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  1. Hey ladies. I'm a serial lurker, but I need something to help me pass the time so I'm posting for the first time ever! This is our first FET (1st IVF failed, no frozen, second IVF had our beautiful daughter who is almost 2, froze 2 blasts.) Last Wednesday 9/9, we transferred 2 5-day blasts, that our embryologist said looked "great" but I don't know if she was just being nice?!?!? I have the pictures and they just don't look that great when I compare to pics I find online.
    I can't tell whether I have any symptoms or not. One minute I think I have tons- headaches, cramping, exhaustion, twinges in side, extreme hunger, hot flashes, and the next minute I feel absolutely normal. I am DEFINITELY over-analyzing. I did POAS this morning - BFN. Eh.
    This is it for us - we'll move on to adoption if this doesn't work. I think that is why this time seems so much more stressful. I want so badly to have one more biological child.
    Oh - and I have a major case of insomnia. I haven't really slept since last Monday! I'm pretty sure it's a side-effect from the progesterone and stress. And I'm pretty sure the lack of sleep and exhaustion could lead to my other "symptoms" too!
    Oh brother - this is soooo hard. Good luck to you all. I'm praying non-stop for us all.
    Oh, my beta is on 9/18.

  2. Updated the list below:
    nichri, semramedies, SLOGOTHETIS - 17th
    azaatini, mayess, melbabgrubelic - 18th
    qtravelgniels, meriddadaniela, annejennings, apaczai - 21st
    ZIvf - 23rd
    skarkos, Krishnna - 24th

    AFM, still going crazy. Now 6dp5dt...4 more days!!! (I'll have b/w done 9/17 but won't have results until 9/18 since I'm doing it at a separate lab closer to home). Good luck to all!

  3. I am having a lot of cramping on the left side today and it's freaking me out... I so wish I had written down everything the last time so I could remember if this is normal!!

    Also, am I the only one talking to her stomach?? I found myself t talking to my stomach on the way to work this morning. I was telling them how much I already loved them and to hang in there... sometimes I feel like this process makes you lose your mind!!

    Hope everyone else is hanging in there!


  4. mayess...I had a lot on my right hand side yesterday and I called my clinic because I was worried and they said it was just because my ovaries were so large still. I don't know how your cycle went but I had lots of follicles and my estadiol was 6100 the day of my trigger. Were you at risk of OHSS? Hope u are feeling better.

    Is anyone taking POAS?

    AFM...still having cramping, headaches, zits and extreme hunger constantly.

    PS...I am talking to my stomach too!

  5. Heather- this is a FET cycle so no OHSS... although I had it really bad with my fresh cycle.

    Ok so I am horrible with the acronyms so I'm not quit sure what PAOS is but if it's the progesterone then yes... my hips are killing me from the shots!!

  6. Home Pregnancy Test...Pea on a Stick I think but who knows this is my first time I am just trying to pick it up as I go along. My hips are starting to kill me too.

  7. I talk to my stomach too! I like to use bribery. I've promised the baby a gorgeous nursery, adorable clothes, vacations, the zoo.

    I woke up with really sore boobs this morning. I had that with my failed FET too, but then it started as soon as I started the estrogen, now it just popped up all the sudden, so I'm hoping it's a good sign.

    Got a virus this weekend and my fever was up to 102, so I'm hoping that didn't mess anything up. The nurse said it wouldn't, so hopefully she's not just humoring me!


  8. Ok, I am sooo nervous. First beta is tomorrow. I've cheated a few times and poas, but haven't really worried that they have all been neg because I figured I was just testing too early.

    However, this morning I woke up with lower back cramps, which feel exactly like af. I've had a few sporadic cramps and twinges during the 2ww, but nothing that felt like this. So now I am stressing out, which I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it.

    Anyone else having first time cramping late in the 2ww?? Is it possible for implantation to just be occurring?!? Seems like it either would have or wouldn't have by now... I am currently 8dp5dt of one embryo.

    I hope I am worrying for nothing and that we all get BFP's! GL ladies!

  9. HI Ladies
    I haven't been on much the last 2 days, working a lot. I did POAS and BFN! ugh, I am 8dp3dt. I had a feeling it would be neg all along. I feel like AF is coming. Beta is not till the 21st, but I always get AF on progesterone, so I will know for sure before then.

    Zaksmom, sorry you got a BFN too, but I guess we should really wait till the official beta..anything is possible.

    GL to all the ladies having their betas tomorrow..hoping for all BFP!!
    keep us posted!

  10. My mom told me this morning that she had cramping like AF with all six of her pregnancies... that gives me hope!!

    But I did break down and call my RE today because the cramping seemed to be worse... still only on the left side, actually feels a lot like ovulation? Still waiting on a call back...

    Hope everyone is hanging in there!

  11. Well I took 3 POAS this morning. Two were so faint I wasn't sure if I was just seeing what I wanted to or there might be a line. Finally, after crying I took an EPT Certainty with the "pregnant" or "not pregnant" digital response. After much deliberation it came back "Pregnant". I am afraid to get too excited. Has anyone heard of False positives with those? I am now 8dp5dt. Thanks ladies.

    GOOD LUCK to everyone with their Beta's tomorrow and Friday. Lots of love and baby dust


  12. Heather...congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
    What awesome news!!!!!!!

  13. Fabulous news!! Hope it's the first of many happy posts.

  14. I am an obsessed poas'r..... I got my first positive poas at 5 days past a 5 day transfer with my son. I have had 2 failed cycles since then and I have my beta on Monday. I will start testing like crazy tomorrow morning. I know me, I can't help myself. Tomorrow I will be 7 days past 3dt, keeping my fingers crossed. super nervous but know whatever the results tomorrow are it doesn't mean anything. Monday is the big day!!!

  15. Thanks ladies. I am still trying not to get too excited. New symptom...ocular migraine! I was at lunch and all of a sudden my vision was blurry for 5-10 minutes!!! Scary since I have never experienced anything like that before. RE told me to go to ER or Urgent care and they diagnosed it. Apparently they can start from hormonal changes. On the bright side of the visit they offered to do a pregnancy test so of coarse I said hell yes. I will find out tomorrow. Hopefully RE won't be mad!

    Angel and zaksmom, Don't get discouraged with the POAS. I tested + on one but I am still testing - on others so the levels of Hcg must vary quite a bit from test to test. I am obsessed though...its like an addiction, a sick twisted one but still an addiction.

    We are going to get many many BFP's over the next week or so I just know it!

  16. Congrats Heather! That is AWESOME news!
    I'm very intrigued... if you wouldn't mind, could you share with us which brands you've tested with and what the results were?
    Yesterday I felt like absolute poop all day. This morning I POAS and hmmmm, I just don't know what to make of it. I used FRED (first response early detection) and at first glance it appeared negative. DH and I had a good prayer and cry and I should've just left it at that. But did I? Oh noooooo!
    I tore into that thing like a 5 year old on Christmas morning... examined it, well, all day and I still have no conclusive results. I compared it to the BFN I took on Monday and this one definitely has a very, very, very faint line (Monday's has nothing!) I'm just not sure if it is an evap line or not. I've done tons of research and pretty much everything says not to trust results after the 10 minute time limit and of course my almost invisible line showed up after that. Grrr, evil HPT... just evil!!!
    All that said, I'll test again tomorrow morning. I've felt completely normal today - not like AF is on her way but definitely not pregnant feeling either. With DD I had tender and swollen (o)(o)'s by now.
    Good luck to all of you with betas tomorrow. I'll say a prayer for you all tonight! I can't wait to hear lots of good news!!!

  17. Heather, sorry to hear about the ocular migraine. Those are horrible. But love your strategy of getting a pg test there!! Take every opportunity given.

    I tested again today with a digital, and it clearly says "NOT PREGNANT"..gotta love it. I knew it would, but man, could it say something a little nicer?!?

    Good LUck today on all those betas...can't wait to hear awesome results!!

  18. I started spotting yesterday and today I have cramps & a little bleeding (had a small clot this morning too). I did my beta and progesterone today anyway but I'm pretty sure it's a negative. Damn.

  19. semramedies- soo sorry to hear about the bleeding, please let us know what happens with the beta, you never know!!

  20. semramedies... lots of prayers coming your way!!!

    Hope to hear from all of our other Betas soon!!

    Did everything in my power not to POAS this am... still want to stop and buy one on the way home from getting my DS. My RE finally called back at 5:45 (6hrs later) to tell me they think the cramping in normal!!!!! It doesn't feel normal!


  21. Unfortunately, I don't have good a BFN.

    Don\'t know what we'll do now, no more ins winning lottery ticket... We'll figure something out, I'm not giving up yet!

    Thanks to all for your support! And good luck to all of you! I hope you all get BFP's!!

  22. POAS this morning with accucheck it was negative. I am 7dp3dt. feeling negative but trying not to b/c I know it could definitley be too early. Heather congrats and please share your favorite/best poas tests! I am not a believer in First Reponse. With my ds I had at least 2 days of pos (very slight) with other brands before anything showed up on First Response!

    Good luck everyone.

    PS. Do you ever have friends say really weird/dumb things. A friend who has been through this before and will again made a comment to me that it was very "mature" of me not to test constantly like I have in all my other cycles. (I had not admitted to her I was going to test everday like usual) What in the world does that mean????

  23. I am so sorry. Hang in there.

  24. zaksmom, I am sooo sorry! hugs to you!

  25. semramedies-I am so sorry about the bleeding but it might make you feel better to know that I have a friend who is 16 weeks and she has still been getting her period like clockwork and spotting and everything is fine.

    Zaksmom-I am so so sorry to hear about your news. This can be quite an emotional experience. Maybe now is the time to start playing the lottery I am praying for you!

    Cookiemonster and annejennings-I had + from EPT certainty (pregnant, Not pregnant) , Accu-clear and a faint line from tests for less strips . I think those dollar tree tests are horrible. Are you testing with your first pee in the morning? Also, my parents are giving me such a hard time about the POAS, i love them but give me a break, you try going through this!

    mayess-I am glad the cramping is nothing. I am still having mine every once in a while but not as often.

    Zivf-Are you going to POA?

    AFM...They were not very happy at RE's office that I went ahead and had urgent care do a blood test. I'd like to see how crazy they would become if they had to go through this stuff. Anyway, my beta came back at 7 The nurse was really negative and said that it could still be the trigger and this is why they don't test that early. They want me to go back in tomorrow to confirm. But last weekend I got a - on the same pregnancy test so I would have thought the levels would have been higher then if they were there and that is when I would have gotten a false positive. She was pretty mean and I have been crying all day. If I have to do this again no POAS for me!!! Too much up and down. Today I am 9dp5dt has anyone heard of the trigger being in your system that long?

    Baby Dust to everyone waiting on results or having their Beta's tomorrow

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