Donor Exclusivity Clause?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone ever tried to include a donor exclusivity clause in their agreement (meaning donor would not donate again - ever) I know that would be hard to enforce, but just wondering if anyone has any experience with that.


  2. i have never heard of this. but fyi, asrm recommends that a donor only cycle 6 times to a max age of 32, so after 6 cycles or after age 32, the donor must retire. unfortunately, what i found by surfing through thousands (literally) of profiles on the agency websites is that many donors are listed w several agencies...and many of them lie about their history and leave off one or two cycles so that they don't get to the 6 max w any one agency.

    most of the agencies prioritize the donor over the IP as the donor is their cash cow over several cycles if the agency treats her well.

    so my guess is that you'd be best off to advertise privately to find a donor and then lock her up. the downside here is that you could find an ideal candidate but if she's unproven then it could cost you a lot of time and money without any guarantee that she'll deliver the goods so to speak.

  3. Yes, that's the other problem - the unproven. I think I could live with one set of half siblings from another family. However, when we get up to six, that starts to bother me at this stage. (sigh)

    Has anyone tried to get exclusivity?

  4. I haven't, but I don't see why not? Your Agreement with the donor is negotiable, so you can negotiate an exclusivity clause in it. You'll probably have to give consideration (more money) in order for the donor to agree... If you're looking for more than one donation from the donor, then you can probably include that she only donates to you guys instead of only donating once. I'm not sure how you'll enforce it though, so you should check with an attorney in your State... Terms for breach of contract would be my guess.

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