Does everyone spot w/multiples?

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  1. Spotted at 7 1/2 weeks until 13 1/2 weeks. Sometimes heavy. Both are still with me and fine.

  2. Update: I had the dreaded spotting at 7 weeks (3 days ago) just a small amount of brownish spotting when I wiped, so I went in for u/s and everything looked perfect, no sign of blood in my uterus and baby A and baby B looked great (grew a lot from 1st u/s) and baby C looks to be reabsorbing but still there. Since then just a tiny tannish hue occasionally when I wipe. I am still very nervous about it even tho my RE reassured me it's normal and more common with multiples, but hard to relax.

  3. Spotting turned into full on red bleed and I was sure it was over. Went for u/s and Babies A & B are fine, Baby C has disintegreated more so there is a clear explanation which makes me feel better. I am now back to brown spotting and have my week 8 u/s tomorrow and I am scared to death something will have gone wrong and there will be no h/bs etc.

  4. 13w4d with triplets. I started spotting on Monday... saw the dr on Tuesday AM. He said a piece of the placenta had torn away from my uterus. He didn't seem to concerned... anyone heard of this? Is it something to be really concerned about? Bleeding has slowed... never bright red... always had a brownish tint and now is just small amount of brown.

  5. While some women may experience slight bleeding within the first few days after the fertilized eggs have implanted, it can be heavier with multiples. This bleeding is completely normal and is often mistaken for a light period before the pregnancy is confirmed. More serious bleeding later in the pregnancy may signal a miscarriage.


  6. Also have Subchorionic Hematoma (SCH). Bed rest for two weeks-- go back to RE tomorrow to see how the babies are doin\'.


  7. I never had any spotting, but it's very common...

  8. I started staining brown last week at 9w2d. I hadn't had a single spot at any point in the IVF or the pregnancy, so it freaked me out. But thank God, the babies are fine. The u/s tech and the doctor couldn't find the source of the staining. It went on constantly for two days, and then returned to normal clear-white.

    jimtian wrote:

    He said a piece of the placenta had torn away from my uterus. He didn't seem to concerned... anyone heard of this? Is it something to be really concerned about?

    Yes, I've read about this in pg books, and yes, it could be a cause for concern. If the dr wasn't concerned, it could be that it was such a tiny amount of the placenta that it doesn't matter. But are you seeing a high-risk specialist?

    10w0d w/twins

  9. Since I wrote that last post, I've had three incidents of heavy, bright red or brown staining, sometimes going on for days. And they've never been ever to find a source or a reason. Scary, but the twins are fine, thank God. I knew spotting was common but the bleeding was a big surprise. So for anyone else experiencing this, it's normal!


  10. avisaleos-
    thanks for the reassurance. i had a bright red bleed last week at 13w2d. i've had 2 previous m/c, so i freaked out. luckily, both babies were fine on the u/s, cervix is fine and they could find no reason for my bleed. i've been spotting since then, but it's brown to lighter brown (old blood from that bleed?) and i was just told to take it easy- no exercise, sex, etc. until my next u/s and appt. this week.

  11. I am 6w1d with twins. Had 1st ultrasound Thursday. Started spotting and wiping a little blood mid last night. From what I am reading, this is normal right? I am soooo scared. Could the vaginal u/s have caused this too??

  12. This is an interesting thread. I would love advice on this situation.
    I was told I was carrying twins at a 6wk4d US(Tuesday)- completely shocked! Anyway, twin A had a good HB but couldn't see one on twin B. MD thought it might be viable though as it was ame size as twin A
    fast forward 3 days- Thursday night, I woke up to use bathroom (usual middle of night need to go) and I felt a small rush. Sure enough,there was bright red blood. It stopped shortly after this but was enough to fill a pad
    I was horrified and thought I was having a MC. Didn't have any cramping. Went into clinic when they opened and had another US. MD could see HB on twin A again -although it was difficult to visualize. Again, could not locate one on twin B
    Herre\'s the confusing part- twin A had grown to about 0.78cm and he said twin B had grown also(7wks0d at this US)
    My guess is that twin B could be none viable -not sure what to think
    Today, I am having brown spotting- mild with \"clotty consistancy\" (sorry if TMI) but only when I wipe. I am thinking this is old blood
    I am so worried neither baby will make it- talk about stress!!
    Next US is Tuesday

    Any input from you ladies would be welcome on what you think.

    Thanks -Debs

  13. I never really had spotting I did have some bleeding around week 9 but that was due to a small tear in my uterus I had next to baby B but it healed up fast and the blood was minimal. I am now 25 weeks and things are great!

  14. cecatiello, how scary! i am so sorry this is happening to you. i wish i had advice, but i really don't. just try to remain calm and don't \"borrow\" trouble if you can help it. save the greiving for when you know for sure you need it--and hopefully you will not! best of luck.

    as for the others, thank you for your input! i had a few very light pink spots last weekend. i called my hmo and they said to come in to the ER as a precaution. all was well, and had continued to be fine. i spotted very lightly for about 24 hours and that was all. thankfully! i wish i'd seen this thread at the time. i've learned that it's very natural to spot or possibly bleed--for various reasons--w/multiples.

    10w0d w/twins

  15. I didn't spot in the 1st trimester but have spotted 3 times in the 2nd trimester.

  16. I spotted at 7 weeks with my triplets. I was sure i was m/cing, but they said it was #3 burrowing in.

    3 year old trips

  17. I started spotting at 11wks with major flowing red blood at 14 wks - found out it was due to a blod clot behind one of the placentas. I'm 16wks now and no major bleeding just brown spotting.

  18. This thread is so helpful...I've felt very alone with my bleeding. What so many of you (e.g. Ismail) posted is similar to what I've been going through for several weeks--but the advice of RE differs. I am now 7w5d with twins. I started bleeding late in the third week. They did three u/s and found no reason for the bleeding but the embies were both developing on schedule, including hb etc. Finally, last Monday (7w1d), they found the subchorionic hemorrhage (SCH). It is 1.2 cm, which they said is average size. RE said that \"the first trimester is violent in there and there is sometimes bloodshed\". He speculated that mine appeared on u/s to be a torn artery. He said that they take a long time to heal. The bleeding stops for a few days at a time but always returns, so far. Like Ismail, it gets a lot worse (cramping and pain too) when I exert myself much. I've gradually become less active and I go to bed after work each day--Dh is doing a lot of what I used to do. But RE didn't think that exertion would make much difference. Last week, I went Christmas shopping and left fairly fast because the bleeding/cramping was getting worse fast. RE was wrong. Exertion does matter. I'm wondering if I should not have gone on bedrest like some of you did. RE also never mentioned the high hormone levels as being a cause. Anyways, it is incredibly reassuring to read what you all have written. I'm well aware that m/c is possible--I've been through them and it's very scary. But I cannot live in fear all day. We'll all be glad when this is behind us. Peace, H43

  19. Hi ladies,
    I had spotting with my triplets at about 7 weeks for no reason to. I did have a extended u/s vag. that day and with in hours a major bleed happened. But it stopped and now I am 12 weeks and 3 days with no spotting or anything in a few weeks. No bleed in the uterus was found. My Re and OBGYN thinks it was from the cervix and it being sensitive and that it has much more blood flow when we are pregnant. I hope all goes well for everyone. Oh yeah and I was put on bedrest for about 5 days and had many u/s all still seems good.
    Good luck,

  20. I also had an SCH! I was between 7-8 weeks and then had very light spotting for about 2weeks after. The RE told me to expect more spotting and he was right. It has stopped now, but I can't help myself, I still look to make sure there is no more blood.

  21. Im 6w & I have had spotting on and off and u/s shows everything is fine with my twins. They think its my ovaries still getting rid of old cysts. Its scary!

  22. I spotted a couple times nothing on going, was told just implantation bleeding happened about 3 days on & off.

  23. I spotted with my singleton and now again with twins/triplets (I am only 7w and they are not sure about baby C). Actually I spotted more with DD, a singleton.

  24. This thread is so helpful! I started spotting last week on Thursday and it continued through Friday, but I didn't think it was a big deal since our doctor made of a point of telling us before he left on vacation that I might see some spotting while he was gone and we should try not to freak out about it. On Saturday the bleeding picked up quite a bit though, and I was officially freaked--it was more like red period blood. We called our clinic and they told me to go on bed rest for the remainder of the weekend, drink lots of fluids, and come in first thing this morning. I was feeling pretty devastated for the rest of the weekend--it seemed like a lot of blood was coming out and I was terrified that we were losing one or two, or worse yet all of our embryos (we had three implant).

    Well...this morning's ultrasound was a real shocker. We saw AND heard not one, not two, but ALL THREE HEARTBEATS. The doctor said each embryo measures at 7 weeks (right on track, we're at 6w5d) and their hearts are all going strong, about 128-130 beats per minute. It was an absolutely incredible moment, hearing them each beating away in there!

    The RE suggested that perhaps one of the placentas burrowed into a blood vessel, and that might have caused the bleeding. I'm still spotting a bit here and there--it really is nervewracking, and it's so wonderful to be able to read the responses from all of you who've gone through this and know that we're not alone!

  25. Hoping to reassure some of you with my experience. When I was pg with my Triplets (they are 5 years old now) I spotted at 9w, 11w and 26w. At 28 weeks my one of my waters broke and held on with all 3 for 3+ weeks. I delivered at 31.5 wks all healthy babies breathing on their own.

    From what I remember my dr told me about the bleeding with the mulitple pg is the uterus stretches and bleeds the blood is collected in the curvix which when there is too much pressure you may have a huge bleed.

    At my 9w bleed I thought is was all over, but it was just that a huge collection coming out. I always remembered getting nervous when it was time to wipe after peeing.

    Please note each time I bleed I was told to rush right into the dr to get check out.

    I wish you all the best of luck with your pg.
    You are in for the ride of your life! (in a good way)

    Isabella, Alex & Joe 5yo Aug 15!

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