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  1. Hi everyone,

    I wish you all to join me in this 2WW rollercoaster. I had my ET this morning with 2 4 cell embies put back. We have had 3 embies put on ice. Wishing that this time this cycle works first time as we have had some horrid times whilst doing IVF. My history is as follows:

    IVF cycle 1 -BFN
    Fet cycle 2 - BFN
    IVF cycle 3 - BFP but m/c at 6 weeks
    FET cycle 4 and 5 - BFN
    IVF cycle 6 - BFP but m/c at 8 weeks
    Fet cycle 7 -BFP but m/c at 8 weeks
    IVF cycle 8 -BFP but m/c twins at 10 weeks
    FET cycle 9 - no embies survived thawing process
    IVF cycle 10 - BFP and gave birth to a beautiful DD in Nov 08

    So as you can see we have been thru it all but we have a DD and it has defo been worth it. We have decided to not wait too long to try again hence trying even though DD is only 10 months old as we do not know how long it is gonna take this time round.

    Please join with me as I don't think I can manage to get thru this 2WW all on my own.

  2. I got my bfn this week from ivf #2 (fresh) so I am not waiting anymore but I wanted to wish you luck and let you know your story is long filled with pain but the fact that you have dd is inspirational and I pray every day that I can be as lucky after this nightmare is over. Best wishes to you

  3. Have my beta on 9/24 - so a week after you, but I'd be happy to wait with you. Different, yet similar story. This was my 5th cycle, had success with No 2 - DD is now 3. No luck since. This has been my worst response yet. Just transferred 2 5-cell embryos today. I see you transferred 4 cell. Do you remember the quality of your embryos for your DD?
    Wishing you the best of luck - and ability to make it thru this wait sanely. But hopefully a 10 month old will keep your busy enough so you don''t stress much.

  4. Hey... right there with you. Transferred two blasts this am. Preg. test on the 18th.

    We have a 21 month DS from our first fresh cycle.

    I don't remember this much stress last time...

    Good Luck... keep in touch!

  5. me too!
    did transfer yesterday (natural FET) and would be due for beta 9/19 which unfortunately is a weekend so i have to wait until 9/21 (those extra 2 days are soooo painful!!)
    I also dont remember being so stressed last time.
    I woke up at 3am last night and couldnt fall back asleep for hours!

  6. Hi,

    Count me in girls

    I am 6DP3DT of 8 & 5 Cell embryo\'s

    Prog at 5dp3dt was 216 - so I know that's a great result, we just hope it is the same on the beta on the 17/09/09

  7. Hi Everyone - I want to join too

    I am 3DP5DT of 1 blast and 1 morula. 2nd IVF. Beta - 9/17.

    Anyone else feeling crampy? I've been feeling like that off and on since just before the transfer on Tueday...not sure what that means? Maybe it's the progesterone...

    Prayers and sticky babydust to all!

  8. Hi Ladies

    I would love to wait with you guys as well. I had a natural FET on 9/8 so now 3dp3dt. We transfered 2.
    I am going crazy already. It is going to be the longest 2WW ever. I too have to wait till monday 9/21 for my beta because of the weekend..UGH.

    SO far I have NO symptoms. Occassionaly small cramping after I do my progesterone. Oh, and I couldn't sleep last night at all!

    Anyone else have any symptoms?? Lets all share!

    Good Luck Ladies!!!

  9. Have my beta Sept 21st also. Had a 3dt yesterday so trying to take it easy today. This is my 3rd try this year. Praying 3rd time is a charm.

    1st IVF Oct 2006- wonderful 2 year old son
    2nd IVF Jan 2009- 5dt 1blast bfp and then m/c at 5 weeks
    3rd IVF June 2009 5dt 1 blast bfp and then beta began to drop
    4th IVF right now- terrible response only 1 9 cell embie at day 3 in the 2ww

    Trying to think positive but it is certainly hard. When will each of you start testing at home?

  10. hey bobby- We were on the Nov board together. Congrats on doing a FET- Hoping it is successful. I am seinding positive thoughts your way. Hope your daughter is well. Our son is doing great, he just started walking two weeks ago.
    I have been waiting for my AF to start to do a FET as well, but for some reason she is late five days and she never is. I cant be pregnant, impossible so I am hoping something is not wrong in there.

    Hope your 2ww flies by. My RE says you have better odds of getting preggos again after having a first pregnancy- i am holding on to that-hope it works for you.

  11. Hi everyone. I would like to join in and wait too. I am 3dp5dt. We transferred 2 great blasts so now we wait. This is my first round of IVF and this TWW sucks. I already took a HPT so I could make sure Hcg was out of my system and I would know it was real if I got a +++ later. I know "crazy." I am having cramping...sometimes on both sides and sometimes just one side or the other. Like some of you I also lost at least 2 hours sleep last night. Can any of you ladies who have been preggers before share your symptoms on your BFP's? Thanks in advance and I look forward to waiting with all of you!

    Beta 9/21

  12. Hello lovelies,

    Glad to see so many joining in with me!

    Rachel - thanks for your kind DD isn't even crawling! so woohoo on your DS doing his walking so quickly. Hoping you are right that this cycle works first time. This wasn't a FET cycle but a stimulated one as we had no embies from our last cycle.

    Hello to the rest of you. I have been ok over the space of the last week but this morning have had some major AF cramps....hoping it is a good sign.

    Hope you all have a good weekend.

  13. So how is everyone doing today. I am a little better with the stressing out part, I went back to work yesterday and I have to say, it helped get my mind off of things.
    Otherwise, still NO symptoms of anything.
    Hope you guys are well!!!

  14. Hi, I just transferred one blast yesterday and my beta is 9/24. I'm on bed rest for a couple more hours. was freaking out this morning because I realized I forgot to take my 2nd dose of estrogen yesterday, but I got in touch with a nurse and she said it's fine and not to worry about it. So, I feel a bit better now. We have twin DDs from our first IVF/ICSI 4 years ago. We waited awhile, had an unsuccessful FET this summer, and are hoping this fresh cycle will work! I'll get a call on Mon, but it looked like we might have one to freeze from this cycle.

    I'm going to try VERY hard not to POAS. It was just too stressful with my FET. I prefer to just assume I'm pregnant for as long as possible!

    The only symptom I had with my BFP cycle was cramping, which lasted from ER until my 2nd trimester!


  15. I just ended my 48 hrs of bed rest and I am having some slight cramping, mainly on the left side. I can't remember anything from last time so I don't know what to compare it to. I do know I had no spotting with implantation last time so I am trying not to be hopeful for it this time.

    I too am using the bathroom a lot but I think it may be just from my desire to move!!

    I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow, I am hoping it will keep my mind off of things!!!

  16. My cramping has pretty much stopped and I am 4dp5dt. Is that a bad sign or could they just be done implanting? I know everyone is different but cramping made me feel like something was going on in there! I wish I could just keep my mind off it! Any suggestions?

  17. Ok girlies, thought I would do a run through with all of the girls on this thread and when their BETA is:

    nichri, Mizy - 17th
    azaatini, mayess - 18th
    3buubas, meriddadaniela, annejennings, apaczai - 21st
    skarkos, Krishnna - 24th
    ZIvf - ???

    I hope I have everyone and the details are correct. I am praying that we all get a great start this week. My symptoms are still just bloatedness and some AF cramps. Also if I lie down I have to keep having an urge to pee....dunno what that is about.

    Hope the rest of you girlies are having a great weekend.

  18. Hey Guys

    Can you add me in? My beta is the 21st.. I do love the idea and hope we get lots of BFP's!!!!!!!!

  19. Ok, who else is obsessing?! I can't stop searching the net on everything related to symptoms (yeah right - like I'm going to find an answer that tells me 'aha! I must have a BFP! LOL!). I also POAS this morning - stupid me. At least I know the hcg is out of my system at 5dp5dt...hmmm, guess I'll start searching 6dp5dt! LOL! I'm going to need therapy by the end of the week! LMAO!

    IVF#1 - BFN
    IVF#2 - current
    Me: 35, DH 38

    Ladies, please list your symptoms (or none)...

    Here are my symptoms since ET on 9/08:
    cramping on and off since ER
    sore bbs
    headache, didn't last long
    nausea for about 2 hrs.
    tugging sensation on side of left ovary - only have one ;o)
    Heat sensation in tummy
    freezing at times from 7dpo - 9 dpo.
    peeing more than usual (but drinking more too)
    I know some of you are experiencing cramping, bloatedness and peeing alot

    Updated the list below:
    nichri, semramedies - 17th
    azaatini, mayess - 18th
    qtravelgniels, meriddadaniela, annejennings, apaczai - 21st
    ZIvf - 23rd
    skarkos, Krishnna - 24th

    Prayers and sticky babydust to everyone!

  20. Just a thought. As I read everyone's posts it seems as if my test is later then everyone else. I had ET on 9/10 - and test 9/24 - is that longer than normal? I thought 2 weeks was normal?

    As for symptons, oddly enough a nasty yeast infection - doesn't seem good news to me. But I gues we'll see. And a little of lower backache, but not much else besides the usual bloating and peeing.

  21. I am obsessing too!!!
    I can't get all this out of my mind for more than a minute! LOL

    I have been having AF like cramping now for the past 2 days, 4dp3dt. I hate it. I keep thinking AF will be here any minute. Other than that some boob pain, and bloating, also gassy.

    My RE test everyone at 12 dpt.

  22. Hi to all,

    I too am trying to focus on anything other than the amount of time left until my beta...have about 3 days, 9 hours and 15 minutes left....

    I am currently 5dp5dt, had one blast for my FET and am hoping it was sticky one!! First beta is on 9/17.

    Just wanted to say good luck to all - hope we all have BFP's to chat about soon!!

  23. Updated the list below:
    nichri, semramedies, SLOGOTHETIS - 17th
    azaatini, mayess - 18th
    qtravelgniels, meriddadaniela, annejennings, apaczai - 21st
    ZIvf - 23rd
    skarkos, Krishnna - 24th

  24. Hey Beta is pretty late too. It's on the 21st and I am 6dp5dt already.

    As for symptoms...i am still having some cramping on either my right or left side here or there but not as much as I was right after the transfer. Also, I am peeing a lot and now I have dreaded pimples from the PIO I'm assuming. I managed to get through puberty w/out them and now I get them for the first time Also took another HPT today and still (-). Anyone test ++ later then 6dp5dt on their BFP cycles? I am starting to get down!

  25. ZIVF thanks for the great websites you listed. They made me feel a little better about the (-) HPT.

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