ET today - BETA 9/18...please join me

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  1. my beta was 28 at 9dp5dt and ds is sleeping right now. congrats

  2. Good luck tomorrow. I have been home testing for a few days and they are all neg so I know tomorrow will be bad news. I thought 3 times (of the failed cycles) would be a charm. So bummed. Feel so lucky for my ds from my first cycle.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone.

  3. praying for good news for everyone.

    scared while walking out the door right now... scared

  4. Best to everyone ... hope my neg. (just got notice) brings one other a positive - it is the law of odds


  5. So sorry to hear about the negs. It is not easy and definately does not get easier. Hang in there!

    I still have not POAS - I am too scared. Don't want to hear the bad news. My test is officially Thursday, so maybe tonight or tomorrow.

    Keep updates coming.
    Happy Monday all!

  6. Got my news. Negative as expected!!! Not sure what is next. I think the dr. is going to make me take a good 3 months off this time since we have done it 3x in a row.

  7. So sorry to hear the negative report. I'll pray for your strength during this difficult time.

  8. So sorry to hear about your negs... many thoughts and prayers coming your way!

    I don't know about you guys but I have been overwhelmed with how much I think about you all... it a horrible bond that we all share but I am so thankful that we have place like this where we can lean on one another!

    Blessing to you all.

  9. I'm so sorry annejennings and kenkenpa. You are in my thoughts.

    Angel- Congrats and stay positive. I will be thinking about you. Have a good trip and try not to think about it too much!

    For those of you who haven't tested yet, I am praying for some positives for you ladies. We could use some more on this board!

  10. Ugh, I went away for the weekend, and am sad to return and see these BFNs. I'm so sorry ladies!

    meriddadaniela, I hope you'll have good news with your next beta.

    I'm 11dp5dt, and amazingly have not POAS! So, my beta is tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect. Just hoping for the best.


  11. Good luck, zIVF! I'm too afraid of a neg to test, I'd rather at least pretend to be pregnant for one more night! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  12. BFN for me. Luckily we had 3 to freeze from this cycle, so we will start an FET once I get my period (3rd cycle in a row ).

    good luck, zivf, hope you got good news!


  13. I am really sorry about the bad news Vanessa. I will be starting a FET cycle too if you would like to stay in touch. I am waiting impatiently for my period. It makes me feel a little better just to get right back into it. It makes me feel hopeful again.

  14. So sorry Vanessa. Here's hoping you get the good news Zivf. i gave in and POAS yesterday with a BFN. So I am stilll praying for my miracle tomorrow - but not really holding out much hope. Don't know my next plan of action, this whole thing is way too much for your average person to deal with we must be exceptional women then I guess.

  15. So sorry Vanessa... prayers for your FET

  16. Definate BFN for me, bummer. Now what. Holding out hope still for you, Zivf. Let us know.
    Thanks everyone.

  17. Sorry skarkos

    Prayers for your next step

  18. So sorry skarkos. Huggs

  19. Hi Ladies-

    I am back from my vacation...couldn't wait to hear all the results. I am so sorry for those BFN's, wish you all the best in your next steps. Many hugs.

    Zivf- what was ur beta??

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