Does your DH grocery shop?

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  1. i shop online and the store delivers everything.

    i am lazy.

  2. My husband is European so he goes grocery shopping ALONE every single day BY HIMSELF for FRESH food that we eat every day that HE COOKS US!

    (he's italian.)

    I'm blessed.

  3. Nope, I go alone, after the kids are in bed usually Thursday or Friday night. I shop for the week and pick up extras (usually bananas) if we need them on the way home from work. We go thru 4-5 gallons of milk a week (sometimes more), so that's always on the list. DH does go, it just usually isn't for us, but for our local food pantry.

  4. DH will go if I give him a very detailed list. He'll buy what's on the list but if something is not available, he can't make the quantum leap to substitute. And, God forbid the packaging has changed -- that really throws him for a loop. I always get at least one phone call while he's in the store asking for direction.

    And, he buys a lot of junk while he's there. We rarely go together, but he will pick things up if we need them. I do the shopping on Sunday afternoon, alone, unless one of my dds wants to go with me.

  5. I'm all the above. I sometimes go alone with DS. Sometime DH will take DS and go and sometimes we all go together. My DH is very good. No matter what I need he will get it. The only thing about him going alone is he always gets things we don't need as well

  6. i grocery shop alone; dh does all of the laundry alone. i think it's a win-win for me. ;o)


  7. Robin, same here...haha!!

    Grocery shopping is "my" thing...and to be honest, I like to do it. Laundry not so much!

  8. I shop for groceries when the boys are in preschool -2 hours on Tue and Thurs. I use coupons and can get it done in about an hour. If I can't go alone then it turns into Mario Andreti and Dale Ernheart (spelling wrong on both names but you get the picture) racing with the little shopping cart as the grumpy old women glare at us. And then I spend too much on their "extras". DH shopping trips consist of chips and diet cokes.

  9. it quickly became very unromantic because I have the attention span of a demented gnat in a supermarket. (See - this is how you get out of tasks you don't like. Do them badly. Men have this figured out, which is why we women get stuck with a lot of the worst household tasks.)

    Sorry, abdelrazak_gh, but I had to laugh out loud at this (and thanks, because I needed it bad!)

    I am in the the S-L-O-W group when it comes to shopping, (mostly because pushing the heavy basket is so difficult for me, and I like to comparison shop) which is ultimatley why DH hates going with me. Plus I kind of aimlessly wander the isles, throwing things in the basket, too. God help us, too if I'm hungry or thirsty when shopping! DH would much rather watch the kids by himself for two hours than go with me for one.

    That, and he hates shopping. ALL shopping. He likes to say "men don't shop, they buy". (The only thing in 15 years he has ever enthusiastically shopped for was our living room electronics )

    Part of me wants him to go so I can ask him if he would like something without ringing my cell off the hook. And the company is nice, too. And of course, pushing the heavy basket.

    At the end of my last pg, when DS was in school I would go often and just ride in an electronic cart, but that just doesn't seem realistic now with a 2yo DD in tow (No kiddie basket in the electronic carts ) Plus the size of the basket on those things not really good for shopping for a family of 4+pregnancy.

    As for occassional going, DH will go if ABSOLUTELY necessary and I make a list... like after my surgery. Like many of yours, he then will come home missing things (or call endlessly asking where something is located in the store because calling me is easier than finding an employee) and/or with extras not on the list... always stuff he wants he knows I probably would not buy. DH is also a "name brand" shopper... like if I have chips or cookies on the list it has to be the name brand stuff unless I SPECIFICALLY write "Kroger Brand Chip Mates Cookies" or "Great Value sandwich zipper bags"... otherwise I'll end up with Chips Ahoy (which cost more and the kids will not eat) or Ziplock Brand bags (which cost 3x as much but do the same exact job!)

    As for laundry, I am WAY too OCD about that and he's not allowed anywhere near the laundry room. (We'd all be walking around in gray or pink stained clothes, as we were LIVING TOGETHER before he learned to separate- and still has to ask me if something is light/dark!)

    Cooking he CANNOT do. Last time he tried to make a Campbell's Supper Bake (from a box, just add chicken) he totally ruined it. I love him, but the only thing he can make (well) is Chili.

    MY DH is really a good guy, he spends a lot of time with the kids and doesn't hassle me about household tasks and pretty much gives in to me all the time . I just wish he would grocery shop.

    Take Care All~

  10. abdelrazak_gh - I dont know how to quote, but my Dh keeps doing tasks poorly and I keep telling him -I dont care how badly you do, I am going to make you do it anyway! I have told him trick is not working!

    When my Dh shops, I know to expect a much larger bill. Actually, I get excited to grocery shop and I am about to start clipping coupons again after being inspired by a woman in front of me in line last week - her bill went from about $50 down to $6 - EEK! I want that bill.

  11. Yup, there is one household task I can think of, that my husband does badly, and it bothers me enough that I do it myself. Laundry. And the truth is I don't really mind doing laundry. Of annoying household tasks, it's my least hated. But I hate grocery shopping and am bad at it, so I don't do it. I also hate hand-dishwashing pots and pans. I shove 'em all in the dishwasher. My husband hates when I do this, and also hates that I don't clean the counters well, so that gets me out of those jobs too.

    daskalos, if you want to get him to grocery shop, try "forgetting" to pick up all his favorite items. It might inspire him to get out there on his own!

  12. I do the shopping - with the kids in tow. (SO looking forward to preschool next year for shopping alone!)

    I hate it when DH shops - he always buys things we don't need and doesn't price compare at all. I am a bargain shopper/coupon user, so it's much better if I do it myself!


  13. Haha! I am cracking up reading some of the posts! I usually go alone (DH will tag along on the weekends sometimes). I take DS along, to I have to go often and do shorter runs. Plus I like my produce to be fresh. We also go to farmers market every week for fresh fruits and veggies and bread. DS loves it since he gets to sample all the fruits + get a pony ride at the end

  14. I always go alone. I'm a SAHM, so I think that makes a difference - I like that i can get the errands done during the week so we can just relax over the weekend. For one thing, I have to go to at least 2 stores a week to get everything I want - one "regular" supermarket and then Trader Joe's as well, sometimes Whole Foods if I'm trying out a recipe. When Wegmans finally opens up near me, I can cut back on how many stores, I love that supermarket! Then there's the trips to Costco and Target, which I also do myself. I love to shop and I feel like grocery shopping is, for the most part, guilty free shopping, so I usually enjoy it. I go while my DDs are in preschool, so anything you do by yourself can be relaxing once you're a mom! If DH goes with me, I feel rushed. If he goes by himself, he doesn't buy enough stuff and I'll be back in a couple days anyway. He is very willing to stop on the way home from work if we need milk, etc.

    If I was in your situation (I'm pregnant too, but no back pains, knock on wood), I'd have the groceries delivered. I'm planning on doing that for at least a month or so after the baby is born.

    I&S, 4 years old

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