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  1. Ok ladies, I'm about to hit the magical 12 week mark on Tues. Going to for NT scan on that day as well. However, my question to you guys were any of you scared to have sex after first trimester? I'm totally terrified something is going to go wrong? I guess because four years ago when I was pregnant me and hubby had sex and two days later I had a m/c. I know the doctor will probably say that having sex will not cause m/c but did any experience this fear? If so how in the world did you get past it? I'm 11 weeks and 5days pregnant with twins

  2. If it was me and I was worried, I would not have sex. I'm sure your dh can understand and there's other ways for him to get satisfied, if need be. After all you've been through, do you really think you're going to enjoy it, when in the back of your mind your thinking it might cause a m/c? Maybe you and your dh and work something else out. Good luck, Linda

  3. I had a similiar experience as you. So, when I was pregnant with twins last year, we waited until almost the 3rd trimester to get intimate - even though the dr. said it was OK. It was hard as my hormones were all over the place and made the urges very strong. However, I rather be cautious than worry about it.


  4. My doctor said no sex for the first trimester with both my singleton and now twin pregnancy. I was still paranoid in my second trimester, and kinda orchestrated it around OB appointments so that I would have the reassurance that all was OK. By week 23 1/2 my cervical length had shortened to 0.6!!! (average is 3.5-4.5). This was completely unrelated to sex, but as soon as cervical length was short, I had a cerclage put in and be rested, including NO sex. Truthfully, the OB's orders of no sex was a relief.... despite me being married to a hottie!

  5. I don't have experience with this but agree with nalwyssi-if you are nervious and worried-how nuch will you really enjoy it anyway? AND after all there are other ways to help DH get by until you are more comfortable. Listen to your gut and don't be embarrased by this concern-I think many women have it-and you have a history that makes it even more of a concern for you. Even though your doctor says it's safe-and it probably is, IMO I would wait until I really felt comfortable and didn't have any fears about it.

    Congradulations on the twins! So exciting for you both-perhaps instead of being intimate you could sit around and discuss the names you both like together-that is bound to take up a lot of your time!

    Best of luck to you and your growing family!

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