Enlarged Yolk Sack & Baby Measuring Behind

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  1. I was told at my U/S yesterday that the yolk sack is enlarged and I am 8wks 4 days pregnant but the baby is measuring 7wks 1 day. I did hear the heartbeat and my RE said it was strong. I put back one normal CGH tested embryo so there should not be a genetic issue.

    Has anyone else went through this? What was your outcome? I feel very disheartened after looking at some information on the internet.

    I also posted this question on the pregnancy after IVF so if you read it twice I apologize for the duplicate post.

  2. I did go through this. I was about as far along as you are and the RE told me that the sac was enlarged. He told me he had never seen an enlarged sac turn out to be ok. Sorry to tell you this. I did lose the baby at 9w and had a D&C. It revealed that the baby had 2 chromosomal abnormalities. Tri 21 (Down's) and Tri 15 which is always fatal at some point in the pg whether it be 9w or 39w. My ob had never seen a pg with 2 abnormalities.

    There may be other causes of enlarged sacs but I didn't need to research them because I knew the cause of mine.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I'm here at IVFC throughout the day.

  3. Thanks lykartem. That is the baffling part - I put back a perfect CGH tested embryo. I think that is also confusing my RE. I found out later yesterday that my yolk sac measured 9.2mm and it shouldn't be over 6mm. If I had put back a non tested or even a PGD tested embryo this wouldn't be much of a shock. I'm trying to take it one day at a time until I go back on Wed (Jan 20th). From everything I've read I'm not holding out much hope. I know God can work miracles so hopefully I will be one of them. I'll update this after my u/s next week. I appreciate your reply.

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