Does everyone spot w/multiples?

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  1. I really think every pg is different. I am 9 wks pg with twins. I didn't have any spotting this time so far. No implantation bleeding, nothing.

    However, when pregnant with dd I had a MAJOR bleed out around 8 weeks. I was devastated. My Dr. told me to come over asap and the whole way there I knew I would get the horrible. news. I was covered in blood by the time we got there. It was so scary. He checked me and said the cervix looked good. Then, took me to have an u/s and everything looked great. I bled from week 8 to week 27. I had an u/s every week. Needless to say, every those were some long weeks. It was never explained. I delivered at 39 weeks and she was perfect.

  2. It is so comforting to read all of your posts. I am 9w with twins and started bleeding pretty heavy this afternoon. My RE had already discharged me to my OB and said I would be fine. I haven't seen to OB yet, so I called RE and she is not worried. She said even heav bleeding in common with multiples. The office is already closed so I have to wait until tomorrow for a U/S. It is going to be a very LONG 17 hours. THis was our 4th and final IVF and our last chance to have a child of our own. I cannot lose them.

  3. Christie - I had some bleeding & spotting with this pg a little after 9 weeks. I also had the same thing from 6-9 weeks when pg with my dd, so for me it has been with both a singleton and a twin pregnancy. My OB did take me off of the baby aspirin after the bleed a couple weeks ago. That may have contributed to the bleeding.

  4. pupput - Thanks for the information. It turned out to be a SCH and had stopped bleeding by the next day. Both babies are fine but I am still spotting the old stuff. I finally had my first OB appt today. She didn't even try to hear the heartbeats (9wk). I complained that I was still a bit worried so she scheduled a u/s for next week. I think I will always be worried though.

  5. pupput - Thanks for the information. It turned out to be a SCH and had stopped bleeding by the next day. Both babies are fine but I am still spotting the old stuff. I finally had my first OB appt today. She didn't even try to hear the heartbeats (9wk). I complained that I was still a bit worried so she scheduled a u/s for next week. I think I will always be worried though.

    I'm still passing some of the old, brown stuff, too. Very light brown, but you still worry every time you use the restroom.

    Yes, you'll always be worried when you don't get to see or hear the baby. I guess my OB will do an u/s every visit this time around. Not so when I was pg with just one. Could be because she now has an u/s tech and a new waazoo machine.

    Hang in there.

  6. I don't have personal experience with multiples but I do have four friends who have twins or trips and all of them spotted during the first trimester. My understanding is that it is very common. One friend had more spotting than the others but she made it through and has two beautiful baby boys to show for it. I would definitely call your RE anytime it happenes just to get some reassurance and if you really want the proof you can certainly request an your own advocate and take a trusted friend or DH with you for a hand to hold.

    I am happy to hear that everything looks ok for you and am sending you prayers for a happy and healthy pg. Congratulations!

  7. I wish I would have found this thread 10 weeks ago!!!

  8. This is such a helpful thread - I had a ton of bleeding at 6, 8, 11 and 14 weeks and am now 17 weeks with twins and it seems like it has finally stopped. By a ton of bleeding - I mean beach towels wrapped around me with large clots coming out, along with a steady gush of bright red blood. In between each bleed, I would go back on bed rest, and have a ton of brownish spotting.

    It was so incredibly scary, and I had braced myself for bad news all 4 times we went to the doctor or ER after the bleeding (it never got easier). Each time babies were just fine - I had large clots forming - but well below the babies, so no harm to them. I have been told over and over its \"common\" with multiples, but its still hard to not be totally freaked out.

    By the way - when I did miscarry, I had zero bleeding, so go figure.

  9. I am 15 weeks and have been spotting now brownish YUCK for 2 weeks. It started with bright red gushes and is now just brown when I wipe. The doctor says the twins are fine and tells me to take it easy until all bleeding stops.

    This is so hard for me...I have a 21 month old and all he wants to do is run and play. I wonder what the extent of taking it easy is...can I do my day to day routine without anything strenuous?? So nervous to over do it!!

  10. I had a moderate bleed at 8.5 weeks, and I absolutely panicked and flew into the ED to get checked out. U/s and hormone levels(progesterone, etc) were fine, they said I bled from the cervix and vagina rubbing against eachother when I vomit (I have hyperemesis gravidarum, and vomit 20-70x/day). Spotted for a few days after that, but nothing since. Currently 10w2d with twins.

  11. I spotted just about every day during week 7. It was very light & brown, so I tried not to worry too much. My nurse felt it was likely from the prog supps & I stopped them a few days ago, and the spotting stopped pretty much the same day.
    GL! It does happen to a lot of people, that's for sure, but it is scary!

  12. I never spotted with our triplets, but many of the triplet mommies did and went on to have healthy pregnancies. Everyone's body's different.

  13. I spotted between 6 and 7.5 weeks. My doctor said that more than half of IVF pregnancies experience spotting early on. They seem to think it's more common with IVF.

  14. I don't know which option to pick. I never had any spotting that lasted longer than a day. It's very light. I had two episodes, one at 5w2d, one at 14w4d (after sex).

    My peri said spotting is not uncommon, especially after sex.

  15. Congrats Mary!!!! Great to read your news!

  16. I didn't vote b/c the options didn't match my experience, but I spotted from before beta off and on until about 9 weeks. It was very scary for me, but both babies are growing fine.

    12 wks, 6 days.

  17. I am almost at 8 weeks and have not spotted so far. knock on wood.

  18. Yesterday I would have said I have never spotted. Low and behold, this morning I wake up to wipe and red blood is there. It's stopped. I am waiting to call my RE but I am hoping it's nothing especially since it stopped.

    triplets due may 2010

  19. I had a small amount of light brown spotting at 6 weeks and then it cleared up but Friday night (almost 8 weeks) I woke up with my sheets wet with blood and it last all day on Saturday started as watery red, then dark red (with clots) then brownish red and got lighter brown on Sunday. I had my scan this morning and both babies are doing great. I hope this helps to ease some people minds because I know how scary seeing blood can be.

  20. I had a sub-chorionic hematoma at around 9 weeks which scared the bejeezies out of me. (Maybe TMI, but that's a lot of blood and HUGE clots.) At the time we knew we had a third sac that wasn't developing, so I thought maybe it had passed. It hadn't, but there was the threat it could go with another SCH, and it might take one or both of the twins with it.

    I\'m 29 weeks now and so far things are going well. The twins are healthy and developing well so far, and I have only had light spotting around week 13 since.

  21. I started out with a quadruplet pregnancy this cycle and began spotting shortly after a BFP. I am 10 weeks 2 days today with fraternal twins (identical twins stopped developing at 8 weeks) and I have been bleeding heavily at times and spotting in between. All in all, I've been bleeding/spotting for almost 6 weeks now. Very scary, but at 8 weeks we found the reason for all the bleeding -- I have a rather large SCH under one of the twins. The sac with identical twins is still there and you can clearly see them, just no heartbeats. I hope it gets reabsorbed as it's sad to see it every time I go for an u/s. I am on bedrest now.

    quattrox7, do you remember the size of your hematoma? Also, is your third sac gone now? When did it disappear?

    Good luck to all!


  22. So sorry to hear about the identical twins, Kite. It is hard to keep seeing the sac(s) there, even though the joy of seeing the developing babies is not diminished.

    I don't know what happened to our 3rd sac! It just sort of disappeared. I'm assuming it was either reabsorbed, or else it's so tiny compared to what else is going on in there that it's no longer really detectable. (To us; I'm sure if it's there the peris can see it, but they don't bring it up and I'm fine with that.) We didn't focus on it much once we knew it wasn't going to develop, and the focus shifted to the twins and our delight that they were growing so well.

    As to the size of the hematoma, all I can remember is the largest clot was the size of the palm of my hand. Seriously freaked me out, I can tell you. But like I said, we're 29 weeks now and both kids are kicking away at this very moment.

    Good luck!

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