Ending Breastfeeding

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  1. My 15 1/2 m old DD has been self weaning for a long time now and I just dropped the one and only feed I was doing. I have used no bottles, formula, binkies nada only me (she uses a straw cup quite well) for this whole time and I am feeling so guilty and sad!! Is this normal? This is only nite 2!!!

  2. Of course this is normal. I am right there with you. My little one will be 2 at the end of the month. She has never used a bottle, but uses me as a pacifier. I am going out of town in 2 weeks and that will be the end of the nursing. I am sad that my little one isn't a baby any more and she is my only baby in so many ways.

    You should be very proud of having nursed you dd for so long and have done such a great job. This whole process is bitter sweet.

  3. Great job on nursing so long. With both my kids, I found that ending nursing was much more emotional for me than it was for them. I stopped with DS when he was 16 mo and DD around 18 mo. When we stopped, neither one ever asked again, but I felt a little sad for a few days. It was nice to get my body back though

  4. annak, congrats on the extended bfing! I'm sure your feelings are completely normal. I already get emotional when I think of when DS will eventually be weaned off...

    I have a question for you: how did you get your DD to take the straw cup? I have tried all 3 types of cups and DS will not take any of them. He bites down on them, plays with them, waters our dog with them, but no actual sucking to get the juice/water out of them. I'm so frustrated. Any tips?

  5. Thank you all. She is pulling at my shirt and yelling up a storm when I put her down but she is sleeping. She seems a little mad!! My hormones are whacked out and I am running a mile a minute....This too shall pass???

    marima - I started giving my DD the straw cup at 6 months. I just put it in front of her and then wiped up all the water all over the floor because she didn't touch it....only to throw it!! I also bought her several different cups until she found the one she liked. She got good at it at around 8 months and I only put water in it until she turned one and then switched to whole milk. Good luck!!

    I pumped with my son for 10 months and I was sooooo determined to get my DD lacked on and it worked!! She is very determined and busy little girl so she has no time for mommy anymore!!!

    It is all so bittersweet isn't it???

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