DS with IVF - Chances????

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  1. I just finished my second IUI with DS and it was a BFN...I have to say the counts from the donor we had been using were pretty bad so I am not too surprised! At the same time I know it only takes one and I was able to get pregnant three times in the past year and a half from my DH but they all ended due to a chromosone issue we found out my DH had. I had been doing injectables with these iui to get more eggs and I really thought this was gonna be a peice a cake and work right away. Well this morning I went in for my cd 3 u/s to start iui # 3 and now they tell me I have a huge cycst and have to take a cycle off. I know it is only a month but it feels like an eternity and then to think that we will have to try again in a month and it might not work and then there could be another cyst and this viscious cycle just continues so I am thinking about doing a ds ivf. I did IVF with my DH and responded really well we just didn't get any normal embryos in the end. So my questions are what do you think my chances would be using DS? Would ICSI be beneficial in this situation? Thanks!!!

  2. My clinic always use ICSI with donor sperm. I didn't think other clinics gave you the option to not ICSI with donor sperm. As for your chances of success I can't answer that as everyone is different.

    Good luck

  3. My clinic said that if there was enough sperm with great motility after the wash they wouldn't necessarily have to do ICSI that they would make a decision at that point! Thanks...

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