Does normal NT scan = normal anatomy scan?

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  1. Hi girls,

    I am 16 weeks 3 days pregnant with twins (started out as a quad pregnancy) and just had my weekly u/s this afternoon. The babies are doing well. My OBGYN doesn't measure them on a weekly basis as she does these quick scans just for our peace of mind. Last measurements were taken at my NT scan at 12 weeks 4 days. One baby measured at 12 weeks 5 days and the other at 12 weeks 3 days. For one of the babies, the risk of Downs was 1 in 6,000 and for the other one 1 in 2,700. My husband and I are 34, but we used a 27-year-old proven egg donor. This is the furthest we have ever made it in a pregnancy and I am paranoid about something going wrong.

    I have a detailed anatomy scan scheduled for when I'll be exactly 19 weeks along. Since my NT scan results were normal, am I safe to assume that everything is OK with my babies? Have any of you had a normal NT scan and then an abnormal anatomy scan?



  2. Hi Kite-

    I have been pg 3 times - one set of twins, one singleton (m/c'd) and then another singleton. In my experience, the fetus that I lost was an odd shape in the beginning and the heart rate was weird (I m/c'd at 9w). My other 3 kids looked good, had good NTs, and then the anatomy scans were normal. So, if everything is looking good now, I think you have a very good chance of having everything look good at 19 weeks.


  3. When I got pg from IVF#3, I went in for the nuchal translucency and the blood work. The results were good. Later on I went for an early anatomy scan at 16 weeks and a major abnormality was discovered.... Sadly, I ended up losing the pg at 20 wks. The interesting part though is that in the pictures given to me during the 12 week scan, the abnormality was very obvious, even to my untrained eye, but I pushed it aside thinking that if it was that obvious it would have been pointed out to me. I believe that the sono tech was so intent on getting the NT meassurements (which were fine) that she missed the big picture, and furthermore, it makes me think that no doctor reviewd the images of the NT because otherwise it would have been caught that day. I also had an amniocentesis done and the karyotype was normal (which would make sense that the NT meassurement was normal too). It was one of those rare things that happen sadly happen, normal karytotype/normal NT, but major abnormality... And it happened to us

    All that said, usually if the NT meassurements are fine, and there are NO GROSS abnormalities seen then the babies are fine too. Good luck, and I am hopeful that all is well by you.

  4. I have had several scans between my 5yo and the twins I am carrying now. My findings are that the person doing the scan can have a very different opinion than another person doing the scan. I had my NT scan a few weeks ago and was told that there was some question about baby b with possible Downs. I am 42 but the egg is 22. There was nothing wrong but for two weeks I was a mess. They were basing the findings on my age and not my donor. I have had u/s a tech measure my babies more than a week apart in size. I have even had them measure them a week ahead of age. Turns out they are right on target and no problems. The things they look for are markers not an absolute sign. And as you see from the previous posts some techs see things and others miss it.

  5. Thanks for your responses, girls! I am so extremely nervous. Rationally, I know that everything should be OK with my babies because this time we used a proven 27-year-old donor. But because of previous losses, I am scared.

    KALLIOPI, sorry for your loss . I can't imagine losing a baby at 20 weeks. If you don't mind, what abnormality did your baby have?

    As always, I am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, just as a true IVF vet. This was my 9th fresh IVF cycle (plus 2 FET).

    Please share more stories with me.



  6. Kite, I will PM you (its graphic)....

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