Donor eggs or Donor Embryos?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has gone down the donor embryo route.

    I have done 10 IVF's with own eggs and surrogate (for 3 attempts) - BFN.

    7 attempts with Donated eggs (from women undergoing fertility treatment. 2 miscarriages.

    I recently had a hysteroscopy and was told I have scarring from a myomectomy to remove fibroids. The surgeon also did some scraping...I still do not understand this but he said it will enhance implantation - very unconvincing...

    Anyway in September we are booked for a donor egg transfer. I am thinking that after all these attempts maybe it is an undiagnosed sperm issue - should we go for donor embryos?

    Anyone else done this?

  2. Ambiente, sorry to hear you've been through the wringer with this.

    i was concerned about sperm quality after we used a 23 year old donor and did not have success on the fresh or the frozen transfers. when i brought this up to the RE, though, he didn't think so and blamed the eggs. in retrospect, looking back at the donor's history, it was pretty inconsistent. we almost didn't try again, but when we did with another 23 year old donor (consistently proven this time), it worked just fine. so i guess that when they clear the sperm (which they had done for us), they seem to know what they're talking about.

    will this be your first try with a younger and presumably fertile donor?


  3. Ambiente... I'm in pain reading about your journey... Sending you hugs... Yes, we did a DE cycle end of April... chemical... Emotionally, I need a break from cycling... During my "break", we were miraculously matched for embryo adoption with a couple who's profiles are very similar to us, so we decided to go for it. We're in the final stages of the EA Agreement, so hopefully the donated embryos will legally be ours in a couple of weeks.

    The odds of live birth for a fresh DE cycle is higher than EA frozen embies. The odds are dependent upon the embryo donor's Dx, age, genetics testing, day of freezing, quality of the embies, method of freezing, etc..., so you should take that into consideration if you do EA. If our EA cycle doesn't work, then we'll probably do another DE cycle with a young and proven donor... Feel free to PM if you have questions. Good luck!

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