Donor egg or donor embryo?HELP!!

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  1. Hello ladies,so here is my dilemma,Im torn between donor egg or embryo...<br /><br />For me embryo would be perfect as this isnt enough that it wont be from my eggs but DHs genetics only?!Plus the problem with egg donor is the price and the embryos are free along with a minor fee,so which way to chose,anyone can help?I just wanna make sure I chose the right way as its all out of our pocket...



  2. natasha- this is such a personal choice.

    FET success rate is around 31% across the country. some clinics success rate isn"t that great even. Good clinics have fet success rates around 45% and up which is great.

    Donor egg success rate is anywhere b/w 50-80% depending on the clinic. So i think, as we have talked before- you have to look at where you are doing an fet at, 2nd where you would be doing donor egg. The cost vs the success rate.

    Based on previous discussions- going to Zlin for donor egg would probably be the best financial option- but their success rates are from 2007 i think- don't know what their actual up to date is.

    I think it really depends on you and dh- does he want the genetic connection, or does he just want a child/baby to raise???

    I know you got pg on your last embryo adoption but m/c- so their r good chances you will become pg again. The decision to do donor egg over donor embryo really depends on your specific situation.

    At my other clinic- who had donor egg embryo"s and excellent blast quality success for fet would be around 40-50% at about 5k cost.

    But for us- dh really wants to try donor egg first- so that is what we will do. If it doesn't work then we will move to donor embryo. I can only afford donor egg once in the US.

  3. Jen,

    Thanks so much for your response.

    Yes DH wants his genetic!

    I was thinking about egg donor with CNY center,did you hear anything about them?

    Their cost is $4200 plus another 166/monthly payments for a year,not to bad,right?

    The other option was going for embryos in Reno with Dr.Foulk,I heard great things about their success...

    Another option is embryos with Gyncentrum in Ostrava,Czech,heard good things about them too and their cost is $1780!!!But of course there is the cost of travelling,plus will be on my own,OMG!!What should I do?!

  4. natasha-I think donor embryo is a great option for couples who are dealing with both female egg quality/quantity problems as well as male factor because it will hopefully solve both problems. It is also a great option if you are on a limited budget bc it's a fraction of the cost of donor egg.

    However, if money isn't an issue and you also want DH's genetics, then I would go for donor egg.

    Whatever you do, I'd suggest going with a clinic that has the highest success rates and a proven track record for either DE or DEmbryo, whichever one you are planning on pursuing.


  5. Natasha- sound like the major issue is #1 dh wants his genetics #2 financial. I also looked at CNY- and for the money and a fresh donor egg they have "good" stats but not great. They don't stim their donors hard so you get fewer eggs, so if you aren't the primary you may loose out if you are doing a split. They have AWFUL fet results. I think if you want your dh to try with his sperm then go for the donor egg- if he isn't on board with donor embryo- then you either have to do something you want over his feelings and be prepared for the fallout- or you try donor egg first. I think CNY fresh success is probably equivalent to Zlin fresh- and you don't have to travel as far- so cost is going to be less.

    I know it is hard as we have been wrestling with this as well- does DH have any biological children???? or is a major issue that he has none? I know you have a son, right???? It really depends on you and your dh- how strong is your marriage- do you want a baby more than the possibility of not having a dh if he doesn't want to do donor embryo?????

    B/c dh and i have a son together- it is hard for me to just "do what I want" which would be donor embryo- so i am going to try donor egg first and pray it works- we have had several huge blow outs over all this- i want my son to have his dad around so I want to work and do what makes my dh more comfortable right now- but if it doesn't work out- i will try donor embryo.

  6. when you do donor embryo, is it from a frozen batch? if so it would have a lower success rate than doing a fresh donor cycle hooking up an egg donor and either DH's sperm or a donor. that is why i did a donor egg cycle, plus DS after checking out embryo donation (fresh vs frozen).
    i had a successful 1st time IVF experience in Zlin, C. Republic.

  7. Girls thank you all so much!

    But Im still so lost...<br /><br />Now on top of all my DH calls me from the ER with chest pain...He had a heart attack about 10 years ago and now Im home with my DS sleeping in his bed and dont even know whats going on...

    Oh gosh...

    Pls pray for my DH...

    Were not in a good situation right now money wise and Im hoping things will get better,but I just cant leave DH as I do love him.<br /><br />I might be able to do embryo donor still as we both want a baby so much...<br /><br />He does have 3 grown ups kids,2 girls and a boy,theyre in their early 20s but live in FA.<br /><br />I have a son whos turning 13 in Novand a daughter(whom my parents raised since she was 1 y.o)and shes turning 22 in Nov,she lives with her bf...

    Anyways praying for better days and sorry for venting!

    Good luck to all of us,


  8. ok just a little note to update:my DH is fine,I guess its stress related,thank goodness...

    So now Im still debating!...<br /><br />But now that I hear about CNY been low success rates,and since I wont be the primary in the split cycle,there is no point for me to go with them...

    So now I`m thinking Gyncentrum in Ostrava, Czech,any one heard about them anything?...

    Hope we all get what we want!


  9. Natasha - I have our name on the list for donor embryo at Reprofit, Czech. It is a 4-5 months wait....Will look at Gyncentrum now ...

  10. muneer,

    which kind of embies do you look for or does this matter to you at all?...

  11. Natashasmom - sorry I am not sure what you mean by "which type of embies"? Do you mean their cell stage?

  12. Sorry!

    I meant which features are you looking for in embryos?like hair/eye color and such...

  13. Ah okay If I remember correctly, they had one question where we could put in some of our preferences. I am pretty open to most things when it comes to hair colour and eye colour etc ... I may be confusing two Czech companies as I have talked to Reprofit and Gennett....basically I ticked a lot of boxes as my preferences aren't that specific and I am also open to Eurasian and said so. It seems a long way off at this point as I have more donor egg procedures ahead of me for at least half a year I guess. How are you going with your choices?

    All the best,

  14. Hey muneer,

    its good you dont have a preference,as for us,its another story,were both blonde/blue/green eyes so wanna keep kinda same!...

    Anyways its awesome that you still gonna go with eggs for now.

    Were still looking for a US clinic and not sure yet which one to go with.<br /><br />Good luck anyways and dont forget to bump in!



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