Embryo quality for over 5 years frozen.

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  1. Ok,so now I have to deal with the fact that my embies are 5 years old embies,frozen with the older method,is this bad,should I cancel my transfer due to this fact?

    I didnt know this until today...

    So worried,pls reply soon if you know anything about it.

    My transfer is this Tue.



  2. Well, my DD (18 months) was conceived from embryos that were frozen for 5 years and we are going to try this month with embryos frozen for 6 years. Sure, it might not be as 'guaranteed' as those frozen via vitrification, but it can work!

    It's a personal decision, but hope this gives you some hope!

    Good Luck!

  3. I beleive the only issue you run into is how many will thaw out fine. How many do you have and what perecentage has the clinic told you they expect to thaw based on the method used to freeze them. If they thaw then they should be as good as others. I would def talk to your clinic and get their opinions based on what you now know. How much does the fet cost you?

    Good luck - hope to hear some good news from you.


  4. Thanks so much for your replies.

    We have 4 embies,(theyre thawing 2 only for now)all are excellent grade,the nurse had told me they did thaw one and it did survive the thaw.<br /><br />Im paying $ 4200 for the FET,they provided me with those embryos,they were created from a 24y.o proven egg donor.

    In case those 2 dont survive the thaw,theyll thaw the 2 others.

    Hope it`ll all go fine.

    Baby dust to all!!


  5. Hi Koliousis-

    Been thinking of you and hoping and praying that all went well for your transfer on Tuesday...Please let us know how you are doing? lol mirnaester

  6. Hey mirnaester,thanks,all went well,RE transfered 2 blast grade ab,bb and beta is 2/2,Im in constant state of exhaustion...Hope itll work...

    Baby dust,


    oh and not doing hpt,I`m a chicken!!

  7. I don't think length of time frozen makes any difference as far as quality goes. My twin boys came form embies that were frozen for 10 years, and I got them on the first try with only 2 transferred and both of them taking.

    There is a somewhat lower rate of surviving the thaw with the older freezing method, but with ones that successfully thaw, I don't think there are any other quality issues.

  8. Congrat`s to you!

    Well,it did work for me but it was a blighted ovum so the disapointement was there.

    Had a nasty miscarriage.

    Will try again in a few months with egg donor,shared cycle.

    Hoping for the best.

  9. My two year old spent five years in the freezer before he was transferred to me. Science is amazing. I would not let that hold me back.

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