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  1. My 6wk old ds has been having episodes of excessive spit up with some feedings...sometimes it's quite forceful (don't know if I'd really call it projectile, but sometimes it does seem that way). Sometimes it is quite a large amount as well. My question is this...he acts frantic to get back on the breast like he is still hungry, but I know it's going to end up all over the burp rag. Should I stop the nursing session when this happens or keep feeding him.

    Seems like he has these excessive episodes about 2-3 times per week and they seem to last through 2-3 feedings.


  2. I would examine your diet and see what you are eating that could be bothering hoim. Most likey it is dairy causing this. Is he unhappy, or just spits up and seems fine?

    It could be a sensitivity to something in your diet, reflux or just normal. I would nurse him again b/c he is probably hungry.

  3. My first baby spit up after every single meal for months. He was huge - he doubled his birthweight in the first two months. He just ate a LOT and his little stomach couldn't hold it all inside. It never seemed to bother him so the pediatrician wasn't concerned about it.

  4. mine were all prodigious pukers, and, after #2 soaking himself and me 5-6 times per day (luckily it was summer and i have a large white t shirt collection), i finally figured out the dairy thing. it was like night and day when i cut all dairy out of my diet. even now, nursing #3, who is 6 mos old, if i put butter on my bread, the effect on his puking is noticeable.

    i also have a tendency toward oversupply/fast letdown, which was a part of the problem, i believe: nurse more frequently in shorter meals, nurse only with you and baby sitting up, or you reclining a bit, nurse only one breast per feeding, and limit comfort sucking

  5. spiros - I could have written your post exactly! I also have a 6wk old DS doing the same - I had to do laundry daily just for the burp cloths!...a few things to add to the others (pilma - I've been doing the recommendations you've noted plus pumping before each feeding to reduce the tendency for a fast letdown/oversupply )

    at first I didn't know if it was just "what babies do" since all babies spit up - but I found myself discussing with the pedi the strong possibility of DS having reflux and he also recommended the following:
    - raise the head of the crib up a bit (I put some old text books under one end); as pilma mentioned, try feeding in a more upright position and keep him more upright for about 30 minutes after each feeding, if necessary put him in the carseat after meals (he's at the point where he is now sleeping in it actually, vs lying flat in the crib, even with the crib elevated at one end)
    - he also then recommended I mix 2-3 tbsp of rice cereal (Beechnut brand, no soy) with breast milk to make a soupy mixture and spoon feed the baby prior to each breastfeeding session...(and actually, spoonfeeding him went better than I had imagined - especially when he is waking up hungry!)

    and finally - since all of the above seemed to help a little, but he's still having forceful/projectile spit up (not every feeding but at least 1 or more daily, in addition to just excessive spit up) - he is now on Prilosec 2x/day (just started it tonight) and is actually going for an upper GI XRay to rule out a pyloric stenosis vs just plain reflux...

    which, if you google pyloric stenosis (which I did when I got home from the pedi) can be serious, the reason my pedi wants to rule it out is because of the projectile/forceful spit ups vs just excessive spit ups...and strangely enough, online, it says that one of the predisposing factors can be being a firstborn male child...weird huh? SO, I'm awaiting the barium Xray test later this week for my little guy...might be worth asking and talking to your pedi about it as well!

    good luck!

  6. Thanks for all of your replies!

    I have been feeding only on one breast a feeding, keeping him in more of an upright position and we're doing fine so far. He goes in waves...since last night he has kept just about every drop down. He does not do this all the time so I have to assume it's something I've eaten maybe. Also it seems to go along with his pooping schedule. Lately he's only going every few days or more and by the third day he'll spit up much much more at each feeding. I haven't cut dairy or anything out of my diet so I don't think it's related to that since he has really good days even though I have plenty of dairy.

    angelave - good luck with the tests!

  7. kel - glad to hear that things are working and it's not every feeding! that's great -

    and my little one ended up having an upper GI barium test this morning because last night he projectile spit up after eating, and then woke himself up an hour later to projectile again all over himself and his carseat - soaking both! - so the pedi called in an urgent order for it this morning...and thankfully it appears normal...phew! just bad reflux...

    take care and hope your little guy keeps everything down!

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