Due Jan/Feb 2010 with twins

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  1. I am 9wks and 2days pregnant with twins. Both babies are from DE and is measuring 1 day and 2 days ahead. I get to see my ob today for the first time and get to see the twins again. I am hoping for a few people on here so we can ride the pregnancy out together...

  2. Hi everyone I went to the ob today and I had him do a sonogram and the babies was moving all around. The heartbeats was 185 and 183 One baby was 9wks and 2 days and the other 9 wks and 3days ( I am 9 wks and 2 days) He said the chance of me miscarring now is 2% for each baby. I feel so much better. I have to go back in one month. I decided not to the the test to see if the babys have down sydrom. Because we wouldnt abort no matter what. so he said we didnt need to do the test because we wouldnt abort anyway.

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