Does everyone spot w/multiples?

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  1. Hi ladies!!! I'm rather impatiently waiting for my 1st U/S (coming this Friday) and I thought I would pose a quick question for any that care to answer that will help me further obsess and try to guess what I've got cooking. Since you all are having multiples, I was wondering if all (or nearly all) of you experienced spotting/bleeding early in your pg's.

    TIA for your answers!

    Not a single spot since 5dp3dt, which I think was implantation.

  2. I wasn't quite sure how to vote, I spotted for 1 day, and that was a few days after going off the PIO. It happened with my DD also, but that didn't stop me from panicking and rushing to the OB this time! Good luck with your u/s!

    15w4d twins

  3. I have been spotting. One day I bled like I was getting AF, but my RE did a sono and saw nothing.
    I spot a little every other day.

  4. I had 3 instances of fresh spotting. 5.5w, 7.5w, 10.5w. After each episode I'd spot brown for about a week and a half. No problem since 10.5w. I'm now 18w4d with twins.


  5. I never had any spotting. Good luck with your u/s!
    29w5d with g/g twins

  6. I have had a little spotting almost every day since about 5-6 weeks or so including two episodes of heavy bleeding with bright red blood. It's the scariest thing I have ever been through! Good Poll question!!! Renee 15wk5d

  7. I spotted for at least the first three months, to the point where when I stopped I thought something was wrong!!! I am now 35 wks b/g twins, highly anticipating delivery in two weeks!

  8. I never had any spotting at all, not once.

    best of luck!

    Mom to Vivian and Naomi (3y 5m)

  9. I spotted from 5w4d until 13w - some very red but mostly brown. Dr could see a pool of blood in the uterus on u/s but not near either baby. He blamed it on the high level of hormones needed for an FET. Best ot luck with your pg.

  10. I've had 2 twin pgs and I had no spotting with either one.

    Congratulations and Good luck with your u/s


  11. I had bright red blood at 8w2d the same day I had an u/s and all was ok after that I had brown spotting for about 2 weeks and nothing since-thankd gosh! It was scary to see the Red and than to continue with the brown. I am currently 25w2d

  12. I had bleeding (it was more than spotting) for one afternoon at 5 weeks. I was supposed to go in for my 1st ultrasound at 6 weeks, but they had me come in the following morning (5 weeks 1 day) for an was the biggest relief...we saw two little babies (we could not see the heartbeats until 6 weeks 5 days)! I have not since had any other spotting or bleeding. The Dr. told me that the early spotting/bleeding was actully common with twins.

    Good luck!

    Twin Girls
    32 weeks

  13. Hi Ladies,

    I had 2 natural singleton pregnancies and never spotted at all. But with the ivf triplet pregnancy, I spotted off and on for the first 3 months. Not a lot of blood. Mostly a little light red or brown. RE did say that it had to do with the extra amount of hormones in my body. Babies did great Made it to 36 1/2 weeks, didn't have to go to nicu.

  14. Very interesting results, slightly over half have experienced some form of spotting/bleeding. Thanks for playing the game with me ladies. Just thought I'd post an update that I saw one little bean with a hb at my U/S (6w3d). No matter how much I wanted twins, I'm just so thrilled that we saw a hb after ttc for over 17 years. Thanks again and congrats/good luck with your little ones!


  15. I voted \"none\" because I never had any spotting- to speak of... only two days before my 8 day beta, my suppositories that were leaky were slightly pink. I was not sure if I spotted, or, if I was staring too hard. It never looked like blood, but... who knows? I ended up having a yeast infection, so it could of been that.

    Sorry to not be more helpful!

    13 weeks 1 day twins

  16. spectrain - congrats to you after 17 years! Wow, I can't even imagine.

    To answer your poll, I had brown spotting for 3 days, starting right after I got my first + beta. It was so scary, I thought it was over. But it stopped and now I'm 19 wks.


  17. I started spotting at 3w6d and just stopped. I read that it is very common with multiples due to the increased hormones. It was bright red day 1 and then brownish thereafter.

    ?/? twins

  18. I spotted on day 12 , beta day and day 18, on which I had my first sono because of it. Everything was fine.


  19. I have been spotting and ultrasound today showed 4 sacs at 6weeks

  20. I have been spotting since 4dp5dt, and even having red spotting/bleeding since first beta 9dp5dt (I am now 6w pregnant)... and today on U/S saw two sacs and two heart beats -TWINS!

    Am still currently spotting :/ But as long as the babies are ok, then I will just put up with it!

    I know reading these different posts help put my mind at ease during the wait till the U/S, hope I can do the same for someone else out there!

    Best wishes!!!

  21. I more-than-spotted (bled) at 3 weeks, with cramping, cause I had a sub-chorionic hemorrhage in the uterus, which I found out the next day. I was positive I was miscarrying but I was wrong. I stayed really still the rest of that first night and the bleeding had stopped sometime in the middle of the night, though it started up again a few times over the next couple of months. I was put on bed rest a few times and then taken off within a couple of weeks but always told to take it easy. The moment I pushed myself, I started bleeding again. Each time I was completely freaked out. The risk is cramping (the body's way of pushing out the clot that shouldn't be there) cause you could push out the embryo/s during that process - so my RE gave me heavy pain killers to relax me and keep me from cramping too badly (the kind that are safe - I've forgotten the name).

    Word of warning though...I think if someone bleeds heavily and cramps like I did, it's more often miscarriage than not. I know cause I've had two miscarriages and there was almost no difference in the way I bled or felt, other than that the bleeding stopped much sooner in this SCH case. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up that what you may be experiencing - if indeed someone reading this is - is a SCH and not a miscarriage (not that a SCH is a pleasant experience, believe you me). I would hate to be responsible for that kind of false hope... :-( Best wishes to anyone going through that kind of uncertainty.

  22. No spotting for me so far.

    8w1d Twins.

  23. Well, I spotted at 11 weeks.

    12w3d Twins

  24. 6 1/2 weeks with 3 implanted, 3 h/bs (2 look viable, one is small) and no spotting. I am afraid that when/if I lose the 3rd that I will have spotting and freak out, but none so far.

  25. I spotted last night and this am. I went in today for an u/s and still 3 h/b's. My RE said that 25% of women spot. They are not really sure why.

    6w3d Triplets

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