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  1. So I have a question, I did my IVF cycle in December. I was so lucky to get twins. I dont know if this is important but it is kinda bothering me. I was told that most twins are born at 36 weeks. My OB is differing due dates with my RE. I keep trying to tell my OB the my RE says I am Due august 27th and he keeps telling me it is not until august 31st. Then I went to the perinatologist and he confirms the due date of my RE. I went to the OB today and he believes I am still only 24 weeks, when the other docs are confirming 25weeks. I am just concerned because I have to have a planned c-section due to complications in me and dont really want to have it end up in an emergency. Should I worry or am i over-reacting

    Thanks everyone

  2. There's one thing about IVF- there is no doubt about the 40 week due date. The day of your retrieval is Day 14.

    My best suggestion is to go to www.ivf.ca and go to the due date calculator. Enter in your retrieval date and it will calculate your due date. If you did a FET, count back the number of days from the transfer (i.e. if you transferred 5 day embryos, count back 5 days from transfer).

    I would go with the date your RE gave you.

    Good luck.

  3. I would go with RE's date and force the Drs hand in the scheduling of your C-section. I wouldn't schedule it until you believe you are 36 weeks minimum. If RE and peri agree I would honestly go with them since you agree with their dates. It's too bad peri won't do your C for you.


  4. Thanks, that is what I was feeling. My OB seems to get irritated when I mention the due date and my RE so its going to be an uncomfortable task. But this is what I want to do. Thanks for the advise ladies

  5. I would ask the RE & peri to both send quick notes to the ob indicating their due date calculations. This way the ob can't argue with you.

    Is the ob going by early u/s measurements - like was the baby smaller early on and thus he is dating the pg by u/s measurements and not by conception dates?

  6. Go with your RE's due date. As someone already said, the thing about IVF is you know 100% when the 40th week is..,...there's no doubt about ovulation.

  7. The thing to keep in mind is that your OB is most likely using actual u/s measurements for progress of the pregnancy as a way to schedule when the baby should be delivered. The \"due date\" concept is really almost meaningless anyway - realize that only about 5% of babies are actually born on their \"due date\". The rest of them come when they are darn good and ready. Your OB is probably taking the size of the baby, the condition of the placenta, and the amount of amniotic fluid, etc into account when establishing a cutoff date for delivery - none of which your RE can predict. If your perinatologist is doing ultrasounds and has a different opinion than your OB, then that should definitely be conveyed to the OB, though.

  8. Thanks for your responses. My OB has a wrong menstrual cycle date cant get them to change it. The perinatologist did the U/S and confirmed dates with my RE. I will take the advise and have them send notes to the OB dr. Thanks for everything ladies. Always helps to have others to communicate with.

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