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  1. I found a donor for whom I like everything about her profile. However, there is one thing that worries me. In 2005, she had an abnormal pap smear. In 2007 she had a normal pap. She says she is healthy and never had any cancer. She does not say she has a family history of cancer. Should I be concerned about cycling with her? Can her eggs possibly carry to me anything abnormal? I know I must sound silly but I never had an abnormal pap so I do not know much about this. I wrote an email to my ivf clinic to ask about this and I am waiting to hear back. I appreciate any info or advice. Thank you.

  2. No- I wouldn't be worried-she has been tested for everything else under the sun-and an abnormal pap can be caused by many things- and if she had a normal pap afterwards and no problems and she looks otherwise good- go for it. I highly doubt there is much risk to you at all- and I would MUCH rather have a cycler be open about her history than one who 'LIED' and I am sure they are out there- many are in it for the money and not altruistic reasons- so the next donor could have had multiple abnormal paps and not report it.

    You can get an abnormal pap from, GROSS- left over semen, among other things- this doesn't mean she can't have an awesome cycle- if she had a family history of ovarian cancer they wouldn't let her cycle b/c of the health risks to her. I think you would be fine with her- and I think that your re would reassure you about this as well- the fact that she openly reports it probably means- it was a fluke, especially since it was normal this year.

    I myself have had 2 abnormal paps in my life, and every other time they were normal- there is nothing wrong with me or my uterus or my cervix, i have no std, no cancer, and have successfully had a pg.

    I would chalk it up to one of those things that happens and if you like her use her.

    P.s. I am in the medical field so not just talking out of my *ss>

  3. i agree with jenga. one abnormal pap doesn't mean anything about who she is, what she has, what she can give you. i wouldn't worry about it at all.

  4. Thank you, Jen and Ali, for your words of advice. Your answers make me feel MUCH better. I am going with this donor.

    My doctor also answered my concerns and said "She reports that she had a colposcopy ( tiny biopsies of the cervix) following her pap due to the presence of abnormal cells. Her colposcopy was normal and then she had repeat paps every 6 months for one year (both normal) and everything since has been normal. Dr. B is fine with this, he has no concerns since her pap smear is no longer abnormal. Cervical tissue does regenerate new cells every 3 to 6 months, that is why the time-line for repeat pap smears. By retesting they can determine if the new cells are healthy versus more abnormal growth. That is one of the reasons for the recommendation to make sure you have your pap tests done regularly."

    All sounds good to me.

  5. good for you and good luck with your donor.
    Glad she is going to work out.

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