Does you re check prog levels pre-beta?

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  1. I had mine check today on CD22 and it was 19.8. Nurse said it was acceptable and will do a BETA 7 days from now if no AF. I am not on IVF cycle yet just Clomid Challenge cycle with all fingers crossed that normal BD will be enough! This is all pre IVF stuff.

  2. I started 600mg Prog (vaginal suppositories) twice a day, 3 days before ET.
    They tested on the following days:
    3dpt5dt P4 12.6
    6dpt5dt P4 >20
    8dpt5dt P4 >40
    My beta HCG started showing a positive value from 6dpt5dt & my scan this morning (5w1d) shows 2 gestational sacs present.

  3. I know noone has written on this thread in a while but I am feeling so crappy right now as I am 5dp3dt and they checked my prog. and e2 levels today(currently taking 200mg suppositories 2x's/day) my level was only 8.9 but my e2 was 230 and the nurse said they like to see at least 10 prog and 200 e2. This is our 5th cycle and we transferred 5 embies and I was sure this would be our shot at a BFP but now I am feeling that it is very unlikely. They have increased my dosage to 3x's/day and will check it again on Thursday but...

  4. Not with this cycle (BFN). I did with the first (BFN)
    I do think it is a good idea to check your levels.

  5. Hi all,
    My RE checks E2 + progesteron levels 2 times during the luteral phase, on CD24 and CD26.

    ON CD24: E2:55 Prog: 62
    CD26: E2:15 Prog: 20

    do you think it is still hope???


  6. Nope...never.

    I was on PIO injections so they never did.


  7. Mine definitely does and at day 2 past transfer I was told my level was 25 - although they look for anything above 20 they like to see levels higher than 25 so I have been on icky suppositories in addition to PIOs. Lucky me

  8. Yes, my clinic does one 5dp3dt check and mine was 24. That was too low for them and they started me on Prometrium supps 3 times a day. I was already on the PIO shots. On 9dp3dt it was 34 so I'm to still take all of the progesterone meds. They like it to be over 40. Sounds like there's a wide range of normal.

  9. Yes - my clinic tests all levels (E2 and progesterone) on the day of transfer at the hospital and then I go into the office 6 days after Egg Retrieval for another check on E2 and progesterone. If it's low they would make me up the dosage but so far so good. I dread the thought of putting more PIO in!!!

  10. yes, my clinic does check E2 & P4 half way thru 2WW. I had b/w (E2 & P4) & u/s to check lining on day 14 (monday, 4/7) then transfered 4 thawed day 3 embies on day 18 (friday, 4/11) and then b/w (E2 & P4) yesterday on day 23 (wednesday, 4/16). It came back E2 = 196 & P4 = 50. The nurse said the levels were fine and to just keep on with estrogen patches and PIO as I have been doing. Does anyone know what the normal range of each is?

    My beta is next wednesday, 4/23.

  11. Does everyone's RE have them on Estradiol during the two week wait as well as Progesterone, or is it just Progesterone?

  12. I'm on Estrogen shots and estradiol inserted vaginally twice a day plus pio shots. Go for 1st Beta tomorrow. Have had +++++ HPT's everyday since 5dp5dt!! This 2ww has been torture!!


  13. My RE checks blood a few days after transfer. I had my FET this past Friday 5/23 and had my levels checked on 5/27.


  14. my re only has me on progesterone (crinone suppositories) estradoil levels were high enough at the ET....

    be well...


  15. After reading some of these responses I've gotten a bit more nervous. I asked 3 different times for some pio or something (or even a test to see if the levels were right) and my doc just kept saying it doesn't matter. I had to give it a rest b/c I didn't need anything else to stress about and besides I truly think my doc is the best and I trust him so...We shall see

  16. chel - i have been on estrace twice a day and progest suppositories in mornings since ET. My RE checks progest and Estrogen 5 days past ET as well. Both mine checked out great (estrogen >1000 and progest >35) and he didnt change my doseage or meds. I go for betas on Sat (11/15).

  17. funny i was just going to post that too,

  18. I voted no. My Re checked my levels 2 days before ER and I go 2/12 for tx.

  19. Yes, my clinic does. I had 3dt(3/17) and went back in for b/w 3/20. MY E2 was 121(told they wanted at least 100) P4 was 40.6(told they wanted least 30). Stay on same meds. Progesterone supp 200mg 2x day and Progesterone by mouth 200mg at bedtime. My beta is 3/30.. I'm going crazy. I POAS this morning-9dpt and got negative. Think might still be too early though... I'm one of those people who has to know or I will go insane!!!LOL

  20. Yes, I got mine checked twice on CD 26 and CD 28. I made the mistake of asking my levels on CD26 and E2 was 305 and P4 was 31. I then googled everything and thought I found that E2 should be >600 in order to get a BFP (this is clearly not the case) since I got a strong + HPT on 7dp5dt (this is after being hysterical the prior night that there is no way my cycle could have worked!)

    I am not asking about my CD 28 levels.

    Beta is Friday, 5/8 and I am feeling pretty good about it after the + HPT!

  21. Yes, I got both my progesterone and estrogen level tested 2 days after day 5 transfer.

  22. Hello! I had my first IVF transfer Sunday 8/9 and my doc checked my blood this am (6 days post retrieval, 3 days post transfer). My prog is 44.4 which he assures me is a good number. I think it's low given that I am getting prog injected straight into my but daily, but what do I know.

    Any advice or info on what this blood test was supposed to tell them would be MUCH appreciated.

  23. Yes-our's did but I suspect this is a biased answer from me as we used a surrogate so it's a different process. I would think that it would be a pretty regular part of the pre-beta blood level screening process for all but based on the answers I guess I'm any event I have been told anything above a 30 is a good number-anyone want to chime in and con-cure or correct that number? I'd be interested to know if it's different for regular pg's vs surro transfers?

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