Embryo adoption programs, st. louis?

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  1. We are wanting to have a FET with donor embryos and are scheduled for a consult with Dr. Wilbois. Are there any other doctors in our area that have this program with embryo adoption? Any feedback on Dr. Wilbois? We cycled at RGI in chicago in 2005 and have a healthy little girl. We have one frozen embie in Chicago and would like to adopt another embie or 2 to implant with our frozen little girl. I know that this is an odd circumstance, but we had to have PGD with our first cycle because we lost our first child to SMA in 2004. The cycle with PGD was over $25000 and we cannot do the whole cycle again. It seems that donor embies are the way we will have to go, or just risk a cycle at RGI with our one frozen one. Any advice appreciated.
    mom 2 Peyton (3 years)
    and Angel Cole (forever 27 months)

  2. I don't have feedback on St. Louis docs, but wanted to reply to you that you should try an FET with your remaining embryo at RGI. It was successful with your first DC, and many clinics are doing SET or eSET (single embryo transfers) now due to the advanced knowledge and more finely-tuned protocols. Especially since your one frozen was PGD'd. It is worth the risk, and the FET will not cost anything close to a regular cycle. Should only be a few thousand dollars - just check with RGI.

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