ET today - BETA 9/18...please join me

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  1. Well I am so sorry to hear your sad news Zachsmom - wish there was something I could say to make it better -but there isn't this sucks.

    semramedies - I'd still hang in there.

    Heather - I think it is early yet, but that does not mean you are not pregnant, and no I don't think the HCG is still in your system but what do I know. Take the official test and see what happens - just wait, wait and wait - why does the torture never end. But I'm praying for you.

    Good to luck to you all test takers tomorrow. Get to bed early and think +.

    Taking the test in the past has been such a bummer, that I am not ready to go there yet -still holding out hope. I do have sore boobs - so that's a good sign right? ARGHH!!

  2. Hey gals.
    I think I'm pretty much out. Took another FRED this morning and got the same result as yesterday, BFN... and then a faint line showed up an hour or so later. Why can't I just throw the stupid thing in the trash and leave it?!?!?
    Official beta is tomorrow but I'm not holding out hope. It would be awesome if I was completely shocked, but I'd rather be prepared for a negative and be pleasantly surprised than the opposite.

    Heather - Don't worry about your RE. Sounds like a control issue to me! I don't know that much about the trigger leaving your system. We did an FET this time so no trigger for me.

    annejennings - Way to early to worry about -HPTs for you! Keep thinking positive!

    ZaksMom - I'm so sorry. We're in the same boat. I have no clue what our next step will be. Maybe a miracle conception??? I really thought I would be all for adoption after this cycle but in my "mourning" today I just didn't feel it in my heart. Maybe that will change. DH's company pays for a significant proportion of adoption fees, can't remember exactly how much. But of course our insurance pays nothing for IVF! The adoption process just seems so daunting... which probably sounds funny considering what we go through for IVF!

    semramedies - Are you still out there? Hopefully you've been singing praises to the Lord all day!?!?! I've been thinking about you.

    Vanessa - Hope you're feeling better!

  3. BETA tomorrow! Think positive!

  4. Heather - lots of time hosp. labs are NOT accurate. I had a 5 and was told to stop all meds and another RE later said he would have NEVER done that and I was PG as it was a 5 and most that might have become a baby. Please don't lose hope. I haven't posted here yet but I am also 6 days post 5 day FET and too scared to test! This is cycle 9 for me. I am so sorry for the pain so many of you are feeling and hope you each can find your path to parenting in some way.

  5. Just got back. Waiting for the call now. I know it's negative... but I haven't given up hope for a HUGE surprise though. I'll post with results soon.

  6. cookie - so praying for a huge suprise for you and me both! bfn on fred for me today at 7 days post 5 - so i am out !

  7. Good Luck girls with your beta's today!! Keep us posted!!

  8. My beta was 190... i think that is pretty good.

  9. Heather- Hang in there, migraines actually can be a good sign. Mine went away with pregnancy, my Dr. told me because it was such a huge change in hormones.

    Well ladies I got a BFP. Beta was 170!! Looks like s singleton!! My first Beta with my DS was 158. My progesterone was a little low so I have to triple my suppositories, but no big deal!! I go back on Monday for a retest...

    Prayers for you all!!

  10. Congrats dorisfred!!!

  11. Congrats on the BFPs! Too bad I can't join you in the happy dance... BFN for me. At least I was prepared. RE called and said she wasn't sure why it didn't work... our embryos looked great and since our last IVF cycle was successful our chances looked pretty good. Oh well, I guess it just wasn't in God's plan.
    I wish the rest of you ladies the best of luck! I hope there are many more BFPs to come. I'll remain prayerful for you all... BFNs, BFPs, and those with upcoming betas.

  12. Cookie - I am so sorry for your BFN - you are wonderful to be so positive and cheerful on your outlook

    Congrats to Joan and Yankee - FANTASTIC NEWS!

  13. Yankee and Joan- A big congrats. Thats great news.

    Cookie- I am really sorry about your BFN. I know how you are feeling. My beta went down from 7 Wed to 5 today so I'm not holding out any hope really. Hugs! Will you try again? Do you have anymore frosties?

    AFM-Beta dropped to 5. I go back in for bw again on Monday. I am really bummed this was my first cycle and I was sure that it had worked. My husband and I have been through so much already. We have severe male factor and had to use a donor so I was just hoping we could put this horrible nightmare behind us! I guess on the bright side we still have 5 frostie blasts so I will start again whenever they figure out why I still have hcg in my system.

    Hopefully a few of us have gotten the bad news out of the way for the rest of you still waiting to test. Good luck to everyone.

  14. I would definitely buy a digital test. I had tested with a "line" test, and it was negative...since i bought a ridiculous amount of tests i decided to test again the same day with a digital EPT test. It said positive. This was last sunday.
    The non digital tests didnt show a positive untill thursday.

    I bought EPT digital and Clear blue easy.

    Good luck to you... you and everyone else are in my prayers.

  15. hi dorisfred - i tested bfn so far on hpt on day 5, 6 and 7 post 5 day transfer... can you share more about your hpts that showed neg and what day they were after you 3 day transfer? also when you got the bfp did you still get bfn on line tests? what tests were they... thanks so much... grasping at straws... also what day are your now with such a great beta?

  16. I started testing day 6 after a day 3 transfer. I started testing with the traditional, one line or two line test and those showed no second line which means not pregnant. Also on day 6 i decided to try a digital test... and that one showed positive. The non digital-line test didnt show a positive untill day 10 after transfer.

    My beta was at 196 day 11 after transfer.

    I cant wait to find out if it is one baby or two. Either way I am thrilled.

  17. Thanks Joan - that is helpful - what brand of digital? I may go grab one today... what brand for the line test? I will make sure to never get that!!!

    When is your US? Do you have any sx yet?


  18. the brand was clear blue easy, and i also bought EPT. ( i think i bougt out the whole store) lol

    I dont remember the brand of the non-digital one.

    I believe the ultra sound happens once my beta reaches 5000. So i think about a week or two

    Im not sure what SX means....

  19. So sorry Joan - sx is symtoms - medical jargon!

    Very cool about US - I will be watching to see if you have twins!

  20. Yankee and Joan- CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So happy for you guys. Wishing you a happy and healthy!

    Cookie and Heather, I am so so sorry..sending lot of hugs your way! I know you ladies will get ur BFP soon..keep faith.

    i hope I didn't miss anyone else.
    I am getting my blood drawn tomorrow, not sure I am going to get my results. I am going to BEG... DH and I are going to go away on monday, and I am not able to get it drawn then, so they agreed to see me tomorrow. I still know it is going to be a BFN, but need to hear it from them.

  21. Hi Z - thanks for the links... great obsessing material! I am SO hoping my equate walmart with a clear cap with 100 iu of HCG!!

    My beta is also tomorrow

    Best to everyone!!!!

  22. so my beta is 34...

    not sure what to think and since we r going away not going to find out till next monday.

    anyone every have a situation like this? re office said they like to see # above 50 and it could go either way. more

  23. Thanks for linking that site..very helpful, and encouraging.
    Are you going to test???
    I have a hard time not POAS, keep us posted!!

  24. Angel - I was tested at 12 days post 3 day and beta was a 40 tranfer and my DS is now 7! My RE never said it was low - I never knew... only know now after a TON of failed cycles for number 2!

    Z- funny that you mention that about "none in the house" I was just feverishly looking for one while everyone is out! NONE to be found... I was hoping for an OPK or anything to pee on! Guess I just wait till tomorrow.

    I did however write my fax number down as who to report to in addition to dr. so I don't have to hear it from RE but will get on my own. BAD GIRL HUH?

  25. readytogo, thanks for sharing ur story!!!! I hope I have the same outcome as you!!!!

    Good Luck tomorrow ladies...I will check in when I get home next week!!!!
    Hope to hear lots of BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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