Does you re check prog levels pre-beta?

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  1. If so, has anyone ever had low progesterone and increased the dosage and then went on to get a bfp on beta day??

  2. My RE did check my progesterone level during 2ww and mine was a tiny bit low so he upped my progesterone. I did get a BFP that cycle.


  3. My RE did check my levels at transfer time and they were great and I didn't need the suppositories. They were checked again at 4dp3dt (7dpo) and they were on the lower side then he liked to see BUT still withen normal limits so he prescribed me suppositories. They were checked a couple more times before my beta (my RE was super cautious!) I ended up with a bfp.


  4. that is weird...... why you ask? my RE said to get true progress. level it needs to come from the lining bio and you can't do that with embyro in there.
    he said blood level is different the lining the lining has the true reading so that's why he doesn't check for it cause it wouldn't read right level.
    just my stupid two cents,lol

  5. I just had my progesterone test today 4dp3dt and the level was 28.5, although I know these levels are not supposed be predicitve I feel really scared that these levels are too low for the cycle to have worked. They have raised my progesterone dose, but I kind of feel hopeless now. Any thoughts???

  6. I wouldn't worry. I called and talked with the nurse and she said the levels flucuate (mpaspaliari your not far off lol) and the # doesn't mean you are/are not pregnant. She said they have had lower (way lower than yours or mine) turn out with a bfp and delivered just fine. The numbers are more to make sure early that you are getting enough to sustain the pregnancy. My re likes to check early and increase if nec, so it's a GOOD thing they do this.

    I have my beta tomorrow and I have been getting + HPT's since last Sat! I am so excited and praying everything continues to go well.

    I think your good Daisy. Hang in there!

  7. Thanks for your feedback and congrats on your +hpt, good luck tomorrow!!!

  8. No, never had it checked before.

  9. On my first IVF no check of progesterone, now on my second, yes 5 days post transfer I had to check it, but only one time. I've heard many RE check prog. more than twice!

  10. I think they can only check progesterone levels if you are using the injections. I am currently doing injections and they are able to check the levels but if you do suppositories it is hard for them to check because it is not in the blood stream the same.

  11. They still check even with suppositories. I go in 7 days post transfer.

  12. I am 5dpt3dt and I went in for a progesterone test this morning. It seems odd though because of the PIO shots. Does anyone know how that works when you are on PIO or another form of progesterone? What value does the number provide?

  13. I am 3dp5dt. I go in tomorrow for prog check? I am on injections. My beta is 9/19. I'll know more tomorrow about levels.

  14. Yep, went in for prog. test at 3dp3dt ... no adjustments necessary. Beta in 2 days, I'm so nervous.

  15. I've always had very low progesterone. Every time after a cycle that its tested, they up the dosage. I did have a successful cycle though!

  16. I am doing PIO. I did get it checked 2dpt5dt. The nurse at my RE said it needed to be above 15. That's my clinic. I don't want to scare anyone. I was at 28.

    Beta Tomorrow. Very nervous. It's 10dpt5dt. I have aslo had a terrible reaction to the PIo starting 6dpt. Hives and lumps it's been hellish. Anyone getting that?

  17. I am 1dp3dt and have to go in to have my progesterone level checked at 3dp3dt. I'm doing 1 cc of PIO injections daily since ER day.

  18. I had to go today 6dp3dt for a check. They wanted me to come tomorrow. However, I originally had a 5 day transfer planned and was going to get my levels checked the day of the transfer.

  19. my clinic had me on progesterone overkill, I was on PIO as well as prometrium vaginally. I believe they checked the progesterone level when they did the beta.


  20. I did 7dpo progesterone and estradiol testing this morning and I am on PIO and two estrogen patches. I will be shocked if I am not hormonal enough

  21. My RE doesn't check my prog. level at all during my entire cycle! I'm on PIO in the am and crinone gel in the pm (overkill if you ask me), and he has told me if I follow his instructions with these doses, my prog. will be fine and there is no need to check.

  22. Oops.. I'm tired and voted wrong. I should have put yes.. I don't know what I was thinking! Sorry!


  23. Yes, and at 6dp5dt I went in to get tested and they told me that I had to increase my progesterone as my level was low. I thought for sure I was going to get a bfn because of that! My RE said that lower prog. levels has nothing to do with preg. levels. I still had neg. thoughts. I decided to poas at 8dp5dt and it was +++++++!!!!!, so I guess it is a good thing that the progesterone levels are being checked in order to maintain the pregnancy!!!

  24. I am on 1ml (50mg) PIO. Do you think this is enough or is it best to add vaginal too? I would be interested to see what others are doing. My RE doesnt check levels but i am planning to b/c I bled 5 days after my last transfer.

    Thanks, Kate

  25. Yes, they check us.
    I had 11prog level for fresh cycle, 3dpt BFN
    14 progesterone for 1st fet BFN
    3rd FET me and DH jacked up dose on our own not waiting for low progesterone and another bfn and guess what it worked! We got BFP!!!!

    but when they weaned me at 12 weeks I m/c

    Seems progesterone plays a role in decreasing Mom's rejection of embryo fetus and helps nurish lining.

    We have autoimmune issue and higher progesterone dose seems to be needed to ward off strong maternal rejection issue, so we are in 2ww and RE agrees, JACK it up 4 vag caps and 1 to 2 cc of PIO every day and Lovenox this cycle. Hoping for a miracle again. All this happened after our DD who came the GOF way almost 4 years ago. I guess its secondary infertility and me and DH are hyper vigilant about Progesterone being high now whether there is valididty to it in our case will never be known but you can't tell us differently now that we have been down the road going on the 5th time.

    Auto immune issues and High progesterone = miracles (is our hope, and lovenox )

    Good luck to anyone with issues that may resemble ours and are looking to avoid extra cycling and heartbreak!!!!!!!!Be a self advocate. Make sure progesterone is over at least 17 if not 20.

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