Drunk as a skunk...

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  1. DH is sick in bed with a hang over... ok it was NYE BUT Today is day 14... I'm still wanting to try naturally before our next fet... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!


  2. Hi. sorry you're going through this but the first thing that comes to my mind is.. Quit while you're ahead!!!

    Don\'t have a baby with this person who is ALREADY acting this way.. It will only get worse with a child.

    As the child of an alcoholic.. I can say.. it's no picnic.

    If you have the choice now, I'd think long and hard and GET OUT!!

  3. I am very glad and relived to say DH has not had a drink since NYE... so my big talk to him finally sunk in.... He has finally got the message, thank GOD!!!

    We did the FET got BFP but sadly MC at 2mths... We will cycle again just waiting for beta to return to normal. I'm doing well, coped exceedingly well... beyond my expectations.

    It is such a hard place to be, when your partner uses alcohol as a tension reliving/coping mechanism. Its the sort of thing you just dont talk about.

    He was just saying this morning how wonderful he is feeling... And that this is a life time choice.

    Peace at last...


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