intensity jogger but gave that up in favor of walking when fertility treatments made things uncomfortable.

    I'm currently at 20 weeks with twins and my regimen primarily consists of walking my dog for 30 minutes every morning and every night. I also often walk 20-30 minutes at lunchtime.

    I have a weekly yoga class but I'm an early riser and the class is late (7:30-8:45pm), so sometimes I'm just too tired to go.

    How about you?

  2. I walked 2-3 miles or did toning exercises on alternate weekday mornings before I started my cycle. I also like to swim, but my tendonitis flared up in the summer, so I didn't get much real swimming done. Since I have asthma and allergies, I've always had a pretty gentle exercise routine (well, also because I belong to a NW Clog Morris side, and that's pretty brutal on your feet), but it seemed to serve me well. I made a point of trying to get in as good shape as I could before the cycle, because I knew at a minimum I'd have to take it easy for the 2ww.

    Shortly after my doctor confirmed I was pregnant, I started bleeding and was put on pelvic rest. The rest lasted eight weeks, and I didn't do anything but gentle walking when I could on my lunch hour. When they took me off pelvic rest, at first I was still just too sick and tired in the mornings to exercise.

    But I've got to do something to keep my back and abdominals strong or how can I carry these twinkies? I've read about pregnant women with back pain so bad they can't cope -- I'll have enough problems without that.

    Once my clinic started tapering me off of hormone support, I started to feel a bit better. I tried a pregnancy yoga video that you can watch online on Netflix, and it's pretty good, but more stretching than exercise. I also bought a prenatal Pilates DVD that I like so far, but when I posted to a local community board seeking prenatal Pilates classes, a couple of women expressed concern about doing it alone when I haven't done Pilates before. I dunno -- so far the DVD doesn't show any exercises I haven't done in toning classes or the floorwork portion of aerobics classes. It's broken into ten-minute segments so you can scale it to your fitness level.

    I haven't felt any particular stress during the exercises, just a lot of tiredness later in the day. I don't think I could do a 7:30 PM yoga class either. I tried doing a longer morning walk a few days ago, and I felt fine afterward, but soooo tired later in the day. So, I'm going to talk to my OB at my next appointment next week. Several yoga classes in town require a permission slip from your doctor for prenatal, so I'm going to get one (at least I don't think there's any reason why they wouldn't give me one). And I'll ask the doctor about the prenatal Pilates, too.

    Let me know how it goes for you,

    Maggie (in VA)

  3. \"Twinkies\", I hadn't hear that before, too cute.

    Aiming for low-impact activities like yoga and Pilates makes good sense. I like your idea of doing these exercises at home. That hadn't occurred to me...I'm going to put a yoga DVD into my Netflix queue.

    Being proactive about strengthening your core is smart. I'd like to stave off back issues too, if it's at all possible. (I got a prescription from the OB today for a pregnancy back brace thingie in the hopes that my insurance might cover it.)

    Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. I personally am not in favor of pushing through when pregnant with twins, and that its absolutely better to listen to your body, your comfort level, and your fatigue.
    I was super active before getting pregnant - daily walking, hiking, pilates, yoga, weight lifting, dancing - I would squeeze in one or two activities a day.

    My OB told me to listen to my body, and in the first 12 weeks, it was all I could do to get the dishes washed without panting, so I didn't do anything but work, eat and sleep. Since then, I have done a little pilates, and little yoga - both stopped feeling good so I stopped. For me the pool feels best, so I would swim 3-4 times a week and do a weekly aquatics class for preggo ladies.

    Eveyone is different with what pregnancy lets them do and not do, but its really important to not overdo - which is a a different line for everybody.

    34 weeks g/g twins!

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